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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
in the first half of the twentieth century

"O Divine Spirit of Love, pour down upon us Thy Strength.

"Grant that weariness may depart; that heartache and misunderstanding may be swept away; in their place may come certainty and assurance that all is well, and in handing over their lives into Thy tender care Thy children may be free from worry and from all that would retard them along their pathway.

"O most gracious and understanding Saviour, grant that we may be able to catch a glimpse of the possibilities that are within each one, and of that beautiful goal that ever lies in front calling us on and ever on. Make all clear when Thou art in command, of necessity everything must be for the best; because where there is Light, darkness is unknown, and where Love holds its sway, misgiving has no place.

"Father, bless us with strength to do, with that understanding which shall make the going forward a joy instead of a burden. Bless us with the peace, both of mind and heart, which allows us to contact with that which is holy and that which is pure; the peace which must be there before we can make ourselves one with the things that are Divine; the peace which is Thy direct gift to those who have served. If they have suffered too then is the gift of peace doubly their own.

"Father we thank Thee for all Thy good gifts, but above everything for Thy understanding of human needs; for Thy compassion over the little ones who are finding the road both hard and steep. Father we thank Thee that Thou art able to lift the burden and to give that inward content, which makes Thy meaning plain and the purpose of the stones so clear, that gladness takes the place of grieving, and praise that of repining.

"For Thy understanding, O Father, we thank Thee again and again; and we know that what Love could think of Thou hast thought for us, and what Thy Father-Heart would wish to bestow - that those gifts are waiting for the appointed time, which is the best time for Thy children in every sense there could be.

"Father we thank Thee...

..."MY little children, it is with joy that I come once more into your presence and I raise your thoughts above the beauties of the earth plane and I fix them - not upon the beauties of the Spirit, but upon the loveliness of the Christ. Oh, listen and learn, for time is fleeting and much must be worked in for great things are coming to pass. I speak to you as my children gifted to me by God, and I entreat you to place yourselves before the Father - not as a living 'sacrifice' so-called by those who know not, but as a living offering for His most holy work.

"Children, to what am I leading your thoughts? Why do I wish to train you, to prepare you? Why do I ever draw up your minds still higher and higher still? You know the love that is human and you have had portrayed to you in little measure the love which is Divine; and I say, instructed by our Creator, the Controller of all things, that your goal is that same greater, grander love. That love to us is represented only and solely by service under Christ to those of His children who have wandered far from the protection of the fold, those children who have followed the false shepherds, who have listened to this one and that, who have forgotten that Christ, the Shepherd of mankind, has drawn them out of the lesser into the greater, out of the valley on to the foot of the hill of spiritual attainment.

"This night I have been instructed to speak upon that which I name: 'The Chain of Many Links', and I want to take your thoughts by symbol, by portraying in picture, back to that time when the children of the earth had fallen from their high estate and were struggling to regain a measure of that which, out of ignorance and wilfulness they had thrown away.

"Now think you as to this: Hold in your mind a chain with uncountable links, a chain composed of links representing different stages of development; aye, that which is the copper, the silver and the gold; yet still to bear in mind that the chain which represents humanity as a whole is composed of links varying in quality, in workmanship, and, above all, in utility; but it is one chain, and the ends of that chain are held by God. The weak links, the poor links, they are fastened to the strong links, the sure links, and the strong links and the sure links gain their strength and their sureness from Christ.

"Oh, Follow me in thought. In time long past the children who wandered upon the earth plane, those in the early days of spiritual history, these, for the most part, represented the copper, the coarse, unrefined copper, but they were links in the chain prized by God. Yet recall our father Abraham; was he of the copper quality? Nay, the pure gold. What of Moses? Oh, you may stop me here and say: 'Not of gold such as he; perhaps of the silver, but not of the gold.' But I say unto you, instructed by the One Who is All Wisdom, that when Moses passed out of the earth stage, to his great amazement he found that which was a crude link transformed into a link which indeed represented treasure itself.

