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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 15th May, 1927.

"O Saviour Christ, the Beloved of our hearts, draw close to us and give us Thy blessing direct. Teach us that we can come to Thee and can call to Thee, and that Thou art waiting to listen to our petitions. Oh grant that the physical mind with its limitations, with its many forbiddings, may be put aside and that we may contact in Spirit with Thy Love...

"Father, we know so little and yet we sense so much. Teach us how to cross the threshold of things felt by the mind of the body, and to penetrate into those things which remain for ever.

"We re-dedicate ourselves to Thy holy work; we re-dedicate all that we are - our powers, our gifts, even our bodies, to this sacred work, and we ask Thee out of Thy Love, to take, to use, to direct, and to open the future to us. Father, we thank Thee for Thy unfailing understanding of human needs. Amen...

"...My little children, all so dear to me, I gather you once more into my love, and I put on record again that it is the Father's will that we should be linked together by love and sympathy and mutual aims. It is Christ's will that we should join forces and make ourselves as a unit, in order to forward this most sacred work. You are called together, so it seems, by the desire that is within. I go further than that, I say you meet this night under God's direction, passed on to you by the power of the Holy Spirit.

"You are indeed pilgrims on a journey which shall take you into the Light which never fades; you are indeed travellers, and though your eyes and your hearts are fixed on the glorious future, yet the missionary spirit within directs you to look out for this one and that; not to keep your eyes so high that the little ones upon the earth escape your observation - those who have stumbled by the way, those who have found the pace too fast, who have wandered from the open road into the shade of the wood, those who, as yet, have not heard the call and know not what the spirit within demands from them - your eyes, fixed on the bright star of Hope, must not overlook such as these.

"You cannot travel alone, for if you are self-centred, if your mind is focussed on preserving the Divine within, unconscious of the crying needs of those on either side, if, my children, spiritual pride holds you, then indeed the journey to God is hindered in the measure that you are concerned for your own salvation apart from the salvation of others.

"This cannot be emphasised too much or too often. You are one great family under your Father and Mother God, and Christ seeks for the lost sheep and seeks until it is found. Therefore, you have your direction, for the Great Example is for ever before your eyes; you cannot turn from it and still name yourselves Christians.

"So, dear children, while I speak to you as a point of concentration, so once more I gather in those who misunderstood the purpose and the plan of life when upon the earth plane; I draw in those who thought they followed the One True God, yet overlooked their duty to their neighbour; I call in those who rejected God and the power of the Holy Spirit, and I say to them: Open your hearts and minds. Tonight, once more, the gift of Christ and all it means is yours to take and make your own.

"Missionaries we must be, yet, dear children, I pause not on this, but, as it is God's will, we proceed on that which you name so lovingly my 'instruction'. Oh, remember this: That I cannot give you one word without first receiving that instruction from the Great Master of all knowledge. An instrument I am, even as the child I use is an instrument in turn, even as you individually are instruments of your Creator, of the Thinker-out of Life in its universal, unlimited form. Keep that point ever before you; without the power of the Holy Spirit I am dumb, I am helpless in your midst...

"Tonight, my little ones, I would speak to you on that which I name: 'The Borders of Consciousness'.

"And I deal in part - only in a small part - with that which one day you shall understand in great part. Understand in its whole - that is impossible, for consciousness, Spirit-consciousness, is centred in God; and though the Father holds out all that He has and all that He is to us, we are His children and we must proceed with slowness; and even when that great link of unity and aim and purpose is fulfilled, still the Father is the Father and we are His children, His creation.

"My little ones, Spirit-consciousness opens not only a wide field of knowledge to those upon the earth plane, but it opens a wider field when the body is no more; and as you progress - throwing off your bondage, becoming a little more and a little more like the being which God created in the first instance - you will find not that you near the end, or the seeming end, of this 'consciousness', but indeed that a broader continent, a greater area of wisdom, still lies before you.

"This is the glorious Truth. Man, in the earth stage, is oft wearied by the knowledge which is his own. He finds that, in some respects, he can absorb everything which is discovered, unfolded, at that date, and once he has made that his possession it loses its value, and perforce he seeks for something bigger, something beyond his reach.

