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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 30th October, 1927.

"Great Healer of all hearts and minds, we approach Thee this night in faith, and we ask Thee to bless us as we gather here. Oh, show to each one the guiding influence over their lives; grant that the greater self may arise and dominate the physical mind, and that they, being victors, may point out the road of victory to others. Help us to aspire and to construct; let our thoughts remain not as thoughts alone, but teach us how to transmute those thoughts into actions and to build for Thee. Give us strength to withstand the destroyers, and grant that through the maturity which is our own, we may lead the child-souls out of the wood of misunderstanding on to those bright planes of revelation of Thy Love. Help us to attune our minds to the things of the Spirit, and grant that each one may be conscious of Holiness around, that Holiness which Thy Presence only can bring...

"With gratitude to Thee, our Redeemer, we commence our work this night. Amen...

"...My children, you are to me something which is precious, and I gather you all into this term, for each one knows what trial is, what struggle, what temptation can represent; each one has had their faith assailed again and again, yet tonight, out of the release of the Divine within, you gather to listen to that which shows you how to live aright.

"My children, in looking around the world today with its countless theories, with its false gods, with all that which has been built up over Truth, oh, remember ever that the only One who can teach you, who can help you in the way you need, is Christ - and why? Not only, dear children, because He is our God, but also because He suffered even as humanity suffers today. Yes, the One who created all things knew what loss could represent, experienced a loneliness, a treachery, a betrayal that not one of you can grasp, because you are as children and He is, and was, the great Parent of us all. The only One who can lift in time of trouble, the only One who can save under the test of temptation, is the Christ who gathered the children to Him, and loved them as you and I would we could love, yet we understand only in part what love can mean.

"Christ, during His sojourn on earth, was the great Constructor, the Master-Builder, yet He walked in poverty, despised by His own creation. Cannot you see how great was His humility, how stupendous that loving Heart and understanding Mind? He came so that you and I could never say: 'Such another has never been tempted as I am tempted, such another has never suffered as I have suffered'...

"The Master is here, drawing you - His little ones - closer, closer under the wings of protection, and He bids me say: 'All is well, all is well'. Though a tide of trouble and calamity may sweep the earth, all is well, for out of that which is destroyed, so the Holy One shall give to His children their spirit's desire.

"Think on these lines and then listen to my words for tonight, by the command of the One who loves you best, I speak on that which I name: 'Builders or Destroyers'...

"Little ones, you, in conversation, sometimes use a certain phrase in thinking of the follies, the blunders of one you know. You try to hold back the word of criticism and you say instead: 'Such a one is a child-soul, they are without understanding of the things which count'. And this phrase I use tonight, because it conveys more nearly than any other that which I would pass on regarding those who are, as it were, in the first school of understanding that which is the purpose of Life.

"You see around many who cause suffering to others, men and women who are regardless of those in their surroundings, who follow desire and care not what is the result. Yes, and some of you here have come under the whip of the selfishness of others; yet, out of the release of the Divine within, you say and you mean: 'I can forgive'.

"Little ones, in regard to child-souls, I want you to keep distinct and clear in your minds those whom you name 'natives', those who are the children of Nature, unversed in the knowledge of the world, swayed by instinct - or that which you call instinct - ruled by the customs of their kind and by a mass of superstition, mingled with truth, which has been passed on down the ages through their own particular type of race.

"These are children in a spiritual sense, very often, as well as children mentally, as you would name it. But I want you to take a wider view, to ponder within. After all, would a child-soul take on a body that had to work out its experiences in a country rife with disease, in a climate which holds much that caused pain, with so little equipment? Is it reasonable that a child-soul would enter into the physical tabernacle to be a slave to another, to work early and late and as reward to receive that which scarcely kept the life within the body?

"Nay, on thinking again, you say to yourselves: 'Limited in the intelligence of the physical mind such as these may be, but a strong soul, only a strong soul could endure so much anguish during the earth journey'...

