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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Greater World Sanctuary, 3, Landsdowne Road, London, W11, on Sunday, December 20th, 1942

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Saviour Christ into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child...

"The months may pass, the skies may be darkened, the enemies may approach, but always and forever there comes Christmas. This is to remind everyone that God Rules and that the Love of God is over all His creation. Christmas is a time for spiritual rejoicing. The season does not wipe away your troubles, your sickness or your loss, but it comes as a direct reminder that although earthly things may fail and pass away, the things of God remain for evermore as a symbol and sign of the permanent character of your life, your destiny and your wonderful future.

"Although I speak in cheerful tones, I do not forget the many troubles against which you are having to battle. I know from long experience that in the Spirit World we regard these things from which the flesh shrinks not only as stepping stones, but also as a definite sign of growing strength within the individual. If you think of things in this way, you realise that behind all forms of life is the desire for the building up of the strength within.

"After the birth of a baby there is weakness. But the mother does not despair, she takes it all in her stride as a part of the course of the Law of Nature. So as you rejoice daily over the growing strength of the baby, I ask you to rejoice over the growing strength of the spirit within you that will assist you to dominate material life and all that it may hold.

"I would speak with you about: 'Builders of this World's Destiny'. As you look back over the past, with discerning minds, you see, to your joy, that the builders of destiny, allied to the plan of God, were not necessarily the highly cultured or the materially wealthy. For the most part they were souls who had gained sufficient strength to continue the warfare so that light within them might spread its warmth upon those around.

"History is full of incidents of the drastic training of the pioneers. It tells of the almost insurmountable tests, of the scorn of others and of betrayal by so-called friends. At the time it must have seemed to the sufferers that their lives had produced nothing constructive and that somehow or other they had made rather a muddle of things. Hoping to throw out a lifeline to others all they could see was the tangle, a danger to themselves and perchance a danger also to others.

"There are many pioneers today in exactly the same position. Following their ideals, they are willing to pay the price in pain in order to bring to birth in material conditions the light that should lighten the darkness for others. But they think that everything they are striving to accomplish seems to be under the domination of those out to wreck.

"A message of comfort and reassurance is sent out today for all the pioneers, to all men and women, willing to lay aside the things of the earth, who want to do something for God. Although they may not have put it in these words, they are Builders of the World's Destiny. In their way and according to their strength they do what they can.

"As you look upon the world with its various forms of persecution and the ferocity of certain sections over certain nationalities, you see the utter hopelessness of the position of the victims. There are many who cannot bear the thought that to these oppressed people it must seem that God is silent, that God has forgotten them. Yet I would remind you that always under such suffering there are the few who have the consciousness that God is with them. A realisation has been born in them that the wickedness of man is something separated for a span from Divine Law. They have the faith to believe that the time will surely come when they will understand why it was and how it was that protection did not come in answer to their fervent prayers.

"Did the saints and martyrs of other ages pass out of the physical life feeling that God had failed them? No! The vast majority, through their sufferings, because the veil between the two worlds became so thin, were able to feel in an amazing way the power of the Spirit and the Spirit Presences all around them. For this reason they were able to say: 'Not my Will be done, but Thine, Oh God'.

"Once again I remind you of Bethlehem. There came to mankind the sudden release from despair, from pain and the fear of being entrapped, there was rejoicing even for a short period of time, because a miracle had happened - that miracle was expressed by Love. The tiny Babe, so helpless, so utterly at the mercy of those in the body, brought such a sense of reassurance by the mere fact that life was there. The young mother and the foster-father had found room in their hearts for thankfulness. Yesterday, with all its anxieties and weariness and pain was closed in by the glory of today.

"I ask you to think about those humble hearted pioneers, those men and women, who had no explanation to offer for the reason that they had been chosen. Yet they were chosen to play such an important part, a part they but dimly understood in those early days. But they agreed that it was an important part for they had seen the Bright Ones and heard the Angel Voices. Did there not appear among them strangers come from afar to underline the importance of the happenings? It is good to visualise those scenes and wonder, if it had been you, what would you have felt like?

"I have always told you that these great times of joy and exultation are but a preparation for the next stage of the road. This road of experience that attracts many enemies, that leads perhaps to the Garden of Gethsemane and Calvary, before the resurrection morning can become an accomplished fact.

"Think of your own lives, of the stage that you have now reached and your influence upon others. How willing are you to be a good builder of the world's destiny? Some would say that they are not builders, only followers, carrying the bricks that another may place into position. They may believe that they have no opportunity either to design or to see that design become an accomplishment.

"But remember, that a designer and builder cannot put together any erection without their helpers. Willing helpers are needed to fetch and carry, bringing those tools they possess, so that the work might be completed. Those of you who are in a position of a carrier should feel that exhilaration as a partaker in the work. Until you are free of the physical body, you cannot see how far your part has contributed to the glorious whole. But God knows, for God alone has the power to read your heart and mind.

"We think of those who will shape tomorrow, the young lives and the preparations being made to protect the young lives. There is much talk about education, of planning and of securing a future for those who hold positions in the caring fields.