"This may relate to the knowledge of the world, but it is a physical manifestation of a great spiritual instinct to go on, to stretch out, never to be satisfied with what the mind knows, but to strive always for the unknown.

"But you, my little ones, have found this: That once the attention is focussed on the things of the Spirit, the things of the earth, although they represent a certain amount of interest, yet that interest is pale and lifeless in comparison with the quest of the Divine within to know a little more about God, to know a little more about the unfoldment of the true self, and again to know - ah, with a longing that permeates your being - to know what the Master would have you do to further the great purpose and the plan.

"That, dear children, indicates that you have crossed the borderline between the physical mind and the mind of the spirit - between the consciousness of the beauty and the thought and the higher vibrations of the physical world, and have caught a glimpse of the beauty, the thought and the holiness which is of the Spirit...

"Oh, never forget this: That man was meant to probe, meant to go on; that the individual was never meant by God to live or shape his life upon the efforts of others. This borderline into the greater consciousness must be crossed before you can be used as true instruments of your Father God.

"Instruments in part, there are many; but when they are free, their hearts will be anguished to see how they - by their prejudices, by their lack of charity, by their ignoring of the high ideals of others - how such as these hindered their own development, and still more checked the development of those within their vibrations.

"And so I take you back over the Sacred Record, aye, to those early prophets, the wise men of old. Their wisdom - from whence came this? From one Source alone: They turned to God as to a guide, a director and a protector; they asked and they received direct instruction as to the next step and the next...

"Oh, I appeal to all the teachers and the preachers to ponder on this. They recognise, they admit that these holy ones talked with God; that angelic presences were seen by them, and that they followed the guidance which was passed on in that way. Yes, all this they not only accept but they direct that others should believe as well...

"They go through the sacred history, they pick out examples of faith, and they say in effect: 'See how great a one was this, mark his obedience to God! God spake and he obeyed; God said, lay aside this or that, and the sacrifice was made'. They point to the father of the great prophets and to the child who was laid on the altar to be given to God as the greatest gift he possessed - ah, far dearer than his own life - and they draw the moral, they say to those under their care: 'This is the Truth passed on through reliable witnesses from the past; ponder upon it, and if the call comes to you, respond in like manner'...

"All this is taught; all this is part of that great combined teaching of Holy Scripture, which is accepted without a murmur of doubt. And the appearances of holy ones, that is not questioned - nay, reprimand would fall from the lips of the teachers if doubt arose in the mind of those under their care; they would send them back to God for God to cleanse their heart and mind.

"Yes, dear children, you see this in the world at large - within that which you name the press, in books, and by word of mouth - these things are forced upon the consciousness, that blunt consciousness of the masses. Yet, at the same time, those who write and preach and teach, they deny the outward manifestation of the Holy Spirit in this age, even amongst prepared instruments, amongst those who have God's work to do. An illustration in very truth of the dual working of the mind of the body, and strangely enough, such as these see nothing illogical in their position.

"Whence came this severance, when the withdrawal of that which was promised by the Master Himself? Promised, dear children, aye, to underline the great gift which has been showered over the ages that had passed; and when the Beloved did those deeds - drawing down the power from that Godhead from which He had voluntarily separated Himself in greater part - when those deeds were done, it was to emphasise once that to the faithful so much could be given, and to those who had faith to receive, much again, could be passed.

"And then, my little ones, you will remember how the Master gathered to Himself those so different in character, in training, and in understanding; and He blest them and sent them out on their first trial of missionary work, bidding them call upon the Name of God and that which He represented in their day. And they (disciples) - even as children with trembling hearts, yet obedient to the love within and to their confidence in the Master, who would shape them to the pattern He had in mind - they went into the villages and did great deeds. And why? Why, because they doubted not, and because they used not that holy power to bring gain to themselves.

"These two factors lie side by side. The power of the Holy Spirit can be drawn upon at will by the prepared instrument, yet there have been those, tempted by the destroyers, who have sought to use their gifts to bring gain to themselves, and the time has come when they have called upon that power and the power has been, so it seems, withheld.

"But it is as this: The channel has been clogged by self. That which is holy must have free access; that which is holy was given to pass on to others and not to be held to bring gain to the individual concerned. Others, again used as channels, can bring that gain to them; but the instruments of God, if they would keep the power intact, must not use that power for themselves. It is as a trust for others and for others alone...

