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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Tuesday, 11th November (Armistice Day), 1924.

"O blessed and compassionate Saviour, we ask Thee tonight to listen to our petitions - to throw Thy love around each one so that those they love may come close and fold them unto themselves.

"O understanding Father of Love, give us this day our daily bread... As we wait we know that Thou art willing to give and give again, to forget the omissions of the past and to give strength for the future. We know that in Thy Hands all are safe and we, as little children in trust and faith, can count the veil as non-existent - can speak to, and receive messages from those linked to us by love...

"Christ, raise our minds from the earth, break the cords which bind us unto the world, and for this short time when we meet together, let it be possible that we may think in the spirit, and that the mind of the body may lie quiescent, making no barriers in between. Father, we ask it in Thy Name, knowing that Thy blessing is upon us all. Purify our thoughts; grant that self may sink back and that we, free from all that hampers, may know and feel Thy Love in very truth... Amen...

"...Good evening, my children, and I am sure it is not necessary to say how gladly I welcome you all. Could you but turn over the leaves of what has been, you would see that your meeting together in this sweet communion, with this sympathy and love, was the work of those who have gone on before. You acquiesced and nothing more...

"Tonight, dear children, we have much to do, and I want you to give me your undivided attention - I want you to get away from all thoughts of the personal, and just to lend yourselves to me so that I may give back in return... ...My little one (Dorrie) need have no apprehension - the protection is doubly sure tonight...

"First of all, dear children, I want to have a little talk with you about the old, old story - which is ever new. I speak of The Birth of our Saviour Christ, and I remind you of the Star of Bethlehem. I want you to think just for a few moments about this star because it symbolises so much.

"Christ, the gift of God, was typified by a bright star in the heavens - and yet what happened?... Familiar as it is to you all, I do not go over the ground again, but my point is this: That had man listened to the Voice of Truth, that star would never have been turned into a cross.

"This is symbolical of much. I want you to visualise, if you can, the story repeated over and over again: The Star of Hope turned by the evil in man's heart and mind into the cross of sorrow.

"And this, dear children, is the personal experience of many today. At some time in the career of all, the chance comes to listen to the Voice of Truth; but they turned from light to darkness, and then - just as in the days of old - across the sky-line of their lives, the cross lies instead of the Star of the Spirit.

"Yes, this is true today as it was true those generations ago. You have, each one, presented before you the star of new birth - that birth in Christ which, if only the faith were there, would shine so strongly that the cross would be lost in its brightness...

"My children, sorrow must come - it is the training process, it is the reason for the necessity of existence in the earth body. Could you have a life free from pain and from that deeper anguish of the mind, you would pass hence with very little added to your store. Do not think that I speak with hardness - it is because of that intimate understanding of all those pangs which tear your heart so much, that I try to show you the meaning, the purpose lying underneath.

"It is God's wish that the cross should be lost in the glory of the star, and you, little children of the Light - this is your mission, although some of you as yet understand it not. You have a mission to sorrowing humanity - to those who feel that the cross of sorrow is too heavy to be borne; to those who have not the strength to raise their eyes from the earth and to see the brightness of the Light Beyond.

"To these, dear children, I send you in faith and in trust. I ask you to take it as a direct injunction from the Most High that you shall search on either side for the sorrowful ones and shall, by sympathy and by teaching, show them that it is not God's will that the cross should remain a cross, but that it should be turned into the Star of Revelation - for once the understanding of Divine Love is there, sorrow is no more.

"This, dear children, is the work of those who listen to the Voice of the Spirit while still cabined in the flesh, and this is the great work on which all your loved ones are concentrating their energies and their powers: To turn the cross of sorrow into the Star of illumination. And in that day all shall know within themselves that death as death is non-existent.

"I pray, I entreat you to prepare yourselves still more. This work is of so sacred a character - it is under the direct supervision of Christ Himself, and it has to be undertaken with reverence, with watchfulness over self, with detachment from the things of the earth...

"Is it too much to ask? Yet in asking, what is it that lies before you?... It is that sweet restfulness of the Spirit, that quiet content, that overwhelming sense of protection, that unity with the highest and the best within - the God within - which is seeking ever to contact with its Source - with the Great Spirit of Love, with the Peace that passeth all understanding...

