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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An Extract From


Taken from an Address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Croydon on Sunday, 8th December, 1946.

"So we turn to the Baby Christ and our thoughts are lifted immediately from that which is base and horrible, and we see there the Cleansed Vessel, the tiny Platter holding within it everything that makes life in any sphere worth while. And in little children you find that beautiful story illustrated again and again; and as you hold the tiny form in your hands and you see a smile creep over the lovely face so dear to you, you realise the Hand of God on creation, and the first sign of recognition from your baby's eyes is a gift far greater in value than all the jewels of this material world.

"As we watch the Child through His boyhood days, shall we try to visualise the hardships in the home, the foster-father fallen upon evil days through broken health, the young wife burdened with other children too - and I use the word 'burdened' simply because she was the burden-bearer in the little home - and the eldest son trying to help her, for even in His earliest years He was taught to mould the wood, to learn the trade which would keep the family when Joseph's day was finished. To the young there came many temptations - the desire to play, to do as other children can do, to have the things which others possess. But it could not be for the son of Mary. Responsibilities fell upon those childish shoulders, and because it was part of the training there was no mitigation of the weight of the load.

"So we are brought to the three years of ministry, when the others had grown up sufficiently to look after the home and at last the eldest son was free to give out the Word of God which was burning within Him for expression. There you have the Cleansed Platter, the body of flesh holding the Holiness within, not as an enemy but as a friend!

"There is so much, my children, in the Christmas Story for the world in every age - yes, and for every world in every age - for before peace can come and remain our own sweet possession there must be harmony between the platter and the nourishment which is within. The vessel must be cleansed, and life today offers gigantic problems as to the cleansing of the vessel so that humanity may have the Bread of Life and hunger no more!"...

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