"So, my children, those unskilled in the knowledge of the world, those who had never attempted to preach or teach, they went forth, and in the measure that they could blot out themselves - their fears, their misgivings, aye, even their opinions - so the power of God poured through them, and many were amazed by the strength vouchsafed through so homely a channel.

"But, little ones, the teachers and the preachers today recognise that manifestation of the Holy Spirit at work; they claim it and they pass it on to others; but should you approach them and say: 'If you could detach yourself sufficiently from the mind of the body, from the desires, the hopes and the fears of the physical mind, you too could be used in like manner', they would at once turn from you as though you had suggested the bringing into of use an evil force - so illogical is the mind of man.

"And then I bring you to the women, the women of that far-off day, to their visions. And there were many, aye, to the women of all ages so that which is of the Spirit has been given, often through the pangs of the physical or through the sorrows which have assailed them. And to those whom you know by name and many, many others, so not only was the gift of vision vouchsafed, but they talked with those who seemed as angels; and, moreover, they listened and obeyed, even as the child who lent her body to bring into physical existence the Saviour of the World.

"Who is there amongst the preachers and the teachers who would say that this child (Mary), out of the evil in her heart, deceived those around? Nay, they say that God was demonstrated to the instrument that He had to use. But if, in these so-called enlightened times, those who appear as angels come to this one and that, then such as these shrink from the idea; they pray for them that they may be protected. Faith fails under the smallest test.

"These words seem harsh - they are spoken in the greatest love; for alas, the physical mind has the vast majority as in an iron vice; and the time will come when someone, great in love, great in faith, must struggle with them and for them, to release that which now holds them so fast.

"Yes, in the little tomorrow, so from all parts of the world the blessing of the power of the Holy Spirit will be emphasised, and it will spread far and wide.

"The preachers and the teachers tell their listeners as to that great change which came over simple folk, which transformed the world; they bid them re-read those portions of the sacred narrative which show how the power of God was manifested in physical conditions upon this little earth; but challenge them as to the power of the Holy Spirit evinced yesterday and today amongst those prepared by the sufferings of the past (instruments of Spirit) - often amongst the obscure and those bereft of or lacking the possessions of the world - and they will shrink, if not in horror then in apprehension. They rule out God's Love and power on earth today, even though they have no reason to doubt the honesty or the verity of the instrument so used.

"Again, I say to them: If, in your following of the Most High, you would indeed have an influence that will last, then be logical, be consistent; throw aside those intangible, unfounded suspicions which haunt the physical mind...

"My little ones, I have told you before that the third epoch - that which is the domination of the Holy Spirit on earth - that that has already commenced, and there shall be nothing strong enough to stem the great awakening, which, even now, can be seen on either side.

"And to those who call themselves Christians - whether they be the shepherds or whether they be the flock - to all I speak in tones of warning, that warning which indeed is concern on their behalf: I bid them, in love, go back on the Sacred Record and try and find within the mind they use any reason, any possible explanation as to why the gift of the Holy Spirit in like form, as laid down in words therein - whether there is any reasonable explanation why, at this or any other period of history, that gift should have been withheld or withdrawn.

"The true explanation should be obvious to all: Not only faith was missing but works. As time went on, many forgot to follow the direct instructions of the Holy One to take naught with them, but to go amongst the masses and share their hardships, to get inside their lives, and to speak not that which came from the mind of the body but that which came through the power of the Holy Spirit...

"The way was too hard, too difficult, and the tests were too great. But blame not God for the absence of the gift, nor seek to impose limitations upon His Love. That great power gifted at Pentecost which drew in thousands who, before, were so unprepared to be as pilgrims of the Christ who had been crucified and had risen again - that great power which drew in those countless thousands, it was there for them to use, waiting for suitable instruments; and an instrument could have been found in any individual if they had lived the Christ life - aye, if they had lived the life of those whom the Master called to follow in His steps.

"The power is unquenchable but the channels - represented by the minds of the mediums, the instruments upon the earth plane - the channels were clogged by the things of the world, by the desire for possessions, by love of the physical body and ministering to its many needs...

"Again I say, harsh this may seem but it is God's Truth. Oh, face it, face it, and cross the border-line between the consciousness of the physical mind and that consciousness which is of the Divine within.

