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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes, in the first half of the twentieth century.

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership).

"Today I have been sent into your presence to speak upon: "Celestial Beings in Everyday Life". You love to read of those wonderful manifestations, when those bright with the glory of God were able to make themselves seen and heard. The lives of the saints and martyrs hold out to you, too, narratives of something special, some dispensation that came as a great reward after much suffering and sacrifice.

"You have the Holy Book and as you trace history you find that prophecy really was the foundation of truth. There were those who disbelieved it at the time; there are always the disbelievers. It is a question of waiting, and by waiting those wonderful prophecies given by the Power of the Holy Spirit are shown to have guided man's footsteps into the way of Light, where revelation awaited him.

"Yes, all this is common knowledge, but when you are beset by trouble, when illness remains as an unwelcome visitor, and you receive none of those wonderful manifestations of Spirit, there is a natural sense not only of disbelief but of disappointment. It would make all the difference to you if on awakening in the morning you could see an angel standing by your bedside, or that dear one from the Spirit World full of vitality, holding out to you the flowers of the Spirit. You would say after seeing such a vision: 'Nothing matters, I can go on!'

"It is about these things I want to speak to you, because they concern everyday life. Think of the story of old, of the journey of the Wise Men across the dark desert. They had indication from Spirit that something had happened, but they were not given a clear outline what it was, or where they might find this manifestation. And I want you to consider the faith of those men who showed their wisdom by bringing in God or Jehovah as they regarded the Creator in that far-off time. So they left the comfort of their homes and set forth on a most unpractical journey. They knew that if anyone heard of what they were doing they would be derided, that contempt would fall upon them because of the foolishness of their errand. They started without direction and without any facts to guide them on their way.

"I bring in this story because it relates to you personally. When you receive something of spiritual awakening you are like one of those wise men starting out to find the truth; you scarcely know the way you are going and certainly you do not know where you will find it; but there has come to you a feeling that you must be up and doing spiritually. And what happens? Are there those around you to encourage and support? Sometimes, but very often the companions of material life are the first to dissuade. In the story of: The Pilgrim's Progress, so faithfully is outlined the various physical, mental and spiritual tests which face the traveller on the unknown journey into the Light.

"And so when the average man or woman is seized with a desire to live a holier life, to take up some form of service, to try for a closer walk with God, in the majority of cases it seems that every obstacle possible is there to hold them back. The first test is a test of courage, to leave the comfort of living and communing with material people, to meet the look of surprise in their eyes when they find you are seeking for better things. And you have to meet that test, too, from those in the home: 'Everything was comfortable, everything was going quite all right; why start to change? It is just a wild goose chase and you are making not only yourself un-comfortable but other people too!'

"You see, dear children, one of the first things that have to be considered in regard to your evolution is the willingness to sacrifice something of comfort. Growth necessarily is a painful process, you cannot evolve out of one state into another without pain, it is like physical birth, it is like dying to this state to be born into the next; it is the price you pay for expansion, and a very light price it seems when the gift of expansion has been made your own.

"So I want you to think of the seeker as a wise man appearing very foolish to those around him, setting forth in the darkness to cover the wilderness. Now what do we find in the wilderness? There are many tests; not only is its barrenness disconcerting, but there are few signs of direction. There is loneliness, and you know that it is not necessary to be alone to be lonely. Perhaps the loneliest people are those who live with others who do not understand them, who are trying to quell their spiritual ambitions, trying to thwart their generous impulses. A sense of irritation seizes the individual and, though he may reproach himself, that sense of irritation is a consciousness of a lower vibration and a stemming of the power. I am not praising irritation, but you cannot contact with a material element and still feel comfortable.

"I bring in that word again because so much hangs upon it. The individual as a whole would sacrifice almost everything to be comfortable. What does he mean? To be undisturbed mentally and physically, to have around him the things to which he is accustomed, to have no interruption in the even tenor of his life.