"I take your minds on, I call your attention to John, the beloved of the Master's heart as you name him. John was the pure gold, ah yes; but what of Peter? In the early days, lo, Peter was a copper link, crude, ungainly, cumbersome; something that hurt, something that many would have cast aside as unfit, unsuitable to be linked to Christ, the perfect link in that glorious chain. Aye, Peter was in those early days impetuous, oft swayed by wrong judgement, inclined to seek for argument here and to render opposition there; yet by the process of suffering, and, above all, by the process of work, of the giving out of himself to the service of the Master, gradually the coarse, crude link of copper was refined, the dross of the earth was worn away by sorrow, by loss, by tragedy, by persecution; and time was, oh, time was when, as the bright silver, so Peter stood to all who knew him, as something of value in the great chain constructed by God for the raising up and the binding together of His children - His creation - those who once were as Himself.

"Again time passed; Peter laid aside this and gave up that. Self-will, through that which the Master taught and gave, faded away, and in the place of self-will, of clinging to inclination, of holding to the theories and the thoughts of the physical mind, so the will of the Christ took the place of all this, and when Peter passed out of earth, oh, as a link of gold he illuminated not only his day, but the bright beams from that link have shone over the centuries; and through the brightness so others, again by slow processes, have emerged out of the crude, the copper stage, and if not reaching the gold have represented something of light to those in their surroundings.

"Little ones, I take you back over the past to that one named Stephen - ah, a silver link was Stephen, even from the boyhood of the earth mind. Because through that undertaken and willingly endured in the stage before the earth life so, when the call came, the pure gold of the nature within expressed itself; and Stephen, with his eyes on the Master, worked in that part of the plan ordained by the Great Constructor, and you and I and countless thousands have thanked God for Stephen.

"And then Paul, the one you love so well. Think of his early years, his passionate, remorseless force; the man who recognised authority and was determined that others should bend the knee to authority as well. What of Paul? The pains of the body, the sufferings imposed by others, the loneliness, the exile, ah, through love for the Saviour, the Master, our God, so Paul laid aside the gifts of the mind - which he had in plenty; laid aside the gifts of the hand - which he had in plenty; emptied himself of his lesser self, and as an empty vessel, a vessel cleansed by tribulation, so he offered his body for God's use; and those with the greater wisdom, those who had passed into the light which never fades, they came and, entering the vessel, gave forth the Truth in the measure that those who listened could understand.

"What of Paul, what of Peter, and what of those who followed after? Little ones, this great chain of humanity with its countless links, it represents the love of God in so gigantic a degree that man cannot grasp it, he has overlooked the meaning, the purpose and the plan. Those who seem to represent the bright silver, ah, there are some as these who turn with scorn upon the cruder links, the coarse links, the common links. But when they pass out of physical restrictions, to their horror they find upon that which should be as the bright silver, the rust of self; and the rust of self has eaten into the bright silver and lo, exposed, is the common copper - they are as the ones despised.

"Oh, listen and learn! There are those who to the world at large represent something so crude, so unpolished, so unrefined that many pour scorn upon them. They say, 'What is this? Where are the gifts of the mind, where are the gifts of the hand? Such a one is only fit to be the servant of those who know more.' And as a servant the one who seems as the copper link works and suffers; humility is forced upon him, and he says within himself, 'Who am I?' And the answer comes: 'Someone of no importance!' But the Voice of the Spirit, which seeks to pierce the density of the earth plane, cries and cries again: 'Thou art my child in whom I am well pleased: rejoice and take of my peace.'

"Little children, how blind are we when in the body, how false our judgements, how limited our understanding! We look around and we judge by externals: our sense of values for the most part is in direct opposition to the values of the Christ. Oh think you of the Master, how many exclaimed at the crude link the Beloved represented. What of His family, what of His home, what of His record, what of His mental attainments? 'Who is this Man? - One of no account!' What did the Master show, what did the Master teach, what was the Master's example?

