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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Victoria Room, Town Hall, Loughborough, Sunday, 2nd July, 1950

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Saviour Christ into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child...

"You all know that you must go through the transition, pass out of this plane of limitation and according to past records you will find yourselves in conditions of liberty or in bondage. The point is that many people, even though they believe in immortality, still have a lurking fear of the change called 'death'.

"So I have been asked to discuss with you: Can Man Rise Again After The Third Day? Now you, yourselves, would feel comforted if you thought that the stage between the two lives could be shortened to three days, as you recognise time. Three days represented the period before Jesus the Christ manifested again in the body, or in a body which could be recognised, could be touched, could be seen, a body through which speech could be given. But the point is that the Master Christ did not sleep during those three days. He had a very active campaign in hand. The spirit, released from the tortured flesh, at once continued its Missionary Work (1 Peter 3:18-20, 4:6). It is recorded that He went down into the dark planes to find Judas and ministered to him and to many others held in a bondage most profound.

"Does this alter your aspect of physical death? Because you must remember that everything the Master did was an example to us. Nothing was reserved for Himself alone, except that He had a greater capacity for sacrifice. He had a wider area of endeavour than those others who loved Him. For they did not have the same spiritual release within.

"I know the sense of utter loss you feel when your loved ones pass through the change called 'death'. You may believe in an Afterlife, you may have felt confidence in the loving care of God, but it is almost impossible to extricate yourselves from a sense of grief and loss as you stand by that still form which was once so full of life.

"Sometimes it comes early in your life, sometimes when maturity has been reached and sometimes late in life. Often you are called upon to share the grief of a friend as well as a relative. Because you are tender-hearted when such a loss occurs, it makes a very deep impression on you. It seems to steal from you great power. For in your endeavour to sympathise with those in trouble, through your aura you have given out in great quantity the Divine Power which you possess. All of this is a form of training. You are buying experience in this way and that experience is by way of being an experiment with human nature.

"As you know, there are those who show a very impersonal attitude to the troubles of others. They say 'Well, if it was not that it would be something else', and go on their way, self-confident and self-complacent. This is a very dangerous attitude to hold. They hurt or harm the one who turned to them for sympathy, but they harm themselves in a far greater measure.

"Evil is brought about by lack of thoughts as well as by evil intent. Many of you will have reason to remember this. A moment off your guard and an 'accident' may happen - to a child, to the one you love. You ask yourself: 'Why was I taken unaware?' The explanation is that those in the Spirit World could not get near enough to attract your attention. For your attention at that time was somewhere else. This point often enters into life bringing tragedy in its train.

"That phrase - 'If only' - rings through the conditions. 'If only I had been a little more on my guard', 'If only I had remembered', 'If only I had not yielded to temptation', 'If only I had not had that unkind thought'.

"These phrases are as whips upon the sensitive soul. They realise, in all sincerity, that that which took place could have been avoided. All these things have an effect upon that time when you will grow conscious of the Greater Life.

"Some advanced souls never sleep at all after the transition, in the sense that they pass out of the physical tabernacle, which has represented so great a test, and a moment later they are greeting their friends in the Spirit World. They are full of happiness and feel elated by the experience. Not only do they realise that there is no death, but what is far more important, they realise that life in a radiant form is held out to them for evermore.

"It is a wonderful privilege. It can come to you irrespective of your physical life, your environment, your temperament or your physical strength.

"The scales of justice cannot waver. There is but one Law made for all creation. The only thing that interferes with the working out of the Law is the individual himself or herself, because free choice is God's gift to mankind.

"If the condition is not provided, then real protection cannot come. It cannot overcome either material things or spiritual things. Each one builds up his or her own little world, the world of the aura. That world is sensitive, or insensitive, according to the will of the one concerned.

"You may think that this is unfair because some people are born with psychic gifts and you might wish to be a medium. The spiritual side of your Self does not depend upon mediumship as you know it to be in the physical world. It depends entirely upon yourself as to whether or not you can release the Divine within, that all-powerful spirit within, or whether you prefer to keep it in prison.

"Upon this fundamental point rests the time of your inactive existence after physical death, or the time when once again you can be a working, happy, healthy, vital individual.

