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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Laindon, Essex, on Sunday, 19th April, 1936

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership).

"Saviour Christ, into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child...

"My children, we meet together to praise God and to offer unto Him those gifts which are within. I want you all to realise how the Love of God is around you, each and every one, to try to visualise the wings of peace gathering into these conditions so that those who have been through sorrow and trial may feel the comfort and protection.

"Here for a while we shut out the noise of the material world, we gather together in the silence of the Spirit and hearken unto Truth, realising that because within there is Divinity, so we can contact with the Lord God of all, receive something of His wisdom, and the baptism of service which we long to make our own.

"This day, my children, I have been commissioned to speak to you on: 'The Cleansing of Lepers', and in thinking of that word 'leper', I want you to take its widest aspect. True, there are diseases of the body which are horrifying to the mind of man, but when you are free from that which holds, you will see that the diseases of the soul are infinitely greater, and far harder to cure.

"Go back in thought over time, and remember those also in your own memory who have turned from the Law of God and followed the way of self. Think of the many narratives of the lives of seemingly great men and women who desecrated their bodies and fouled their minds; and as you think thus, so something of knowledge dawns upon you as to the effect of these sins against God upon the physical tabernacle, and upon that which houses the Divine within (the soul-body housing an individual 'fragment' or 'spark' of Divinity). And although it seems at times that those wedded to the world draw unto them the fairest gifts, I want you to remember the law of retribution, the sowing and the reaping.

"If you say unto me: 'True this is so, but I know sweet souls, brave souls, and their bodies are tortured through no fault of their own,' then I answer: Have you forgotten that it is written in the Holy Book that the sins of the fathers are passed on to the coming generations? And if sorrow holds you because of this seemingly hard judgement, then once again I turn your thoughts to the Divine Law - did not the promise come that to those who love God, His mercy should be manifested in a mighty form?

"I want you to hold this thought in mind - that though there may be men and women doing their duty, following the narrow path and still hard beset by the woes of the flesh, such as these are building for themselves a soul-body charged with power, cleansed of its infirmities, a fitting garment for the holiness and the Divinity that is within. God's laws of justice cannot vary, nor can they be over-ruled by aught of any plane; and although man has abused the gift of free-will, has desecrated himself, and those who follow after suffer sore, yet the Divine Promise holds good, and what is not possible for the flesh is transmuted to the soul-body, the next garment that is worn, and out of seeming wreckage comes construction in God's way, for God's purpose.

"There are many as they take their way, who are astonished that instruments used in this same Truth, for the higher branches perchance, that they are weak of body and beset by much that vexes and wounds. You know so well that the servants of the Christ have their test and strains, that they have their treacheries and betrayals, and some there are who are sorrowful because the protection seems far from them. But I say to you, my children, to you who are suffering, to you who have withstood many blows and sometimes have wondered whether you could bear more: Forget not that the true disciple has his eyes on the Better Land, he is enduring today for the sake of the by-and-by so that the chains of the earth - its follies and weaknesses, its fascinations and desires - may be snapped, may have no power to hold him to material things again.

"Then I come a little nearer home and I ask you, nay, I entreat you, to remember that this glorious manifestation of Divine Truth - the fact of Spirit Return and Communion - has not yet come into its own because so many who practise it and pass it on are not yet spiritually awakened, they do not realise that the power they use is sacred in every sense of the word. They are casual, they are careless, they say: 'My guides are strong, they can overcome conditions!'

"But I ask them to ponder on this same fact: When they are in the Better Land, the coarse fabric of the physical will be cast from them, and they will have a greater sensitiveness than they have now. Then they will see that the power they used, granted unto them so freely, was indeed Divine, and sometimes they cast over that which was so fair the dross of the earth. They spoilt their gift in great or little measure because they forgot they were on sacred ground, forgot that the gift they used was part of their Divine inheritance and equipment; that the beautiful conditions brought by the angelic throng and weaved in so delicately, so finely, again and again were snapped asunder, not by wilfulness but by lack of thought, by not understanding the holiness and sacredness of their mission.

"And I remind you of what the Master taught. He was reproached because He said unto one: - Thy sins are forgiven thee! - Who was He to forgive and to wipe out? - But can you not see that Christ was working also amongst the spiritual lepers, although the world around Him, being material, paid far more attention to the healing of physical leprosy than the diseases of the soul.

"So I speak to the healers, to those who are full of compassion over the sick, and I ask them to think as to this: They are blessed for what they do, but the measure of the blessing depends upon themselves. Yes, I plead with the healers wherever they may be, and I ask them to realise the great responsibility that rests upon them as they come into the vibrations - thrust their way into the aura of other human souls. Do all healers remember this, do they all set to work to purify their own aura before they impinge it upon the aura of the one they would heal?