"Oh think you, humbleness of heart! Clothed as the common people, bearing with Him the signs, the marks of the obscure, of one who was of no importance to the world at large, the Master took the earth way, and by that which He laid aside of the earth and gathered up of the Spirit, so light broke across the darkness of the selfishness of man: and with His coming and His passing so the redemption of the straying souls of mankind was commenced. Think of the Master, think of those with the power, with the possessions of the earth, with the authority of the country. 'Who is this man?' And the answer which came condemned Him - condemned Him!

"Little ones, because I am held by Truth, because the Master directs my words I must force upon your consciousness the importance of a right valuation; I must entreat you to look and look ever again upon this world of unrealities, to probe beneath the unrealities and to find that which is real in the sight of God. The tempters are around; their arguments are so plausible, their persistence has a weakening effect. Oh I come not with a new truth with a strange message; neither do I come with a different rendering of the message from the Master. But it is God's will that I should speak to the masses and remind them, remind them of what God, as Man, taught them in a far-off day and has sought, through His instruments, to teach them ever since.

"Time passed: the few who followed remembered the message as it was given; the saints and the martyrs they looked around and the world deceived them not. And you, my little ones, through their anguish, through their willingness to endure, through their capacity to forget themselves, have this great gift of knowing that God walks the earth plane, that His messengers work and strive with the blinded, blunted mind of man so that man may not betray and still betray the Christ within.

"I come not with a new teaching or with a message that varies in one particular from that of the Christ. The Master called to those who were as the copper links, the crude misshapen unpolished links; and they, because and only because they were willing to undergo the process of refinement, the process of much use, have over the centuries been as golden links; and through the strength and the purity and the brightness of the golden links, so countless thousands have passed from the crude into the polished, from the polished into that of high utility, and there indeed has been joy in the heavens. God has been justified through His children and His faith in them has been manifested for all the world to see; for the links of the chain are fastened to that which is as the padlock of God Himself.

"Now, my children, I come out of the past into the little present. I say to you, through the power of the Holy Spirit, that you each one - because the Divine within demands it - you must not stop at the silver stage. You have emerged out of the crude, out of that which indeed represents weakness in the great chain of humanity - you have emerged out of that by the effort put forth, by the dedication, by the wish to serve; but it is not enough, for the God within you represents the pure gold. And that which is the soul-body cannot rest, and shall not rest, until it bears likeness to the perfection within, gifted by God Himself.

"But the only way to strengthen the links, the only way to polish the links, the only way to refine the links, is by the same way the Master took Himself. Oh think you! Could God have come into a physical tabernacle and have taken the easier way, the way of peace, the way of non-resistance, and still have remained God? No, my children, had the Christ failed to grasp the Cross from childhood until Calvary, instead of a God, perfect in love, illimitable in understanding, humanity today would have been within the power of a force charged with evil; for perfection cannot fail itself without devastating results to others.

"Oh think of the test, think of the Christ - of the child, of the boy, of the young man so sensitive to conditions, so at the mercy through that sensitiveness to forces of temptation undreamed of by you; think of the home, think of the discipline, think of the self-denial. Yet that one - God - by one thought, one desire, could have built up around Him the highest beauties of the physical world, the greatest treasures and possessions; one thought, and around Him He could have gathered even as an army of slaves. Oh, think, think of the test endured by God! He, the Master, the Christ - the One to whom we owe all that we have, all that we are and can rise to in time to come - that One, with illimitable power, chose to tread the way bereft of earthly power, subject to one, ruled by another; and at last gave Himself up into the hands of His own creation, so that they might do their will; for having given free-will, God never withdraws His gifts, although His children may use them to strike the heart of Love itself.

