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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle on May 11th, 1929

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"There is much afoot about which those of the world know little, and even you cannot grasp the importance of the warfare that is going on. You will need all your resources; therefore you must depend not upon your own strength but upon the strength that the Christ will supply as the need arises and as the call comes. You will need to understand the importance of this for yourself and it is even more important for those whom you desire to teach.

"Children of the Light, you are in a measure prepared and it is the Father's Will that by service, by striving, by going on and by refusing to be disheartened, you shall be used for great and glorious things. Yet before these great and glorious things can be achieved preparation must be made. You find that life is difficult and that the daily round holds much that causes the heart to ache. So-called friends seem to fail you in your time of need. When the call comes upon the physical strength many of you are conscious that the strength is below the normal and yet you must go on. Though you may not believe it, these things are constructive.

"In the past you have learned many lessons, but there are some that you turned from and some that you learned only in part. The soul-pattern must be perfected as time goes on. Because the soul was conscious that it lacked certain things in the earthly experience, when the physical life was begun you took the hard road, the road that would be testing. You have already been informed that before the physical body was available to you, you walked with others that were going through the earth life so that you were able to gain many and varied experiences. Still there is much to be learned and the children of the earth vary as to their strengths and weaknesses and their understanding and their blindness. But you can gather by your fears and by your courage how many lessons you learned before taking on the physical body.

"Everyone who wishes to be a pilgrim of the Most High must take upon himself that most difficult lesson, that most difficult experience: 'The Will To Work', even when the body is reluctant, the mind seems to fail, and when the physical organs refuse to play their part.

"The capacity to work. When the Master trod the earth, those who watched and loved saw that which was a miracle, not once or twice, but again and again. It was the triumph of the Will over the physical garment, the faith that refused to be checked, and the going on when every physical law seemed in opposition.

"I witnessed all this in those far off days. Those who had banded together to bring light into a darkened world sought to learn from those more experienced, those who had made greater preparation. So it was that I stood among the crowd and watched the 'Truth Bringer'. As I watched I pondered on much. Once it was mine to question and it was mine to receive from the Lips of Love that which sounds as commendation (Mark 12:34?), but to me it was a great and mighty incentive to work myself; it was as a great and mighty impulse to arise and in my little degree to follow in His footsteps; for there before me was the Truth expressed - the Christ conquered all.

"I remember the pallor of His countenance, the beads of sweat on that fair brow as people pressed around Him, drawing from Him strength of all kinds, for Perfect Love must give and give again. It was with difficulty that the Master rose and passed from them, for even as He stood upon His feet, those who had not learned the lesson - that Love gives and does not take - pressed around Him. They clung to His garment and He chided them not. The hours of rest - God's gift to man - came to the Master. How often was 'the gift of rest' a gift to those who in time allowed their fear to guide them, expediency to rule them, and who raised not their voice when others called: 'Crucify!'

"Can you not see that those who wish to work, who desire to follow the Christ must not be led away by the world's view or even the world's interpretation of work and effort? Those who have been called by God to carry the torch of light in this world - which to those in the Spirit World bears resemblance of twilight - must learn the great art of bringing out endurance. For when the call comes and the strain is great, if that preparation has not been done, then the body will betray and the soul will be anguished.

"The Master draws close and blesses us, He heals us, He guides us and He will support us. My heart was torn when I saw Him so surrounded. Yet if I had added my presence to that of the crowd would it not have been one more to take from Love, one more to draw from that most Sensitive Instrument? So I stood back and I prayed to the Lord God Jehovah that that which I had might be passed on to the One who was giving out in so lavish a manner.

"So it is mine to have this mission upon the earth. Through that God-given glint of light and understanding, when the body was cast from me I found that the choice could be mine to continue the mission of the Christ upon the earth when the opportunity could be provided and when the instrument could be found.

"The Master passed from us, but think of the influence that remained. I was an old man at the time and to the old comes the temptation to rest while the young work, to lean on those who are around. Many may feel that this is just and right. But a greater law than that prevails and governs - the old can lean on the Christ. So when weariness held my limbs, when those around wearied me to the extreme, I did not banish them. I remembered that 'Pale Face' and I remembered those 'Tender Eyes' and the desire to say: 'Go!' was taken from me.

