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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 27th February, 1927.

"Beloved of our hearts, we come into Thy Presence and we ask Thee to bless us; we ask Thee to so enlighten the mind of the body that Thy little children here, conscious of the great and mighty gift bestowed upon them, may turn to Thee in confidence, gaining their guidance direct...

"O eternal Spirit of Peace, show us that in the turmoil of daily life we can spread peace on either side, show us that we can be used as instruments in Thy holy purpose; building up over that which seems so faulty in construction something which reflects the Love which Thou hast for all Thy children, whether they recognise Thee or not.

"Father and Mother God, let this greater love flow out from us as a mighty stream, so that those of Thy little ones who have wandered far from the Light, may be drawn back by the power of love, into that heritage of happiness and understanding which Thou hast gifted to us all.

"Commending ourselves into Thy care and asking that Thou wilt teach us in the measure that we can comprehend, we commence our task tonight, certain that thou hast called us and it is Thy will that we have answered to the call...

"Father, we thank Thee. Amen...

"...My children, this evening there has been built up in this little room something suggestive of that higher form of service, which those free from that which binds, so gladly undertake when the body is no more. In this room there has been pure thoughts - aye, little ones, thoughts allied to Christ and His great mission when on earth; and you, because you have contributed out of your real selves, you have drawn down upon you the blessing of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.

"So then, my children, tonight, following the instruction of the Beloved, I lead you a further pace out of things physical into those which verge on to that great wide continent of Spirit, of which, as yet, though acquainted, you know scarce more than a fragment. I say this, yet let no discouragement assail the mind; for though the realms of spiritual understanding are, as yet, unpenetrated by you except for the first few paces, and though but the reflection of the Light shines upon you, yet, little ones, by your efforts, by your tender thoughts, by your wish to be used by God, you have done that which has escaped the majority - you have crossed the threshold of things seen and have stepped into the beginning of that which is unseen by the eyes of the body, but felt by that which is Divine within.

"Rejoice in your possessions, for you have a gift at hand which shall not only bring you during the physical stage a gain surpassing your imagination, but when the body is forgotten, on all sides you shall find powers for use - those powers akin to the Christ power: The power to raise others, to be used as consolers, redeemers, restoring to the weak that which otherwise they could not regain until much time had passed.

"And so tonight, little ones - so dear to me, so familiar, so long under my care - I would speak to you on that which I name: 'The Children of God': The children of the great God who rules all conditions, who has set into being mighty laws so that the weak may be protected against their weakness, so that the frail may be able to draw to themselves the Strength which never fails...

"Children of God - yes, and when I use that term, I speak as the Master would have me speak; I exclude no one upon this little earth or in those conditions, as yet, hidden from your understanding. Even as the purest belongs to God, so the weakest is indeed His child, created by Him, striven for, loved, even as you and I...

"My little ones, in all ages there are those who consider they have special gifts, special qualities, aye, a great development which is theirs alone. They look round upon the masses, and they name this one 'weak' and that one 'ignorant'; unconsciously they are comparing them with themselves. Thus the agents of destruction work, saying to them: 'You are greater than they are; your gifts, your qualities, these are of a finer, higher form'. And so, dear children, they set out with high hopes and happy hearts; they intend to leave their mark upon the history of this little world; they have forgotten that the things of the earth, they perish with the earth.

"Yes, but you will remind me that such as these have attracted much attention to themselves, and, in some cases, the world has proclaimed them great and glorious and given honour to their name. Yet, these are bound by the chain of earthly things, and I say once more that when the physical stage is o'er, no record remains to bear them witness during the Eternity which lies in front. They are the children of God, but children in understanding as well, children in desire, children caught by the attractive toys of the world; deceived, and in being deceived, unconsciously, they are deceiving others...

"Then we come to a great wide mass of so-called ordinary people, whose days are monotonous, who are passed over as the 'herd' who need a shepherd, a guardian to keep them on the level road. These, dear children, have not learnt, as yet, to think with the greater self within. They are free and yet they are slaves - slaves to the thoughts of others, slaves to the trivial round of daily life, trivial in the sense that they have neither the courage nor the endurance to stand apart from the majority and to name themselves the children of God and heirs of everlasting Life.

"These need much tuition, much help, much guidance, from those who are a little older in experience, a little wiser in their knowledge of spiritual things. They are as great untilled fields waiting for the labourers, waiting for those who have the spirit of sacrifice, who are willing to respond to the call of service.

"And the fields at this stage are full of weeds, they are as waste ground; yet, the time will come when each field will produce its good grain, when there will arise those strong enough in the Christ-spirit to set to work on the apparently hopeless task, and retrieve for God that waste ground and turn it into a field or a garden which the Master can use and use again.