"But when you are free you will find that that is not comfort in any shape or form; it is pure stagnation, and anything that is stagnant is losing life; you cannot deny that. When you see a dying flower, naturally you turn from it. Decomposition is not a pleasant sight to look upon; but that is actually what is happening in the aura of the man or the woman who would sacrifice almost everything for comfort.

"So you see the wise man, the seeker, starts on a lonely, dark and distinctly uncomfortable journey; but where we have the reassurance is in that lovely story of old. They went on just by faith, they had seen a strange star, and although it seemed to the practical as utter foolishness itself, they wanted to find out what it indicated. They made enquiries which brought them trouble, and they gained wisdom and kept a silent tongue.

"Dear children, when you enter your wilderness, you have to remember these things. It is not wise to tell people of your disappointments, your disillusionments over religion, or the exponents of religion - it is better to keep a silent tongue because the time will come when you will be ashamed of those feelings, you will find that they expressed the littleness of your nature, not the Divinity: you were being tested and you crumpled up under the test even as a piece of paper exposed to the fire.

"So I bring these words of reassurance and promise, and I want you to remember that as you seek for supporters you must prepare your minds for the fact that they, too, have to go through the wilderness stage. May be they will want to turn back, may be they will listen to others and so be lost in the valley spaces for a time. And you must remember that every lamb who is lost must be found; but it is complicating your work, complicating your responsibilities, and oh what complications for the one concerned.

"The message that must be passed to the seekers is not, first of all, to gain those reassurances of sight and of hearing which come with the release of their psychic gifts, but to prepare themselves honestly for the tests that lie upon the way. Remind them of the wise men, and they were wise. They sought until they found and their reward seemed to them to transcend anything their expectations could have conjured up, for they found the King of Love.

"They had been given prophecy veiled in the language of their time, and prophecy must be veiled otherwise the physical mind is liable to misinterpret it. They had received many prophecies and always wondered exactly what was meant, but because they were prepared souls, they had listened to the Voice of Spirit, they studied the stars and tried to understand the meaning of God's wide constellation. Yes, by separating themselves from the material things of this world, they had brought themselves in tune in a measure with the Infinite.

"But this is possible equally for you, indeed you are called to take up the challenge, to make up your minds as to the value of material comfort in this stage, and balance against it the joy and the wonderful health that can be your portion when this short life is over. If you had had one glimpse of that which you name Paradise you would know that all the suffering of the physical plane is well worth while, you would know without any argument at all that God is guiding you, leading you through His many instruments, so that you may at last have that which is above all price - freedom and peace within, the freedom of the Spirit which means that the rough husk of life has been torn from you to reveal the glory within.

"It is therefore important that you consider your position from a spiritual point of view, and ask yourselves in regard to the much-vaunted gift of comfort, how far it will lead you on. There are many even in these days who are surrounded by material comfort who have no comfort for their soul, and so I bring in the celestial beings.

"Often, on the dark desert, when the loneliness seems more than you can bear, you forget the celestial beings who find it the greatest privilege to come back and share your everyday life, to lighten your burdens, to try to throw over you the balm of their love when sorrow seems too deep to be mastered, to fix your minds on the Spring-time, the coming of the budding trees and the flowers, giving once again God's promise to man of renewal, reminding him that nothing is lost; there is only a dying down to bring forth in greater measure God's gifts to man.

"Think of those in other countries and the anguish of the body which is theirs. Are celestial beings there? By the million. There are some who can respond to their loving power, and although their cross is so heavy, still they have the courage to carry on to the very end. Their eyes are not upon the wilderness in which they dwell, their spiritual vision has been fixed upon the Cross, not of Calvary, but the Cross that brought the Light - and there are many who are saying to themselves: 'What Christ bore surely I can bear too!'

"And this is a sign to all around that the angels of God are there. You remember the story of the Shepherds. There again you have this fact underlined - that angels take part in the mundane round of everyday life.

