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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"HEAVENLY Father, we thank Thee that once again this great privilege of communion with those who are in the Spirit is given to us; thank Thee that always Thou makest it possible, and that this gift comes so often when the need is greatest; and we, thus strengthened and steadied and renewed, can go on not only in faith but with a firmer will to accomplish the work which Thou hast laid upon us.

"O Heavenly Father, give us once more healing of the heart and mind and body; so that we can separate ourselves from the physical world, and find no barrier in between us and the joy which comes from Thee.

"Father, Thy children here tonight have much to learn - and much to forget as well - and so we ask Thee that Thou wilt make plain those things which seem so difficult, and blot out the remembrance of those which cause so much distress.

"In Thine own good time all will be made clear, and then those dark patches on the past and in the present will be seen in all their beauty and in their true colours; and Thy little ones will know that at that time they touched Holiness - so far as it is possible for the children of the earth to contact with it - they touched Holiness and were made free.

"O Tender Saviour, grant that the spirit of peace and assurance may descend upon us all, and that we may feel its sweet influence entering into our souls and turning that which now represents chill to warmth and life and love. Amen.

"Dear children, so happy am I to come amongst you, for I know that gathered here there are many earnest souls, those who love the Lord Jesus, those who desire to do His Will; and when I claim you as friends and comrades I feel that from the hearts and minds of many there is a swift response.

"There are those who know that the call has come to them - the call to do that which lies within their power to raise humanity as a whole, to lighten the burden of poverty, to stem the tears of the young, to show a good example to those who seem to be straying, and to praise God for the opportunity He has given unto them to demonstrate the Divinity that is within.

"Dear children, I want you to realise the link between you on earth and those in the Spirit World, who in a time of long ago had their difficulties, had their temptations, who knew what it was to strive against the opposition in the minds of others, who knew what it was to suffer persecution. Yet because of these experiences so these servants of the Christ come back with a greater love and a greater understanding to you this day.

"For a while I want to consider with you that sweet phrase: 'The Brotherhood of Man', and I would take you a little away from the general thought in connection with that phrase. You know that all Life is one under our Father and Mother God, that those in other worlds - some brighter than the earth and many which are dimmer than the physical condition - that the beings in those worlds or spheres are your brothers and your sisters, and you are linked to them by the closest tie of family there could be. Yes, you know this well; but I am here to take you a little further into the citadel of Truth, to point out that there lies within that glorious phrase - the Brotherhood of Man - privileges, opportunities and deep responsibilities, because each soul is on the long journey of progression, and each one of you gathered here has to answer in a time to come for that which you did, for that which you thought, for that which you neglected to undertake while bound by the flesh.

"Today in many parts of the world there is sorrow and poverty; there is the one in power and there are those many who are under the heel of authority. And when you take up your daily parchments and read of injustice, of those who are imposing their will upon the defenceless, something burns within you, for you know that they are sinning against the Law of God and Christ. And you know also, or it appears to you that it is a fact, that you can do nothing to stem the tide of injustice which engulfs so many of your fellow-beings.

"But here, dear children, you are wrong. You may seem tied to this corner of the globe, but you have in miniature the gift of omnipresence, and by will, by prayer, the spirit within you can gain its freedom and soar through the spaces and contact with the ones attacked, and give peace and a measure of healing as well.

"Then, again, there have been men and women - children of God - who have repudiated their great inheritance and have passed out after leading a life which is against that laid down by the Beloved of us all; and you know, because you have been taught, that that brother and that sister have passed into a darkened condition, and their sufferings are great. Again it seems unto you that you can do so little; you know that what a man sows he must reap, and you wonder how long they will be held in bondage by the follies of the past. But I remind you that because there is Divinity within you, you can be a missionary to those in prison. While sleep holds you, the real self can be extricated from the tabernacle of flesh and go to such as these.

"Perchance they want you not, perchance there are those in their conditions who are more welcome than yourselves because you have come to teach and to extricate from that which holds. But be of good cheer; you are greater than you can understand, you are stronger than you can grasp. God has promised that to the earnest heart and mind shall be granted the spirit's desire, and because of your ministrations, those ones in bondage shall see a little light which shall be as the Star of Bethlehem shining in the darkness of their spiritual night, and they shall arise and seek the new-born child of spiritual endeavour, and seek until that child is found.

"So great is man, yet so limited it seems to him is his life; but the Brotherhood Law holds good. You cannot be separated from anyone in any sphere if the spirit of sacrifice and service once has been made your own.