"And then you think of those others, the man or the woman with the highly cultivated mind, the one whose fingers are teeming with ability, the one who is an authority on this, an accredited judge on that. Yes, many such a man, and many such a woman, go through life on earth thinking of very little beyond that which touches themselves: 'God, who is this God? So vague the theories, so obscure the statements; I will wait and see'. Or, again: 'I do not believe that such a one exists at all'.

"And these - by the denial of the One who gave them life, aye, who has watched over them during the long past, protected them a thousand times from their weaker selves - these, because their outlook is confined to that which concerns themselves, they, in spite of their gifts, and very often because of their gifts, are the weak souls, the child-souls, in the sense that the holiness within is bound and fettered - bound and fettered through their acts over the past...

"Yet, forget not that each one, in the beginning, was created in the likeness of All-Holiness, All-Love, and the time must come when, once again, they must get back that perfection which they have lost.

"And then, my children, I want you to think of those whom you name the average, or the rank and file, the men and the women who show their childishness in little things, the quarrelling among themselves, the insatiable desire to score over another; the men and the women who are taken out of the liberty which they abuse, and, for a short or long period, are set apart by the law of the country.

"What is your attitude toward such as these? Children, you read in that which is the printed pages of your day, a never-ending chronicle of their childish escapades. They quarrel, they fall into temptation, trivial for the most part, and those in authority come down with: 'Thou shalt not!' And often, for the entire benefit of the reckless one, they are lifted out of their temptations for a short space, and, in a measure, they suffer from discomfort or worse.

"You condemn them not; indeed, oft the smile comes, the smile of understanding. As the child who breaks his toy and then weeps over what he has done, so are the majority of such as these. They sin against the flesh and they pay the price, but in time of trouble, many a vast number, arise out of their lesser selves and show a beauty of compassion for the one who has been struck...

"Children in part, yet with a glimmering of maturity, a faint, faint vision of that which they were meant to represent.

"Oh, my little ones, you who have seen something of the mighty Heart and Mind of God, think to yourselves as to the way in which you can build. The ways are numerous and wonderfully simple by which you can, with truth, call yourselves by that sweet name 'a builder', a builder for your Master Christ.

"When the spirit of a man or woman enters into the physical tabernacle as a tiny child, for the period of physical youth they lay aside much of that which they have gained. They come into your presence as something helpless, needing your care, at the mercy of the one who should guard and provide. I call such as these 'men and women' in the spiritual sense; they have reached that maturity when the Divine within, out of its courage, out of its hold on Christ, takes the hard road, the road of temptation, the road of struggle; and as they strive, so, because of their efforts, they are sending out power and strength for those who are children in every sense there could be.

"You, my little ones, are at this stage: You remember your childhood, you remember that there was a time when the Sacred One meant little or nothing to you. Perhaps you reverenced the Name, for tradition was all around it, but Christ as your Companion did not exist. And in thinking of this you say to yourselves: 'How is it I have changed?' And the thought comes: 'Why was I allowed to change so much in so short a time?'

"Children, when you entered into the physical body, the spirit within, out of its release, knew that the road must be hard, but it was determined that the earth stage should produce that which was progression. Yet, for a while you were as one bound, but your real self was building all the time.

"And so it was that things went wrong from the physical standpoint, but oh, went so well in the true meaning of that word. You suffered over loss, you knew what loneliness could mean; but at last, on that sure foundation which was built up little by little, the time came when you were able to reach out and grasp Reality, when, in a measure, you saw the earth and its passing joys and pleasure as something which deceived, which attracted yet brought no satisfaction within.

"Little ones, each one of those child-souls must go through the same process of evolution. You say, perhaps, that there are many who take what life has to give, who think not of the future or of that which lies beyond the grave. But I say to you, because it is spiritual truth, that no one evades a lesson for more than a period of time. God's law is upward and onward, and though the powers of the darkest realms seek to divide man from his God, out of the consequences which these destructive ones bring, out of the pangs, so the tempted are able to get back a measure of that which they have lost...

