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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 2nd July, 1927.

"Great Controller of all Life, we thank Thee for this gift that Thou hast bestowed upon us - the gift of Life Eternal, the gift of Love Eternal - and we know that as we gather together for this quiet time Thou art teaching us how to live and how to love. Oh inspire us to greater efforts; turn our eyes away from doubt, away from those things which would intervene, and draw us as the children we are to Thy Side, to receive Thy blessing direct.

"Father, we know that we fail so often, we know that the shadows seek to thwart Thy holy purpose, but ever and again the courage comes, and we go on, profiting by the past and leaning ever more on the grace which comes from Thee. Oh give us greater vision, give us a wider illumination, and grant that the Divine within may dominate our lives now and for ever...

"Father, we thank Thee for the gift of Christ; for all He has taught us and shown us we thank Thee with grateful hearts. Amen...

"...Little children, this night we have met together, under the plans of God, to pursue the path, to release in the measure we can, the Divine within. And I want you always to remember this: That to the Father you are His little ones, for the most part blind to things as they are, for the most part longing to know, yet conscious that you have but penetrated one inch into Wisdom. And how does the Father regard His own? My children, you cannot exaggerate the love and the patience of God.

"There are those on earth who are controlled by the earth view, and condemnation comes swiftly to their lips. They see that which the pilgrim should attain, and they compare it with the failures of the past, and forgetting their own greater strength, so they think that others could do the same. They have not learnt the lesson which must be learnt by all - that the criticism of others, the condemnation of the frail, that comes not from the purity within, but the shadows use the tool of the physical mind to hinder the progress of the soul concerned. As spiritual understanding dawns upon us, so a mighty compassion holds our very being, and so we realise, through remembrance, the temptations which are on either side and which gather in the weak; and we send our love and our aid to the struggling child, and, in the drying of the tears, the distraction of the mind - joy, like a garment, is wrapped around us.

"This is how we feel towards all. Out of our littleness so we seek to gather something, aye, a fragment of that greatness which God typifies. So carry your minds on and build up and build up again, and then some faint conception of how the Beloved feels towards His children can be made your own.

"We are here to learn, to pursue the path which slowly shall unravel Truth as it is, for lo, that free gift of Truth has, by the will of man, become involved in much which has no affinity with itself. Those swayed by the world, tempted by the destroyers, sought to decorate, to embellish the mighty gift of Truth which is simplicity itself; and over the long past, so this accumulation has grown and grown, and now there are many who mistake the accumulation - which is as the rubbish of the physical plane - they mistake that for the jewel which is hidden within.

"Yet, God over-rules your lives and the life of this little planet, and the time comes when the great Creator of all sends forth the edict that the Light shall come; that the darkness of physical understanding shall no longer hold chief place. But, my children, there are many so absorbed in other things that they have no time to listen for the quiet Voice of the Spirit. The claims of the world, its many laws and customs, ah, these find more favour in their minds. But one day, one time, they must come back to Reality and disentangle themselves from all that which holds them from their spirit's desire.

"And so, my little ones, tonight, because you and the many I have gathered in - those of the physical plane, and those who long since have laid the earthly tabernacle aside - because all wish to be free, all long for that liberation which only can bring peace, I would speak to you on: 'Beauty and Beautiful Things'...

"Yes, each one has a definite conception of beauty, but you look back over the past and you find that that conception has somewhat changed through the experiences which have taken place, and through that which you have gathered to yourselves.

"To the child, what is beauty? Something that glitters in the sun. Aye, symbolical of much. To the growing boy and girl, what is beauty? The toys of physical life, that which represents speed and movement; that to them is not only the most beautiful but the most desirable thing to have. Symbolical of much.

"And then, as maturity comes, or before, to some beauty is represented by the babe which lies in their arms. Oh, symbolical of much. Later on, perhaps, the world presses rather close, the old desires and longings, they no longer have the same attraction - and then possessions, success, that is beauty; and alas, it is symbolical of much.