"You business men with your cares and anxieties, with the impossibility of grappling with conditions today, when you are so depressed, can you not visualise a bright one seeking to calm and cheer you, saying to you: 'Tomorrow the sun will be shining and yesterday will be forgotten'.

"Remember that the brief earth life is but as a day, and there are so many tomorrows when the sunshine of God's Love will be streaming upon you. There is nothing too small for God's regard, nothing too mundane to fail to enlist the sympathy of those bright with the light of service. Their only grief is that you ignore them, that you say: 'I am out of harmony with spiritual things; I have tried and I have prayed, but God does not seem to hear my prayers.'

"That is the way you torture those from the Spirit life, who, remember, went through the wilderness-stage in a time before. You think of them now, perhaps, in all their glory and happiness and power, but that had to be won. They want you to have the same power and happiness and glory; yet there is only one way - to make up your mind to go through the wilderness in the darkness, simply by faith in God, when you shall most certainly find that a manifestation of Spirit is your rightful reward. But no one else can find that for you - you yourselves must seek until it is made your own.

"But I have reassurance and good news. I say to you: hold on to the anchor of the Christ-Life, and know that however much the winds may blow and the storms may rage around you, because the Anchor is there you will not be moved from your moorings; it is only a question of patience, of not giving way when the battle is nearly won, of hardening your will, of bringing into use your spiritual determination still to be a seeker, and to seek until you have found.

"I pray the Father that these words of mine may be laid upon your heart, for there are many tests yet to come. But it is not the tests, dear children, that nearly break your heart - that is a fallacy: it is the disappointment that God has not thought of you in a more constructive way. But He is working for the Spirit within, He dare not co-operate with the mind of the body that would sacrifice so much for a brief comfort. God is working for you - His son and His daughter - so that you may take your rightful place in the King's Household and have joy for evermore.

"I would come amongst you to bless you, and as we are gathered here, there are many celestial beings, not only of your own nationality but of many nationalities, and they come back with a joyful spirit. What could be better?

"Be a wise man, a wise woman, and set forth in the darkness of your material day and go on across the desert until you find that which you seek; and because you had the courage to find that which you seek, there shall be many to bless your name. For humanity can be classed as sheep: one goes this way and others follow, another goes down into the valley and the flock turns to follow too. Is it not the greatest privilege to be a pioneer, to be one who has had the courage to test the promises of Christ? Then, dear children, you will look back and find humanity even as sheep hurrying after you.

"The one great way of surmounting trouble is by work. It does not matter what the work may be, so long as you work with a will. The time of temptation is the waiting stages, the grieving stages, the resting stages. Work while it is day, and then, dear children, never shall it be night for you again.

"This is another promise - that as man makes that effort, which in itself is an indication of his Divinity, so immediately the Spirit help must come. It is impossible that the Spirit help shall not come - it is all around the individual waiting for contact. But the resting stages are the dangerous stages, and the contact cannot be made until something of courage has been roused, and something of effort too.

"So I ask the lonely ones - those who are lonely in spirit - to remember my words, and when it seems that there is disharmony in the home or in the wider field of toil, to recollect that celestial beings are in everyday life, in all that you do: they are not reserved for special times or special seasons. Surely, when things are most unpleasant, then you need their presence most, and they bring to you that comfort of the heart, of the mind, and of the soul - that no enemy and no disharmony can have the power to shatter.

"I bless you with happiness because you are putting into practise Divine Law, and because you have the courage to test the efficacy of Divine Law until you have proved to the very hilt that it cannot fail you.

"I bless the workers here, and when sleep holds the body many of them will meet us again, and then, dear children, there will be no wilderness for you, but the sunshine of happiness and understanding all around. You have inherited it, and only during the hours of physical consciousness are you separated from it, and then only so far as the mind of the body is concerned.

"So take with you the good news, and allow it to build up in your heart and mind that you, too, will be as the wise men, and explore the wilderness by your faith and your trust in God.

"Farewell, farewell!"

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