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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Redhill, Surrey, on Sunday 13th December, 1942

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"...I am instructed to speak on that which I name: 'Bethlehem And Spirit Communion', because I want you to know that that scene in Bethlehem so many centuries ago has not only a vital message for you, but is an example of what can be possible in your own individual lives once Spirit consciousness is made your own.

"Those who understand the gift of Spirit Communion realise that Bethlehem and all it has meant for mankind and will mean for man, could never have taken place without the gift of Spirit Communion.

"If there are those who feel that in their form of religion Spirit Communion is not welcomed, then I send them back to the Holy Book, and they will find there that the light man enjoys today - his freedom, his health, the facilities of so-called civilisation - all these things rest upon the gift of Spirit Communion, upon disembodied souls coming to those in the flesh and those in the flesh having sufficient humanity not only to listen, but to follow their loving instructions.

"But let us come back to Bethlehem. As you know, the young mother-to-be received a message that might have filled the heart of any maiden with apprehension, and she was but a child in years. I have said before that in my time women were considered the chattels of man, but there were those women who desired to be pure and to follow the higher dictates of their nature, and the child-mother was one of these.

"Imagine then her agony of mind when she was told she was to bring forth a child; but seeing the Bright One and hearing the voices, her courage rose and she made that great decision which has changed the whole trend of life for all in that time and for those who followed after and also for those in other worlds. Remember this: in her despair she might have destroyed herself; life was cheap - as you would name it - in those days. But she was obedient to the Will of God.

"Then there was the test for the man chosen to be her protector. But he, too, heard the voice, and although it represented a test greater than perhaps you in these humane times can understand, he accepted the responsibility thrust upon him and cared for the child-mother until the miracle of grace was performed.

"We will pass on to another stage - the wise men who came from the East. They, too, had the gift of sight and of hearing and so they arose and went forth on what the average person would have named a ridiculous journey. They had so little guidance and so few clues, but they understood Divine Law. They had 'heard' and they had 'seen', and they went forth following a star. And later, by spirit-intervention, the foster-father and the young mother were warned of approaching danger, and they fled only just in time to prevent the massacre of the Truth Bringer, so far as the flesh was concerned.

"Once more we have a demonstration of Spirit power showing that the gift can come to all, not only to the wise and the studious, not only to those with the disciple-spirit, but to those in loneliness out on the hillside who come under the heading of 'working people.'

"There alone, minding their sheep, one of the greatest manifestations that has ever taken place was enacted to raise man's faith and to give him some comprehension of the wide Love of God the Father, the Creator of all things; and so the shepherds, full of thankfulness, gathered up their crooks and hastened to find something - they knew not what - but something that they realised came from God.

"I ask you to try to visualise the scene in the humble stable, and how the child-mother, filled with gratitude to God - a gratitude that beat down the pains of the body - in wonderment caressed the little Child and saw the look in the eyes of those who had come from afar to pay deference, to give what they had, and to make a vow that they would be still more faithful to the Light that was within them.

"What were the gifts bestowed upon the Child, apart from love and wonderment and gratitude? There were the things of the earth - the gold, the frankincense and myrrh - symbols to them of the road which must be followed by everyone who would become a saviour of others.

"The base metal to be purified by experience and by the varying processes through which it must go. The frankincense - the taking up of the tools not only of discipline but of pain, misunderstanding, and the betrayal by so-called friends, to find at last the Truth: that above all the things of the earth the Power of God operates, and over all the things of the earth Divine Law has full control.

"Then we come to myrrh - the Cross, the drinking of the cup! But we dare not pause there, for the Cross was but an incident that led to the resurrection - the arising in new Life, the conquering of death itself.

"So, dear children, I want you to think of your own lives. You are all born under a star, but many of you feel that long since the star has lengthened into a cross, and the thought of the cross fills your heart with apprehension.

"The 'garden' must be entered, there are enemies all around, there are those you depended upon who so easily and without due provocation have failed you. Your enemies throw you your cross, and you ask yourselves whether there is the strength within to raise it. But as the willingness is found, so from another comes help and this is a promise to one and all.

"You see what man owes to Spirit Communion. But I want to underline that Spirit Communion is not enough. There are mediums and seers, who do not understand how to preserve their gifts, they do not realise that they are holy in every sense of the word, and that holiness should meet with holiness from within. In a second of time those gifts, by wrong handling, can be destroyed, and the heart can be broken not only during the physical stage, but still deeper will the knife go when, free from the flesh, the true responsibility is brought home to the one concerned.

"I come back to you in this same way by the power of God alone, and I ask you to think over my words, for they concern each and everyone. You cannot say to me: 'I am not a medium!' You are all mediums for good or for ill.

"When you respond to inspiration, then you know you are linked to a holy one; when you are swayed by selfish influences, then you are listening unto an enemy in disguise, one who comes to praise when he should blame, in the sense that warning should be passed on.

"Would that I could open your eyes and your minds to reality! Then, you would go back upon the Holy Book and find there just the message to fill your longing, aching heart and satisfy you for evermore.

"And the message I would turn you to first of all is Bethlehem - that wonderful manifestation of Divine Power brought to pass only because men and women, like you in the flesh, were not too proud to seek humbly for the Light and were willing to undertake much travail of soul, much weariness of body, much danger in order to find the Light.

"This is my message to you today. When there are those who come back using the gift of Spirit Communion to gain their own ends, to gain praise for themselves, anything which seems to you as a degradation of the gift, then I ask you, in remembering the days of old, to seek other instruments.

"And those instruments shall be found; and the instruments who do not understand the holiness of their gift - by discipline - the base metal shall be turned into gold.

"As the courage comes to tread the disciple-path - forgetting self in its many deceptive forms - so the frankincense and the myrrh shall be their own possession, not for their sorrow but for their joy, for the releasing of the bonds of the past. And as they step out of their prison-house - the sweet breezes of the Spirit shall blow upon them - and the past with its sorrow, its discipline and its disappointment shall seem as nothing. Loaded with the gifts of the Spirit, the things of the earth can lie in the dust to which they rightly belong, for all things that are material go back to the material, but the things that are spiritual live for evermore.

"And now, my children, I bless you, bless you with a deeper comprehension of the wonderful privilege of Life; and life upon the earth plane is but one of countless numbers of lives you have lived, and you will live, in other states and conditions.

"So I bless you with the deeper comprehension of the gift of Life given to you by God the Father, the One Who loves you best, and never forget that the Christ is that aspect of the Father shown to man so that man might not feel too far off from the Great Source of Power. Christ is God in the sense that only through the Christ can man understand the Father.

"So I bless you with courage to face the future, with the desire to seek, when you shall find - reminding you once again that that which you seek you shall find, so beware what you seek! And I pray that this time of holy communion, made possible by the efforts of the few, may not only be remembered by you but be used by you so that you become better mediums, medium's for God's use, casting out hope and faith and courage into the earth conditions, mediums with sufficient will power to take up their cross and go forward, if need be, to Calvary, knowing that only by accepting Calvary can the resurrection be made their own.

"By the Christ-Power I bless you, by the Christ-Love I bind you, by the God within I ask you to keep nearer to the Truth - to allow Bethlehem and all it represents to be enacted in your own lives for the benefit of mankind. Peace be with you all!


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