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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An Extract From


Taken from an Address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Christian Spiritualist Church, Langley Hall, Waterside, Kings Langley, Herts., on Sunday, May 27th, 1945.

"...Would you, in looking back over your own past, be willing to exchange the trials, when you remember the experience they have brought as to sorrow and pain and disappointment? The one thing of all to be regretted is this: to pass out into the World of Spirit with lack of understanding, to be classed amongst the unemployed there, because your tools are rusty, the mind is untrained, the heart undisciplined. Many of you have prayed for those who sought work and found it not, but your prayers should be given to those who, after physical death, are amongst the great crowd of unemployed when God's work, with all its marvels, lies on either side to be done.

"You see, beloved, we are getting a little nearer to the truth! You have to learn because there will be many questioning you, and oh, how sad are the unseen who are trying to help you when the right answer does not come, and others go away sorrowful because you cannot tell them that God cares, or if you tell them you cannot back up your statement by logical fact and common-sense reasoning.

"I know there are so many questions arising in your minds and dearly would I love to answer them, but remember that that which you regard as CONSCIENCE is part of your Divinity, and there are those, unseen, throwing over you their rays of light, trying to contact with that Reality, to remind you that there is the Truth within you which can set you free - free from your misgivings, free from the bondage of earthly thinking, free to love God as the real self within loves God, for it is of God and expresses God in miniature.

"Yes, I ask you all over this great subject of religion to take the questions which torment the human mind and to study from spiritual truth the right answers, and then to wend your way amongst the sick, the sad and the stricken, and to give them the explanation of the changes and chances of fortune; and in the degree that you give the truth the comfort shall come! And, beloved, it is only Truth which can heal the wound in heart and mind.

"You may ask: 'Why is it that some seem to have a greater measure of truth than others?' The explanation is so simple. The only way to win truth is by service and sacrifice. Who then is king and ruler? Can you not see once again that those in the highways and by-ways have an equal chance of winning truth? Nay, I say unto you a greater chance than the wiseacres of any land!..."

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