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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
on July 6th, 1947, at the Co-operative Hall, Ardwick, Manchester, under the auspices of St. Stephen's C.S. Church, 2a Lostock Road, Davyhulme

(Printed in the Greater World newspaper in 1947)

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Dear children, as a humble servant of the Master I come to pass on the message entrusted to me. There is today a tendency to take the course of least resistance, to forget God and Divine Law. So you find there is trouble on either side; there are those seeking to grapple with difficult economic conditions, and there are the great masses who scarcely know what they want.

"Therefore, should we not think: 'How Can We Bring Help To A Troubled World'?

"In the first place, you have to take into consideration material and spiritual power. You also have to ponder upon the great fact of competition, not only competition upon this material plane, but to consider the kind of competition there is in the next stage of being, in the spheres, in those bright worlds where man has a body of light, and the flesh has long since been forgotten.

"I would remind you that because we are disembodied souls it does not mean that we have lost touch with conditions upon the earth plane, with the human need, with the longings of the heart and mind, with all the difficulties and trials. If this were so, we could not do the Master's work, and if we came to you, we should speak in a language that would seem like a foreign tongue.

"So I address you on very practical and logical lines. I should like to argue with the mind of the body and try to instil within you a true sense of proportion, and a higher conception of Divine Justice; for if you look at the earth today merely with physical eyes, it seems that everything has gone awry. Many who do not deserve it, have gained the best positions, while those who are the real toilers have to meet difficulties on either side.

"Sometimes you ask: 'Why does God not interfere? It is His world, we are His children. Why is it that wars occur, that diseases ravish the earth? Why is it when food is wanted so badly, there is a bad harvest?' And all these things trouble those who want to keep their faith in God, who want to love and serve Him.

"So we are sent back to grapple with the thoughts of the physical mind, and to try to show you that the vicissitudes of daily life could not come from God - a God of love, of health and of joy. Still the question comes: 'God is All-Power; why does He not intervene and force the selfish to do the right thing, or to see that punishment falls upon them?'

"The answer is clear. When man was created, God gave him the gift of free-will. You cannot imagine God giving a promise and then going back upon it. So over the generations man had to have his own way; and for a time his laws have superseded spiritual laws, his definition of power has appeared more favourable to him than the real Power as expressed in the higher realms.

"Thus today you have an unequal division of power; you have economic distress, and you have people who have amassed great possessions. On earth, great possessions bring great power, and as you know, that has not always been gained by legitimate means. Many have sold themselves for a mess of pottage, they have followed mammon and have despised the treasures of the Spirit that never pass away.

"As we think of life on earth, it is no use merely to regret, it is no use blaming past generations, although the responsibility upon them is great, and they are paying the price now for that which they failed to do towards their neighbour and the generations yet to be born. It is no use wasting time on regret; the urge is to be up and doing, to face life squarely, to put aside fear and apprehension over the future, and to consider calmly what is possible to be done now to retrieve that which has gone wrong.

"Then I bring in the question of 'Competition'. On earth, there is a fierce competition between mankind for security. There are many kinds of security; there are those who are content merely to secure their little home and the ones within it whom they love; there are others who want to secure great businesses; and there are others who want to do what they can to secure some kind of protection for humanity as a whole.

"Yes, there are those who are doing their uttermost to stem, or to retrieve the results of the follies of the past, of the forebears who squandered the strength of the physical body to satisfy the appetites. There are many doing everything in their power to give sight to the blind, strength to the twisted limbs, to find some sort of cure for the mentally afflicted, for those dreadful complaints which arise in so many cases from the abuse of the body in the past. It is the sowing and the reaping.

"Naturally your thoughts follow this line, and you are asking why the innocent should suffer for the guilty. Millions have asked this question, and there have been few to give the right answer.

"God does not interfere with free-will, but do not believe that those who sin against themselves and others, escape punishment. It may be held over for the physical state but, if so, it is still more severe in the life to come.

"Think of the little children born into the physical world who cannot hear the songs of the birds, who cannot see the beauty of the flowers, who can never run and never play. What of those waifs and strays? It means that for a little while they are prison-bound; but when the casket of flesh is cast aside, because of all they endured through the fault of others, their strength, their sight, their hearing will be far above the average possessed by the children of God who enjoy those gifts while the body of flesh holds them for the earth experience.