"To the younger ones I speak with a deep, deep emphasis, for time is fleeting. I say to you all: You are builders not destroyers, for the Divine within has brought you into these vibrations tonight. And out of that which you have endured, out of that which has gone contrary to the heart's desire, so you have put together that which is a little nearer to the spirit's determination. Henceforth, no longer can you name yourselves child-souls; you have heard the Truth and Christ claims you as belonging to Himself.

"And then, for those who deliberately try and build out of the wreckage something that will stand, to such as these I speak by command of the Holy One, and I link them to the Great Father and Mother God. I say that, in little part, they are imitating that which is All-Holy, All-Power; for out of the wreckage of the lives of His little ones, so the Great Worker builds and builds. And so, in turn, you His children, imbued with the missionary spirit which is part of the Divine within, you seek to take the fragments of the lives and circumstances of others, and by prayer, using the mind of the body, you endeavour to bring together, out of the wreckage, something which represents stability. Such as these are blest by God.

"And I would further instruct that those who, at times, lose consciousness of the Presence of the Holy One, who feel out of touch with the great Love He represents, that if they go on building and constructing, helping and comforting the ones who are finding life difficult and mysterious, such as these, out of that which they give to others, shall find to their own exceeding great joy that they have built for themselves a direct channel between not only their greater self, but even between the mind of the body, which allows the realisation of Divine Love to reach them, and heal their wounds...

"Builders or destroyers. Oh, my children, underlying those simple words there is the greatest tragedy or the greatest triumph that any world could hold. You tread the little earth way, weary, disheartened, longing perchance for the journey's end; but out of your wish to serve, out of that holy desire to make things a little easier for another, so, when you pass hence, you shall look back over the path you have trod and thank God for the power which has been left behind. In your little measure you have supplied courage for others, in your little degree you have been as pioneers, and those careless ones who have thrown away even the little they might have put together, at last - almost unconsciously to themselves - at last they awaken to something of that which is the meaning and the purpose of life.

"And then there are the destroyers by intent, and they are many. Those with the temporal power who, as it were, are a law unto themselves. They turn from Truth, and through example, by their faithlessness to the Divine within, they send out on the vibrations weakness; and those who are off their guard, the heedless ones and the careless, they fall, out of that which another has done...

"So, my children, I leave on your minds just this simple thought: That this life, with all its blunders and misunderstanding, that this life can create something beautiful, something strong. You have banded together to do your part, you have sought to construct, and you do construct, out of the faith which is your own.

"So tonight, with the blessing resting upon us all, I give you words of cheer and comfort: I say to each one, that although you may be only half conscious of it, you are building for God, you are constructors under Christ. And that which is laid across you even by your God is a symbol not only of the present but of the glorious future, when sorrow as sorrow can touch you no more, when joy and peace and a revelation undreamt of by your physical minds shall be yours by right.

"And the symbol, dear children, is the Cross - the Cross that indicates struggle for a little while, pain for a short portion of time, loneliness and the giving up of desire; but only, as it were, for a few moments of that great grand Life which is your own. You take the Cross and you hold the Cross for the sake of the by and by...

"And thus, my little ones, I leave you for a space. You who are gathered here have been told by me before that as the need arises so the help is there, as the enemies approach so the angels of the Most High fight with you and for you.

"Therefore, say not to yourselves: 'I am too weak to build', for around you is strength, is understanding, is unlimited Love. And could you at this moment see the One to whom you belong, whatever life could hold in any stage would seem as naught, for compensation and much more lies in the smile of Christ. Could you see with the eyes of the body the One so tender, the One so charged with that which you miss so often in others upon the earth plane - that comprehension of your needs, your outlook, your hopes, your failures, so, my children, in an instant you would say: 'All that I have and all that I am, take, O God, out of Thy Love'. And thus I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, although I wished to allow one of the little ones to come, yet, it is part of the plan this night, that we close on this present vibration. The little ones have gathered close, they are by your sides and at your feet; they are pouring out their love upon you, and that must suffice.