"And then, dear children, there are the few who are the toilers, the strugglers, and, for the most part, their work passes unnoticed by the world in which they live. They are too busy to try and attract the attention of the crowd, their energies are concentrated on the work at hand - and history, as the world regards it, very seldom includes their names in its role of honour.

"But such as these build not for the earth alone; they have seen a vision, they have answered to the call, and the consciousness has come that it is on the outskirts of the world, as expressed by the crowd, that they must work. They are the redeemers, the plodders, and not only the servants of God but are drawn into His Love as helpers, as co-operators, ah, as companions to the Beloved Himself.

"Children of God - oh, look you far around, away from this little land of yours. Think you of the countless thousands bound by ignorance, chained in servitude, not only to others but to their lesser selves. Where are the redeemers? Where are the revealers? Where are the instruments for God to use in His mighty work?

"Children, I answer this, because many have thought that such as these are neglected by all, aye, and forgotten by the One who gave them being. I say to you that because the laws of the Spirit are framed on Love and work on the principles of Love alone, that those who toil in quiet places, those who wish to serve, those who lend their energies, their prayers, these are not only doing the work at hand but they are setting into motion a mighty healing, restoring power, which - because it is holy and because God has worked His miracle upon it - is used for those far from you in distant lands, unknown by you, and perhaps so unfamiliar that they scarce enter your mind at all...

"And that is one stage alone. The children of God, those who recognise God in their lives and have sought to bring that consciousness to others, these, over the ages - again by the power of the Love of God - these work in many conditions unknown to themselves. On earth, their tasks may have been manifold; but, dear children, far more manifold has been the work undertaken by the spirit within. The physical - the hands and the mind you use - that, dear children, is as it were, merely the materialisation of a great unlimited truth. You do your little tasks - that represents your life, the life of the body - but think you as to the life of the spirit, with its powers, its opportunities, its great wide scope; because, by your acts, by the control of the physical mind, you have given the Divine within its release, in the measure that is possible during the physical stage.

"This is a point not touched upon by many of the thoughtful ones, many of those who are in very truth servants of God; and so tonight I am instructed to enlarge their vision. I send out to them comfort and explanation; I say to them: Judge not by externals but probe beneath the surface and see God's mighty laws at work. Your helping hand today - good in the sight of your fellows, good in the sight of the Father of us all - that is merely the physical aspect.

"By the putting of the desire into action, what have you done, what have you constructed? You have created a power that can never fade away, which, because it is pure, by a spiritual law grows and expands, and can be used not only a thousand times but for ever and for ever.

"And so, little ones, I bring you back to your daily lives, to your trials, your disappointments, and that which seems to you as failure. You hoped so much, you wanted to build for God but at times conditions were against you, and in your mind you marked the cross of failure against this one and that.

"But I say to you: How little you understand your Father and Mother God. Is it possible that All-Love could allow a good thought not to bear fruit? Is it possible that One so understanding, One who endured a physical experience charged with so much, is it possible that any act on the constructive side could fail to construct?

"My children, you are working on a bigger pattern than you can comprehend; and again I say: Judge not by the physical but from the greater self within let the Light of faith shine upon your deeds, aye, and upon your failures, and be certain that God will complete what you strove so hard to begin.

"There are thousands on earth, bound in their ignorance, unconscious of a loving Saviour, who are at war with those without and still more at war with the Divine within. Wait - they are children, God's children too, but so young, so undeveloped, so fettered is the true self, that it scarce has the power to influence the mind of the body at all. Yet, they are God's children, beloved by Him, part of Him, bound at last to be gathered to Him by love - the greater with the lesser - reunited in purpose and in aim, in purity and in love.

"These children of God, they are unawakened to their great and glorious future; they suffer now, and when they suffer they seek to strike back on those around. Children in understanding, at the mercy of a hundred forces beyond their knowledge, yet not unprotected, for while the 'evil' fights, so those strong in the knowledge of God, struggle to retain.

"And thus it is that in this man, in that woman, you find a tiny shaft of Light, you find a good thought, a kind deed, and for the time it irradiates even the physical mind so chained to earthly things. It is a sign to you - who, as yet, have only limited sight - that God's angels are around, that His workers, His strivers, never cease in their efforts; and although their influence appears so small, yet the time will come when that influence shall not only be stronger than all, but its strength shall give strength to the spirit within. And these, in their freedom, remembering the bondage of the past, these, little ones, in turn will struggle with those who are frail, those who have imprisoned themselves, and strive until they attain the freedom of the one under their care.

"This is not only Christ's work, but, little children, He works with you and for you, and while you try to help others, lo, the miracle is worked in you. Each chain struck off from another means that much more freedom for yourself; each prayer for the relief of the sufferings of another, when you are free you will find has brought you an unlimited power to heal; and when you look for your own wounds - those deep marks made by the earth's experience - you will find no sign remains; for in that time when you sought to heal another, so the healing in heart and mind took place in yourself.

