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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes, at the Christian Spiritualist Temple, 26 Sussex Place, Bristol, August 10th, 1941.

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

..."Bright days come and the darkness is despatched. The storms of yesterday are forgotten when the sun shines upon you; all the sorrows of winter are swallowed up in the glory of the Spring. May the power be given to each one so that you may be used to deliver the Divine Message.

"You may consider that this work is not for you; so remember that God is within everyone, and He is just waiting to use you so that you may raise the weak ones who have found the hill too steep to climb and the obstacles too great to overcome. Many do not understand that in God's sight there are a variety of ways in which you can use your abilities for the benefit of mankind. Many feel that the world would not miss them if they were not there - but that is not so.

"What does the desert represent? Barrenness; loneliness; perhaps a never-ending journey: Yet even in the desert, which seems uninhabited - except by the one who seeks to find his way - there is a vast life unseen by the eyes of mortal man. You may believe that there is no such thing as space; time moves on and the scientists wisely change their borders as further light shines upon the path. What is believed under the heading of Science today, may have to altered and revised and reconstructed as the years go on and illumination comes to mankind.

"So you find, even in a desert, those great tracts which even Nature seems to despise; where life appears to be absent, there is a teeming vitality. Even in the sandy soil, or whatever the surface or the depth may represent, there is 'life'. But that life is starved by the conditions to which it has been subjected.

"This is just a rough parallel to illustrate what is going on today in the lives of many people on the earth. People in other lands have lost the precious gift of liberty. With the lessening of liberty has come the crucifixion of the body and the torturing of the mind. They are as outcasts; they are treated as no man in his senses would treat an animal, because animals can be used - and man does not scorn that which brings him gain.

"Think of these suffering souls. Although you may have suffered in a measure, you realise at once that yours is a tiny measure in comparison with what is going on today, and has gone on over generations which have passed. You can hardly dare to think what the winter will hold for such as these. Indeed they have entered their wilderness and it appears that there is no help around. The body must starve and the hearts must be broken.

"The mind is very largely controlled by the nutriment given to the body, and by the environment in which the body has to dwell. A healthy body and a healthy mind may be taken away from God's sunshine and fresh air, and soon you will find that neither mind nor body is healthy. That is a simple physical fact. So if there are any who would say that those who are in the clutches of a ruthless enemy can rise above their circumstances by the power of the mind, remember that the power of the mind is quenched by that inflicted on the body.

"However, man is not only physical - and this is our ray of hope. Man is a soul. Although people may go through much that cannot be explained in earthly words, they are not forgotten. Countless Bright Ones, the saints of old, the martyrs of yesterday, willingly throng around them to comfort and relieve; to give to the martyrs of today the same strength that was given to them by the unseen hosts, so that they may have the will to suffer and to remain spiritually strong.

"The life that God has given, no man can kill. Yet it is within the province of man to suffocate it. For God's children who have been driven out of home and comfort into the wilderness, to all who seek, shall come a measure of peace. Divine protection has been drawn to them through their woes and sorrows, and through their trials and strains.

"Those who have seen barren lands turned into a garden by the sweet rain that falls from Heaven - although the garden has perished under the rays of a blistering earthly sun - the remembrance of the flowers remains forever.

"Try to visualise the martyrs of today and the blossoms of the Spirit brought into being by their suffering. They may suffer unwillingly; they may wish only to extricate themselves from their chains; but because the bondage remains, Divine Power operates in another form. The soul is set free from that which holds and never shall be fettered again throughout all time to come.

"Some of you feel that, in your tiny measure, you have been forced out into the wilderness that fills the heart and mind with fear. You have had to part with the ones you love best. Perhaps your faith is too frail to realise that where love is, separation is impossible. Neither death nor physical life has the power to separate those linked together by the wonderful gift of love.

"There are other kinds of wildernesses, and these perhaps represent a greater test to the individual. There is the wilderness of pain. The body may be incomplete, deformed or damaged in some way. Some who are young find it hard to deal with the thoughts of rebellion. Some have carried out their duties over the years, having given to others of their best; others struggle to overcome the difficulties and go on to service their fellow man. Those who watch from the side line may feel that somehow God's justice has not been worked out because more protection over the physical body has not been forthcoming.

"You all know such as these. How grateful you feel when - by operation of the Holy Spirit or earthly means - relief is brought to pass.

"Perhaps your thoughts go back to the time when Jesus walked the earth, healing those who came to Him. But what of those who were not cured knowing that the power was there? These are not wicked thoughts; you were given the tool of the mind to use; you have the right to think as you like. The trouble is that, over the ages, there has been insufficient inspiration to give the answers to man's queries which would show that Divine Love never falters, that the scales of justice are held true. That is the Law of God.