"So let us think of: 'Competition'. You are up against this day by day. There are the big tests and the little tests; there are those in the wide field of toil who want to get ahead of their neighbour, and sometimes they do not choose the right methods. But there are some who do get ahead of their neighbour by hard work, by giving of their best to the task at hand, by regarding their energies as something in trust, something for which they have to render an account in time to come.

"Then there is competition among communities, in the churches and in the temples. There are those who want to be first, but are they willing always to climb up those painful steps of experience; do they not want to push others aside sometimes and to get there because ambition holds their being? And the same thing applies to the home. The spirit of competition sometimes is shown there in a grievous way between parents for the love of the children, between the children to secure the best toys or the best place or the best kind of food.

"I ask you to think upon these lines because they indicate what is happening in the world at large, why it is today that the peace seems to have failed; why there is turmoil and strife, why there is such a deep distrust between man and man, why the sense of security seems like shifting sands and people are growing afraid.

"When you pass out of the flesh you will find a far fiercer competition than you can imagine upon the earth plane; and this brings us to material and spiritual talents, it brings us back to fundamentals, to the things that matter to you individually, irrespective of your environment, of your conditions, of your health, of your poverty or your riches.

"It is so hard for those in the flesh to believe in these changed conditions after death, but it is a fact. Then everyone stands in an equal position; but the grading is entirely according to the record of the past. There are so many in the dark planes fighting among themselves with a ferocity far greater and more deadly than anything you could imagine upon the earth plane. What are they fighting for? The old habits of thought still remain; they want power, they want authority, they want others to obey them; but they find to their horror that there are many in those conditions who have exactly the same ideas as their own, and the warfare never ceases.

"Then we raise our thoughts from that which is so gruesome, and we think of competition in the right way - competition to gain power, to gain authority, yes, to be named a leader. You will find in the Spirit World an intensity over competition which is amazing; but the position is entirely reversed from that upon the earth plane or in the dark regions. There, there is the competition to learn.

"Think of all those dear boys of yours who gave up all at the call of duty (this Address was given in 1947). Why is it that they are so anxious to learn in the World of Spirit? Because their common sense has shown them that until they have learnt, they cannot be a power-holder, and until they are a power-holder, they cannot bring into being what they desire.

"There are many among them who are freed souls - freed from self; and the one thing they desire above anything else is to come back and help this troubled world. So they work far harder than would be possible while restricted by the flesh, and they vie with each other to make their own the spiritual facts that govern the laws of God's Land.

"But again we have that marvellous change: What they learn they want to pass on to others. They find that they are surrounded by miracles, and the longing springs up within them to understand the secrets whereby these miracles are a positive fact. And there are many to teach them, and directly they have made their own the salient facts, then others cluster around them, and it is their joy to pass on the information they have won.

"When they have a 'grand idea', they do not hide it from their fellows, afraid that another may get ahead of them and make use of that idea. They know that great ideas need a lot of power to bring them into being and to make them useful, both in the World of Spirit and upon the earth plane. So you find groups of young people gathered together, discussing the why and the wherefore and the practicality of their ideas, and how they can be worked out along lines which will last.

"Here we have a very important point. On earth you see manifestations of the creative thought of man; sometimes the things are beautiful and useful, and many bless them for their thought; at other times they are merely luxuries, and they please the few; and still again, as you look upon your large buildings and those great churches and cathedrals which you would have thought would have withstood any storm, you are dismayed by the ruins that are there. After all the effort and the toil, all the material treasure, they have gone by the will of man.

"So you see, this question of Security concerns you vitally, both here and still more hereafter. You have no sense of security today. Thieves break in and steal; the happiness that seemed so promising has gone as the dew of the earth vanishes upon the sweet flowers of life. So as you grow older you grow more cautious; you bring down your ideas, you are tired of disappointment, you do not want again those deep heartaches which came when you saw the hopes upon which you lavished so much, lie in the dust upon the ground.

"So, as you mature, you become more practical; but I want to remind you that every idea you have had for the betterment of the world, can never die. It is not at the mercy of others, there is no force in any condition that can destroy good. Perhaps the conditions of the earth world were too crude to bring it to birth, but there are many other worlds bright with the glory of God; and if you hoped to do something worthwhile and circumstances intervened, let not trouble hold your heart; in the tomorrow you shall find your castle in the air with a substance of the Spirit, that shall defy the powers of darkness for evermore.