"Why do these times concern you? Either in this stage or in some other stage to come you must learn this lesson. You must gather from your spiritual resources the will to work for God when the body cries for rest; the will to work for God when those whom you regard as friends point out that your folly is great, and the will to work for God while the tempters are around. For when the call comes, only those who can go on and on and on will be able to stand the strain, will be able to keep a clear head and a steady heart, will be able to call upon the power of the Holy Spirit to safeguard others.

"The capacity to work. Do not think that you will be driven or that it is the Will of the Divine that those who are willing should be so hard beset. The child-souls, the undeveloped, those who have shirked their lessons, both in the home and in the larger life of toil, are the shirkers, are the ones who stand back while the worker does double and treble share. Their history is there narrated. In the past they played while others worked and it is difficult now for them to overcome the habit. In the days to come it will be even more difficult to remove that object to spiritual progress, for the enemies hold their advantage and they draw closer and closer still.

"This message is charged with hope and promise and commendation from the Master Himself. In the measure that you are willing to put aside self and to place God first in your life, so in time to come, the capacity to work will grow and grow. When the earth body is no more, in the degree that you sought to copy the Christ, so you will bear the imprint of His Image upon the next garment that is worn and its brightness and beauty, its strength and its power will be to others even as that which saves and secures.

"The capacity to work releases a stream of power that, like a great river branching off into many streams, gives life to a thousand things. You understand in small measure about the creative faculties of the earth, but not what they symbolise nor what they manifest in their spiritual significance.

"Like a great and mighty river, released only by the capacity to work, so are the creative faculties. You have this understanding in miniature when you say: 'I worked so hard and God was so good to us that others came in and work was started'.

"As a child seeks to copy the work of its parents, teachers, friends, you smile, even though the work may be faulty. But the creative faculties, by the effort put in, have started to create that great river which, with its many branches, will produce life in a form ungrasped by man.

"The capacity to work is not only a God-gift, a God-quality, but it brings to the individual the God-power to create in turn. Thus the whole of physical life is built up on the foundation of work. Everyone contributes their own measure of work. It is only the ignorant, who, desiring happiness, wish that their chores were taken away from them. Daily toil has been instituted by a loving Father and brings into being that great creative force that will mean everything to you all when the earth life is no more.

"Man, by nature, is indolent. When he turned away from God and took his own way, so around him grew the disinclination for effort. What is so-called 'sin' but lack of effort? And what is so-called 'weakness' but lack of effort? The tempters - why are they tempters, why have they fallen from their high estate? Because over the ages they lost - slowly but surely - the will to work; and now, alas, they can work no more; for work is construction; but they destroy.

"Work in the Spirit World - in its only real and positive sense - is creation. Those who seek to build, by their patience and intent, even though they build their house of sticks, are learning to work, learning to do that which in time to come will be theirs in perfection.

"There are around us all many builders for God. What of Peter? It is the Master's Will that Peter be used again and again to help others. In his youth and early manhood he worked because the body must have its nourishment, also, others depended on him.

"But when he gained that which was sufficient, it was sweet to lie upon the banks by the lake and feel the warm sun, feeling the warm sun streaming upon him and to know that several days could pass before the boat must be put out again.

"Yet, how did the Master speak to him? Did He not give him a great and glorious mission charged with responsibility? For the Master knew that when the soul was in command, no more would Peter lie on the sunny bank. Eventually, I recall so well, the time came when he gave his all for the One he loved so well. Peter remembered too the 'Pale Face', the lines of weariness and the sweat upon the 'Brow', as the people pressed against Him; taking, taking, taking; and when others said to Peter: 'Rest', that tempestuous spirit, the worker, the striver, the constructor answered: 'I must go on!'

"Great creative faculties abound within you all. Yet I must remind you once again that within you is God and fragments of His qualities are there also, some released, some partially released, and others waiting to be released.

"Hold this thought. You may say that life is difficult and grow tired, but remember that you are doing that which you cannot grasp, you are releasing the great creative strength within. The time is coming when those who have released the capacity to work will be the ones who shall sway the masses, control their fears, hearten the foolish and demonstrate God's Power, God's Love and Holy Spirit upon the earth.

"It may seem to you that much of what you do is wasted. But believe that if it is well done it is treasure indeed. If it seems to you that there are some around who shirk their duties, then pray for them and thank God that you are sufficiently released to have no wish to shirk your own. If there are others to point out that God's work cannot be allowed to interfere with the so-called duties of daily life, then remember Peter. Remember all those of old. Remember the Master's words that if the call comes, if the need arises, then brother, sister, father or mother must take second place.

