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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes at the Alexandra Picture Theatre under the auspices of Mottram Street Christian Spiritualist Church on March 5th, 1933

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"I want to remind you that I do not come here to feed the mind of the body, but to minister to the soul. There are those of yesterday and those of today who would scorn the words of the Master because He spoke of simple things. I was His servant while the body bound, and it is my joy and my privilege to speak to you under that same vibration.

"When in the body, the gifts of the mind were my own; but when I passed into the Land of Reality I saw how foolish my thoughts were and how trivial my reasoning. Those of you who pride yourselves upon the abilities of the mind, when you pass into the Land of Revelation, you will feel the same. Now we see through a glass darkly, so said one (1 Corinthians 13:12); but when we are free from earthly limitations, then, borrowing from the Light of God's love, miracles of grace are revealed to us. We see not only the tiny seed that was placed in the ground with faith, but we see the processes of life that are encased in the tiny seed.

"Mighty is the microscope of today, and wonderful the appliances of science. Yet with those who have lived according to the law of Jesus the Christ, when the body is cast aside, their eyes are opened, and they see far more than the microscope can ever portray or unfold.

"When you think of that laid down by the scientists or the great men of any age, regard it in its true sense as something that contributes, perchance, to truth, but something that has only the power to pass on a fragment of that which is housed in the Mind of God. Then comes this great thought of comfort: You are children of the Eternal Father; within you are housed gifts like unto His own - in miniature.

"Therefore, when the veil is rent in twain, when you have learned your lessons, when you have pursued the task of making spiritual knowledge your own - with what joy you shall indeed share some of those divine gifts of which God is the Source and the true Supply.

"Think back upon Biblical history at the era of the Lord God Jehovah. Why was God portrayed as a God of might and a God who must be obeyed? This was pure mercy. For those in the flesh in that far-off time recognised authority alone. Had they been guided by the love-strain, they would have abused their mighty privilege. So it was passed on through the Holy Prophets that the Lord God Jehovah was One Who must be obeyed, and through the enforcing of that obedience the children of Israel were rescued from their bondage.

"And this is a symbol of much to you all. Before the soul can gain freedom, and in order to safeguard man from his own folly, laws were laid down. But as the evolution of man progressed in little measure - and although there was much wickedness, self-will, and the lowest ambition, prevalent among the people of my own day - yet God knew that within the humble hearts of the few there would be found a reflection of that representation of Himself which He sent to suffering man to raise him from the mire of materialism into which he had fallen.

"So you see that the Lord became interpreted in a different way by the suffering that had been undergone; by the release of a certain amount of Divinity within the hearts and the minds of the individuals of that day.

"Thus the Gentle Stranger came - so meek, so full of love - and He gave to one the message of peace; He gave another the sweet balm of healing. When those of my own time from the ancient Temple drew around Him to scoff and jeer, He just raised His face and answered them in a simple way. Because there was the truth of God in His words they were silenced - they could not answer. They hated Him all the more because they were discomfited by His peace, His love, and His generosity.

"It is the same today with a small section. Yet I am rejoiced that the section is growing smaller, and at the last it will disappear. Charged by the power of Holy Spirit I say that the time will come when every instrument of God will not only treat this great truth as a religion in the most sacred sense of the word, but that every instrument shall acclaim the Christ as his or her Great Source of strength and comfort.

"A little while - and the change will come. Then what will you see? A transformation! And the transformation will be seen like this: Those who made a god of their possessions, those who were occupied with the things of the earth alone, those who worshipped the clever minds of others - these men and women will indeed be born again. This is the era of the Holy Spirit, and I thank God that this era has already begun.

"In the time of long ago, the intellectual of the day, those who thought they had learned all the knowledge that was available, sneered at the Christ and at last they put Him to death. But the truth that He brought and demonstrated to perfection lives on today. The time will come when that truth will permeate not only the earth plane but every other plane and world as well.

"What of your own troubles, your own deep anxieties? Do not think that your lives and your troubles are hidden from me. They are indeed as an open book, but I am concerned with the growth of the soul, and I can have the patience to wait for the working out of the Divine plan.

"You have seen certain changes take place in your material life, and sorrow has filled your heart. You have seen your safe position turned into that which trembled and at last fell away. The foundation on which you built was of sand, and today you are tortured by anxieties concerning material life. I can understand so well. I was banished from the Temple, and in the deepest poverty I took my way. With no roof over my head I never knew where the next meal would come from.

"But I thank God for that training. I thank God that He gave me the strength to endure. There is comfort in all this. But there is no comfort for the rich man when he passes out of the physical life and sees that he forgot to perform his duty to his neighbour. But there is an inexpressible comfort which comes to the man or the woman with the humble heart and the humble mind, to those who sought to do their duty.

"The past is transformed; the days of sorrow and the days of loss are the God-days, the good days in every sense of the word. Individuals commingle amongst those others who likewise were sufferers while in the earth body. Great are their congratulations: 'How wonderful it is, how good is God! How thankful I am that I took the hard road while the body bound!' For they see that the past and its record is transformed by the power of Holy Spirit, into something that represents freedom in very truth.