"That is the way the Father works; and around you are helpers, inspirers, protectors - so let not your hearts be afraid. The strong, of necessity, have come to grips with the enemies of the Light; the weak turn from temptation and leave the battle to be fought another day; but the strong in the strength of the Lord - though they are conscious of oppression, though at times they long to be in conditions where the destructive forces have less power - yet they are the soldiers of the Christ, who is the Leader of us all; and because where 'evil' is strongest, so the Leader fights Himself; therefore, those who love the Leader follow on and do their part.

"They are not only the children of the Most High by gift, they are seeking to make themselves worthy of so precious a privilege, so great a gift of Love. And the Father gives to His children who are seeking to grow up, that which is of Himself - peace and quiet content; and, when they are ready for it, revelation and revelation again.

"Oh, my little ones, when you are far from this little room in which we gather, think to yourselves how wonderful a thing has happened to you; that you, in a measure, are free - free from the world's view, free from those terrible desires for possessing the toys of the earth, the toys which are turned into destroyers as they are grasped.

"Think how wonderful a thing has come to you - that between you and God there is a channel of communication, that you can ask and receive, that you can turn to the Lord God of all as to a Father, certain, positive, that as His child you can draw down to yourself that strength which is of Him; and something of His wisdom, something of His compassion, something of His Love to pass on to others.

"Ah, my children, you cannot grasp it now, but one day so you shall feel around you the cloak of peace, and in its folds is joy, and, again, within it is the Light which never fades. That garment of holiness long since has been laid around you by the One who loves you best, and in your days of trial, in your difficulties, in your problems, turn to the thought again and again - the Loving Hand and the protection which you wear, for God has blest you in a way no words can express...

"The little children who concentrate upon His work on earth, and seek not the things of the world or the plaudits of the crowd, their full satisfaction is in the link of love between them and their God, and the promise of seeing Him face to face when the earth life has passed. God blesses such as these in a way past all explanation, because it is of the Spirit, and of the Spirit we cannot speak in the language of your little world.

"And now my little ones, I will leave you for a space, yet to the strangers present (Miss Campbell and Miss King) I would give a word ere I go. It is but this:

"Little ones, you have chosen the better part; you have chosen that work for God which is indeed an inspiration of the Holy Spirit guiding the Divine within.

"Your lives in the days to come must hold this, and I would not keep it from you, for you are soldiers in very truth: The future holds struggle, aye, and disappointment; and sometimes the body will seem to you even as an enemy in its weakness thwarting the Spirit, keeping back the completion of the work you long to undertake.

"Children, if that time should come, remember the promises passed on from Christ Himself, for the Master says to you as to all those who love Him: 'In that day I shall be nearer still'. And in place of the work being thwarted or hindered, so, by the relinquishing of the physical will, you shall build and construct on a wider plan than ever before...

"And remember this: That around you are healers who are not of the earth at all; remember that All-Strength is ministering to you direct, and you shall find that the enemies of the body shall give way before the servants of the Spirit, and that what seemed as lost or delayed, has been gain and treasure and preparation for greater work to come.

"For God gives lavishly to those of His little ones who seek to give of their gifts to Him. There are those in your vibrations who are not only strong in Spirit but who have at their disposal the strength of others more advanced than themselves - of those early pilgrims who have striven and worked for God over the centuries; and these great pioneers, they, in turn, have resources of power upon which to draw, and this goes on until we come to God Himself.

"And you, dear children, in turning to God as your Father, are not only certain of receiving that which you need, but think of this: Because you wish to work on earth, so those who help you, and those who help the ones who would serve you, these in turn are gaining the blessing and all it means, all God's blessing means. And now, my children, I will go..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...Good evening, Mrs. Moyes, it's Elizabeth Fry, and I've come tonight - why, of course you know - that here I find those of my own heart, those of my own kind. Perhaps I am a little older than you are, perhaps as I stand here (in body of medium), my mind goes back over the past and the conditions of my little day; but tonight, I want to put on record not only the love of God - for that is all around - but the gift of doing something for others which they cannot do for themselves.

"Mrs. Moyes, it's quite a long time since I was here (2nd April, 1926), but when I came before it was to make the link for this evening. I had these my sisters (Miss King and Miss Campbell) closely under my care, and I have been allowed to work for them and with them - with others, of course - in bringing about what was the desire of my physical life...

"Yes, in my time, it (prison work) was regarded as not only a crime but as something so reprehensible that the name of woman was dragged in the mud thereby. You see, Mrs. Moyes, in those days women were in a totally different position. We were supposed to be content to sit in the drawing-room and do our useless needlework, to paint our horrible pictures, and to remember to put out the slippers for those who were our superiors in everything else, as well as physical strength...

