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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes at the Watford Spiritualist Mission, Halsey Masonic Hall, Watford, on March 15th 1931

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"If only it were possible to open your eyes and show you just how much you could gather to yourself, how much lies within your reach because you are children of the Lord Creator of all. Many, through their earthly journey, feel depressed, sad at heart, because they think themselves failures, or those around them seem to succeed and they are left behind.

"When the success is in connection with the things of the earth, then it would often be better that no success was attained for the one concerned. However, where the failure is connected with the things of the earth alone, then it is by the courage shown, by taking up each daily task in spite of despair, that a spiritual success impossible for the physical mind to grasp belongs to the individual - and they are blessed by the One who loves them best.

"It is essential that this great gift should be grasped as a fundamental truth which lies within the promise made to man: that he should have the capacity to hear and see God. You must realise that the parable of life and man's fall, is so true in its essentials that nothing since has been cast across the vibrations that reflect truth in a greater measure. Man fell because of his love of power; because he resented anyone having authority over him.

"So because of this blindness of heart and mind, he lost the great powers which he possessed. He had to forego his dominion over other creations. For a long time, even up until today, man struggles feebly to regain that which he lost. What is it that the parable of the Garden of Eden so faithfully portrays? That man was in the closest touch with His Maker! God spoke with man, and man had the capacity to hear; God manifested Himself to man, and man saw God in the capacity that he had, yet he saw God in a bright and dazzling Presence.

"Do you realise that you are primitive man? For you were created in a far, far time, long before the earth came into use for the Great Purpose and Plan. Man was meant by God to resemble the angels of the Most High; man was meant to be as the Christ. But between man today and that great and grand ideal, there lies much preparation; countless rings of development must be worked through. Still, we have the promise of God that man, in spite of all he has cast asunder, shall in time bear once more the resemblance of His God.

"You are children of the Light and children of the half-light. Thousands upon thousands cannot 'see' God or 'hear' the voice of God. There are instruments, messengers, who act as go-betweens between you and your Divine Father. But that was never meant to be God's Law. These instruments are used because of the necessity which arises. By this means, man can once more be linked with his Maker.

"Therefore, you are entreated to think upon these facts that are placed before you. In many ways you are still Adam, even though you have evolved somewhat. But in spite of that evolution you have lost the capacity to either 'hear' God or 'see' God. What does this imply?

"Over the ages the Prophets gave out the sacred truth, seeking to release a bound and wayward people. The Message was always the same: A Message of warning; the direction to return to the path laid down by God; to give the real self as a sacrifice instead of sacrifices in kind. Yet although the prophets spoke by the power of Holy Spirit, only a few hearkened to them, and today it is the same.

"Today there are countless thousands of blind and heedless children bartering their divine inheritance. In the halls of so called pleasure, many bound spirits gather, seeking to entrap the unwary. They seek for the children of the earth, because the children of the earth have failed to seek God. If your eyes were opened, you would be anguished, as indeed the hearts of loved ones in the world of spirit are torn over the plight of the foolish ones. They snatch today that which pleases the earth mind, and at the same time they are casting from them that which will represent light and peace and joy and strength in the next stage to come. They are putting between them and the capacity to see and hear God, obstacles and boundaries which can be broken only by extreme suffering.

"As you gather in your temples or humble halls, laying aside the duties of home, sending a prayer to the God you wish to worship in Spirit and in Truth, draw to yourselves a blessing from the Christ Himself. You are gathered into the cloak of Eternal Love, and the time will come when manifestations of the Christ will be witnessed upon the earth by those who know Him.

"In the tomorrow of time, because of that given out by the faithful hearts, by the obedient servants, it will be possible to gather together the great power of the Holy Spirit, and manifestations will be seen, not only by those attuned to the Spirit, but also by those who have not sought to climb the hill to God. But mark this - the servants of the Christ will see manifestations of beauty and holiness. But the children who reject God, will see to their horror, manifestations of that which you name 'evil', in so gigantic and terrible a form that many will lose their mental poise.

"These words come in warning not to cast depression over the earthly conditions. Those of the World of the Spirit come as light-bringers, as joy-bringers, as truth-bringers; but because they are controlled by Truth, they have the capacity to see both sides of the picture. To those who take the way of duty, to the ones who work to do their best, you shall indeed have your manifestations of a glory inconceivable to your mind today.

"When those manifestations come upon you, your part will be clear; for your gifts will lie before you. Your part will be to go to those who are bereft of light and happiness and peace, and lead them gently, in strength, away from their terrible companions, into something of the safety of the wonderful Love of the Christ.

"The capacity to hear and see God. The time is fast approaching when many upon the earth will be raising their hearts and minds to God because of the Day of Sacrifice, because of that hour when Jesus the Christ was slain. How many in that far-off time had the capacity to hear and see God?