"I send out a call, once more, to all those who love their God, and I ask them to go back on the history of this little earth plane, and in all ages they will find there was one here, one there, whose voice was heard above the clamour of the throng. And why? Why, because he was an instrument who provided that which was essential for the Holy Spirit to be poured through him to those who listened.

"Perfection, that is impossible during the earth stage. Yes, some perhaps failed on certain points, but for the period that they held themselves as clean vessels, so God spake through them, and so, in turn, that purification of others took place and left its mark for ever on time, as an example for those who were to follow after.

"Once more, I say to all those who bar out manifestations of the Holy Spirit amongst the people of today, what proof have you that this is the will of God? Go back to the sacred words of the Master Himself, as to the gift which was to come to lead men into all Truth. And did the Beloved say that this gift should come to His immediate followers alone? Nay, Christ demonstrated always, and in a thousand ways, the universal plan, the comprehensive purpose for the bringing in of every one...

"Oh, to the preachers and the teachers I speak, and there are many here who long since have laid aside the tabernacle of flesh which once held them. They have seen, and they know, that if they could have trusted to the promises of God - passed on, laid out in so plain a form in the Sacred Record and vouched for by those early ones whom they loved and revered - if they could have put them into practice as the pioneers strove to put them into practice, they too could have healed the sick, aye, and could have drawn thousands into the Fold and held them fast...

"But such is the domination of the mind of the body, such is that illogical attitude, that illogical conception which holds them, that they can pass on in reading and in preaching and exhortation to go and do likewise, but challenge them to do as Christ's disciples did in the days of old, and their excuses are manifold and their faith is not even as the grain of mustard seed. Ah, the grain of mustard seed which was planted - a speck though it was - planted in faith, and brought forth in physical manifestation the justification of faith, in due season...

"I ask them all to think as to their position as representatives of the Most High, and to face the responsibility of barring the gift of the Holy Spirit in these days, which they accepted with all their hearts and minds as not only possible but as an immovable truth in the days of old...

"And so my children, I bring you back to that which I name: 'The Borders of Consciousness', and I ask you, in Spirit, to thank your Creator that you have got so far. Nay, little ones, I remember well I have told you that you have but crossed the threshold, but think of those who, as yet, have no desire even to take the steep hill which leads to the door of wisdom. Think of those many, satisfied to live on the efforts of others, to take the Truth that others have provided by that which indeed was a discipline of the flesh. Think of those who say and believe: 'We have got all that which God intends', ignoring the statement of the Master as to the gift which would lead man into Truths unexplored, unknown, and inconceivable to the mind at that stage of development...

"So, my children, rejoice within. Yet, you will say to me: 'Although I do rejoice, yet at times a loneliness steals over me, for some of those I love cannot understand, and, moreover, they have neither the desire nor the energy to attempt to make that understanding their own; loneliness creeps over me for I feel that in my thoughts I have left them, that they are far from me, and the sympathy which once was there, no longer finds a place'...

"Little ones, this is the portion of the pioneers, of those who go in front, but you cannot go back in thought. That, in itself, is not only a physical but a spiritual impossibility. You have crossed the threshold of Spirit-consciousness, and your outlook on life is not only widened but the boundaries which once were there are gone forever.

"You must remember that this great gift of understanding something of the God-Mind, this great gift of having released in part that which is Divine within, that that means a complete destruction of that which once held you. You may look for your chains but you will find them not.

"That is the glory of the climb, that is the joy of aspiration. Unconsciously to yourselves, you have thrown off that coarser garment of thought and it has disappeared. It is not only beyond your grasp, but it has been destroyed by the very pangs you endured to get and to hold that one pace further on.

"So, my children, it is as this: Those who seek to place limitations upon their God, and upon His Love, and the bestowal of the Holy Spirit - they must free themselves and reach the point where you now stand. They must go through the same discipline, the same preparation. You call to them and you send back your power and your love, but they must come to you in thought, for never again can you don the chains which once held you and which still hold them. That is the law of the Spirit, the great merciful law of progress. The pioneers must go on - they cannot go back.

"And so, my children, that consciousness which is growing within you, shall ever expand as you work for God. And remember that faith in God without effort is capable of producing only a faint reflection of that great gift when effort and faith hold close together. Remember that by faith and work, you enlarge and still enlarge that consciousness which is your own.