"To the aged - ah, to those who have seen the folly of that which the world so prizes - to the aged a quiet corner and the open book, that is beauty; and God has touched them with that wisdom which one day shall be their own, yes, in a way they little understand.

"So, my children, send back your minds over the past and see what, at this period, represents your treasure; for where your treasure lies there also lies the indication of the point on the journey - the spiritual journey - which you have reached. But, if to some, a pang comes because that beauty was so different from beauty as you understand it now, then I bid the sorrowful thoughts depart, for lo, rejoice in the freedom - that measure of freedom which is your own at this stage - and take it as a sign that in the tomorrow you shall be that degree farther on again.

"But, my little ones, I would speak more on personal lines, not to you individually so much as to those others here who blundered in the past; aye, and to those cabined in the body who cannot see their chains. I say to them that that which holds their minds - the pursuit of knowledge, the unravelling of the so-called secrets of science, or, again, the pursuit of that which you name the Fine Arts, those creative gifts which, in degree, have enriched the world or have set it one point farther back; to all the many who are absorbed in the study of that which relates to the earth and its soil; and, again, to the many who devote their energies to bringing out of the soil plant and blossom to transform that which was barren before, to all these I say:

"God understands this interest of yours; God understands that it is good for a man, good for a woman, to concentrate on some definite pursuit, the acquirement of knowledge or the development of the resources of Nature, but - and that word 'but' must at one time be faced - in all that which claims the physical mind, think you what part does God hold for His own.

"Here, dear children, you get the weak link in the chain of that which is constructive. I have told you that concentration is a most precious gift, that it must be developed sooner or later; for once free from the body, the individual must create the wherewithal to build, create it by force, by thought, and, above all, by love.

"I have told you that the harnessing of the physical will to the uncongenial task, this is building up strength by the very discipline it imposes; but have I not told you as well that all this power and strength, all those gifts - these are weak, imperfect, unfinished in the degree that God is left outside the consideration of the student, that Christ and the Christ-spirit, which is helping others, finds no place. And the time must come when realisation cannot be fenced off; the time comes to all when, with anguish, we look back over our past opportunities, and the tools - those precious tools which might have been ours - they cannot be found...

"And then, my children, I would speak to you of those of old, the followers of the Beloved. These had the same natural longings, the same desires as all the rest of mighty humanity. There were attractions, there were temptations, ah, there was the choice. But think you within yourselves: What was it that so held these, who were as children in understanding when the Holy One commenced to instruct? Cannot you answer this yourself? Once they had seen the Master, once they had felt upon them the rays of His most comprehensive Love, He and He alone, held all spaces in heart and mind. Yes, once we had seen and listened to the Beloved, all else was as naught. He was our interest, our absorbing interest, and those of the world might have brought to us the treasures of the world, but while He remained, our eyes were fixed on Him...

"And this is the message I am instructed to pass on to all: Those bound by the physical - they find full excuse, complete sympathy for the man, for the woman, who is absorbed in history, who finds unending delight in experiment and exploration; they love the good gardener, they are most tender towards the one who cares for animals and makes a study of their habits - but when one here or there concentrates on Christ, then what does the world say and how does it name them? They are the cranks, the obsessed, the ones who have lost their mental balance. Such is the power of the destroyers in their midst...

"Oh, my children, gather in this Truth, for it is meant for all - and you must instruct others and prepare them for what lies in front. Show them the folly of their ignorance, lay out before them the audacity of their view-point, aye, explain how crippled is the mind which is their own, the mind which can praise the man or the woman who brings the blossom out of the earth, but has nothing but scorn for the ones who devote their attention to the study of the Creator of the life of the blossom and all it represents.

"Spirit values, earth values - how little they have in common. And when such as these pass hence, as knowledge comes, so they will look around and all that which once meant so much will be as dust, for they honoured the subject or the thing, but forget to honour the Bestower of the gift. That is the Truth, and you, my little ones, and all, as you go on you will not only alter your conception of beauty, but the proportion which Christ holds in it; and as the spirit gains its release so, more and more, it will be God, or Christ, and the thing itself, beautiful - aye, so beautiful that you marvel - its message will be that of Love, and God is Love.