"Always remember that lives have been lived in countless worlds before you, as men and women, clothed in a material body, peopled the earth. Many rule out these previous lives in other bodies and in other worlds. It is essential for you to realise that although the theory of Reincarnation may not be entirely true because of a misconception, there is much in the teaching associated with it that provides 'explanation'.

"The reason that people concentrate so much upon the earth is this: Their physical consciousness finds it impossible to imagine those other worlds, many so similar to the earth; their imagination falters over the thought that, as they in spirit, can come back and walk with those in a body of flesh, so in other stages of their evolution - before being born into the earth world - they were able, as spirits, to enter that condition and to become familiar with certain aspects of material life; some have the gift of memory.

"Always remember too that while in the sleep state you are free to go where you will. Some of you are drawn to the mysteries of India; some of you are taken to the suffering souls around the world; some of you love the sea, and so in the sleep state you travel over the oceans. As you release your consciousness, it is possible for you to bring back fragments of remembrance of that which you have seen and that which you have heard.

"It is immaterial whether those on earth cling to the idea of returning in the physical body; it is of trivial importance. The fundamental truth you have to grasp is that it is not possible for one stage of existence, as represented by the earth life, to give you sufficient experience to allow you to pass into a higher state.

"Some of you may know people you consider to be 'really good'. The reason for this is that, in lives before this physical one, they put up a greater struggle than those around them; they had a wish to follow the line of duty, to keep in touch with the Father and Mother God. Before the stage arrived for the earth to be worked in as part of the experience, many of these souls, for a time unthinkable, as spirits, acted as companions to those in the physical body. In this way they gained great understanding of this world. Therefore, when a body of flesh was available for them, they entered it as souls experienced in earthly ways, in its lessons, its trials, its troubles - and they are able to conquer much.

"Some say that such as these are not conscious of temptation, that they are fortunate to be free from the weakness that holds others. But they have won it, they have striven for it, and they still battle for it - otherwise in the next stage in which they find themselves it will not mean progression, but a making good of that which they have lost.

"This is information for mature souls. It is important to remember that your gift of free will concerns your own mind and your own thoughts. There is no one who has the right to say to you that you must not think along these lines. Only certain facts can be presented to you, and you must draw your own conclusions.

"Never forget, that God, because He has given you free will in a measure that is subject to you, He could, being the Almighty, change your attitude of mind towards Him, He could make everyone pure, all living in peace and love with one accord. But you realise that such an act would make you puppets, whereas, you are sons and daughters of the Most High, who in time will share in His Power and His Experience. It is your Divine Right, for the Father is the Father, and the Father works so that the children may be brought on to share in His Kingdom and to partake in His own perfect gifts.

"Have you experienced your own desert land? If you can say that throughout your difficulties you have had friends, people who were kind to you, and all the while your consciousness knew that in the end you would understand - then you can see at once where your duty lies; for there are thousands in their own desert, feeling isolated from all forms of life by the misery that binds them.

"There is no desert so barren, so dark, and as awful as the desert of sin, but my children, free will cannot be interfered with. It is as though such as these, surrounded by Divine sunshine, nailed up all the doors and windows to keep out the light and air and the brightness gifted by God. Though God sends His strongest to release them, because He has given man free will, He has to wait as the Gentle Christ - outside the door - knocking, until the one within is willing to let Him in.

"You have a little understanding of Divine Truth; you know that all Life is One, you know that race or creed or circumstance cannot divide the children of God. Some souls are prepared and ready because they know what suffering represents, they have had to grapple with fear, and by the Grace of God have mastered that enemy. They have indeed said: 'Get Thee behind me Satan'. Their hearts and minds are linked to the Christ.

"It is co-operation that those of the bright realms are seeking. They go hither and thither throwing out their cords of love that shall stay firm. Some grasp them eagerly as their most precious gift, others play with it and then cast it aside, and there are those who will not even consider it may exist.

"Because free will cannot be interfered with, it has brought about a state of chaos upon the earth. Those who have been concentrating on material power and personal ambition, have opened the gates to the disembodied souls who are like-minded. These have come in their millions, longing only for the opportunity.

"Thus there is war. There are many who feel that it is wrong to defend their own or to defend the land of others. Try and visualise the picture of millions and millions who are working against the Christ - crossing the earthly borders by invitation of those who are in the flesh. The desert is not barren; it is not a scene of desolation; it is peopled by, alas, those who are out to wreck. When they are given sufficient power they will exercise it in ever-increasing measure, then, what will become of the Divine Plan for the children of God who will inhabit this world of material things?

"The battle is a crucial one; it is testing time for everyone. If your house was infested by vermin that brought disease to the young and the old, you would be up and doing. Is it not a thousand times worse when there are those who are out to destroy the soul of man, and to throw the earth back into a state it never previously endured. Civilisation will be a mockery. All mankind, the children of God, will have seemed to have lost all likeness to their Father.