"And in the future, not only shall the gift of wisdom come to you all, not only shall you see a reflection of the glories of the Life which is Life indeed, the loveliness of those things which remain for ever, but out of your gifts, out of your powers, out of that release within, will come the capacity to take broken lives and weld them together, to take sore distressed bodies and bring back comfort and health.

"Not only shall you do great things in the Name of Christ, but remember this: By the demonstration of your faith and effort in tangible form, so you are showing to others that they, in turn, can be instruments as well. And as they cross the border-line of earth-consciousness and enter into the peace which grows - the happiness which permeates their whole being, the holiness which is the greatest gift that we can have - so they pass on these gifts to those who are without...

"Thus we go on, emerging out of the littleness of the physical mind, into that which is small of the mind of the spirit, and striving so that that smallness no longer is limited and restricted, until at last we come back into our holy heritage as sons and daughters of the Most High; yes, part of Him not only as a gift, but by thought and aspiration and work and construction; and thence onward into that higher state, that unending state, which, as yet, you are unready for me to touch upon, nor could I explain it in the language of your little earth...

"The borders of consciousness: The responsibility of laying down boundaries and barriers for ourselves and others; and that greater, more awful responsibility of saying, if not in words then in implication: 'The gift of the Holy Spirit is not for you; it was reserved for those who were the followers of Christ during His sojourn on earth'. The awful responsibility of implying to those who have faith, to those with pure desire, to those who are willing to work for God: 'You cannot do this, God does not intend you to do that!'

"Thousands, tens of thousands, have stemmed the power which was within them; tens of thousands have remained only instruments in part because of those others, so bound by the earth view, who forbid - or implored them to stifle - those holy gifts given to them for their part in the redemption of humanity.

"So, my children, go your way in peace. Turn ever and ever to the One who loves you best, and say to yourself: 'Christ wishes me to be an instrument for His holy work; therefore I must keep the channel that I represent not only clean, not only pure, but the furniture of the mind of the body must not be allowed to block the way'.

"The opinions of the world, aye, and that traditional thought, the narrowness of others, the bigotry, the prejudices, ah, my children, the hundred-and-one rules and regulations laid down by man - all must be kept back in the physical mind and banished, as strength and understanding grows. You must be as free channels, unimpeded by anything; and what you fail to reach, that in time God will bestow...

"And, for this reason, I explain tonight why it is that the child I use has had work imposed upon her almost beyond the strength of the mind and the strength of the physical body. In order that the mind of the body - its interests, its opinions, its tendencies - should be kept outside this sacred work, so that of the world - mechanical, the domestic, the social, and a hundred-and-one other things which are not concerned, so it seems, with the sacred work to which she has been called - these have been pressed and pressed upon her. And so when we have met together in this way, out of the very weariness which has assailed the mind of the body, by the grace of God I have come and have passed on that Truth which is permanent for all time.

"It is essential, in the training stages of the instrument, that the mind of the body should be banished in every sense that is possible, and only by the plying of work - indeed, that which has seemed to those who watched even as cruelty and imposition - so the preparation has been put in. And, at this time, at this stage of development, I can banish that which is of the body and demonstrate that Spirit, unimpeded, is the gift of God to those on earth who have the will and the desire to prepare.

"The borders of physical consciousness have been swept aside by the flood of the light of the Spirit, and at any hour of the day or night this instrument can not only be used by myself, but by those who have passed the tests and have put in the preparation for these conditions, built up by the grace of God.

"To all I speak, and again I draw in the preachers and the teachers: In the measure that you can banish the mind of the body, in that degree, so the Holy Spirit can be demonstrated through you and win souls for God. I entreat them to put aside that so carefully compiled by the mind of the body; to trust not so implicitly to that which is limited in every respect; but to stand before their flock, asking God to teach them how to cross the border-line out of physical consciousness into the consciousness of the Divine within; to lay aside their theories and their opinions, and to allow God to speak through them direct.

"Until this is done, so the sheep will stray, for the sheep answer only to the voice of the One Great Shepherd of us all; and the One Great Shepherd has told the lesser shepherds that the gift of the Holy Spirit shall be bestowed upon them, and that that gift shall lead them and others into all Truth.