"My children, I remind you once again that when you are called to do God's work, first you must make the vessel clean. Clean must be the body, clean must be the mind, and clean must be the soul-body that protects the Divine within. I underline the responsibility of evading those laws of the Spirit observed by the Christ.

"Did not the disciples complain that, with all their prayers and striving, the sick man who laid outside the gate was not healed? And this was the case on other occasions; I know, for I was there. And the Master so sweetly, so comprehendingly, turned to those He sought to train, saying unto them: - Only by prayer and fasting can these things be! - the 'prayer', which is dedication, and the preparation of 'fasting', which represents not merely the laying aside of physical food, but harnessing the body to the Divine Will, denying, controlling the flesh, fasting materially so that the Spirit could breathe and express God as the Father intends.

"So I come to you this fair day with love in my heart, giving thanks to God and giving thanks to those who are sending love-thoughts to me, and I want each one who reads my words, to remember that I come not to criticise but to show the sweet and simple way into the Kingdom of Light.

"Can you not imagine that when the body is cast asunder with all its frailties, its weaknesses and crudeness, that those who pass into finer conditions, in looking back over the past and seeing how often they forgot the sacredness of their work, are anguished? They could flay themselves that they forgot, that they could have learned, but impatience held their minds; they wanted to run into the Kingdom, but the only way is step by step, the accumulation of the little efforts, the sacrifice, the hoping when faith seems to find no response, the willing that the strength to endure should last unto the end.

"I speak to the instruments, and as my love goes out to them over their many tests, over the strain of their lives, over their hopes which so often seem to be thwarted and hindered by the not-knowing of others, I underline that only the Garden and Calvary can lead on to the Resurrection. No Garden of Gethsemane or Cross, then no Resurrection.

"Is it not clear, and is not the responsibility resting upon the teachers and healers tremendously great? Is there a lurking sin in your mind? Go, cleanse yourselves! Be not disheartened; Christ came to save the sinner, to set the captive free. God knows the human limitations, He knows how hard it is to resist temptation, He knows that many would be strong yet find they are so weak. So He comes into your conditions to lend His strength, and He sends the guides and the leaders, the watchers and the keepers, so that you can borrow power, so that your weakness can be turned into strength, your folly into wisdom, your sorrow into joy. But those who continue the careless path, those who slander their neighbour, those who betray their friend - woe unto such as these when the body is no more, for, being instruments, they have sinned against the Holy Spirit, and their anguish will be great. God is not mocked.

"Then I speak to those humble of heart, those who say unto me: 'I have no gifts, I am no use.' To you, my children, comes a message of cheer. It is only that you do not realise your spiritual equipment which makes you speak in this same way. You have what is your right, the right of every child of God - your spiritual gifts, those gifts which can indeed demonstrate to those around the power of the Holy Spirit gifted unto man.

"You have no healing power, you say; yet methought I saw you comforting one in sorrow, methought I saw you drying the tears of a little child, sending out prayers for the sick, hoping when the sky of your life has been darkened by material clouds. Are you not a medium? The Master gives unto you the word of peace, passed down through the conditions. Did He not say: Feed My lambs, feed My sheep? And have you not ministered to His lambs, and comforted His sheep? Then you are second to none, and your place in God's sight is that of a disciple, trained by sorrow, purified by adverse experiences. Rejoice, for your reward shall be in the Kingdom! You have given of your best, and your best shall be shown brighter and fairer than the human mind can grasp.

"How wonderful is God, how mighty and merciful are His laws, how illimitable is the love of Christ that there is no difference made in humanity, that each one rich or poor, strong or weak, young or old, has the same opportunity, the same privilege, that no one has in greater measure than another the gifts of the Spirit; for within us all is the Divine Spark, not greater in one and lesser in another, but only more released in one and more fettered in another.

"So you have the confidence to go to the outcast physically, materially and spiritually, and to give the word of comfort, pass on the word of cheer: 'Within you, brother is Christ! Frail as you may be now, held in leash by unseen enemies, yet you can be free. There is one who can cure the leprosy of the soul; come and be cleansed, come and be made whole!'

"God waits, waits for the straying ones to return to the Fold. But what is sadder than everything is this: that He has to wait so long for the instruments, the teachers in the flesh, to awaken to their responsibilities, to set the good example, to take up their heavy cross uncomplainingly, and to show the way to the child-souls, to those who linger in the valley of desire, yet must climb the hill to God, for they are His and He belongs to them.

"So I ask you, as you go your separate ways, to keep your vision clear, to think not with longing of the gifts of another, but to thank God because He has been so generous to you. There is no first or last in God's sight; all are His beloved children, His love-thoughts, and He calls to you through the Holy Spirit within to come up higher, to keep your eyes off the darkness of the earth and fix them on the Light of the Cross which, forget not, was reared on the dark hill of Calvary as a light to all men, as a sign of sure protection.

