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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An Extract From


Taken from an Address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes, printed in the Greater World newsletter on Saturday, June 29th, 1985 (date of Message not given)

"Dear children, in the days of old we drew together the faithful few, and from that faithful few eventually there came those in numbers, for each one was as a torch of light - and in the time of long ago the darkness was profound.

"So I turn to you, and if at times you feel dismayed because your numbers may be few, I ask you to remember my words, not to be content, but to take upon yourselves the bounden responsibility to seek for others and to bring them in. You have been told about those in the highways and byways, and sometimes you find that such as these are more responsive than those with comfortable homes, or with their intellectual difficulties, as they name it. I ask you, dear children, to take - as your own special task - the bringing in even of one who is seeking the truth, when truth shall be made his own.

"Let us discuss, by the Master's instructions, a simple theme: 'Can Man Thwart God's Plan?'

"We think upon these things because we view life from a practical standpoint. Spirit teachers who seem to live in a world that is separated from the earth plane, are scarcely the ones you wish to hear; there must be contact by sympathy and understanding, and the ability to share the burdens you are carrying today.

"Many in the flesh cry out that they are the victims of an unkind fate, that something outside their own will and actions has operated to spoil their material career. So even in the greatest tribulation we must look for the blossoms of the Spirit. Whatever the tribulation, we can see how that wrought by man is balanced by the gain made possible by God, for have there not been many to show courage, faith, and self-denial, which would have been quite impossible to them in the mundane life of commercial toil? They were able to transcend the physical, they were in the world but not of the world, in the sense that the unseen Spirit helpers were able - at a crucial time - to inspire them, and that inspiration shall stand them in good stead in that wonderful life they have entered.

"But I want you to be very practical, to analyse, if you will allow it, how you yourselves, perhaps, or your friends or relatives, have hindered the working out of the Divine Plan. For instance, take the gentle and understanding parents who are willing to sacrifice much so that their young may have better opportunities than they themselves enjoyed; and the boy or the girl is sent to a good school, as they regard it. They are able to mix amongst those who may be in a higher social state than themselves, and, as they mature, so their character is formed for good or ill.

"There are some who remember with gratitude all that the parents have gone without for their sakes; but there are many who almost despise those who have made possible their advantage; you do not like to contemplate their attitude of mind, it seems to you that perhaps it might have been better if the young had remained amongst their own kind. Yet this is a world of progress; there should be opportunities for the young to develop their mental side, and the whole trouble is this: That because spiritual training was left out, the mental side has developed at the expense of the soul.

"Yes, and as man grows up, he takes advantage of his opportunities, or he throws them away. What is it that seems to act as the greatest barrier between the ordinary individual and success? Very often it is the intense desire to succeed which influences the young to take, irrespective of the law of giving; to seize and not to win, or, if you would have it, to steal and not to buy.

"All over the world you find there are men in great positions from a material point of view, but they are not those you admire; there is something missing, and that is the development of character. They have got what they desired, but they have paid for it by bartering their own soul - and it is an ugly sight to look upon; and when this short stage is over, they will find themselves in a condition which - as a mirror - reflects that ugly self which has thwarted the Divine Plan by the abuse of freewill.

"What did God intend for such as those who, we admit, have ability, enterprise, have the spirit of adventure? God intended that they should become leaders and should have the respect of all around them; and had they been willing to obey Divine Law they might have succeeded materially as much as they managed to succeed by evil means. These facts cannot be denied, and the reaping is sure, and those who have sinned against the Spirit have much to work out in conditions of Reality.

"And then we take war. We know that war, the fighting of God's children one against the other, is against the will of the Father; we know also that it is against God's will that evil should predominate and control; and there is this choice before humanity: To stand back and allow the foul weed of evil to spread over the land, or, to take the spade - and by effort and suffering - so to destroy it that there is no life left at all.

"You see, dear children, there are many mistakes made over this question of struggle, of battle, call it what you will. Life in its widest sense is built upon war. Your own bodies are an expression of the warfare which has taken place over the years. Sometimes the enemies of the flesh have won; but those with courage and resource and determination seek legitimate means to kill; yes, to kill those microbes which have attacked the blood stream. Does anyone blame them? No - the ones to blame are those who just sink under their afflictions; spiritually there is no fight in them, they will not put up a struggle; it is easier to lie in bed and be waited on by others.

"I want you to think upon that simple thought. You are, in a measure, the controller of the body. Why is it that the body today - with many - bears sign of grievous diseases? The answer is simple: The abuse of free-will by man over the past, and the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children for the third and fourth generations. And yet there comes that glorious promise of God's mercy to those who love Him. And how can we express love for God? By going to war against those things which are enemies of health, of joy, of peace, of beauty and purity. It is all so clear, but many refuse to face spiritual fact.

"Then we come to another thought: There are those, perhaps, who have had spiritual aspirations, who are full of promise - you may call them mediums or you may call them preachers, it makes no difference at all; they are instruments. You find there have been the young entering that which they name Holy Orders, inspired by the missionary spirit; but, as the time goes on, they have gone with the tide; tried to do something a little different, but there were so many to oppose and they grew tired of the struggle, and so their little craft goes down the stream; they are one of a crowd.

"Then we turn to those whom you name mediums, and they can be greatly blessed because mediumship entails suffering; but discipline is essential for the protection of those gifts. With some it is a faculty, just as there are musicians and artists and writers and painters - a tiny Divine channel has remained open, and so the world benefits. There are many who thank God for beautiful music, for the gift of song, and for the raising of the mind so that the creative instincts can be expressed for the education of others.

"But, as you know, dear children, those who have these precious gifts often fall into temptation. Some may excuse it because there is the artistic temperament, a greater sensitiveness, a lack of balance on the practical side. But are these really excuses? Is there not an explanation why such as these fall away from the sunny path that leads to peace and revelation?

"There is with some a sense of frustration; they are ambitious to get on, not merely for Art's sake, but so that they may gain the plaudits of their little world. It is wonderful to them to be admired, they seek for praise and are hurt and wounded when it is not forthcoming; and so, as like attracts like, they draw around them those astral spirits who, in a measure, are able to comfort and encourage - and those in the body who are like-minded are their companions. So, slowly but surely, the standard of life goes down; they become as spoilt children, must not be crossed, will not stand criticism; they are something which represents a law to itself; they are artists or musicians and do not come under the usual rules for the mundane people of physical life. But as you know, dear children, all this is sheer nonsense. There is weakness of character within them."

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