"Now I pass on to a broader issue and I want to speak just for a moment or two upon the plight of many today, upon the economic conditions, the cause and the effect. You know that in a time that has passed, because of the ambition which held the few, there were many who suffered, there were many who died to this world; but I remind you that God is not mocked. They died to the battlefield or to that trench of misery and of pain, and they awakened to find a fuller life and something that held out hope to them.

"But those who were responsible for that terrible war, their passing was not so sweet as that of the broken soldier upon the field of blood. Such as these, by the selfishness and ambition which held their minds, passed out of a seemingly pleasant state into a condition that baffled their minds, into something which caused fear to their hearts. They had to face reality at last; they were taken back over the record of the past and they saw that long stream of agony that followed the trail of war; they looked into the little homes where love abounded and they saw the aching hearts, the misery caused to the fatherless; they saw the wives broken down by the unfair burden imposed upon them; and as they looked upon the record, they were terror-stricken over that in which they had taken part. The Brotherhood of Man had been disregarded by them and the reaping was bitter indeed.

"What can you do? Here I bring in that great subject of the survival of personality after death. Yes, there are many who think this fact is a glorious truth; but I want to show you that although it has its glorious aspect, it has its terrible aspect as well. What of the selfish ones, what of the worldly-minded, what of those who care not whether their brethren fall into spiritual bondage because there is nothing of the material to hold them fast to the Cross of Jesus Christ? Why do I say 'naught of the material to hold them fast to the Cross of Jesus Christ'? Because the guides and helpers at times must work through the material to impress upon those in a body of flesh that God is love.

"What think you of the Father's feelings as He sends His watchers to influence the minds of His children on earth towards compassion and charity, and yet He sees that again and again they harden their hearts, they want what they have for themselves? How many an angel of Light has suffered because of the attitude of mind of those who are encased in material thought, and because of this those so hard beset seek for mercy here and there and find no response. The Cross of Jesus Christ seems to be clouded over and from the misunderstanding within they upbraid their Creator, they want to curse God and die.

"Yet we are here with the light of the Spirit shining upon us, we are here not only to teach others but to learn ourselves; and as we think on the survival of personality, we grow suddenly grave. If it be true that all those who pass into another life will be the same, will they still ignore their duty to their neighbour, will they still be greedy, will they still desire to pander to the baser desires within? The survival of personality is a grave and terrible thought to express to those who turn from the law of Christ.

"You do not want to be with those who are so obsessed by self, so you think while the body holds; you want to be with those you love, who have a kind and sweet and generous nature. This instinct is natural; but, dear children, it is scarcely spiritual, as you can grasp. The Brotherhood of Man ordains that we should desire otherwise; that if we have won a little of spiritual grace for ourselves, then if we would retain that spiritual grace, we must do our best to serve our neighbour, otherwise we are more bound to self than we were in a time before.

"So, as we think on spiritual lines, we see the mercy of Divine Laws - that the humble-hearted who did their duty and were loved by those around, will be still more loveable by the survival of personality in the next stage to come.

"Then we remember those from whom we shrank - the bullies, the ones who loved power, the ones who could stand unmoved over the sufferings of others, and we shudder. Will the personality of such as these survive as well? Yes! But that is where you come in; that is where the pioneers and those with the disciple-spirit are needed so greatly to do God's work. You are free in a measure yourselves. When the time comes for you to pass into the Light, maybe the spirit within you will decide that you go back to the one who did you so much injury in the past, and give love for hate, give service for treachery. When the body is cast aside and we look into the eyes of Jesus Christ, all our personal feelings of hurt fall from us - it seems such a little burden we carried for love of Him, and we look around for heavier burdens to take up as symbol and sign that we do love the One Who loves us best.

"How plain it is; and how sweet it must be for those who lived a limited life when in the body, yet who wanted to do so much; how sweet it must be when such as these pass into the realms of Light to find that quite unconsciously to themselves they were doing a wonderful work for God. They were compassionate to their brother-man, they ministered to their sisters not only in the dark planes, but by the missionary spirit released within, the real self during the sleep state was able to defy time and space; and perchance in some far corner of the world they were able to stem the tears or to heal the pain of some poor child who had never heard of a God of Love, who did not know that life went on for evermore and that compensation in full would be granted unto her because of what she had suffered while the body held.

