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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 3rd February, 1924

"Father, we thank Thee for the brightness and the peace and the holiness - thank Thee that Thou hast allowed us to bring to this room so much that is of Thee, and to banish all that suggests darkness and doubts and misgivings.

"Saviour, once again we meet under Thy beneficent love and tenderness, meet together to demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit and to show that where Thou directs nothing can come in between Thy children and the Realms of the Spirit... Little children gathering together with thoughts of service, with the desire to be used, with a faith that wishes it were perfect - these are Thy chosen and Thou, out of Thy mighty power, will so carve and mould the future that strength and courage and foresight and patience shall win through everything, and show the world that God is in their midst.

"Saviour Christ, send down Thy strength, give confidence, and give the necessary endurance to meet and defeat disappointment and delay; for, as Thou knowest, if these enemies of the Light are faced with courage and with resource, soon they are cast aside and the victory is Thine own.

"O God, in love and in the wish to be used, we meet tonight at Thy Feet, and we ask Thy blessing - the blessing of the Father, the understanding Saviour who suffered and conquered the trials and tests of physical life. We ask that this blessing may be our own, that through it and by it we may lift ourselves from the earth - may separate our minds from those distracting thoughts of detail and of management, and be free to soar in spirit beyond the present out into the great future, into that future where sorrow will be seen for what it is, when pain will be used just as a weapon for furthering Thy work, and when the power of darkness and the traps of the shadows may deceive us no more.

"Into Thy Hands we commend ourselves, commend the present, and ask for strength to meet the future - and for still more strength to demonstrate in that future the overwhelming love which God has for humanity, and to turn the eyes of all up to Thee, away from the earth with its temptations and its snares, from the things that tease and do not satisfy, to the gifts of the Spirit that comfort and bring perfect unity, perfect harmony to those who have made them their own.

"Father, give that which is needed tonight; open Thyself so that Thy little ones, stretching out in ignorance but in faith, may be able to draw into their souls and bodies that which is of Thee, strengthening the weak parts and invigorating the strong; binding up the wounds and preparing the mind for happiness. Give of Thyself... pour down upon us all the wonderful, the radiating influence of the Holy Spirit, separating us from the earth and linking our souls with the bright spheres in which Thy children long to linger - use us, Father, use us to Thy will...

"...My children, as you will have gathered from my words, I am calling you up higher. I am asking you to do that which is required of all, but given to the minority - to leave the thoughts that are not entirely of God, and to see this evening that hidden away in no corner of the heart and mind is anything but love and peace and harmony.

"I call you up higher, and in future you must understand that this is the point to which I want you to attain. We have left the lowlands and we do not intend to return to them however the wind may blow, however the storm may try to beat us back. The shelter of the valley is for the weak and feeble - the wide open range of the moor and down is for us.

"Listen intently: I do not wish there to be any mistake about my position as guide and leader, and I wish also that you, my little children, should realise where you stand as well. Over and over again I have called you to prepare; I have warned you to be on your guard against the enemy, because once you are in the highlands, weakness is at the mercy of the elements; there it is shown, and if the faith and the determination are not firm, then sorrow is your portion and will be your portion until you are right again with God.

"I cannot make you understand the importance of my words, and yet in this sense you do understand - you realise your responsibility, you realise that it is a big piece of work, and the fear comes that you may not be found stable and that you may fail to do that which is your part.

"My children, if you were certain of success - if you could say to yourself: 'I shall not fail', then my answer would be: 'God have mercy on those who fail to know themselves', and you would need His mercy in a degree almost unthinkable to save you from yourself. You see my point: I speak thus seriously because there are those who have not grasped yet the bigness and the sacredness of this work; they are in it because they love God better than they know, but they cannot grasp what that Love is laying out before them.

"No, do not be disheartened: let not your spirits fail; that which lies in front is so marvellous in its construction, so comprehensive in its design, and such happiness is before you that words fail to describe. Oh, be not fearsome of heart, but be earnest in endeavour. Be not timorous of tomorrow, but be watchful over self. Shrink not from tests, but commend yourself to God. Have faith, fear nothing, hope all things, and that shall be vouchsafed to you which shall open the eyes of the world.

"Little by little we build, but we build truly. Slow though the process may seem to you, yet like a building that is erected inside, barriers and hoardings, soon these are to be pulled down and the whiteness inside shown to your view. What represented ugliness and disfigurement, shall reveal that which is of beauty itself; and where man passed by all unknowing of what was going on, then shall he stand amazed at the transformation that has taken place.

"Trim your lamps again; see that the oil of your endeavour is plentiful; spare not effort to make good that which is obstinate, and prepare to meet that which awaits the faithful.