"When you are free, it will not be your clever acts when upon the earth that will give you satisfaction then. Those times when you argued with your neighbour and by sheer force of personality you talked him down - that day will be a bad day for you. Then you will know that you lacked tolerance; you will know that yours was not the spirit of the true disciple. Even so, whatever the past might have held, the opportunity is given every day to retrieve the past.

"Do not let the griefs of yesterday hold you back upon the path. For it is onward and onward for you, if not at this stage, then in some future stage to come. The strong souls, the brave souls, are taking the hilly road; those who love God, even though perchance they forget Him at times, but who love God in the Spirit, do not count their wounds except as a symbol and sign as to the One to Whom they belong.

"Perchance death has almost broken your heart. The one you love is no longer in your home, and at times, especially at night, the sense of loneliness seems more than you can bear. But during the hours of sleep, free from the body, you pass into the realms of Spirit, and one half of your life during the earth stage is spent with the one you love so well.

"Infinite Law of Mercy. Infinite Law of Peace. When we think of those many provisions made by our Father and Mother God, in humbleness of spirit we kneel before Him. Something of revelation has come to us, and at last we can say: Not my will but Thine be done!

"When you leave the earth life, I crave that you shall say goodbye to sorrow too; but the only way to make this possible is by pursuing the steep path during the physical stage; by hoping when despair comes close; by giving out of your real self when you have nothing left of the material to pass on.

"Great is man's vocation. Glorious is man's future. Infinite are his possibilities, illimitable is his scope - for he is divine.

"Remember that when the body is no more the things of the earth in their present aspect will be changed, because then you will look from reality out into unreality. Today you are in unreality, and you will strain your eyes to see beyond. But it seems that a deep and thick curtain hangs between you and that which is infinite - that which is of God.

"I want all those who are pioneers of their age to have a deep consciousness of the call that has come to them. Changes cannot always be called transformations in the God sense. Man passes out of one stage, and if he has been foolish - if he has preferred his own will to the Will of the Father - then it is not a transformation in the God sense. It is an inversion, and he bears less likeness to a man than while the body bound.

"Some of you know that in those planes that are darkened by self, some of God's children have lost all semblances to human form. But the time will come when, because the missionary spirit is released sufficiently within the hearts and minds of others, they will be restored to their greater and sweeter selves.

"Although the contrast may seem great, remember that you are yet far off from your divine inheritance in full possession; but the time will come for you as well when in the Image of the Christ, imbued with spiritual powers - powers that as you pass by, the flowers shall spring into life; powers that as you move so the music that comes from the purity and the love that are within shall swell out and bring healing to others - the time will come when that transformation will take place in you - whatever you may say and however the clever ones may scoff - the time will surely come when each one, in the attitude of a simple and a pure child, will come to the Master and give to Him those thanks that are His due.

"Think of Nature and the transformation that soon will take place; then once more apply this simile to yourselves. Soon the earth body - with its pains, its misery, its discords and strife - will be no more. You, in your new garment - 'Spring' in very truth - will take your way through the spheres of Light and minister to others as others have ministered to you.

"This is the future and the future is charged with meaning. Written in the tabloid horrors of the day is evidence that man had forgotten that he is a child of All-Purity and All-Love. The wise-ones, the thoughtful ones, question: 'Where are we heading?' And the answer comes back: 'To tribulation in very truth.'

"But - because there are those who are willing to sacrifice, who are willing to suffer - the tribulations shall be faced with a calm and tranquil heart. God's children shall rise in their strength, forgetting themselves, and like a great host the Army of the Lord will do their part. Because of the few the tribulations in time shall be stemmed.

"Because of the pioneers, the Christ-souls, the days of suffering shall be shortened and God's power - demonstration of Holy Spirit, manifestations of a world that is not physical or material at all - shall be witnessed by thousands, and God at last shall be acclaimed as Lord of All.

"By the power of God, healing streams are cast over you, the wounds of the heart and mind are healed. Strength is given to the physical body so that the days that lie ahead may be met with calm and a quiet courage. All who seek to be fed by God shall be given in a mighty measure. No one shall go away empty handed - except those who defy the law of God. But in the sweet by-and-by the chains shall be cast from them as well, for God will be shown as the Ruler and the Controller of their lives.

"Great things are coming to pass. Shoulder to shoulder, those on earth and the Celestial Ones will stand ready to meet the on-coming foe. By the cross on their brow and the power of God released within them, they shall go forward and the enemies - the powers of darkness - will retreat. In that day and in that time, although there may be sorrow in the land where some are concerned, joy shall be there as well.

"As I leave you I ask that you put the mind of the body in its rightful place as a useful tool for the short span of earthly experience. Release those intellectual gifts that God has gifted to you by following the simple path of duty, by helping your neighbour.

"Thus the great law of Change and Transformation shall indeed be put into action, and when you pass hence you shall be a source of warmth and comfort to those who are without.

"I bless the workers and say to those who have striven to follow the example of Jesus the Christ, that they may be blessed in a way the earthly mind cannot grasp at this same stage. They shall be blessed and others shall rise and bless them as well.

"The peace which passeth all understanding keep your hearts and minds, and may the cloak of divine protection be folded around you as you continue your earthly way.

"Pray in thought, hope in mind, and God shall carry you through whatever the earth experience may hold for you."

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