"Some people, who are graded as religious or earnest people, will be surprised to find that after transition they are not nearly so free as they expected to be. They have come up against barriers here and there.

"We all know those who are always seeking. But what are they seeking? They are seeking change. They have within them the desire to find something that gives greater satisfaction to the physical mind. Men and women go from church to church, circle to circle and from medium to medium. They would tell you: 'I am a seeker'. They are not. They represent a will-o'-the-wisp. When they pass into Reality they will find that the parable of the Blue Bird has been worked out in their own conditions.

"Many claim that they are seekers after Truth, but they are seekers after distraction. They are always hoping to find something new, something better than the simple faith from which they started, something that seems to them a greater manifestation of power.

"As I have told you before, it is a material power. When man tries to materialise spiritual power, he has started on a very dangerous course which he will regret with all his heart and mind.

"You may perhaps be in contact with people like that or they will come your way. They want the so-called signs and wonders of psychic life and they crowd into the halls of pleasure and distraction to see what is going to happen. But the majority go away disappointed. Doubt springs up in the physical mind and they are not happy with what they have seen. Doubt is a sad traveller and a bad companion, for discontent soon follows after. 'Was it true or was it a trick?' These are forms of entertainment. Many years ago men and women did not believe that Spirit Communion or Spirit Return was possible and these things were necessary.

"But I ask you to heed the warning. When such as these pass over, a habit of mind once formed cannot be lightly broken. They may find themselves in the Spirit World where there are wonders on all sides. But they will still not be satisfied. They always want something more, something that appeals to the memories of the past. I can assure you that they will find these things. For in the next state there are evolved spirits, partly evolved spirits and there are spirits not evolved at all. 'Like Attracts Like'.

"Therefore, although such as these will rise again after the third day, you have to consider the state in which they will rise and that is an all important point. You all have the gift of life in the next stage of being. But what should be important to you is how you will rise after the transition out of the physical body into the next body that is there for you. In what state of mind, in what state of heart, in what state of health will you be?

"Disease and illness are not confined to the physical flesh, far from it. In those dark states built up by human selfishness, there are worse diseases than you can conjure up. You shudder at manifestations of the purification of the flesh. You see what was once pure and healthy become darkened by disease, filled with poison, and you are aghast. But that is physical alone. It does not touch the true enduring spirit within, which is all-beautiful and made more beautiful because of all that which has to be endured.

"But things are very different with the next body. If that body has been built up by a material life, by a disregard of Divine Law, by those who could have known but did not want to know, then I can assure you that the diseases of that next body will fill them with fear and apprehension. It is not God's Will. It is entirely the working out of the will of man, because man insists on having his own way.

"So you can see that even though you rise after three days, it takes you only over one stile of your long journey. What will you find in the next field? Will it be green and beautiful; will there be flowers; will the children come to greet you and those who you love so well? It entirely depends upon your attitude of mind now.

"You will be able to understand some of the miracles of Divine Truth - how the soul has evolved, how it is possible for love to triumph over time and space, how the bright and glorious ones become bright and glorious. There are many who want to know all these wonders in God's Realm. But those who are merely phenomena-seekers, or seekers after information about themselves alone, will find that they have erected barriers which will take a long time to cast down.

"You see the infinite justice of God. There are many striving souls, with no advantages, who find that life is a material struggle, or that the flesh is very troublesome indeed. Yet they go on day by day, doing and being to the best of their ability, not expecting much from man's hand and not knowing what God has prepared.

"But they will open their eyes upon transition and see around them the wonderful equipment that they have won, paid for by their suffering. As they desire it, Truth will be opened to them. They shall watch the processes of creation in regard to human life, in regard to nature and in regard to the evolution of flowers.

"Mental education does not come into it at all. Spiritual education alone is the tuition that is required for complete happiness after the transition has taken place.

"So I ask you who have hard lives and difficult problems to meet on either side, to feel comforted, to feel reassured. Do not think that perhaps God does not approve of you. Rather remember that your spirit is so closely in touch with the Divine, that for the sake of gaining experience, it has taken upon itself heavy loads while upon the earth plane.

"This applies to many who have had their trust betrayed. Some have found in the name of friendship a hidden enemy. Some have felt the whip of jealousy. Some have not received help although they have given help to others time and time again.