"Oh, remember this and remember your holy office: that you in a dim world can give forth light; that you in a sorrowing world can give forth the joy of the Spirit; that you in a blind world can give sight to the inly blind and they shall see, not the things material, but the things that never pass away, the things of God, the brightness, the beauty and the peace.

"What is your part in life? You are all healers; humanity as a whole has the gift of healing. Some may heal the body and, alas, the body alone; some have the grace as they heal the body to cleanse the soul as well, and they are trebly blessed.

"But you each one can do likewise, for are there not the sick in other planes, in other worlds, waiting for your love-vibration, waiting for the compassion that is stored within? They are lepers in every sense of the word. The garment in which they take their way in the dark planes is terrible to behold; loathsome, horrifying to contact, in your language, are their conditions, for the stench of iniquity overpowers the untrained.

"Such as these are waiting for you; for you in your quiet moments to send out healing power. Oh, pray to the Father that you may have the courage and the faith and the will to be a missionary during the sleep-state among such as these, healing their wounds, grappling with their chains, forgiving them as they sin against you a thousand, thousand times, winning them at last by love. And there is no healing power that can touch the soul but love. Then love on, love on!

"You see your work lies clearly before you, you see how easy it is to be a medium in the God sense; you realise that after all it was not essential that you should have psychic gifts. The gifts of the Spirit have been won by you, you have already the power to heal the tortured bodies of souls in the dark planes; and you have also the power to heal the sick on earth by the sending out of the love-vibrations, asking the great Healer of all Life to use you, if He wills.

"How blessed is man! The children too, can do their part even as they play in the pleasant fields; the children can be kind to Nature, can have regard for the sweet flowers, seeing that they have that which is necessary to prolong their life, that they are not thrown upon the hot hillside to perish. The little children can do their part with Nature, protecting the animals and the insects; and, even if they fear them, asking God to break down the barriers so that all life shall be as one.

"In the planes of Spirit the little children call the seemingly wild animals unto them, and play with the lions and the wolves, and thus the taming of the turbulent spirits within these animals in their next stage of being goes on apace - another miracle wrought by love.

"So I show you in outline what lies before you, your mighty possibilities, and how unlimited you can be because within you is God, and naught can thwart or limit God. But, alas, many know not how to protect their sacred gifts, and as the days go on, layer after layer of materialism, as it were, covers the Spirit, and the soul-body is grievous to look upon; not God's Will but the abuse of free-will by man.

"I plead with you, my children, so that you may heal the lepers, the spiritual lepers, the ones in bondage most profound. Is it not wonderful that this lies within your province? And as you seek to grapple with these great tasks, so the purification of your own aura goes on apace, and the holy ones from the higher realms can get nearer and nearer to you; and those guides you once had who still had to learn the law of purification, perchance they are helped in turn.

"Man has never thought how he holds back his own guides, how he draws unto him by desire the ones who yet have to find their freedom, and because of this the angels have to stand aside; the instrument in the flesh and the instrument disembodied, are not ready for the higher reaches. Yet again and again the call from Divine Love: 'Follow Me, follow Me!'

"I bless you this day with power, by the Grace of God, not power as the world regards it, but power as sought by the Christ within you, and I charge you, my little ones, out of the deep feeling within, not to rest, not to be content with what you have won now, but to realise that the heights are for you; to walk warily in regard to Spirit return and Spirit Communion, realising that it is part of Holiness, part of God. Take off your shoes, mentally, as you approach these things; let your voices be silenced, and let the Voice of the Spirit speak instead.

"There, lie ahead for each and everyone, the gates into Wisdom, the doors into Peace. Beyond each gate and behind each door so the sight comes that there is still a brighter vista in front, waiting for your advance, waiting for you to make ready.

"At last, by God's Will, all doors are passed and the Golden Kingdom of achievement lies open for each soaring soul. And those who seek the Master in the early morn of their life, not waiting for the sunset stages, such as these find that the door which opens all doors is the Door of the Master Himself. He is here to bless us as I speak, and He holds up the Lantern of Love for all to see the Way. Never mind if you stumble, never mind if others cast you down; the Lantern of Love shines bright for you; the Master has gone in front, the path is cleared, the Resurrection is assured for the Garden has been passed and Calvary has been endured.

"So I bless you all, and I bless the workers here, speaking to their spirits, showing them that still fairer things await them, still greater opportunities, still wider conceptions of this Great Truth. By the loving desire given out, by the desire to serve, so the chain to which they cling, held by God, shall grow in strength, and they shall not only climb themselves but see that many others grasp the chain of service and climb in turn.

"Peace be among you all, my little ones. Heal the sick, give sight to the inly blind, and your own soul-bodies shall be re-imbued with Divine strength, and a 'sight' undreamed of by the mind of man shall come to you. That is promised by God, and the promise shall be fulfilled in a way that escapes your highest hopes, your sunniest anticipations.

"Farewell, but many of us will meet again; yes, and many of us meet during the sleep state to make plans for the furtherance of the Master's work.


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