"I understand your troubles, your worries and your anxieties, and I beg you to try and get things in a truer sense of proportion. Do not allow your heart to be broken over the things of this material world; they are not worth it. Rather, take the trials and the tests simply as stepping-stones out of the dimness into the Light that never fades, out of misunderstanding into understanding of Divine Law - which transcends physical and material law, and which guides your life from your creation in the far, far past, and guides it throughout all time to be.

"Help for a troubled world. You, whatever your earthly lives, can gain the power to help; but not by earthly methods, not by snatching, not by overlooking the needs of others. No, but by reviewing your own life with a calm faith, and seeing in the disadvantages of the earth the advantages of the Spirit. Sweet are the uses of adversity for those who suffer; but bitter the harvest for those who have betrayed their trust.

"You cannot accept as your leader the one who preaches merely and does not put his preaching into practice in his own life. Men and women who have power, should forgo the material things of physical life, if they want to gain that spiritual power which shall influence the masses, shall turn the tide of trouble, shall bring back security for each and every one, and protect the inheritance of the yet unborn.

"I ask you to ponder upon my words. Help for this troubled world could come tomorrow, if only there were the right instruments to be used, if only those who have the fate and the destinies of the nations in their own hands would be true to their trust, if only they would set the example of personal sacrifice and allow the things of this world to pass them by.

"I come to speak to the masses, to the rank and file, to the men and women who, whether they will or no, have to struggle and struggle on. Many are beset by the pains of the body, many dread tomorrow, still more fear old age and unemployment.

"For you, dear children, there comes a message of peace and reassurance. You are in the world, but you can overcome your world; you have it within your power, as a son or daughter of the Most High, to show how Spirit can triumph over the body.

"And remember that there is a spiritual manna which can feed the faithful, there is a spiritual strength that can bring endurance to those racked by the pains of the flesh. You have seen it in others, and many of you have proved it in yourselves; and if only the thousands and the millions could make this truth their own, they would realise that life in its real sense is not having, it is sharing - it is trying to better the conditions of others; it is pouring out upon the outcast the love and the sympathy of which they stand so greatly in need; it is bearing in mind the horrors of old age and homelessness.

"I ask you always to remember that God has to work through the human agency. If there are those suffering around you, and you close your heart and mind to their appeal, then it seems that God has failed the one who needs the help so badly.

"This is the operation of the law of free-will for man, and its responsibility is deeper and wider than the human mind can grasp. And yet there are so many, in spite of hard lives, casting out upon the conditions the blossoms of the Spirit. They may have little of the material, but they have abundant Grace, and those who know them recognise that the spirit is stronger than the flesh, and there are many who bless their name.

"I come amongst you with joy and understanding in my heart. Your lives are as an open book to me; I know the struggles and I know the temptations. Be not afraid of temptation, it is a sign of growth; but failing to resist temptation is a sign of lack of growth.

"You have the chance to show to each and every one that you are master of your own destiny, arbiter of your own soul. I beg you with all the force of my being to recognise this fact, because then when you pass hence, however restricted your life may have been, however limited its opportunity, you will have the joy of seeing that you brought help to a troubled world, and all around you will be your weapons of power. You have paid the price in suffering and you have gained security for evermore.

"So in the Name of the Master I bless you all, and I plead with you not to listen to the reasoning of the earth. It is false; it pays tribute to those who have 'got on', and so often forgets the ones who have been the victims in the highways and hedges.

"Let your leaders have the strength of will to set the example by living lives of self-denial and sacrifice, despising big houses and the comfort of the body. Let them example in little measure the life of the suffering Christ who gave and held not back. He is the Light of the world, He is the Health of the world. Without putting into practice, in a measure, that which He did, the world will go into deeper woes still, and the grand opportunity for progression will be lost, until man arises from his bed of desire and seeks to do his duty by his neighbour and his Lord.

"I bless all those who have gathered here. I know that some of you have been disappointed over your efforts, but do not allow the aspect of the earth plane to deter you; that which you hoped to do, that which you wanted to do, is preserved in God's Wide World of Beauty; and day by day, by taking up the task, by refusing to be disheartened, each and every one can bring help to a troubled world, and security for the generations yet to come.

"I bless you all, and under the Light that shines from the One who loves you best, I leave you in His keeping. But when sleep holds you this night, many of us will meet again, and the bonds shall be strengthened, and the work shall go on. Peace be with you. Farewell."

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