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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Bournemouth Christian Spiritualist Church, on August 31st, 1930

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"I greet you in the Name of Jesus the Christ our Saviour. Children of the light and children of the half-light, you are blessed by coming into these conditions, for much effort has been drawn out of you by those unseen by you. They are your companions, and accompany you and will not leave you, for God knows no restrictions, and His angels and His messengers long to help those upon the earth undergoing the experiences of physical life.

"I would draw your attention to many things. By the direction of the Christ I speak in simple terms, using the formula that He adopted Himself, so as to bind your minds to everlasting truth using symbols from things in daily life.

" 'Be Still and Know that I am God' - the glorious phrase that has comforted so many. Those who are free from the restrictions of the body, and who come back, look into the hearts and minds of those upon the earth, and they are grieved because so few have faith in the One Who loves them best. They are grieved and tortured because when trouble is nigh so many forget that God is their Father and their Mother; they forget that the Man of Sorrows understands. Because of this, often despair overwhelms them and rebellion arises within. They have forgotten to be still, to wait for the help which is all around. Trouble has engulfed them; the anxieties of daily life fret the nerves, and the mind - unresisting, restless - is easy prey for the enemies of the Christ. Thus it is that when they are tested and tried, doubts blot out the glory of the promise of God. But in the stillness, in the quietness, the Voice of God can be heard.

"The earth stage is a stage of trial, of discipline and temptation. The things that beset your path are not a hindrance of the plan, they are your strength. They are there to see whether the warrior spirit can be released within.

"Can you not understand, and can you not grasp, that when the one who loves you so well seems to be torn from you, that God is not only your Father and your Mother, but God is also the Father and the Mother of the one you love so well?

"Parting? Impossible by a Divine Law of Grace. Separation? That word is unknown except to the doubting mind. God cannot interfere with free will. When man says: 'The one I love is gone', though the beloved one is so close, God cannot force the individual to believe. Yet in time each one must learn. The doubter passes out of the physical tabernacle, and then in the degree that his sight has been opened, he can witness the anguish of those he thought he would leave behind, and sometimes the joy and sorrow of this illumination has the power to cast the chains from him which once held him so fast.

"What is his mission in the days to come? Because he blundered, and because he suffered, so henceforth he devotes his energies, his strength, and his powers, to force upon the physical mind of those in a tabernacle of flesh that ‘death’ is the gateway into eternal life.

" 'Be Still and Know that I am God' - how that cry rings out over the centuries, and what a fount of comfort it represents. Whether you are beset by the enemies of the body, or whether by the anxieties of material life that almost seem to be unendurable, God says: 'Be still! Realise that I am the Healer of all bodies; that I am within, and if allowed, can take charge’.

"Sickness and weariness, the many pains of the body, try the faith and sap the energy. God knows. God understands. Never forget that God is stronger than all the forces that would destroy your faith in Him. Wait for a while. The earth life is so brief. Soon the physical tabernacle will be no more. Then the 'body' will be charged with power, with a gift of healing impossible for you to understand at this stage, the past will be forgotten. You will go your way rejoicing, and will thank God for the pains that you once endured. 'Be still', says the Creator, 'be still, have patience' - 'Know that I am God'.

"The Master of all life, by His simple life, by His hardships, by His weariness, by His persecutions, by all the hatred levelled against Him, and by the love within Him - the Master saved the world. At the time when He walked upon the earth, it was fast approaching its spiritual doom. God came as Man to redeem.

"Human nature cannot be hurried and the processes of evolution are slow indeed. Yet the downward trend has stopped. In the world today, if one makes a stand against the materialism of the majority, that one is a saviour in very truth.

"The Christ - God as Man - often stood alone, attacked from all sides - enemies in the night, and enemies by day - but the Master learned the secret of standing firm alone. The Words of God were as true then as they are today: ‘Be Still and Know that I am Ruler, even though My children seek to wreck’.

"Whatever your troubles, whatever your trials, whether man or child, whether you strive and seem to fail yet have the courage to rise again - however severe the testing may be - the glorious reassurance echoes again and again. For those who are bereaved: 'Be Still and Know that I am God. Know that I am the Father and Mother of all mankind'. The wounds shall be closed, the tears stemmed, and by the sorrow endured you shall be counted among the blessed.

"To the doubter, to the man who prides himself on the intellect of the physical mind, God speaks: 'Wait, be still! Know that I am Creator of all things; soon the earth life passes, and then pride will be no more; self-realisation and self-revelation must be your own; wait, pause, know that I am God.'

"To those whose lives, perchance, hold persecution in its modern form, what of the message of the Christ? What of the example of that One so sweet? Nothing was held back from the Beloved in the way of suffering and sorrow. The One so pure was accused of impurity; the One so brave was laughed to scorn; the One so true was named a traitor to His God; the One so sweet was called that which you could not bear at this same stage.

"So then, be brave, be cheerful, and cast doubt aside. Whatever your lot, whatever the test, hear the words, how glorious is the reassurance: 'Child of My heart, be still, have patience, wait and prove that I am God'.

