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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Ramsgate on Sunday, 20th April, 1947.

"My children, once again I come into your presence in this same way, but there are many here who know that my thoughts are with them constantly, that I am co-operating with their guides and helpers, and together we are planning work for God. And those who feel at times as if the difficulties are too great for them, for them comes a special message of cheer - they are but being tested, really it is a sign of promotion, and as they do their best to put self on one side and to meet the test, so they are nearer to achievement.

"Always consider your measure of power now and hereafter, as well as in the far past; and I would bring to your physical minds that you are of great importance to God, you are part of the mighty scheme, and if you fail to respond there may be many others to suffer and much regret for you when this short stage is over.

"So today I am instructed to speak on Clairaudience and Spirit Voices. The word 'clairaudience' is familiar to some, but it conveys very little to others; and many associate it with a gift which is dangerous, or in which they find no interest. But if they would face facts and take up the Holy Book, they would find that from the earliest records there was a demonstration of clairaudience in that which you name the Garden of Eden.

"In those times, because there had been no barriers raised between man and his Creator, it was taken as a matter of course that the voices of spirits, or even of God, should be heard under certain conditions: that is to say, when it was necessary; and also that the presence of the Creator would be granted after the toil of the day.

" - 'God walked in the Garden at eventide!' In that phrase alone there is indication of a great truth. If any man toils with a will during the earthly day he is entitled as a right to walk in a spiritual garden with his Lord, to partake of those greater beauties, to be in companionship with those who understand what real love is like and, therefore, who possess great knowledge. Again, it is a simile of a life well spent in accomplishing duties for others, ensuring that as the eventide of physical life comes round, God walks in man's garden - the garden of his heart, the garden of his aura; and the time comes when the individual is lifted out of limitation to find himself beneath the glory of his Lord.

"But we have to consider clairaudience in some of its phases. You are all clairaudient although many do not realise it. It seems to you that unless you can hear a voice outside the province of the physical body, you do not possess the gift. Also it is true that many people possess this gift in a very wide measure. Why is this? It does not seem quite fair to those who long to be clairaudient in order to be used as messengers to pass on comfort and guidance to those who are sore beset. The faculty of clairaudience can easily be understood because it is a faculty: it is just the same as any other talent.

"Many of you seem to be clever at this or that; some of you wish that your cleverness could have run in a different direction from the way it is expressed. Often the musician would have liked to have been a painter, or vice-versa. Some who have a good mentality for, shall we say, figures, would rather have had literary talents; and many a literary man has been hampered because the things of practical life have escaped him. It is common in daily life not to value what the individual possesses; so often the thought comes: 'I wish it had been something else'.

"You may ask: 'Is this wrong?' No, it is not wrong unless you allow those ideas to dominate you; in fact it is an expression of your wider nature and your wider life. In your real self you can do those things which you so envy in others, there are no barriers at all. When sleep claims you at night and your spirit goes into its own environment, well, the non-musician can play beautiful music, simply because the love of music is there; and this applies to everything else as well.

"So in regard to clairaudience you must regard it merely as a talent that in this stage is able to express itself. Thus we come to the question of vibration. You may say: 'Why is it that some are able to tune into melody and some to beauty in other forms?' It is all a question, my children, of the vibrations in your make-up. You are body, soul and Spirit, and for each stage of progression there are certain experiences undertaken by the real self; and, as you can imagine, to make those experiences possible you must be keyed to a certain vibration.

"If you have to undertake a very practical life, then the vibrations most released in you will be of a practical kind, because man always needs help. Now this is a very important point. There are so many people who think they are naturally clever, that they have more ability than the majority, that they are someone therefore to be very much admired if they cannot be emulated. But if they could understand the law of vibration they would find that without their unseen helpers they could not get very far, even though they might have a higher intelligence than the rest.

"You all have the idea of the possibility of what you name a 'brain-wave' - something that seems to seize you when you are thinking of something else, something that comes as an inspiration for good or, perchance, for evil, something outside yourself which suddenly has found a place in the physical consciousness and seems to demand expression.

"Well, my children, if you carry that thought a little further you will get an idea how it is that some people are able to do some things better than others. There are those in Spirit keyed to the same vibration as certain individuals in the body. I care not what it may be - it may be even the mother in the home who is trying to make little garments out of very poor material, or trying to provide something attractive out of those material goods which seem so scarce at this same time (post-war England). Sometimes she may get, as she would say, a sudden brain-wave, and she is able to do much better than she anticipated. Well, around such a one there are those in Spirit who are doing their very utmost through the law of vibration, to impinge upon the physical consciousness that form of help.