"The law of God controls the law of the earth and the laws of every realm. If you listen to those so feasible sounding arguments, when you pass out of the physical body, those you sought to cleave to, putting God second, can show you that in so doing they were your worst enemy. Not only have they to work out their own weakness, their own slothfulness, but also they have to make good that which they have done to you.

"You are God's instruments, everyone, marked by the Cross, chosen because within was the capacity to respond. Why did the Christ choose the eleven that held up the torch of Truth for those who followed in ages to come? Because He knew that they would be willing to give themselves to the mission so entrusted. The Christ chooses you because as time goes on more and more will it be God and less and less will it be self; more and more will it be humanity at large and less and less: 'my home', 'my people', 'my country', 'my individual life'.

"This is the future. Take heart and faint not on the way, turn not from the task, but in the work and in the weariness, let the Light of God's Love shine upon you and illumine the task that you do. For you are releasing that great stream, the great creative power housed within you, gifted by God, and as time goes on it shall have the power to bring into life beauties, it shall have the power to give life to those who are as dead.

"The physical mind grasps that which appears to be a miracle and overlooks the miracle of the Love of God. If it were my will I could call up from the material floor flowers so charged with beauty and fragrance that they could ring out the most perfect music that any mind could grasp. I could take the dust and by passing my hand over it and thinking of God, life would come, I could evolve a speck of dust into something resembling that which you name a fairy, knowing that it would in time to come grow into a living soul.

"These things are true. Those who have sought to follow the Christ do not use their gifts in this way because there is a greater use to which they can be put. The Lord God, Creator of all, His is the Life, and we rejoice that He only gave the life that cannot die. So, although the gift is passed onto us, through His grace, because we are of Him, we turn rejoicing to the Mighty Giver and leave all to Him. But we take that which resembles the dead and dying, this is our work, this we can reconstruct, recreate, release, recharge and renew.

"Think of your gifts. The time will come when you shall - in company with your guides - pass your hands over that which bears no resemblance to human form and see to your astonishment and inexpressible delight that a miracle takes place. That which was awful bears likeness to something human; those who were bound and fettered are healed - slowly but surely - by your touch.

"What is here? Think of the work, the hard days of adversity. What were you demonstrating? The power has come. God is working through you to bring about the fulfilment of His purpose. That is but the beginning. The creative faculties have no end because their beginning was with God and with God is all power, all might, with God nothing is impossible.

"Therefore, as you strive, as you dedicate your lives, as you seek to follow in the Master's steps, so shall you do as the Master sought to do while upon the earth. Because He had vision, the Master did that which was necessary to release the bonded minds of those who looked on, but no more. Thus you harvest that which is within your power. You give to the children of the earth only that which they can understand.

"You are reminded that in the sleep state they visit other planes of consciousness, other conditions, and there the real work goes on, there the real miracles take place. Though you may pass amongst those who are sore distressed, you must stand aside and watch if you have not learned to release the capacity for work that is housed within.

"So all is clear. The way is sweet, even if those around forget their duties to you and to their God. The way is sweet because the Master took that way Himself and His strength lies upon the path. As you go on day by day, hold this thought: That by placing your feet in the footprints of the Master, this expresses no sorrow, no loss, but a mighty, mighty gain, for even as the footsteps are placed therein, so the strength left there by the Christ surges through your being, and that strength - because you have purchased it by effort - shall remain.

"So then, what of the future? Is it not work, is it not dedication, is it not seeking to construct something that will live forever? This is our vibration and this is the path that we must pursue. Within you is God and God has bestowed upon you something of His great creative powers. Therefore, arise in heart, in mind and in spirit, and thank your Maker and seek to release that which is half-held within. The capacity to work, the determination to work, and above all the power to work can be yours; but the capacity has to be earned, the will has to be produced before the power comes and God is demonstrated upon this earth.

"So I bless you and I bid you go forth with great good cheer. I bless you with reassurance and with discernment. The peace can be held while the explanation lingers in your mind, the peace of God. The doors of revelation are before you and the past is portrayed as it really was. Peace and thankfulness, gratitude inexpressible to God because we have been able to learn some of the lessons of Life and to make our own the great gift of experience.

"Take heart for that which lies in front."

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