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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Watford Christian Spiritualist Church, on August 10th, 1930

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Those who have listened to my words are never far from me, although their number may indeed be in the thousands. You upon the earth represent but a group of those souls which the Master of all life has entrusted to my care. For God, that One so dear, gives to His faithful servants gifts, in degree, like unto His own. I remind you that Christ the Saviour of all conditions has everyone under His tender care. So you can realise how it is possible for me to watch over numerous lives, not only upon the earth but in other conditions as well.

"I would like to open the cage of the physical mind so that you could break free from the preconceived ideas that have been built up over the years, enabling you to function as a 'spirit', vibrating to the power of Holy Spirit which is gathered here.

"For a while you function in a physical body, and perchance the earth holds that which you recognise as joy, freedom, power, and responsibility. But for those who are free, the earth-span is as a moment in time. Looking back over the past, we see the lives you have had in countless conditions, and by the power of the Christ, the future is open to us. We know that you will have life upon life, condition upon condition, and all eternity lies in front.

"Keep your vision clear. Get a true proportion of life as life is, as God meant you to understand it, and endeavour to reach out and draw to you the greater knowledge that the Father desires shall be your own. You are reminded of the promise given by the great Creator Himself to one (St. John) who loved Him well - God said: 'Behold I make all things new!' - and because we are sons and daughters of the Most High it is within our own power, by diligence, concentration, and above all by dedication, to make all things new.

"In the stage before the earth, in that condition from which you emerged into what you now recognise as life, you were an aspiring soul. Had you not been a soul desiring to rise, you would not be gathered into this temple of peace (Watford). The enemies would be too strong; your desires would lie elsewhere. There are many who do not have the same light which is yours today.

"In small part you have put into action a great and glorious principle. You have made something new. That which was old, that which was you in a time long past, has undergone a change - would to God that the change were greater! Yet a change has taken part. You seek to have wisdom concerning the greater life of the Spirit; to know something of your being; something of your Divine Inheritance. By this simple desire so within the next hour, tomorrow - you can make the vibrations that surround you new - in the sense that they can be purer, finer and more akin to that which is of God.

"I have seen so much that grieves my heart. Even in your presence I see failure and success, and there are many who could be freer than they are. Why do they hesitate? What is it that holds them back? It is the same old enemy - self - in one guise or another.

"The road of the pilgrim is difficult and steep. They set off so gaily, with faith radiating the conditions of that road. But weariness overtakes them, or their possessions held them back - and others, unseen - drew close, whispering into their minds, and they thought the thoughts were their own - 'What is the use? What of those who have tried the steep and difficult path and died of a broken heart? Does God mean you to be unhappy? Does God mean you to be uncomfortable? Has He not provided the beauties of nature for you to have and hold?' Perhaps many - because there was no one with greater wisdom near them - they listened, they stopped to wonder, and the steep hill knew them no more.

"Physical life can be sweet; there is that around that charms and attracts. The mind calls for sustenance and the heart for release. But, children of the light, children of the half-light, the only way to have the joy that lasts is the pilgrim's way; the way which the Christ laid down for us to follow. For do you not know that when the earth life is no more, that which you had, beautiful though it may have been, lies withered within your grasp, if God was left out? You will not see that which is nature in greater beauty, greater power, as God intended - but you will see that which is nature as something which affrights, something which represents bondage terrible and severe, and the consequences of the past must be faced. God Himself cannot save you from that which you have brought into being. Only by sacrifice, only by denying the lesser self, can the Master of all life give to you that which is of His Holy Self.

" 'Behold I make all things new!' - Think to yourselves of the lot of so many: Their burdens are many, their sorrows are great, and if someone spoke to them of a loving and tender Father and Mother God, they would laugh them to scorn. The Heart of the great Father is torn with anguish because of the selfishness of those of His children who stand aside and do not seek to raise and succour. Yet again the cry rings out: 'Behold I make all things new!' Soon the earth life is over, and one so tortured by the conditions of physical life stands free. Within his grasp are powers which seem to him miraculous in every sense.

"If I had the power to portray what the earth life represents - what the earth life has the power to work in and out - there would be no more sluggards on earth. Alas, sacrifice, that word of joy which has been so misunderstood on earth, is something from which the majority shrink - something to be avoided at all cost, and they are prepared to pay the fullest price. Yet when they are free, and they have something of sight, in that moment they can no longer deceive themselves or others - no longer can they evade the record of the past. What they took, they will hate, and they must learn anew to give and give again.

"A procession passes before my eyes. Who are these? Their garments are dark and sorrowful their faces. They are the ones who during the earth life thought that they knew best; who prided themselves upon their intellect; who did not remember the gentle, humble One of Nazareth, God made Man. Over the long years they have sought to retrieve that which they cast away. As I look upon them, and those with the light give to them of their sweetness and their grace, joy surges through their being and lights up their countenance and they hear anew: 'Tomorrow shall be different; behold! I make all things new!'

"Do not turn from this parable. It is but the simple truth (addressing the souls). Be of good cheer. Work today - and tomorrow shall hold peace. God is a God of saving; a God of giving; a God of retrievement. Let your example be a warning to those many who inhabit an earthly body, for history is repeated again and again.