"Oh, think you, and pass on this Truth to others, for when the physical life is no more, things physical and material, they also crumble away, and many a man and many a woman - studious, aye, showing that perseverance and patience which is laudable - many a man and woman, when they pass hence, find that all their vitality was focussed on that which has no life beyond this little earth; and with tears, with broken hearts, they retrace their steps and learn, ah, learn something about the God they had forgotten, something about the Creator, something about the mighty constructive Architect of all spheres. As little children - aye, as babes - they gather to themselves fragments of that wisdom which only has the life which can survive the intermediate conditions between themselves and that which is known as Spirit Realms.

"So, my little ones, in cultivating beauty in your lives, in looking out over Nature - that gift from God - let your mind soar one point above Nature to the Thinker, to the One who gave, and who waits to give in a measure so great that you cannot understand it now. When you pursue your studies, oh, draw Christ in. When you do the homely task, think of the Beloved, of His home on earth, His toil, and how forever He glorified labour by that which He undertook Himself. It is the preparation, it is that discipline of the physical will and physical mind, and one day that which seems so uninviting now shall be shown to you as beauty, perfected by your Father and Mother God, because you did your little best. That is Truth.

"And then, my little ones, I speak in regard to that which is your real self, the Divine within. Different garments do you wear; in some cases the body is troublesome, ah, in some cases you feel that you could do so much better if your equipment was of a higher order. But remember that to God you are something of Himself, and within you - oh, how can I cull words to express even a fragment of that which really is - within you, is a beauty, is a glory surpassing anything your minds could conjure up - and why, why? Because it is of God; it is there in all as an ideal, as something which, one day, shall be freed from that which binds, and will represent you without anything to mar, without anything to darken its loveliness...

"Oh, think of the beauty within, its power to create imperishable beauty, that which shall not pass away. There, my children, you have it laid out so plainly before you, and you realise that the beauty of the earth - those shades and colours and tints which are reflected in Nature for man's education - that these are but one step, one step to prepare you for that beauty, that glory which is of God Himself.

"So, my little ones, as you go your separate ways, aye, and as you watch others concentrating on creating beauty in the physical world, give them the word of warning: Tell them that that which grows beneath their hands will represent something loathsome in time to come if God had no place in their thoughts while they worked.

"There have been those who, upon canvas, have portrayed a beauty which has kept the lookers-on spellbound. But many of these, when sight is made their own, have prayed that something might happen so that that work should be ashes for ever more. Yes, it represents to them horror, for they used the gift - God's gift - but they denied the Giver, they denied the One to whom they owed everything they had. That beauty stands to them as something which they would forget, but by its influence on the minds of others they cannot forget, for the detrimental effect goes on...

"The responsibility of the servant with the talents; the responsibilities of the representatives of the Truth who have not made this plain before. Under that which is named Art, the destroyers have struck on all sides; and how few have raised their voice against that influence which is unlimited in its scope.

"I entreat all to get back to facts, to be practical, to face life as it is. To those who have placed God first, God second, and God third - to them I say: Heed not the scorn of the world. That same scorn, as an avalanche, was hurled against the Christ; and His servants who followed after and tried to tread the same path - they were named 'mad' or 'possessed' because they concentrated on God and not on something of the earth.

"Oh, what is implied in this cannot be over-emphasised, for many are guilty of this attitude of mind, even those who name themselves Christians and who attempt to demonstrate Christ to others. Let your obsession be Christ; let the absorbing interest of your waking and sleeping hours be Christ. And when you are free, on all sides those powers, those creative gifts, shall be yours in a perfection undreamt of during the earth experience.