"Those who have the care of the body are seeking to overcome the tendency of disease. They seek to rectify that which has gone wrong through the selfishness of others, that the eye may be true and the limbs straightened and the blood pure. All this is good and entirely according to the Will of God. Those who plan and dream of a higher cultivation of the human mind, inspired by the desire to make this world a better place to live in will have their share of tribute, their share of honour.

"Yet there are misgivings and doubts about all this that need to be rooted out. Why are they there? Because those who are trying to frame the young minds lack the moral courage to declare that which is the most important of all - the moulding of the soul.

"The tendency of today is the desire not to offend, the longing to hold office and the fear of becoming unpopular. These are factors in great or little measure that sway such as these to the detriment not only of those today, but of the generations which are yet to be born.

"You cannot beat any individual into religion. You cannot force the mind of the child towards a sense of holiness by the reading of the word or by the dictation of the teacher. Youth today, is, for the most part intelligent. The youth today have a discerning which is mixed with bitterness and sarcasm. Tragically, these are so often the characteristics of the young.

"This is a wide subject and one that we dare not turn away from. Why is it that so many of the young sneer at religion? Why is it that those principles once safeguarded on the road of life seem to be hammered into the ground? The milestones of progression are missing. No longer were they pleasing to the eye. They were reminders of the things man had not done which he should have done, and the things which he had done that betrayed his better self.

"The world today, with all the horrors of war, is conspicuous as a sign of the straying of the young into the paths away from Christ. This illustrates the cultivation of the human mind and the starving soul. There is concentration upon the earthly future and the ignoring of that future which has to be faced when earthly things have passed away.

"Today, for millions of the young, how soon the earthly things have passed away. Maturity is far from them, young in impulse, young in experience, young in understanding, they have had to go to places they did not know. They had no one to guide them spiritually so far as earthly education was concerned, no one to bid them look out for certain landmarks or to reassure them. There was no one to part the veil between the darkness of the earthly life so that the glint of the glory of the Spirit Realms might comfort their broken hearts.

"There have been millions of the young who have passed to the higher life in utter despair, betrayed by man, betrayed by their education, strangers to God and to His law of Divine Mercy.

"After the transition, it takes time to close these wounds. It takes a far longer time to grapple with the thoughts and actions so deeply indented into the nature, that only by drastic training, sometimes by the breaking of the vessel in the one mould, could it be remoulded nearer to the spirit's desire. You are constantly being shown, through the media, the awful illustration of the moulding of the young without God, the crushing of the tender attributes and the stimulating of the passions of the body. Yet too soon, these things - for which they bartered so much - are gone, never to return in the same guise, gone beyond material desire. The boy passes into that other side of life a solitary soul, an ignorant soul, and has to go back to the Baby Christ and relearn with anguish the lessons that should have been put before him, and forget those put before him by his enemies, the false custodians of the young life upon the earth plane.

"The question of religion must be faced. For the young, the methods of today cannot be the same as yesterday. The life of the young has changed. Many parents and public opinion have made it hard for youth to come back to the Cross of Light. It is difficult for the young to hold up their little torches so that the light from the Christ may enkindle something of light within them. It is hard for the young because the older ones have often lost their way themselves. Certainly they have not guided the young feet into the pathway they should go.

"Sadness fills my being when I think of the wasted opportunities. For the young - if taken young enough - turn instinctively to beauty, to holiness, to kindness and sympathy and the sharing of that which they possess.

"The problem of training the lives of the young must be faced. There are many who realise it, but few have the courage to face and to hammer those facts into the consciousness of the parents, the guardians and the teachers of those in the nurseries of human life. There is one way and one way alone and this is by example.

"Speaking and reading have their part, but all the talk and all the books fail to achieve their object when personal example is missing. Yet, you are witnessing the wonderful response made by so many to the acts of sacrifice that are taking place so freely today. Daily you learn of the sudden transformation of ordinary people into heroes and heroines, into saints and martyrs for the love of their fellow man, if not for the love of God.

"You have, silhouetted against the darkness of these times, the only way to win the youth and to hold the youth. The child of today is not so sentimental as the child of yesterday. Their mentality has changed. The children of today are practical. They are harder in one sense and they are certainly more discriminating. There has been development in character and it can be used for a wonderful purpose if rightly understood, rightly handled in the Name of God.

"So I ask you, you who are the Builders of the World's Destiny, what are you going to do? How far forward are you in your thinking? What is more important still, how far are you prepared to go into your actions? You cannot escape your responsibility, either Here and Now or in the Hereafter. That responsibility must be grappled with and accepted. Is it not worth the suffering that may be involved? Is it not a wonderful privilege that it has been placed within your province to mould the lives of the young?

"There are some who say: 'I have no children'. I answer: 'You know not what you say'. There are no childless! There are many, many children in the Unseen, longing for the real type of parent and longing with an aching heart to be recognised as the children of that parent. For those who feel like orphans, then the great blame rests on those who are older who should have known, who should have guided, who should have moulded the young and saved them the untold anguish of taking the wrong road, for there was no one there to give them the right direction.