"Little ones, I speak of this chain tonight with my eyes upon the Master, the One so kind, and I tell you, out of my greater gift of vision, that could you see the Christ nothing would be strong enough to hold you back. You would not turn from the tests, you would not rebel when things go 'wrong', you would say: 'Ah, this is the process, the essential process for turning the link I represent into pure gold.' You would not want the things of the world to go your way, you would not want the circumstances of your life to harmonise with the will of the mind of the body. No, you would turn back in thought to the Master, you would remember that His will had been controlled by those with lesser understanding than Himself, those who were blind, those who had blunted reason. All-Wisdom was subject unto others; He gave up His own will and in obedience followed the one He knew as father, the one He knew as mother; and in order to preserve that flickering harmony in the home, allowed those who were there to take their own way, not His way but their way.

"Oh, cannot you see, cannot you understand the responsibility of each link, each human soul? Think of this: What if the chain were composed of those who, spiritually, were as the copper? What if the chain had none of the bright silver and knew naught of the bright gold? In this same time, my little ones, this earth of yours would be as a seething pit of venom; disease, horrors indescribable, that which was loathsome in every sense would have overrun this little earth; you would look around but no beauty of Nature would meet your eyes; it would be as some awful barren waste where that which was terror was on all sides.

"Through the silver links, through the golden links so, my little ones, you have beauty of the mind and that beauty created by the hand; and, above all and first of all, although unseen by the majority, around the individual, around the struggling soul, are the glories of the Spirit, those things which never fade and never pass away, those glories which are man's inheritance, permanent for ever.

"But I say to you that responsibility over the chain, over the link which you represent, must be faced now or hereafter. Forget not this: You could not understand, you could not love the Christ had it not been for those in the past willing to endure, willing to give up, willing to lay aside self for the sake of others. But how few knew that by the giving up they were drawing to themselves the gifts of God Himself? Nay, they were blind and bound; but something - a Voice within or without - bid them go on; heartened their wills when the body cried out for rest and relief, heartened their wills when persecution drew close, heartened their wills under the lash, under the fire, upon the cross. They passed out not knowing what they had created by their willingness to endure, by their determination to follow, falteringly though it might be, in the footsteps of the Christ.

"Oh little ones, time is fleeting, there are many to deceive and so few to warn; yet when the individual passes out of the seeming into Reality, forced upon his consciousness will be this fact: 'I had the example of the Christ, I read His words, I studied His life. Why was I deceived, why did I not give up, why did I seek to bargain with God?' Forget not that although the Christ suffers for you and with you, struggles for you and with you, the Christ cannot learn your lessons for you; nay, only you yourself can make the great decision.

"Oh, think of the suffering, think of the misunderstanding, think of the cruelty of man to man. Where are the links of gold, where are the silver links? Little ones, cannot you see how weakness begets weakness, how blindness creates blindness, how self-indulgence builds up self-desire all around? I speak to many, I speak to all those who have been gathered in: Little children, pause not, blunders may have been made in the past; but God is God, and He can raise you up. Links of copper you may represent, but under the guidance of the Christ not only as silver but as the bright bright gold, so you shall become - so you must become; for God - Perfection - waits for that which is His own.

"You crowd in so thick - ah, what is my message? Shall I say you have done well? Nay, I say you have the desire, the capacity, to do far, far better, for within you is God, and God knows not the second best. God knows not fear, God knows naught but perfect love expressed for others. Therefore I send you not back to your conditions but I send you, through the power of the Holy Spirit, into the light, into a measure of understanding, and I say to you: Work on, strive on, pray on; and, above all, rest not but work out upon your companions that which it is your will should be worked out upon yourself . . .

"Oh, my children, could you see those around, then earthly possessions or joys, these things would seem to have no life, no strength. It would be just Christ - His work in His way, not in man's way, not in the way that many representatives of the Most High seek to deceive themselves and others is the right way; it would be the way of service, the way of giving up, the humble way, passing out of pleasantness, so-called, into unpleasantness, so recognised - but taking with you the brightness of the Spirit, the gladness of the Beloved, and the strength of the Father God; passing out into that road which the Divine within desires, for Christ has called you to high and holy things. The time must come when as the link of pure gold, refined by suffering, polished by that which others have done unto you, cleansed by sacrifice, strong, unbreakable, bearing likeness to Perfection, so by that which you have endured, which you have created, which you have set into being, those many others, far, far, down the long chain, crude, covered with the dross of material things, these, through the gold you represent, will change their character, shall be transformed stage by stage, until they too, resembling the brightness and the beauty of God, shall strengthen the hands of the Creator and bring about not only in this earth condition but in conditions far, far less evolved, transformation in turn.