"Nothing has gone wrong with the Divine Plan. It is simply that one soul is a strong soul and another is a weaker soul. More even than that, it means that some individuals are making it possible to be free from restrictions, free from sorrow, free from weariness of the physical body immediately after physical death. But others will find that the earth conditions in their material sense, have been increased because they thought they knew better than the Way laid down by Jesus the Christ.

"The Master's life was so short and filled with tests. He was sufficiently prepared not to want to enter into the blissful states after His ordeal upon the Cross. By His instincts of love, He went into worse conditions because there were those who sorely needed Him.

"Christ took His brightness, His beauty and His power and ministered to souls in torment. Then remembering those upon the earth plane who were so broken-hearted, who thought their mission had come to a dreadful end, He came back and manifested Himself. To whom did He manifest? To the one who was the most faithful in the sense that she was the first at the tomb.

"Can you visualise who will be the first at your tomb? You may say: 'My mother'. Yes, Love will roll the stone from your tomb and in your new and strong and far more beautiful body, you shall greet her, or greet the one who loves you best and has sacrificed most in order to express that love.

"Hold this thought in your mind, because when you are in the Spirit World and the time comes for your child to join you, you too will be the first at the tomb. You too will be laden with gifts, bursting with joy at the thought of reunion. You will be there to give the word of reassurance and to show, as a proud mother, the lovely home that awaits the one so dear, longing to be reunited.

"There are many disembodied souls who are drawn into the conditions of faithfulness and love that you provide, who at last see the Light shining over the hill of attainment and they, as you have done, will find the courage to climb again.

"Sadly, there are disembodied souls who try to commit suicide and try to murder each other, soldiers who carry on fighting. But they cannot do it once they have cast off the physical tabernacle. In the dark planes, warfare is intense and the misery is so great in some cases that those concerned feel that they would rather be dead for evermore. But Life is indestructible.

"So then, what is the solution to this problem? To give them something to live for. You, today, by gathering together in your Halls of Love are being used to give hope because you have experienced great mistakes and have found something to live for.

"Those who did not put God first have lost something for which they will grieve in time to come. Things which are lost are hard to find. The only way to make good is to go to others tempted in like manner and to see that they too do not make the same mistakes. God always provides a means to rectify, to make good, to bring into line those who have failed their better self. For they are still His children and in time must regain their angelhood, or else the Father's home would be incomplete.

"Therefore, you can understand why the wanderers must be found. God's home cannot be left incomplete. God's home has a place for each and everyone, for the little people, gnomes and fairies, for nature in its many forms and for a vast range of life as yet unknown to you.

"I give you these hints from time to time so that you might exercise your imagination. The flowers which die, rise again, animals who are brutally slain and tortured by man, will rise again far more beautiful, for God is not mocked. The multitude of life changes and changes again and again. They die to be born in a higher state, for that is Divine law.

"Back over the past, through countless lives you have been through in other worlds, with different kinds of bodies, it was meant that you died to a sense of limitation to arise with greater opportunities, with a wider mind, with a higher conception of Truth and with a stronger purpose to see the battle through to the glorious end.

"So it is my privilege to bless you all. Your Real Self is asking so earnestly for more to be done for the spreading of Divine Truth; that more may be done to bring in straying souls; that more may be done until at last the physical self, with it's multitude of desires, is merged into the spiritual self, when happiness is yours for ever more.

"I bless you with the Spirit in command of your life, of your mind and of your heart, in the degree that the Divine within should take command, it shall be so.

"I bless the workers, for the striving has been hard and still they walk in faith. What record could be better, what purpose could be higher! 'TO WORK HARD AND WALK BY FAITH'. That can be the motto of you all.

"Whatever the opposition, however dark the days, however pressing the clouds, while you work hard and walk by faith, faith shall not betray you.

"This is the promise of the Most High and it has been worked out in millions of cases and will be worked out in millions of cases throughout all time to be.

"I bless you all. God shall hearken to your prayers in the degree that those prayers are sincere. Yes! Ere three days have passed you shall rise again. It depends upon yourselves the joy that holds your being. Many will accept the promise, put in the preparation and thank God with a grateful heart. God has indeed blessed this hour of holy communion. Amen."

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