"Oh think! Is it not worth while to strive still a little harder, to pray still more fervently, to ask to be used still more frequently so that the Master's work of saving souls and of lifting the fallen may go on apace? Yes! And there are those here who shall indeed redouble their efforts, there are those here who shall be inspired by the Holy Spirit and they shall demonstrate to those around that the Brotherhood of Man is not a mere empty phrase, it is a living reality, it is something that represents the most precious gift that any life could hold.

"And then when that personality of yours, freed from any dross that still remains, is able to express itself in that next stage of beauty and light and peace and healing in which you may find yourselves, it will seem unto you that your personality, although sweet to those around, can yet be sweeter; that the light that you have won by your efforts in the past can be enhanced; for lo, there are the angelic ones who draw close to you and when you see their light and spiritual beauty, your own seem suddenly to have become dim. Yet you know, because God is your Father, that you must in time be even as bright as they are, and hope springs up within your breast as you pray to God and joyfully seek for work to do. There is nothing too small, nothing too humble, nothing so repulsive that you do not welcome, for you have seen something of the working out of the law that governs the Brotherhood of Man, and you are ready to make the full surrender for the sake of Jesus Christ and the bringing of His Kingdom into all spheres.

"The time will come, through the tribulations upon the earth plane, when the chains of materialism shall be struck from man, when his selfishness shall be seen by him as selfishness; and in that time those who have, will want to give and not to hold; and those who are without will have their chance to win the right to the little to which they are entitled and which God means shall be their own.

"But you cannot bring about great things in a second of time. Every hill has been built up by minute particles. Those who love to climb the hills and to feel upon them the sweet breezes, they do not always stop to think of the building of the hill, of the particles that comprise the hill, of the life that is going on within the hill - God's creation in another form. But when you think on these big truths, consciousness comes to you that at least you can contribute your fragment; and if that idea should spread, if humanity as a whole should awaken to its responsibility to contribute the particles within its power, then we should have a mighty mountain, up which all humanity could climb and feel the power of the Holy Spirit streaming upon it.

"Poverty brings out oft that which is good; but, again, poverty caused by the selfishness of others has a way of depressing and casting down. But you and I, dear children, we know what lies in front, we know that there is no one who has fallen so far from Light and Love who will not be redeemed by Love in time to come. So we make our contributions of love, of prayer and of effort, and as we go through that which we name our possessions, we see that God has been generous to us. We may not have that which we hoped to possess, but we have something that is better than anything we could desire for ourselves: we have within us the Holy Spirit, we have that which is the Christ waiting for Its release. Power, grace, manifold gifts are within the individual soul, and with these tools, these mighty possessions, we can build for God and build in such a way that we never have to destroy that which we have set into being.

"So, dear children, ere I take my leave, I want, as it were, to weave all your lives together into one sweet tapestry of effort, and I would that each thread should represent the colour ordained by God. There are the golden lines and the silver, there are the blues and those deep purples which denote the effort given out, and when the threads are weaved together, you can be sure, because of the effort put in, that that tapestry shall be used as a carpet over which spiritual beggars shall pass, even as over a bridge, into the realms of Light.

"Peace comes to the struggler, hope to the one with faith, joy to the servant of Christ. These great gifts, dear children, can be your own. Therefore, as I take my leave, I would send over each and every one the Grace of God and the sunshine of the Holy Spirit - healing, if God wills, for the body; healing for certain for the soul if you desire it. By the healing of the soul in time the body can be ignored, and the next body that you will don shall be strong and charged with vitality because the Father has looked upon it and has given that which belongs to Himself.

"Dear children, be up and doing! Have no fear over that which may threaten this little planet, remembering ever that if you are linked to Christ, naught can harm, naught can disturb. By the Brotherhood of Man you can rise superior to everything that life can hold, for forget not that you are brother to the angels as well as to those who seem to have lost every vestige of their Divinity. Linked to God we pursue the upward way, linked to the Master Who suffered so much we can rise above the sufferings of the earth, linked to the Holy Spirit we can demonstrate that Spirit is stronger than anything of the earth or of any other sphere; and when the trinity of gifts is expressed in God-like language, then we realise what it means to be one family under our Father and Mother God.

"I bless the workers, I bless those who desire to do so much, and I remind them once again as to the survival of personality after physical death. How glorious it will be when your true personality is revealed in the spheres of Light, to feel and to know that with the tools at hand you did your best.

"Farewell! In God's good time indeed we shall meet again. God continues that which He has begun so faithfully and as an expression of His Love for us all. Farewell!"

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