"So it is with clairaudience. There is something in the make-up of the individual which can act as a contact to a voice that not necessarily comes from another sphere, but from an entity who is free from the body.

"I want you to consider this very carefully, because, as I have said before, although you may not realise it, you are all clairaudient in certain ways. You may not hear an objective voice, as you regard it, but all the time there is something impinging upon your consciousness of a constructive kind or, may be, of a destructive kind, and it depends upon you whether you respond.

"I would take you back to that sweet story of old, to the little child, Samuel, which, perhaps, was an outstanding case of spiritual clairaudience. He was still so untrained but his heart and mind were pure; also, he was under spiritual tuition and, in those rarefied conditions, proved to be a wonderful subject for experiment by the holy ones who were seeking to safeguard the child.

"As you know he heard a voice. Although the voice was clear, it seemed to him it must be imagination. He went to the one so full of wisdom who was his guardian, and again was sent back to sleep, but still the voice awakened him. On the third occasion he was taught to say: 'Speak, Lord, for Thy servant heareth!'

"Now this incident is only drawn in to illustrate what is going on every day among ordinary people, among the rank and file, as you would name them, people who are beset on either side with difficulties, whose minds are full of anxiety, who feel no security at all and yet, as physical consciousness returns after the sleep state their whole attitude of mind is this: 'Speak, Lord, for Thy servant heareth!' They extricate themselves from the desire to rest, they gather together their tattered garments of courage, and take up the cares of another day, knowing full well that it must be charged with difficulties too.

"They may say unto you: 'There is no escape!' Yet there is always some form of escape for human nature, and that is why it is there are thousands of people who, without showing any conscience at all, are shelving their burdens upon another, they are responding to clairaudience, to the voice of the tempter which urges them first and foremost to look after themselves, urges them to put aside all sentimentality in regard to duty and a sense of obligation; and, as you know, and you can prove it in your own surroundings, countless people are responding to this form of clairaudience with the direst results to the sufferers, to those who are their victims.

"I want to comfort those who have had to face great anxiety in the past, and at the present time cannot see that there is much chance of things improving. Perhaps some of them are growing old, their value in the labour market is going down. They push off the thought of the unpleasant tomorrow; but I would ask them instead to exercise their gift of clairaudience in the way that God intended - for their comfort and their guidance.

"Let them as they awaken, instead of mentally taking up their heavy burdens, say instead: 'Speak, Lord, for Thy servant heareth!' And as they commend themselves into the Father's care they will find, by practice, that something of peace will fall upon them and, more than that, the difficulties which seemed so heavy, will be somewhat lightened. They are looking at life from a different angle, not from the material aspect alone; they see amidst the troubles of their life, as it were, one small window through which the sunshine of Divine Love has been able to cast a tiny ray, and that ray represents their faith in an understanding Father.

"And I would remind all who have great troubles that you, in Spirit, being far stronger than the physical mind can grasp, have taken upon yourself those burdens. I know how hard they can be, especially when they go on day by day, or month by month, and even year by year. You see others who are so free, and it does not appear that they have done anything to deserve their freedom from these tests and strains.

"But you, my children, who have to meet these burdens, you are in training for something quite different from those others who have not yet even the desire to start their training for the next stage of being. You feel the weariness of the body, you are held up by this disability or that, and it seems so unfair when with all your heart and mind you desire to do God's work. There are others to share your views, and reason seems to be against the fact that anything so impeding can bring benefit in any way.

"But wait, little ones, let your hearts and minds be raised - 'Speak Lord for Thy servant heareth!' What is Our Lord saying to such as these? The answer comes: My strength is sufficient for you! We are co-operating, combining - you in your Sphere and I in Mine - to bring about something for the benefit of humanity! The words may seem crude, but I put them in that form so that you may adapt them and seek to make them your own. Oh, let it be then that those beautiful words chronicled in the Bible fall upon your listening ear - My strength is sufficient for you. My grace will pull you through. My love will remake you!

"You see, my children, when you look back over spiritual history you are brought up against definite instances of the effect of spiritual clairaudience. The great reformers, the great teachers, the saints and martyrs, the heroes and heroines in the field of battle or in the restricted areas of their own homes, all these illustrate how marvellously the children of God were listening to the Voice of their Father, and more than that, responding!

"But there are many spirit voices, many forms of clairaudience which take the guise of temptation, and in your own desires you can find full explanation as to the spirits who are influencing you and to whom you have given the keys of your heart and mind.