"Consider this, dear children: It is needful to raise a sense of responsibility in the heart of all mankind. The message for today is not one of disaster but one of construction; it is one of hope; for beyond the wilderness lies the Promised Land; remember this: It is beyond the wilderness - which means that you who know God, must find the strength to travel the wilderness in order to reach the peace provided by the One who loves you best.

"What has happened upon the earth can bring a gigantic good to life upon other worlds. Why? Because, in the hells of man's own making, there are countless souls fettered by their own attitude of mind. By avoiding the battle with evil, you are not destroying it, you are merely strengthening it.

"If you have a garden and you shut your eyes to the weeds, it does not mean that the weeds will become tired of growing. They will scatter their seed, and soon your garden - as a garden - will be no more. It is impressed upon you, that those who consciously grapple in a little measure with the released evil upon the earth, are fighting for Life, not as a whole, not only for themselves or this generation, not only for generations to come, but for a great unseen Life in the wildernesses - which are the hells in very truth - in those many states brought into being by the exercise of free will.

"Have you felt at times that you could not bear any more? Has it seemed to you that the load pressed upon your weak shoulders would crush you spiritually - yet you have been forced to go on? Be of good cheer. You are one of those who, in the lives before the Physical, put up a good fight, who did not leave the struggle to others, who carried your portion of pain and suffering and sorrow in those other states where man was learning how to live and how to love.

"This is Divine Truth. Those who are heavy burdened today, through the release of consciousness, have taken on, by choice, their burden for the love of the Christ. They shall be linked to Him for evermore; they shall be numbered among the rescuers, the ones who desired to save others, not only themselves, and were willing to pay the price.

"This is the working out of the sins of the fathers and forefathers. You cannot get away from that. But by the suffering endured in one stage, the glorious promise of God can be worked out. 'I will show mercy to thousands who keep my commandments'. What form of mercy could be sweeter than liberty in the life to come, liberty of the soul - emancipation, in a measure, of soul - and the opportunity to be used by God to do His work in His own way?

"Can you see the writing on the wall? Maybe you are too engrossed in reviewing the sorrow of your own heart. 'Why am I like this? Why is my load heavier than another's? Why has God forgotten me?'

"Can you see how marvellously you were repaid by the One who loves you best? Your soul was intensely ambitious; you took on a heavy load. God co-operates with the Divine within you, and mercy - the mercy of freedom - shall be yours forever more.

"Does the desert of the earth matter so much when, beyond it, lies the Promised Land? There is no one, however clever, who reaches the Promised Land without taking the desert experience. Some may falter, some may fall, some may despair and refuse to continue the journey, but the time comes, in another state, when the Light will stream into their souls and they will gather up their cross and go forward to the very end.

"What it is that you seek? Is it security? The message of the Christ is the only security for your real self. Man has found that material insurance avails him little. Blessed is the one who has invested his all in the Love of the Christ. In the darkness of the Physical the Light of the Christ shall bring him through.

"There are those who have sought and desire to find. In the measure that they are prepared to sacrifice, they shall find something which nothing of the earth can buy and nothing of the earth can destroy. That is the peace that passeth all understanding.

"Your part is to go about your duty. Urge mankind to put on the whole armour of God, to prepare themselves to face the conflict that must be fought to the end, unless the whole purpose and plan of the earth is to be thrown back, and the world itself turned into a wilderness by man, blinded to the realisation that beyond lies the Promised Land.

"Do not cast these words aside; the times are urgent; the call comes from the highest spheres: 'Make ready, be prepared' - for those enemies, unseen by man, must be controlled, or else opportunity flies and they control the conditions of this plane.

"Perhaps for a little while you suffer; but what joy you shall have when you are free to look around and see the power and the grace that suffering brings. The price then seems so little. The treasure is so precious, so wide and inclusive, and you can thank God that the strength was given to suffer, because through the suffering we have bought experience and can return to others and give them understanding.

"The workers are blessed. All those who have grappled with and overcome despair; all those who have faced obstacles and yet have refused to be daunted. Tests must come - without these tests your 'climbing' could not represent anything but a check upon your evolution. Man on earth climbs by mechanical devices. In the Spirit World that is impossible. Many think that they are climbing, but indeed it is upon the efforts of others. The time comes when their eyes are opened and they must find their own tools, hack out their own steps, if they would reach the sunshine that lies beyond the clouds.

"Impress upon your heart and mind the promise of Infinite Hope. Beyond the desert lies the Promised Land for every one of God's children. Remember that no one can reach that land who refuses to take the wilderness stage as their own personal experience.

"Peace be with you all, and the hope that springs up, fed by the Love of God, impossible to be quenched.

"Gain the willingness to serve. This is the will of God."

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