"Do you know why I hesitated there? It was because it seemed rather unfair to poor man to drag him in like that. You know, Mrs. Moyes, you cannot blame them really; all the blame is upon us. If you have a set idea, a custom, a rule passed on from one generation to another, why, a man would be abnormal if he showed a different side of his character than we were led to expect. I am quite sure I should have thought he was going into a decline.

"Well, I can see myself now in those old days, with our big ugly drawing-room, dreary and comfortless, hating it, and wishing - being a very wilful woman - that something would happen, even if it was dreadful in its character. My spirit was caged; it was like a bird beating against the wires, and my song was killed because there was no one to listen or to encourage.

"And then the rebellion grew so strong that at last God intervened, and the door was opened; and I determined to follow the call that had come to me whatever the price, whatever the penalty to be paid. And the penalty, as you know, was severe at first; but I found my consolation in the eyes of the poor prisoners, in their gratitude, in their love.

"And tonight I stand here amongst you all, it seems to me, one of yourselves in thought, in hope and in aspiration; and I want these dear girls here to be certain of this: That when we try, we build so much better than we can grasp, and that when we come to grips with what is called vice, by the mere fact that we suffer under it, well, we've left our mark on the spiritual history of the physical world; and that spiritual history is weaved into the great wide history of all creation and it lasts for ever, increasing in its beauty as the years go on...

"There is one thing, my dear girls, I should like to say, and that is in regard to your problems - and, of course, I am taking into consideration that some of the women are very hard to get at. Remember this: That when I was upon the earth, the only God we knew was the God of punishment, the Ruler, the One who said 'Vengeance is mine'.

"And in my work amongst the outcast, those who had lost - from the world's point of view - any claim to womanhood, I was puzzled by this; I used to think to myself: 'I wonder what God is like'. I felt so sorry for the poor souls, for their suffering and their inability to fight against temptation; and when I looked at them and thought of them in hell burning for ever and for ever, my heart sank, and the same spirit of rebellion stirred within me, and mentally I cried: 'If God sends them to hell, then I will go with them'.

"And, do you know, in such a different way, God has allowed me to work in those conditions which are literally hells of despair, yes, hells of despair. But when I came into the Light, I saw this, and it altered everything for me, I saw that Christ went into the hells Himself; and that we in our ignorance, in our childishness, we had forgotten to give the great Creator credit for as much compassion as we had ourselves.

"And there is one thing more. During the sleep state, you do much missionary work with me and with many others; and this missionary work has given you great understanding for your work during the day. You think perhaps it is the result of your experience, of being brought into contact with so much trouble and weakness and folly, but it isn't that. You work when you are asleep far harder than you could possibly work during the day, and that has inspired the mind of the body; you are using by day the experience bought by the spirit at night...

"And now I must go, but I shall come again. There seems to me so much we have in common. I would like to compare notes with you. You would be amazed at the change in conditions which has taken place in so short a time. Ah, there is much to do yet, but in my day, well, I wonder if you could have brought yourselves...

"You see, everything is contrast, and I think that when the call came to me, the misery - the hideous, unthinkable misery - had reached its high-water mark and threatened to engulf all those who had forfeited their freedom. The call came, and by the grace of God I heard it. The call has come to each one of you here, and I say: Thank God! You have not only heard but you have answered, each one to the best of her ability; and this is the beginning of unlimited happiness in the days to come.

"Well, I mustn't take up any more time. Goodbye. Thank you so much for your kind attention; and remember, my dear girls, that I am always round about, loving your work and my work, and thanking God for the gift He has given to us all... Goodbye..."

(Note: Miss King and Miss Campbell were among the first to be enrolled as Women Police, under Miss Damer Dawson. The story of their constructive work over the years is a revelation of what can be done by faith in God and a compassionate understanding of human frailty.)

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children - God's children, gifted to me through Love and linked to me by love, I bring this evening to a close with one brief thought, and that is that before you lies an unending field of exploration - the penetration into holy things; and as your courage, so your progress; as your pure desire, so the revelation of those things which are holy in very truth.

"And thus I close this evening. In your hands it lies to have the very best. In the present, the blessing of the understanding Christ is your own, and that blessing will never be withdrawn. Yet, dear children, the Father wants to give a thousand-fold when you are prepared. You can take as you make ready; you only bar from yourself those gifts He longs to bestow. God waits to do His part; then arise, my little ones, and continue to do your part for Love's sweet sake...

"I bless you in the Father's Name with determination to rise higher and higher; in His Name I pass on to you confidence in the guidance of the Holy Spirit; and with His cloak of Love folded around you, I leave you in His care and protection through the days to come. And now I go.

"Goodnight, my little ones."

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