"Ever it seems to you I talk in parable and symbol, but as you go along, that which seemed but imagery, shall be shown to be reality; and that which appeared covered, shall be made transparent. It is written in the Great Book - in the sacred pages all that I teach is made clear. Search your Scriptures with a mind that seeks to unravel, and you shall find it all - you shall find that which was prophesied in the days of old coming to pass, but first the rough places have to be made smooth, the winding paths straightened, the forest cut down - so that the sun may nourish the damp earth and flowers may spring up and cover that which was barren. Yes, this is the Word as spoken by God of old, this is the Truth as revealed by Divinity, in our Saviour Christ, and this is the Promise which came with the bestowal of the Holy Spirit.

"Prepare ye the way of the Lord; set the house of your mind in order, purify your body, and see that the door of your compassion is open to all. In this gift no one is outside. You who wish to love God and serve the Saviour, you cannot do it unless you make yourself one with all. Those that seek to save their souls irrespective of their weaker brethren tossed and torn by the storms of earth, these are not demonstrating the Word. Christ directs that you shall go out and bring in the outcast, shall succour those who are spiritually starved, and by service to others bring redemption to yourself.

"That is the way of salvation. Get down amongst the people in thought, if in actual fact it is not possible; get down among humanity - and by your example demonstrate the healing power of the Spirit. Call to this one: 'Arise', draw that one unto you with the strands of sympathy, and put your hand on the other and bring them in. This can be done by thought and prayer, and if these are in your heart and mind, then God provides the opportunity. It is so straightforward, so direct, and yet so comprehensive in its radius, so illimitable in its prospect, so Divine in its conception - this gathering in mentally and spiritually of those that mourn, of those that do not understand, and those who have failed to find God as the Protector of us all.

"Yes, dear children, it is serious, very serious, but so gloriously constructive, so joyous in its working out, so beautiful in its texture that you, even as you are - blinded by physical sight and suppressed by physical thinking - even you shall be able to see the gold and the glory of the power.

"It is enough to wish to be as God would have you be - to wish sincerely to rise to that greater, bigger You entombed within, for you to gain your freedom in a way hitherto undreamt of. And so tonight I leave you with one thought only - that of going forward, not in your own strength, but in the strength of the Master; not in your own courage, but in the courage lent to you by Him who has for ever killed fear for those who seek to serve Him.

"That is tomorrow, and soon tomorrow shall become today, and then the tomorrow beyond will see the field of wheat in its fullness, and the labourers standing ready to gather in that which was sown by a few. Again you shall have demonstrated the parable of the loaves and fishes. Marvellous to behold shall be the grain, and at every point the workers will be found to gather it in. Is it not worth the climb? Is it not worth the pain and the weariness and the depression? Is it not gain on either side and from every point of view there could be, to stand on high ground and look down on sadness and sorrow and failure, and to say: 'By God's help I am free'?

"Come up higher. It is not sufficient to gain the first summit - that only leads on to the higher and the steeper and the bigger in achievement. But each hillock wrestled and fought over shall bring fresh power, new strength and greater impetus. And if the next one seems inaccessible, then I say that you shall, through God's grace, look down on that which seemed inaccessible and go on once more triumphant, unconquered and undefiled.

"Oh my children, the only thing that is inaccessible with the things of the Spirit is to take in and to grasp the wonderful enveloping Love of God. That we cannot do. As we advance so the vision comes, and as we grow so are we able to gather in more of that wonder - but it brings it no nearer in the way of understanding - it sends it farther off, because of each step it widens and broadens and lengthens... and that is GOD..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...It seems a long time since I was among you in this way. It is rather difficult to explain because you have the idea that time does not exist for us, and following out this thought, you think also that waiting does not exist as well.

"I have heard you say, especially the younger ones, that: 'Time is no object to them - over there they don't understand time as we do'. No, we don't regard time as you do, but waiting is not easy, only to the very advanced.

"You know, Mrs. Moyes, it may sound strange to you, but those old days at the Mission Room, although vivid in my memory and among one of my most cherished possessions, seem far away from a waiting point of view. We wait and we wait and we wait, but waiting to us means prayer, and prayer faith, and faith justification. We know that in the end the time of waiting will be over, but it doesn't seem short except to those who have progressed a very long way indeed in the Spirit. Those who have watched and worked and waited since the time of Christ's betrayal have indeed learnt patience (this refers to Zodiac), but we who have come here so recently, we are leagues behind, and it seems sometimes that we shall never make good what was left undone during the earth stages.