"In the costly temples, the anointed, weighed down by heavy garments and the jewels which they laid upon their breasts - these who should have demonstrated God in the manner that God can be demonstrated by human instruments, they failed to give out the truth. Daily, they read from the Sacred Record; they had prophecies given over long years of the coming of One who should save the world. Why did they turn a deaf ear to the voice of God? Why did they close their eyes to the words which lay before them? Because, although the Name of God was on their lips, the only god they recognised was the god of self; they wanted their possessions, their high offices, they wanted all that which they were able to levy upon an ignorant and patient people. So when the marvellous opportunity of seeing and hearing God was presented to man, those who named themselves servants of God, not only repudiated the Truth-Bringer, but they sought, by devious means, to suppress the message that He brought to suffering man.

"Would that you could know what transpired after the Beloved ascended into Heaven. Today you speak of the Anti-Christ. Today, there are those with wisdom who send out warnings as to the spectre of evil which is creeping over the earth like a dark shadow, blotting out the sanity of man. Today, those with a measure of sight, recognise the truth that God is not wanted except by a very few. In that far off time - when the multitude repudiated God, when they flung from them the Law that Abraham and Moses had laid down - in that far off time, evil was rampant upon the earth.

"Yet out of the mire itself, spotless lilies grew. Here and there were a handful of men and women, here and there a tiny group; in the East and in the West were found the few who had the capacity to endure for the sake of the joy to come. Much of the missionary work carried out, was hidden from the eyes of the enemies who crowded so closely around. Yet they gathered as innumerable faithful ones. And then it was that the one in power (Caesar) issued a command that those simple, patient citizens should be slaughtered in their thousands. Anti-Christ, Anti-God - the evil in man's heart polluting the sweet air and casting sorrow far and wide.

"Today, history is repeated in foreign countries around the earth; again there are sections who seek to stamp out the Christ. As they take their daily way, they desecrate His Holy Name. Still, out of that filth which is engendered by those evil forces unseen by man, there shall arise the pilgrims of the Light. Then the pilgrims of the Light shall take the sweetness of the Love of God into the dark and terrible places.

"Many of you have the capacity to rise to high and holy things. There are some who 'hear' and 'see' God as they take their daily way; they look for the best in others. As they take their daily way, when they cannot praise another, they stifle the words of condemnation. When they witness the little ones at their play, they instinctively offer a prayer that God will safeguard them. They put their best into the work which lies before them. Yet they are not too busy, or too occupied to help another who is struggling with a difficult problem.

"Are not such as these hearing the Voice of God, and are they not responding out of the strength within?

"Then there are those who are waiting to greet the glory of the spring; they look out upon the hillside and see signs of coming life; they look at the ground beneath their feet and see the grass - which has been brown and lifeless - taking on a new hue, exhibiting a vitality not there, perhaps, yesterday.

"They hearken to the song of the birds; they watch the clouds as they go scurrying by, and the blue sky in between that cheers their hearts and minds; they say within themselves: 'Signs of God are all around'. Such as these are 'seeing' God in the opening bud and in the coming of new life.

"You have within you the power of the Christ; held, it is true; but that which is held can be released. What is there, is waiting for expansion, even as the hidden life in the tiny bud. What of doubting man? What of the one who had never seen the opening of a bud in spring-time? Can you not imagine that he would laugh at you if you said to him that in a few weeks the green leaves will show, and in another few weeks the glorious colours will be revealed? 'Fool', he would answer you, it all appears so lifeless.

"Be of good cheer for all the work that lies around you. Many will not desire to know God or to witness His wondrous Love. They are indeed as the hard and lifeless bud. But still within them, crushed, held, is a glory, a power and a fragrance, which reflects something of the God-Mind - for it was implanted there by God Himself.

"Therefore, do not be overcome by despair because your companions or friends turn from your words and take their own wayward way. Pray for them because God is God; their spiritual spring shall dawn, and after the spring - which is the unfoldment of the Divine within - so summer comes, but never autumn or winter again.

"The capacity to hear and see God. There are those who name themselves shepherds - as prophesied in the Holy Record - who are 'wolves', for they would tear from you your most treasured possession: Your faith in Christ, and your capacity to keep closely in touch with the One Who loves you best.

"Discernment can be developed by experience alone. You are told to test the spirits, and there is no word in the Holy Record that designates 'spirit' to refer to those only who have discarded the body of flesh. So be on your guard; and if there are some - held by the blindness of the earth mind and the bondage of the wayward heart - if there are some who come into your midst, telling you that there are barriers between you and Christ, between you and the servants of the Most High, do not believe them; for they are blasphemers against Divine Love, and their suffering will be great in time to come.

"On the earth today, there are many who name themselves teachers and preachers who do not have the capacity themselves to hear and see God; who have not released the Christ within - to the extent that they can make contact with those within the World of Spirit - the angels of the Most High. Feel pity and compassion for such as these, but do not follow them. Always turn to the words of Christ; see in your imagination, that beloved Form as He prayed for His children upon the Cross. Believe the words of the Christ and not the words of them that do not know Him.