"For instance, are you inclined to be arbitrary or determined to force your will upon another, irrespective of the fact that your will may not be an entirely wise one? Or are you arbitrary in order to try to wrench things straight for a sufferer; are you grappling with unseen enemy forces, going to battle with them, wrestling until by your faith and your effort and your prayers, you prevail? And is your will so strong for God and His work that you find the courage within you to stand up even against your friends, when you feel that the guidance has come to act, to do and to dare?

"I always urge those who will listen to read the lives of the saints and martyrs because they illustrate so beautifully that on those the Lord loveth the severest stripes are directed. Some argue: "Why should God strike the ones who love Him best?" And the answer is so simple: the Father is the Father, He is the creator of all good things, from Him can come nothing that should hurt; but through the exercise of man's own free-will over the generations there is much that has gone amiss; and those who are strong in Spirit, instructed by the Divine within themselves, seize all the burdens they can find and plod along, oft falling by the way, jeered at by those whose burdens are light. Broken hearted, they struggle to their feet again and seize that which weighs them down. Their will burns bright and faith is replenished by prayer, and although there may come set-back after set-back, the day arrives when they have conquered their little world.

"But the only way, dear children, you can conquer anything and become a victor, is by seeing the battle through to the very end. The body may fail, the sight may fail, the hearing may be gone so far as the physical is concerned; but within you is your real self saying: 'Speak, Lord, for Thy servant heareth!' and the answer comes back again: 'My Grace is sufficient for you'.

"As you look out in the world today you find illustration on either side of the effect of clairaudience. Those with the power, those who want the power, are obeying the voices of the unseen, many who are terrible to behold, many coming masquerading as a friend. But you must be on your guard. Take not from another that which seems so fair, analyse what is given forth, seek until you come across the golden strands of truth; and if in seeking you find they are not there, thank God that you have not been deceived, that you, the real self, instructed before it was too late.

"All these things are for your learning, but I want to say to those who have great hearts - and there are so many who desire to do so much and yet the opportunity seems delayed or to pass them by - that all their holy desires are putting in the right foundation. God is not mocked; the time shall come when they shall look back over a long and tiresome road and see that the journey was justified up to the hilt. By the test and strain, by the withstanding, by the frustration, by the failing of the physical, something has been brought to birth.

"Only in that wise could the love hold firm to do God's work; and although the patience may have worn very thin it was never allowed to break, for God held together the golden strands. And lo! those golden strands have turned into a bridge, and the breach is no more; and over the bridge come the holy ones to minister and uphold, and over the bridge from the earth side come the sick and sorrowful and those who have lost touch with God. As they step upon the bridge something is released within and they, too, listen, listen as Samuel, for the Voice of God which tells them to have faith and to climb on!

"Oh, my children, I want to gather around you the garments of truth entrusted unto me by the Master to pass on to you. Did I not suffer myself in the past? Did it not seem to us that things had gone wrong, that the obstacles were too many, that the Divine purpose too far away? And yet in spite of it all something strong prevailed within us (first followers of Christ), something bid us not to fail, and physical life seemed so little a gift to make when it meant that once again we should be with the Beloved of our hearts.

"And it shall be the same with you. Gone the remembrance of the struggle and strain, the unkindness of others, and all the thwarting. Yet all these things have brought strength, they have brought knowledge and that wonderful gift of experience; and because you have been through them and because you have trained your will, seeking to blend it with the Divine Will, the power is your own, and never more shall you go hungry, and never more shall you ask and it seems that your prayers are unanswered.

"The test has been met in blindness and sometimes in lack of faith, but God understands your physical make-up, and He knows that you would do better if you could. He knows that you would be purer, that you would have a longer vision. You may have been bound by material things; and yet in spite of it, instinct, Divine instinct, kept you on the path of duty, and in the degree that you wish to do the Father's Will, it will keep you there until journey's end.

"And now, my children, I come amongst you to bless you, and I want all those who are gathered in to realise that I comprehend their lives - so many the tests! And I understand, too, how their friends feel about those tests. They have prayed but the answer seems to have been delayed; they have hoped, but their hopes have not brought any fruition. Yes, the friends have been tested as well. That is practice for them for their own time, for always remember this: those who have easy lives, those who seek to escape all the troubles of physical life, they are in the baby stages, they have much to learn, perchance, but they are not ready to learn at this same stage, they are too immature to be trusted with anything of importance.

"Therefore, as you analyse your lot and you see there is so much to contend with, allow inspiration to illumine your whole being, say to yourselves: 'I am on the right path, I am in training'. And as your will hardens and as your heart releases still more love, so, dear children, you will find that those around you will respond in greater measure to your influence, and that influence shall grow, and such as those shall become clairaudient in the right way, and they in turn shall teach others as to the sweetness of listening to the Voice of their Lord! Farewell."

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