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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 24th August, 1924.

"My children, tonight we are going to talk a little about a very great subject; and that is, what is termed in your world: 'Brotherhood' - that great fraternity which is used, or was meant to be used, as a protecting cloak for all times of trouble, of stress, or of common danger.

"I want you to consider with me tonight one or two features of that same brotherhood. In your world, you must admit that very few have been able to reach more than a proportion of the ideal which they set out to be their aim and purpose. I do not want you to think that I am criticising these efforts, but if you look at the use, or misuse, of that word 'brotherhood', you will find that even with the most idealistic, its borders are narrow and that it has serious limitations - the most serious, to us, being that it confines itself to a certain section, and does not admit the rank and file into a share of the benefits reserved for the few.

"All those attempts to form unions or societies for the protection of this or that, or for the development of action - in the way of well organised thought - all these movements have a very great value and, naturally, according to the effort put into them, so will the members rejoice, hereafter, that they heard the call - from whatever direction it might have come.

"Tonight, however, I want to lead you on from the earth point of view to the spiritual. I want you to realise that this banding together, this concentrated effort, is symbolical of what is going on, on our side, in a gigantic way. But there is this great difference: Over here, people of similar sympathies naturally congregate together, just as they do upon earth. At the same time, they are not so conservative as you are - they have not got that clannish feeling which so often, with the children of the earth, makes great barriers. Indeed, these barriers are so definite that they have the effect of estranging one from the other, and making those who were fast friends, enemies - in a permanent sense, which they will bitterly regret once they come here and see things as they are...

"You see, my children, all these unions and societies are but outward forms of that great, deeply-embedded instinct of brotherhood - in which, of course, I include sisterhood as well, but 'brotherhood' is the generally accepted term...

"I want you, if you can, to imagine the difference between the spiritual and the mental aspects of those banded together in great movements for the betterment of humanity. I want you to consider the different methods adopted by those in the Spirit World and those who - when they were upon earth - did much in that way to strengthen the ties of sympathy, not only between individuals, but very often between peoples and nations as well.

"The first thing that such a one has to learn on this side, is to get rid of his exclusiveness - to work out of his mind that feeling, either of criticism or of alienation, which he experienced towards those who differed from him entirely, or to the extent that they refused to join that which was so near to his own heart.

"Yes, dear children, when you get spiritual sight you realise how these differences crop up. You see at once that it is not always obstinacy or blindness - deliberate blindness - as the physical mind imagines so often; that in the composition of this one or that, there are such fundamental differences of character that it is almost impossible for them to see eye to eye even with the friend they once prized so much.

"Mind, in defending the outsider, I am not blaming the one who strives so hard to convince, but I say that when both outsider and insider meet in the Realms of the Spirit they will - if they have the love of God in their hearts in any degree - they will be the first to laugh at their own points of view, and then to hasten on the linking up of that which will make the once defective sympathy perfect and complete, as God intended...

"You see, dear children, you must have a very wide, open mind in regard to everything because, consciously or unconsciously, you belong to the great Brotherhood of Humanity - not to a sect, a belief, a race, or a creed. These divisions fall to the ground when you see things as they are, for whether you recognise it or not, you all belong to the great brotherhood under Christ; and whatever their belief, whatever their opinions may have been or will be in the days to come, you are brother to man and man is brother to you.

"My children, I did refer to the formation of such movements on This Side, and I do not want you to get a false impression in regard to this. We are just as systematic and as business-like as you are upon earth, but it is not necessary to draw up forms of membership or long lists of rules. Indeed such things would embarrass us more than you can imagine. No, thought and individuality wipe out for all time those 'materialisations' of thought and being which are necessary when the real self is hidden - or only partly revealed - by the body.

"That, perhaps, is a little difficult for you to understand, but I want you to get it clearly in your minds that although we have an uncountable host of such movements - I use the earth expression - on This Side, yet they differ so enormously that it is impossible to parallel them with what you have upon earth.

"You see, dear children, human nature does not change, and more than that, in some respects those qualities which were possessed during the earth's experience are enormously stronger when they are allowed to have full development, unrestricted by the limitations of the physical mind. Therefore a man who did good - or wished to do good - while upon earth, immediately he finds his feet, as it were, over here, concentrates not only on doing the same good but, having spiritual sight, on getting nearer - much nearer - the ideal than was possible when he was in the body.

"I tell you this in order to build up in your minds some faint conception of the power there is in you all - the power not only to do while you are in your present environment, but also the hidden resources which are stored up in man's soul, and which can, almost instantly, be put into action in a way hitherto undreamt of - even by the most advanced - before they come here and see what lies behind creative thought.