"The Christ has promised that He will be with us for evermore. He demonstrated on the Mount (Matt. 17:1-13; Mark 9:2-13; Luke 9:28-36), that those of old, His servants Moses and Elias, were also working out the pattern and the plan, drawn to the earth by its great need.

"The prophets of old were also the children of God who would not be beaten in the fight. They come into the earth conditions, attracted by the plight of some of the earth children, and they work with those who wish to find their God. They would walk with the wayward, they would keep step with those who deny their Creator, but free-will cannot be interfered with, and the individuals concerned, by their desire for those like-minded, they attract enemies in very truth; yet on the outskirts of this terrible crowd, the angels of God wait, working to find an opening.

"The Master of all Life, gives to His children who desire the best and struggle to carry on, not only commendation, not only comfort and reassurance, but the promise that they are indeed on the edge of revelation. Their eyes and ears shall be opened and they shall 'hear' the sweet Voice of God; they shall 'see' manifestations of the power of God, and because they are linked to God, they shall manifest God-power to others and slowly and surely the earth children shall be redeemed. But those workers must have valiant hearts, a firm faith, knowledge of God, the pioneer spirit who will not wait for others to lead but will go in front themselves.

"Those who have the tools of the mind, are requested to take care when observing the signs of the times, for great things are coming to pass. All over the planet the message is the same: Prepare for that which is to come. So those with able minds should use those minds as God intends - to construct, not to pull down the faith and the confidence of their fellow beings.

"It may be a natural instinct of human nature, to find satisfaction in pulling to pieces that which allows another to take their daily way with patience and in security. The truly wise man builds - he leaves for the foolish ones the work of destruction. It is so easy to criticise and cast asunder. Those in the 'know', have already experienced how difficult it is to draw together the fragments of faith, and carry on with renewed strength.

"The capacity to 'hear' and 'see' God. The capacity to hear and see those who have cast aside their Divine Inheritance - many have this capacity and it would be better if they did not. Therefore, do your part and draw to you the capacity to 'hear' and 'see' God as the Father and Mother God intends. Rest not; quicken your efforts; do not let a day pass by. You are on a long campaign and the warfare is severe. But those who stand as the soldiers of the Christ, do not recognise defeat. As the enemy draws nearer, so folded around them is the cloak of Divine protection, and they go on.

"The gifts of the Spirit or the gifts of the earth; possessions in a worldly sense or the treasure of a quiet heart and mind. This is your choice, and in the folds of that choice there lies that which you cannot grasp at this same stage. The future lies hidden there: your future, and the future of many others who could have been helped by you, if you had had the courage to battle with your lesser self.

"Therefore, seek in the early morn, seek at noon-day, seek when the shadows of the night fall, so as to release within you the capacity to 'hear' and 'see' God. And that capacity shall be found to contain gifts and privileges and powers not dreamt of by anyone upon the earth.

"There are some who can bring out of instruments sweet sounds, and there are those who love to listen. Think then about this. When the earth garment is cast from us, when we have climbed further up the hill to God, then even as we raise our arm, melody is set ringing through the conditions; as we pass amongst our fellow men, the glories of that which you name Nature springs into being; and as we raise our eyes to that which is above, so by the grace of God, we are enabled to look into a brighter, fairer condition than our own.

"It seems to us at times that we are witnessing the Glory of God Himself, but we cannot do that. The angels witness but a fragment of that which God represents. Why is this? It must be so, because we are fragments of Him. God is the Source, God is completion. The 'fragments' reflect the Glory of God, and draw to them the radiance of the Spirit. But we cannot be as God entire, for there is but One Source, One Great Creator. Yet God, out of His understanding of man's heart and mind, God manifested as Jesus the Christ upon the earth so that His children should be drawn back to safety, to joy and to peace. Those workers for the Christ within the World of Spirit can give to those who respond, healing for the body and healing for the mind.

"Oh, if only there could be a release of the Christ within! Arise in strength, for great things are coming to pass upon the earth.

"Joy and peace and gladness because the physical body has been overcome; joy and peace and gladness because the promises of God never fail; joy and peace and gladness because you, every one of you, can do the same. You can demonstrate that though the enemies of the physical may seek to hinder and indeed to wreck, God is stronger than all, and when God speaks and the earth child listens, then the power of the Holy Spirit is manifested for others to witness.

"You are blessed with the power of the Christ, with strength and the renewal of resolution. You are blessed with the desire to rise to high and holy things. As you pray for strength, so the strength shall come. As you pray for the overcoming of the weakness in others, so too that weakness shall be lessened.

"Then the day will dawn when they will demonstrate the Divine within. Blessings upon you all. The Cross glows anew to encourage you - know that its rays can be brighter still, its power can be stronger than the earth mind can grasp. God is with you."

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