"Oh, cannot you see how great is the work, how urgent the need, how the call comes for those who will respond? Respond to what? - to the example of the Christ. Strive for what? - to place their feet in His footprints, and in humbleness of heart to see that the next task and the next is done - not as man does it but as God did it when He walked upon the earth plane and suffered for our sakes.

"So, little ones, commune within. Pray ever, ask that the link you represent may indeed bear likeness to that which the Master showed was possible during this stage of bondage and restriction. Oh turn to the Saviour, ask Him to lead, to guide; oh turn to the Beloved! Let naught of the world, naught of the mind, naught of the hand make barriers between you and All-Wisdom, All-Power, but learn of Him; for He, by taking the humble way, the way of poverty, the way of suffering, the way of scorn and persecution, He not only demonstrated Perfection but held that perfection which His God-head represented. Christ did that greatest deed of all only by the experiences He so willingly undertook, only by the facing of temptations, only by those thousands and thousands of things that seemed to go wrong, yea, only in this wise was man given that miraculous opportunity of regaining that which he had cast from him.

"Here we come to redemption in its true sense. Only by the way the Saviour took could man have been saved from himself when, in that same time, the forces of evil had been loosened over the earth, for each stage would have represented one point farther away from God. Oh remember ever that One and One only is 'example.' Those who come to you seeking to harmonise spiritual values with the values of this little earth, these are deceivers, whether in the body or free from the body. One only, One only can be example to humanity, and that is Christ!

"My children, although I have gathered into this room those of all planes, forget not that in the Father's sight division or separation is unknown. God is the Father of each one and though His children may stray, though they may betray the greater self a thousand times over, yet the Father is the Father and the child belongs to Him.

"Little ones, I entreat you to hold the thought of the glorious chain - humanity linked up through all states and conditions, all planes, all realms, undivided except that those who are weak shrink at times from those who are strong, those who know not purity are agonised by the purity of the ones who come to save. But here again is opportunity in a glorious form. Because of this so those with the strength, those with the purity, pass down their power from the links of gold to the links of silver and even to those of copper, for the link of copper is suitable to be bound to copper. And through the power purchased by suffering in the past, so the link of copper and the one of cruder copper become in time bright silver; and, again in time, as the pure gold bestowed by God. So then, my little ones, spread the good news far and wide; say to those who are bound: 'Prisoner you may be, but within your power it is to set another free.' Go to those who are weak, those who fall into temptation, and give forth the message of the Christ, the One Who seeks and seeks until the straying sheep is found.

"Oh, think of the gifts bestowed by God! Whatever stage or state of development, however bound, within the power of the individual it lies to cut the bonds of another, and out of that which they have done so more fetters fall from them; and the one who has supplied the strength to do the two-fold deed finds to his exceeding great joy that he is freer still. And so God's law of mercy is worked out as only Love could have conceived, as only Love could have protected over the long, long past. Little ones, again I turn your eyes to Christ, His example, and I say to you, governed by Truth itself, that in the measure you follow in the footsteps of the Beloved so, in that measure, shall your Divine gifts, housed within, be released.

"I bless you with spiritual ambition, I bless you with fearlessness and with the will to endure. In the name of the Holy Spirit I draw down the power of God, and it is the Father's will that henceforth you should see a little clearer, you should be a little wiser, and you should strive a little harder. God's blessing rest on you all. Oh take and make your own, for it is precious beyond words to describe - the blessing of the Christ. Farewell."

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