"Remember, freewill cannot be interfered with. The only way to teach is by example. Give the young something that represents a picture that becomes impressed upon their sensitive minds; something they cannot forget. That something is you, your life, your firmness, and your staunchness to the ideals that have been born within and are growing in strength as you feed them and as you seek to pass on that knowledge to others.

"At Christmas time, when holy influences come much closer to man than perhaps at any other season, surely there are those who will take up their responsibilities in regard to the young. In the olden days, the sternness and discipline were hard to bear, so unlike the image of the gentle Jesus and the kind understanding young mother. But the swing of the pendulum came and the child life was allowed to mould itself. What do these days express? That which was fundamental is the true example of the custodians of the young life.

"As we think of Christmas and the tiny child brought into the world for such marvellous work - when we think of the innocent Babe and we know the hard life that lay before Him - something of realisation is born within the pioneer that they must take the steep road, for the valley paths do not lead to the things which are of God, but only to the things which are of self.

"When you hear of pioneers and how badly they are treated by some, how much jealousy seems to line their way and how vindictiveness surpasses that which you regard as sanity, remember my words. Think of the path of the boy Jesus and how the Truth was caught up in the toils of falsehood, how the Witness of the Light was condemned to physical death by the witnesses of the darkness that was within them. As you think thus, as you review your own life with its lesser troubles, surely, the reassurance will come. No longer will your life seem a failure, no longer will it seem a muddle because of the things that have gone wrong. There is something shaping from the chaos of the troubles and obstacles, the worry and the anxiety. Never forget the early pages of the Holy Book: God took chaos and weaved a world and turned the darkness into light and so-called death into the eternal glory.

"All these parables are for your learning. They represent in miniature something of the history of your wonderful existence long, long before the earth plane came into use for the furtherance of the Plan. They represent too your task and when you think thus the sense of waste of the futility of the earth life passes. Something springs up within, exaltation and a new energy. In measure the real self has taken command and you are ready for the next test, ready for the next challenge and you have made your vows that whatever happens it shall be the Road of Action for you.

"Although you may not accept it, you are among the Builders of this World's Destiny. The thought of tomorrow - in spite of today with all its war and horror - cannot be ignored by you. You are playing an immediate part in the creation of the future world.

"Your part then is to be an interpreter of the Christmas message in the way that God intended. To play your part by example, to train the young, to have the courage to risk their disapproval for the sake of releasing the chains which are seeking to bind the soul of the individual concerned. Your part is to be strong in courage for them, for surely they must become the Builders of the World's Destiny for good or ill.

"I want you to try to realise the wonderful love that is built up around your own lives. You may say: 'I have had to give up love in so many forms that now I scarcely can make contact with Divine Love'. I understand! It is all a part of the road. The spiritual loneliness, the feeling that those in the Unseen are standing back or occupied with other things, and that even Christ is deaf to your complaints. All this is part of the road. But you are climbing. If there comes the temptation to rest, to gather together your physical resources, then remember that sometimes the physical resources are built up at the expense of spiritual power. There are many very concerned over their bodies that pay but little attention to the health of the soul.

"I want you to remember that God does not fail, not even if you fail Him. When your mind is full of reproaches with regard to the lack of appreciation, when sometimes you feel almost a sense of enmity for the Lord God of all, never forget that these thoughts of the physical mind make no impression at all upon Perfect Love. When your little child turns from you because pain holds her body, then your arms go out around her and you pray that your love may be strong enough to take the pain away, and soon the little estrangement passes and the understanding between child and mother, son and father, is deeper still.

"Sometimes you forget these things. The mind is so wearied; there are so many distractions. So I have been sent into your presence to remind you that there are no obstacles upon the earth plane of mind or body that can kill happiness like the sense of separation from God. Consequently, there are men and women carrying heavy crosses who are happy and who pass on that emblem of faith to others. They are right with God. They know that God has not sent their troubles, for they remember the Burden-Bearer, the One so well acquainted with grief. Although they may not have educated minds, their souls are educated and no one in the body will deceive them in this respect. In spirit they are saying: 'I know Whom I believe'.

"In your dark hours, in your hours of pain, hold fast to the thought of the Love of God and to His wonderful protecting care. He understands when you feel that you have come to the end of your physical resources. He is waiting for you to utilise the resources of the spirit, when the clouds will break and the sunshine of Divine Love will illumine the dark patches, and refreshed you will arise and go, if needs be, towards Jerusalem. For you will arise and remember the great Example - the One who went to Calvary and brought through Calvary the knowledge of the Resurrection, the annihilation of death in every form, and the arising of Immortal Life and imperishable Love - the Creator of all things.

"So, I bless you with all the joy in my heart. For I know there are many who desire to learn. Now and again, this voice and that may deceive them, but in their hearts they are true to Christ; and the Christ way is action, and the Christ way is example, and the Christ Love is the saving Grace of God.

"I bless you in the name of the Baby Christ, the One Who went to Calvary so that we should have life evermore. Peace be with you all."

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