"Children, is it so much to ask when so much lies in front? Rather, do you not see that by holding back one grain of effort, one half thought, you are cutting yourselves off from that which is best of all - happiness, joy surpassing all your imagination could conjure up - joy and peace and understanding while in the physical world; and when the garment of the body is laid aside, that which I cannot touch upon because it is of the Spirit, of that holiness which is interpenetrating, surrounding everything in the Bright Realms above.

"But these things have to be taken gently - gently, because minds untuned to joy, can only gather in unto themselves gradually that which is complete joy. And yet, as they advance into the spheres which lie beyond the earth plane, so illumination comes, and strength and power - the power to serve, as others have tried to serve you.

"Oh, my children, could I but give you one glimpse of the happiness which is mine when I can soothe your tired nerves, when I can distract you from this sorrow or from that annoyance - yes, it seems strange to you, but joy is there in such an unlimited degree that I cannot speak of it in the earth language.

"And do you know why this is so? Because, as I have tried to tell you before, all service - great or small, big or unimportant - all service comes from the Great Giver, and as we are able to pass on even the tiniest help to others, so one more link is made between us and the Christ who gives and gives again.

"It is impossible for you, still bound by the restrictions of physical thinking - it is impossible for you to get any real understanding of the happiness of the Love of the Master. But this shall come, and you shall feel not only His great and overwhelming love for you, but from those deep recesses within shall rise up love, if not to correspond, yet that deep love which, for the most part, is imprisoned in each one.

"My children I must not keep you longer tonight because there are many waiting to speak. But I ask you to think a little over my words, to try and understand how precious is this earth's experience, with its sorrows, with its disappointments - and yet how brief as well. Could you once grasp its briefness then your tears would be stayed - that sense of loneliness, isolation and weariness would pass away - you would know that 'just for a little while' is physical life; and then, free from the bondage of sorrow, you step renewed - aye, recreated - into that perfect freedom where all that you wish to be, and to create, can have full scope. And you shall see for yourselves the wonderful weaving in, the purpose, the outline of the pattern and the part that you contributed - in ignorance but in faith.

"Yes, then, dear children, you shall see for yourselves that God's ways are best, that His Love encircled you, that evil was kept far from you. And that you, just as little children, did the next thing because you were directed, and as little children the Good Shepherd shall gather you in, and all the sorrows of physical life shall - in that moment of illumination - be wiped out of your mind for ever, so far as sadness is concerned.

"And now, my children, I will go, but first I will ask my child to tend to the fire which is rather trying. Margaret, you understand. Keep still all of you, I entreat, because once the links are destroyed it is difficult to build them up again. Only by the beneficient goodness of God and His Watchers - those watchers away out beyond your comprehension altogether - can I repair that which is in need.

"Margaret, this should tell you that you are very close to the things of the Spirit, otherwise I could not hold the links, complete and intact, while you attend to my instructions. Fear not, my child, that which has been given so willingly during the years - that shall tell, that shall tell..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...It is Charlie, Mrs. Moyes, and it must seem strange to you that I can come on such an evening as this. But I want you to know that I've changed considerably since those old days, and yet we cannot change quickly enough to come through without the necessary help, so don't think I did it on my own... It's Charlie Morgan, Dorrie, put it down - we don't like to be left out - and I can see that you will add the 'Captain' - we are very accurate on these occasions!

"But, Mrs. Moyes, there is something I want to say. It is rather a delicate matter, and yet our chances come so seldom that we have got to take advantage of them...

"It's about my married life, and I think it may help others. Nobody likes to talk about the things that affect them most, and yet it will show you the wonderful Love of God which I did - and most people do - find so hard to grasp.

"You know when my little girl (Mrs. M.) passed over, I thought my heart was broken, and, more than that, I thought that God had turned His Face from me - that He had struck me almost on purpose. No one will ever know the hell I went through - that torture of loneliness, that hideous, hideous sense of loss. I idolised her, Mrs. Moyes - it was real love, real love - and I thought that nothing could be so cruel as to snatch her from me...