"Each one tonight has been under the direct influence of those who have fought and struggled in the past, those who have come up against the enemies of the Most High; and though their hearts failed them and fear held their minds, yet they did not give way - and why? Because, my children, the desire within was to be true to their better selves, and that immediately brought into their conditions the ones with the power, the ones with the love. And though the tussle went on, and at times it seemed that the enemies would prevail, God's angels kept their trust; and those of old are counted by you in this day as the saints and the martyrs...

"Little ones, keep this clear in your minds. To such as these - in that far-off time, or in the little yesterday - to such as these it was not revealed that they were doing aught that was great, aught that was noble. They only knew that the struggle went on and how close they came to falling. Yet, left behind, is their strength and their example.

"And you, in your time, shall find this truth illustrated to your delight: You kept faith with God in the measure that you understood, and the great Creator of Life turned that which was frail into strength, that which was weak into stability; and when you are free from that which binds, it will seem to you that your blessings are uncountable...

"So we part. The healing has been wrought in a way you little understand, and the results, the consequences of this night shall remain for all time. Remember that you have taken up your position with the builders, and the builders fight against the destroyers. What is wrecked today, so you seek to reconstruct tomorrow; what you reconstruct in the Name of God, no power of evil can find the force to destroy.

"Therefore, take up hope and be of good cheer, for the builders are the victors, the constructors are infinitely stronger than those who would tear to pieces, for they draw their inspiration from All-Power, their strength from All-Strength, and Love can conquer the hate of any world...

"I bless you with courage and with the desire to be as the soldiers of Christ, one of the great army which is going forward to bring peace, that peace which passeth the understanding of mankind; the peace of Love, and Love only can bring peace. Turn to Christ, hold to Him for He never fails - never fails either in your joys or your sorrows, for you belong to Him and He has given you of His Holy Life... Farewell..."

ZODIAC: Wednesday, Nov.2. 1927...

"...My little children, so gladly I answer any question that you would wish to put before me, in regard to the child, Dorrie, for this night I say, after communing with the one you call Mark, that she shall withhold from that which you name the 'practice for development'. Yet, time is fleeting, and I would take this opportunity to emphasise once more the need for preparation.

"Oh, my children, let it not seem that I for ever show the whip and drive you on. It is indeed for the Divine within that I strive and for which I must struggle until it is freed. You have a great work in front, and, as it were, only the first few stones have been laid down. Therefore, is it not apparent that each moment, each opportunity, all that you have should be brought into use in the Master's service? You are charged with this.

"Never before under the same circumstances has an instrument been used. I have, by the grace of God, lifted the barriers, in spite of the weakness of the physical and the forces of evil. I have held those barriers apart and I have spoken. For what purpose has this great gift been bestowed? Solely and only to arouse the sleeping heart and mind of man; for great things are pending and those who are weak yet strong, these seek to damage that which is the Holy purpose and the plan...

(Note: World War II prophesied...)

"Look out beyond the narrow borders of this country which you call your own. There, as from a seething volcano, hate roars its way over the plains and forests. Who and what is behind this torrent of destruction? Those who have exiled themselves from the knowledge of Christ. Such as these, hidden from your eyes, in their thousands stir and inspire, tempt and goad on.

"Yet, despair not, but have faith in God. Strong though they be, the hosts of the All-Mighty One are stronger still; but the clash must come, the warfare must be met, and anguish, that which you name tribulation, pestilence, death - these will follow. But out of the ashes of human hope, shall rise the blossoms of the Spirit, and once again the Christ shall be acknowledged as the Shepherd of mankind...

"So I leave you for a space. No chance brings you all here together, but God's laws, God's will. Then arise and say not either in heart or mind: 'Weariness holds me', for behind you, and around you, there is strength - the strength to do and the strength to beat down the enemies of the garment that you wear...

"Out of the suffering so the joy comes; out of the heartache so the peace; out of the struggle so that victory which is the will of God. Thus I bless you, yet I warn you for my heart constrains... Farewell."

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