"Now, my children, this does not apply simply and solely to those religious or social movements which were born in the minds of men and women during their physical experience - it applies also to those which were more on a destructive than constructive side. And here, I want you to consider how wonderfully God's will is worked out, because those who were out to pull down - inspired, no doubt, by the very best motives there could be - but those whose tendency was to strike at the work of others, they see when they come here, what true brotherhood can mean. It is rather a shock - I am not referring to any one sect or another - but it comes as rather a shock to all...

"Unfortunately, in the world, there has always been that criticism of another's methods which has led to strife - strife and persecution too - as you know well without my referring more directly to it... You see, dear children, spiritual sight is not reserved for one here and there. To all who have wished, anyhow, to do something that mattered - to add, even in a misguided way, something to the building up of that greater self within - all these, when they come here, if they have any wish to learn, are given that most precious gift of spiritual sight.

"And then, as I have said, sometimes they laugh at their own foolishness - and sometimes they sorrow instead. But the result is always the same - to bring about, with as little delay as possible, that readjustment of ideas, throwing away the chaff, and gathering up the treasure of the good grain, knowing that even in their blindness, very often, they were able to construct something - something which belonged to Christ.

"I want you, in thinking over this great subject of brotherhood, to remember always that - whether you like it or not, whether you are willing to accept my dictum or not - that you are now and forever a member of the great Brotherhood of Humanity, and you cannot sever that tie however much you may wish to do so, or however much it goes against the grain.

"You see, dear children, in saying this, I am not destroying your hopes of harmony in the World of the Spirit - indeed I am showing you the only way in which it can be maintained. The discord upon earth, the wrangling, the hatred, the real deep-seated enmity - even between those who should know better - all this has a disastrous effect on those beautiful vibrations of peace which are brought down into your midst - into the midst of mankind - in a way impossible for you to imagine.

"I want you to think of this over and over again. People exclaim at the unrest there is in the world today... My children, ever since the world started, they have said the same thing, and it has been true in a way that would make us sorrowful if we did not see that out of the strife and the discord there were those who were strong enough to raise themselves above it and to find God in spite of all.

"My children, I said that peace was brought into your midst, and I would like you to take this thought and make it your own, if you can: Picture to yourself - for you must have a physical illustration – peace as a beautiful cloud of gold and pink and blue... I smile when I use the names of your colours because they are such a crude expression of what I am trying to convey... But, anyhow, picture to yourself peace, beautiful beyond anything that can be imagined by the physical mind; and this beauty being, as it were, sent down from the bright spheres - not now and again when a war is on or when disease has humanity in its grip - but always; every day, every hour, every minute - this wonderful, beneficent peace comes from God Himself - in an unlimited way and unceasingly, and will until man finds his peace in Christ at last...

"Well, dear children, it must seem to you sometimes, that it has very little effect upon the minds and hearts of those who are responsible for the running of the world. Yet, I would have you pause awhile. Is it not so that many discords, many divergencies of opinion, are healed over and over again; that agreements are come to in spite of the most bitter opposition which held the ground in the first instance? Is it not true that even in wars, the longing for peace comes to both sides at last? And, were it not for this wonderful gift from the Most High, I could not say the same.

"So you see, little ones, that, perhaps, you have overlooked that evil has not the world in its grip, as might appear at first glance. For is it not so that quarrels of all kinds are smoothed out, that anger dies down, that bitterness loses its sting? Why, yes, you see it on all sides, not only in your great world - or such it seems to you - but in the centre of family life, even amongst the children there is the desire to kiss and be friends.

"Oh, my children, I do want you to see in these little earth signs, the first tiny seeds of preparation for what is - and must be - in the Realms of the Spirit where harmony is in command. You all love the sound of 'harmony' because it represents, so often, that which you are without, or which has come to you in such a pathetically limited way that hardly have you grasped it when other forces have snatched it from you.

"Therefore, by its very elusiveness, it has grown doubly precious to you. And I want you, if you can, to try and build up in your minds the impression that although harmony may escape you now, yet, by the fact that you love harmony, you are bringing it into your conditions in a way absolutely unthought-of. And those conditions, as you know, will provide your environment hereafter, and that which was absent during part of the physical stage shall be your own possession in all its loveliness and power when the body is laid aside.

"I want you to feel that though people in your world are rather limited in their sympathies and in their understanding, yet over here those differences will be laid aside - that both you and they will realise that all the time you were linked together - linked together as children of Christ. And because of this most sacred tie, you, in turn, will do your part to build up something of that spirit of brotherhood, which would turn this sad old world of yours into a haven of love and peace.

"It can't be done, of course - but still, even the wish that it might be possible, helps a little towards the ideal. And because strife and discord and disagreements seem almost terribly prominent now, it does not free you, and it does not free them from that responsibility - which I emphasise with all the power I can - that of linking up of one life with the other, and the banding together of all under the great Fatherhood of God."

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