"I have got on to this subject tonight because you, my old friend, have had to wait a very long spell indeed - to wait and to suffer, and on looking back and counting the years, you marvel now how you could have lived through them, and so do I, except for this: I see that you were one of those spoken of last Sunday in this room whom God had under His Hand, and that's the whole explanation of it all.

"In coming back through Winnie in this way, I find myself more changed each time, and you are finding me changed as well. The confidence is going, the joy of having contributed a grain to the knowledge of Truth has ceased to satisfy - the pains of growth are coming on in their full force, and you will find me changed still more. But do not confuse this with sadness or misgiving. It is only that I have shed now the garment of confidence in which I find there was more than a little of self-confidence, and instead of joy over being used by the Master, I feel that if only I had understood, indeed I might have been a bright tool which could have dug down through the earth of materialism and have brought up the gold which is hidden in us all. The next stage of self-revelation!

"When we first come over here - and with many for quite a long time - we are so engaged in counting our gifts, so overwhelmed with the generosity of them, so delighted with the discoveries and the wonders that lie on every side, that we can think of nothing else. You see, we are not put into a garden and told: 'Thus far must thou go and no farther'. There are no restrictions of that sort with those who have tried to love God. Even with those who have denied Him the only barriers are the hedges erected by their own misdeeds, and still more so by their doubts, their obstinacies and their inability to believe that anything lies beyond the fortress walls. But that comes from within. There are no walls except in the imagination - not in the physical world and not in the worlds of the Spirit - we only erect them.

"But let me get back. I said that when we come here much time is taken up with the exploration and the revelation of the bountiful love of God. We are amazed. With the majority humbleness is the first feeling, but the things are there and they are our own, and so the mere fact of the extensive nature of our treasure postpones for a little that self-revelation to which I have referred.

"Then we start to think, and then we start to grow, and then we start to struggle, and God knows what a struggle it is! We soon fall out of love with ourselves. Each step we take nearer to Christ brings such realisation of purity, perfection and love, that it seems that nothing will ever wash us clean or make us fit to enter His Presence.

"And yet Christ is no respecter of persons. If they would allow it He would gather unto Himself the lowest and the weakest and the frailest; they are His children and He spurns them not.

"Oh, if only I had words to tell, if only I could construct anything approaching the real, what a wonderful thing it would be, because it would bring to man acknowledgment of sin, conception of the Spirit, and comparison with what is and what must be - it would make even the most casual pause and wonder.

"It is my wish in coming in this way to get through, if I can, some of these thoughts of mine, and I want you in thinking of your old friend, to try and put him in a different atmosphere - a totally different spiritual environment, because that man upon earth and I are strangers and shall be, with God's help, for ever more. I look back and I marvel how in seeing, I saw not, and in hearing I heard not.

"I have told you what my work has brought to me, but with my larger understanding I feel from the bottom of my heart that those gifts are mine by fraud, and before I will touch them to count them as my own, am going back on the old paths and am going to finish the building I commenced - to put on to the few bricks I see here and there along the highroad of my life, the houses that should have stood. But it will take time, and as I said before, the waiting is not easy because the chance was mine and I let it slip.

"I have got my second chance but the anguish of the second chance I never understood. It is that second chance which comes to all, and with it the gift of self-revelation and the realisation of what might have been and what was not.

"Mrs. Moyes, in looking back over me and my career, your kind mind sees where the weakness lay, but I want you to help me by your thoughts in this way - I want you to know that without ceasing in effort and in prayer I am trying to make good that which was faulty, and by the grace of God, and through His loving kindness, I see that in time to come, it shall be made complete.

"Remember it all of you, and tell Kate that her brother is able to understand love now in a way impossible upon earth, and the companion of love is understanding, so she can count upon both without stint or limit or boundary. Ask her to pray for me - to pray that I may be enabled to carry out the work I have to do, and to pray that I may not find the waiting too long. Her prayers for me will help her too, as she must know by the teaching she has received.

"One thing more: You remember in the early days of these evenings, I told you that in the future all would be made clear. Tonight, this is the first step towards that clearness and it couldn't have commenced before, because I too had to have things made clear to me before I could go on.

"I am afraid I have left the impression of sadness upon you all, but there should be only gladness and congratulation, because this seeing-things-as-they-are means that I am one step nearer home, and these steps are only taken as the result of much preparation, communion with God, and holding on to His strength. Therefore, to me this evening will stand out separated from all that have been, inasmuch as now I see face to face that other self which belongs to God... Goodnight..."


"...I am afraid I have caused a great delay... I could not speak before although I prayed with all my heart that I might be allowed to conquer, and this girl prayed with me although she knew not for whom she prayed. I am Mr. Taylor's Father, and my coming was hindered by the fact that we had to keep from her the individuality of the one who wished to come.