"I have comfort in many forms for everyone, but I have warning also. We who are free see carelessness and heedlessness all around. We look out over the great wide world. Youth knows so much about earth, and so little about life which is real and everlasting.

"Men and women perchance know too much about sorrow. Yet that is the false view, the earth view, the limited view. Sorrow brings the greatest gift that any man, woman or child can have. When the blow falls, when your friend turns from you, when the one you trusted forgets to render to you in turn, when you look around for help and do not find it, when that which you prize most seems to be snatched from your eager grasp - do not forget that God controls the earth and all that is therein.

"Today may hold much that causes the heart to ache, but tomorrow is glorious; tomorrow the promises of God shall be fulfilled. ‘Be still, have faith, know that I am God and that I have you under My care!’ This is the message of the Christ. This is the hope and the consolation God means that all should have.

"No heart, no mind is closed to God. No treachery is hidden from Him, no loyalty, and no desire to arise and do better in time to come. The scales of justice seem to waver to man because his sight is limited in many ways. But retribution falls fast when those who know God's truth forget to follow the direction laid down. Compensation, sweet compensation, moment by moment, is built around the sufferer and around the victim. Today the spirit within the body seems weak; tomorrow, recreated, made new by God, His children shall function nearer to that ideal that the Father intended.

"So then, what is the message of the Christ? What is the reassurance of our God? Illumination has come. Peace; be still! The winds and waves of physical life respond; the angry thoughts of others that beat upon the sensitive mind of the one who must suffer, the angry thoughts pass away as a cloud that once obscured the sun. The broken-hearted bowed by woe - finding it impossible to believe that God is love - arise and listen, and comfort comes: 'Be still, be still and know that I am God!'

"How I yearn over you. How the love that fills my being struggles to find expression. I know your lives, I know your difficulties, and I know that with some the tempters are close around. The strong souls take on the fiercest temptations, and the strong souls meet the enemies face to face. So do not let fear overtake you. Do not let apprehension chill your enthusiasm for your God. Hold fast to that degree of faith that still remains. Wait! Rest upon the promise of the One Who loves you best, and you shall find that God's words are true.

"All is wonderfully well with the pilgrim who suffers, and well with those who are finding life far from easy. Send out your compassion to those who so often attack you. Pray that, for them, spiritual strength may come. Think of the Christ, think of the temptations, think of His trials and His sorrows, and remember that this is how God works. Only those who have the will to endure can be used by Him for His sacred work; only those who can face persecution; only those who can, undismayed, proclaim their faith in God and in the life to come; only these can be entrusted with the work that matters and with the powers that are Divine in very truth.

"So then, how sweet is life, how sweet is trouble, how sweet is that which once caused your heart to ache. By the Grace of God reassurance is given to the sick for the time to come. God knows that the body at times exacts so much; God understands that pain is an enemy hard to overcome. In a little while all will be made plain. In a 'garment' charged with power, and with gifts that will mean all in all to you, you shall work for God as the spirit within demands. Blessed are the sufferers!

"Those who would like their life to have less strain: It is your armour of ‘life’. It is that which is testing the strength of your spiritual sinews. Do not pray for the cross to be removed. Pray that God will give you the strength to shoulder the cross. Once the will is given up to the Father and Mother God, the cross no longer seems as a cross to the carrier, but a support which keeps from fainting.

"The eyes of the blind shall be opened to the glories of God, and the hearing of many shall be strangely enhanced in the life to come. What shall they hear? In the stillness they shall listen to the sweet Voice of God. Oh, how great is God. How glorious are the opportunities laid out for everyone.

"So then, bid sorrow depart. Claim your gifts. Recognise in the discipline of daily life that which is the will of the holiness entombed within. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow, and when the trials come, wait for the guidance, pause, be still, and the Voice of God shall come to you in very truth. Not only the voice of direction but also the Voice of comfort and illumination, and all shall be as the Father has ordained for them that love Him.

"Peace be unto you. If any come amongst you saying that it is not possible for the holy ones to companion you on your earthly journey, do not believe them. There are no limitations where God is concerned. The holy ones, the angels of God are gathered, blessing, recharging, binding you closer and closer to the One Who loves you best.

"God is not only your Creator, He is your Father and your Mother, and He yearns to give you those good things that the spirit within desires. He yearns for you to have the very best, and the very best shall come to the patient soul, the very best shall be the possession of the one who tries.

" 'Be Still and Know that I am God' on the Cross of Calvary was demonstrated in very truth: After the tumult, came stillness; after the darkness, the sun of a new day, the sun of spiritual light, and the sun of God's love. After your Calvary your resurrection shall come, and the pain you endured, and the remembrance of the time of suffering shall be banished for evermore. God's angels shall companion you, and His peace shall remain forever and forever.

"You are blessed with high endeavour, with aspiration, and the will to work. Do not question, do not ponder as to the ways and means or whether this is wise or that is folly. Follow the call - the highest and the best; and upon the plinth of sacrifice so shall arise the edifice of God. Out of your stripes you shall be spiritually healed; out of your woes joy shall be built up for evermore.

" 'Peace be still! Know that I am God!' "...

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