"There are still the so called wise ones, the clever ones who think they know best: 'What of the future? Live for today!' Yet even as they speak they are planning that which is held in the tomorrow of time. When the earth body is cast aside, they see that very thought, and what it produced must not only be faced but must be worked out. Woe to those who could have known. Woe to those who turned from sacrifice. They have read the Sacred Record and know the truth which the Master came to bring.

"But to the sorrowful, the broken-hearted, those who have experienced pain in many forms: Fear not - rejoice, God will make all things new. The greyness shall pass, the pain of the body shall be stilled, and the heart shall leap with joy. In a new body, charged with power, as a King's son you shall function in the next stage. Then the earth life - with all its woes, with all its disappointments, and the things that seem to go wrong - will seem as a priceless, precious gift. What has the earth life given? It has made all things new, and not only new, but glorious, not only changed, but charged with power.

"You are entreated, and the spirit within you is entreating you, to make ready. Do not cast these words aside. Do not allow the things of the earth to hold you, to stand between you and God. The Way of the Christ is clear. It cannot be turned from except by wilfulness, blindness and obstinacy. The simple way of the Master, helping others, praying and hoping - and even when the enemies strike you, praying always that they may be blessed.

"That is a strange doctrine in a material world - a wild doctrine perhaps. But those with sight, with the freedom to know, know that only by this practice can the new state, the new life, be sweet and well worth having. The next stage is all important, it is being built now, moment by moment, by that which you think, by that which you do. What are you weaving? Labour and sorrow. What are you weaving? Joy upon joy, health for the soul body, strength for the soul mind, and freedom for the spirit within.

"Thus it is that God speaks to you. Thus God speaks: Behold I make all things new! There shall be no more crying, no more pain, no more suffering, no more disappointment, no more betrayal by others. God shall make all things new.

"Therefore, I entreat you not to pause, not to allow the enemies to come too close, but to reason with yourselves as sane men and women who are content with the present, but who seek to safeguard the future. Reason with yourselves thus: 'Today seems fair, but what of the life to come?' Then, raise your hearts and minds to the Saviour, to the One Who loves you best, and read from His sweet eyes the answer and reassurances. Work on, hope on, and behold - I make all things new; sweeter, purer, and nearer to the soul's desire.

"In the stage to come you will look around, and wonders in plenty will be shown to you. The flowers, the weeds that grow in profusion on the hillside - in their new life are made new. The animals, the insects, the storms that beat upon you, the tempests, the avalanches, they in their present form are no more - but their life, their vibrations are preserved. God, using man, has allowed man to have his part in making these things new, and so it is that the winds which dash the little vessel to destruction - in the Realms of Spirit only refresh. The trees that sway in the wind and sometimes fall - are there with their strength and their history. The trees are there to give vitality to those who need it, whether they are God's sons or daughters or God's other creations in the land where sorrow is unknown.

"Everything that is on the earth is reproduced in the next stage in something of its original form. Each particle of life has its place, each flower is known by God. That which represents wasted effort on the earth, has been gathered together to bloom in the life that is real and lasting; and when these miracles are unfolded before our wondering eyes, we grasp something of that privilege, that glorious acclamation of God: Behold I make all things new!

"This wonderful law acts for our delight - or it is put into action by the lesser self, and represents our bondage. All things lie within our own power. The next stage and the next, is it to be progress - or is that stage after the physical to represent bondage greater than holds you now.

"Make ready. Prepare. Great things are coming to pass upon the earth, and by that which is wrested from unwilling man, so, in the next stage, much that has gone awry will be made new, sweeter, kinder, and more akin to God. The responsibility is yours. The responsibility is mine. The responsibility rests upon all those created in the Divine Image who have fallen from their high estate.

"While I speak of responsibility, side by side with it is the great and glorious privilege of discipleship, the privilege of working for God, for the God within, for the release of the Christ which is imprisoned, held - stifled in countless thousands not only upon the earth but in many other conditions - the privilege of setting the prisoners free, the privilege of being regarded by the Master as a tool whom He can use, not a tool that cries 'Yes I am ready' and then hesitates at the first obstacle on the path. But a pilgrim who exclaims, perhaps, in his anguish: 'I am weak but Thou art strong, God help me to be true.' And the power comes, and the power shall come again and again, for we are His children and He has fought for us throughout all time. We are His children, and one day, one time, we must be as the Christ, even though it takes countless centuries of your time to bring that happy state into being.

"Little children of the light, give to the One who has given so much to you. Let it not be: 'What I have I hold'. For when the earth life is no more, that which you held is no more. That which you held will hold you fast. Enemies are close to those who love their possessions better than their God. Enemies are close to those who prize the gifts of the mind above the gifts of the heart. These are words of cheer and healing, of peace and upliftment.

"Around you pass the holy ones of old. What do they bring you? Their gifts, their grace, and their determination to hold up the Cross of the Christ; to fail not and to flinch not under the blows of earth life. You are implored for the sake of God within to make a holy compact with yourselves, that from now on it shall be the Christ first, the Christ second, and the Christ third. For indeed great things are coming to pass, and the power of Holy Spirit is going to be revealed to doubting men. Then in the next stage the faithful will rejoice. They will see that God has made all things new. But the faithless will be bound in woe because they forgot that life goes on forever. The choice lies with each one of you - God or self, freedom or bondage.

"May the great Father of Universal Love give to you the strength to choose the Cross."

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