"And yet, when I came here do you know what I saw? I saw that she had never really loved me at all - not during the time she was on earth. Don't you see what it would have meant if I had gone first? I think it would have killed me...

"Do you understand how the Compassionate Father took her first and I never knew, never knew until I came here and found that she, seeing and knowing all my thoughts and feelings - unworthy though they may have been - that she, seeing these, had learnt to love me in the time between.

"I want all those who have sorrowed in the same way - I want them to try and grasp the magnificent generosity of God in keeping back what would have hurt me most. In comparison, death is a trifle... when one loves, to find out, Mrs. Moyes, that the love is missing on the other side - I say in comparison, death is a trifle.

"I've nearly done. I want you to know that when we are free we are able to look at things so differently; and those we criticised when upon earth - we don't do it when we see and understand. Next time when you hear of anyone in my plight, just tell them my little story. It may not fit in - I hope it doesn't - but it will give some indication of the wider, higher Wisdom that controls our lives...

"You thought I made a big hash of things after she went. I did, but not quite in the way you may have imagined. I would like the girls to know that weak and foolish and rebellious though I might have been, I was not evil in the sense that you regard evil, and as I should then as well.

"That's all. Goodnight, I am sorry to have kept you but there was a purpose in my coming. Mother and father and Ethel send their love and yards of messages... You understand, don't you!..."

(Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, the evening has had to be rather curtailed because time in your world is not elastic, but still I think we can all say that happiness has been in our midst - certainly peace has been here in a very definite way indeed. I want you, in going your separate ways, to mark this day in your memory as a glad day - not a sad day in any sense there could be - but as a day which brought its own real joy because of the magnificent goodness of God.

"I want you to visualise as you sit here, that tender, protecting, all-enveloping Love, and to realise whatever your lives may be, whatever tomorrow or the next day may hold, that you are entrenched in protections - for the little children of the Light have far to go, and it seems at times that they are out in a desert where there is no one to sympathise and understand.

"But I say that by the power of God, the desert shall be turned into a garden, and there - instead of stones - shall arise the flowers of the Spirit; and you, my little ones in Christ, shall find to your great amazement that instead of picking your way over the rough boulders, you shall walk gently for fear of crushing the blossoms.

"Yes, it sounds fantastic, I know, but greater miracles has the Lord worked among those who sought to serve Him. Keep your faith bright; be firm; let not this one or that turn you a hair's breadth from the path in front - and you shall not only emerge from the darkness of sadness and misunderstanding of the Divine purpose, but you shall go forward into the brilliance of the Sun of Revelation - and as you go, shall lead others out of the gloom into the sunlight as well.

"But the dedication must be there; you must hand over your wills to God; you must put service first and you must bid self to retreat never to return again...

"It sounds hard, but it can be done without too much hurt, if only you pray for guidance. Prayer is the greatest gift that the Father has to give because it opens the doors of the Spirit, and you - once you see the Light beyond - you forget weariness and pain and disillusionment, forget these pangs of the world, because you are lost in the joy of the Love of God.

"I ask you to put still more effort into the climb; I ask you to ignore those deceptive voices of the valley, those entangling, seductive attractions of the world... They are but stabs of pain in the end; they cannot give you what your soul desires, because far, far more than you understand, you belong to God - you belong to the Strongest and not to that which is weak - you belong to Holiness Itself, and until the holiness within can find expression so will sorrow dog your steps...

"Get free and know Christ in His ineffable love and goodness - know Him, and once the knowledge is there, peace will be yours and the world will knock in vain, because the Master has said to you, as He says to me: 'Come up higher and I will show you the things which are of God. Come up higher!' - And the call has to be answered.

"My children, I bless you in His Holy Name. I gather you in and bind you fast. I say you are the little children of the Light, fettered to the Great Spirit by unbreakable ties, and that His blessing is upon you now and for ever more - the blessing of understanding, the blessing of passing on that understanding to others, the blessing of the power to heal the broken-hearted and to show them the Love which fails not... In Christ's Name, I bless you all... Amen."

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