"Now I am here I mean to take advantage of the opportunity to establish my position in your lives. I have been given this gift by God and nothing shall shut me out. It is ordained by the Father, out of His illimitable Love, that I shall be counted among you, even as I have prayed that my son shall be counted among the little band of workers gathered together by the Holy Spirit to show God in His wonder to the world.

"Listen all of you and attune your hearts and thoughts to this: Those on the Other Side - as you call it - those who by work and effort and struggle have climbed to that spiritual stage laid down of necessity for those who wish to be used, these - countless numbers of them - are already in this work, using their influence and the power of their love on those upon earth, and under God's direction they are permitted, when the opportunity occurs, to come back in this way and speak to those linked to them by the closest tie there is - service and dedication to the Master.

"Don't make it so hard for me to come. If you could but see things as they are you would, I think, hold out a welcoming hand - you would not treat me as a stranger, but would realise that between us there are strands and strands of love, so strong, so bright, so akin to God that nothing could break them or even could knot them for any length of time.

"Even now I feel you changing, even now your hearts go out to me and the willingness to understand is there. You cannot separate those who are children of the same Father, and I must remind you that you and I are both children of the King, and I want you not to allow strangeness or unfamiliarity or misunderstanding to make barriers and to try and dim the brightness of those strands, which link us together for all time in your world and in the Great Hereafter.

"It is with great difficulty that I put my thoughts into words tonight, but I must get through this one thing and that is, that in a way utterly beyond your imagination, we are linked together, sealed with the same seal of Christ and gathered under the same Blessing for His Holy purpose.

"Next time I come will you do this: I will cross myself thus and thus, and when you see that sign of all signs, will you pray that I may speak and welcome me as a friend? Soon the strangeness will pass, and soon, through the mercy and kindness of God, you shall learn to love me for Christ's sake.

"Thank you and thank Winnie because, unknowing, she prayed for me to come and left it in God's Hands as to who the visitor might be..."

(Zodiac returned and continued...)

..."My children, I draw this evening to a close on a very happy note indeed, because you have responded to me in a way most pleasing to us all. You have tried to do as directed and that is all that is ever expected during the earthly stages of evolution.

"I find on looking back that perhaps to you - still so bound by the physical way of thinking - my note of seriousness brings out in you a real sense of disquietude, but that is not my intention in any sense whatever. In thinking over my words and in reading them you will gain another impression - the right one, and that is the stupendous wonder of it all. And those who have tried hardest to love God best, will be the most grateful for the way in which He has signalled His intentions regarding the course they are to run.

"The strength will come, little ones, fear not; and the vision will come as well, and that will make all the difference, because when your eyes are on the golden horizon, its beauty is so magnetic that you will be almost unconscious of the stones at your feet. It will be just eagerness to get on - the impetus will be there - and as in times of great joy, physical discomfort is ignored or even unfelt, so shall it be with you, because of the Holy Spirit within you, around you, and above you.

"My children must know this - that in order to reach the highest, the path in front cannot be made free from obstacles. That is the downhill road not the uphill climb; but you know full well that in going the easy way, sooner or later, the hidden trap is found and then the plight is terrible indeed.

"With the upward road it is like this: Joy and unity and peace so permeate the being that the stones of the wayside are unnoticed. Even now you can experience this at times - you know that in spite of trial and strain and humiliation, the spirit is able to soar above them all, and the bird of happiness sings in your mind and takes you even as the course of the lark - up, up, lost in the great infinity of God's Love ... yet the circumstances are the same.

"God's plans for your future are not on sad lines at all, and the obstacles and barriers erected in your path in regard to the spreading of this Truth will be ignored or stepped over, and the time will come when you will look back and marvel at the course pursued so successfully. Joy will be so definitely in your heart that you will find then that you will climb unconsciously, and that the boulders that sought to trip you were used as stepping stones to help you more quickly on your way.

"And so, dear children, I leave you for tonight, building up joy in your hearts, confidence in the love of God and His Purpose, and with the will and the determination to fight the good fight with all your might.

"To the brave, the honour comes - To the faithful, joy and gladness - To the pure of heart, at-one-ment with the spirit - And to the chosen, the revelation of the love of God in the measure that they can take it in.

"In His Hands I leave you, blessed and comforted, cleansed and healed - in the Hands of the Saviour you are safe - safe from the world, and more important still, safe from the domination of self, which the evil uses not only to strike you, but verily to plunge as a knife into the Heart of the Crucified. He who was slain that we might live - He who is the Shepherd of us all.

"Goodnight, my little ones - it is the morning of the new day, only night to you, but if I said 'Good morning' you would not understand... "

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