"But in the majority the channel is clogged, not by evil, not even by self, but by intellectual pride, by that supreme confidence in that which is worn and borne for a little space and then no more is required; indeed, it represents something which has to be forgotten as soon as strength allows.

"Oh, take God at His word. Preach to the masses not as the mind of the body directs, but hold yourselves as empty vessels; banish everything that you are, everything that has been built up over the past, and hold yourselves as willing instruments so that the Holy Spirit can pour through you and do God's work.

"Only in this wise can mankind be redeemed except over the aeons which lie in front. Precious time is slipping by, precious power is unused on all sides; for the power of the Holy Spirit beats upon us all, whether in the body or whether free from the body.

"But we are as blunt instruments, unresponsive - aye, acting even as repulse - until we have taken God's promises in their literal sense, and crossed the border-line into that great wide consciousness which is of the Divine within and the great Missionary of all, gifted to win souls for God. And every soul who has the strength and the will to look up and claim God as his Father, so in turn they are not only making a gift to themselves and those weaker, but they are giving to God the only gift which it is in their power or our power to bestow.

"The only thing that we can give to God is our free-will love. The only thing that God asks from us, and the one thing that can bring joy and joy again to the Father-Heart and Mother-Heart of our Creator, is that free-will gift of love from us. And why? Because, my children, in loving God, so God can give in treble measure to us; and the Selfless One finds His joy in us - amazing, staggering, as it may seem.

"And so, my little ones, I will leave you. Remember once more to thank your great and glorious Parent that He has made it possible, using your efforts and your holy desires, to draw you across the threshold of things impermanent into those which remain forever, into those so-called mysteries, into that which once was unknown to you.

"Thank God that you, as happy pilgrims, have around you those you love best, those who went on before you, joining in your conversations, mingling in your homes, gathering to your hearths; for where love is, no barrier of conditions can remain.

"When your hearts go out to this one and that, lo, they are there, thanking you for your gift of love. And this sweet friendship, this sacred communion, it grows and grows, gathering in strangers to the mind of the body, yet loved ones to the mind of the spirit. And you, out of your experience, pass on the Good News to others, saying: 'Come with me awhile and I will show you those things which are of God'.

"And these, having responded to your invitation, they go to others again, and so the border-line of physical consciousness is crossed by many; in turn, they, because of the desire within, are always calling to others, and those others calling to others still and refusing to be denied...

"Mighty is the Mind of God, infinitely understanding of the human needs of man. This is our gift. Thank God for that measure of sight which is your own..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Now, my children, I am going to close this happy evening, but I want you to remember, as you go your separate ways, that God has blest you with a measure of understanding, and because the gift of the blessing is your own, therefore you would draw others in to share in that which nothing of the earth can purchase, nothing of the world can bring their way.

"The spirit is awakened in part; the direction of the spirit within is this: To spread the Light and prepare for the revelation, and to take that illumination into dark places which, as yet, have defied those who are the bringers of the Light.

" - 'Let there be Light!' - that commandment of God must be worked out on those around; each one who is able to make another a little happier, a little wiser, a little purer - these, when they are free, shall see for themselves that as instruments of God they were used, and that they contributed to the great purpose and the plan...

"And now, my children, I will go. Rest in confidence that God understands your several needs; rest in confidence that the power of the Holy Spirit will not be withheld when the call comes; rest in confidence that the future is bright, not only with promises but with fulfilment... Confidence in God, laying aside the mind of the body, faith and confidence in the One who gave you Life...

"I bless you with the will to pursue the path, turning not from obstructions or from that which would impede. I bless you in the Name of Christ with the spirit of service and service again; and, in the Name of the Most High, I promise that as you raise your hearts and minds to the Great Father, so the Holy Spirit shall be demonstrated in your midst...

"Peace and confidence; rest and effort, and the joy which nothing of the earth can take away; the being linked to the One who loves you, the One who has faith in you and has planned for you a future surpassing anything that the mind of the body could conjure up...

"God's blessing is upon you all. Take and hold, and pass it on - the blessing of the Most High.

"And now, my little ones, I will go. Think of me and all those who have come to you in this way, think of us with love, for you mean much to us - much to us...

"Goodnight, dear children..."

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