"For the pilgrim who keeps his eyes on God is - unconsciously to himself - throwing off and throwing off that which binds. And the beauty within - the spirit - has all powers; and thus the wise man, the wise woman, lays aside this and that which so attracts them now, for the sake of having the real thing in that Life which is Life indeed.

"Pursue beauty, but the beauty of Christ. Cleave to beautiful things by doing Christ's work on earth - succour the weak, soothe the broken-hearted. There you have a loveliness created by yourselves, which will never pass away. The beauty of the Master, the loveliness of the humble heart, the exquisite hues of patience.

"Ah, my little ones these are the gifts; those others are the toys at the mercy of the elements, of the stranger who prizes them not. The dedication, the concentration on holy things - ah, on the Beloved Himself - that gives you of His garment, and with that loveliness held as your possession the strength comes to make that of yourself - which is yet not beautiful in the sense of beauty - that gives you the strength to harmonise the dull with the bright, the soiled with the pure, aye, the unpleasing with that which is as the glory of God...

"And so, my little ones, I leave you to ponder, to enlarge upon it in the quietness of your own homes, to try and grasp something of the Truth, for the fragment which I have given you leads on to that which is unending; to clear your vision, to steady your mind, ah, to teach others that which need not be unlearnt in time to come. A few thoughts I cast out, yet they come from the great Source. Hold those golden threads, for they are yours, and let the spirit within instruct and guide and awaken, for the physical mind it sleeps until God's touch is felt...

"And then by the direction of the Master who controls us all, I speak to the stranger present (Lady Gait):

"Child, it is as thus: Within that body there is a brave and courageous spirit, but there are barriers and obstacles between it and its purpose. During the sleep state, that which is your self has communed with me and many others, and out of its entreaty so I have drawn you into this little home, for there is work in front.

"Yet, the choice must be made by the mind you use at this stage. But oh, ponder on the past and seek to send your thoughts into the future, for lo, the time must come when, if the hard road is turned from, sorrow will assail you, and though the comforters will be around no comfort will come, for you will say: 'I knew'.

"A great work lies in your surroundings, neglected because the destroyers have been given over-licence. In those whom you call your friends, in the many whose lives have touched your own and separated again, there is work to do; and one day, either on the earth plane or in conditions beyond physical death, the task must be yours, for the spirit has seen God and stands obedient to His will.

"Ponder, my child, for much hangs in the balance. Only by spiritual intervention have I linked your life with my little ones here in this way. Workers are wanted, instruments, interpreters of the Truth, and the call comes - some refuse to hear - but the call comes again and again over the ages, and at last the spirit is satisfied, and the spirit is of God. Around you there are helpers in plenty but they cannot work for you unless you work deliberately with them. The future is as this: Take the hard path; and the sunshine - for a span - will seem as covered over; but lo, beyond that span, is a joy, a peace, and a sweet content, which is not of the physical at all.

"But the choice is yours - we only guide and aid and console - the choice is yours.

"And now, my little ones, I will leave. Hold fast to the conditions here, for we must work in that part of the pattern ordained by the Master. We are His tools, and we thank Him that He uses us, if only in part..."

(Others then spoke...)

(Mother of John the Baptist)

"...Sweet Sisters, out of the past I come, yea, out of the past. It is that same one whom you name Elizabeth, and I am mentioned in the Sacred Record because of the one I bore named John.

"Strange how it seems to me that, as I speak, I feel the rough earth under my feet; strange that that body I wore, with its age, comes back again, and my back is bent with many years. Strange that in these conditions I look out on that olden sky, my little home, and the one who protected me during the earthly span - my lord who was the father of my child...

"Tonight, sweet sisters, and my brothers too, I have a message to deliver, yet the thoughts they course through my mind, the memories they are over-pressing; but think you as to my lot.

"In those ancient times - to you - the God of our fathers over-ruled each action of the day. There were observances of this, and many, many prayers - nay, I like not that word - many petitions did we make. When the dawn came, so we praised the Giver, and when the sun withdrew its fierce rays from upon us, again we thanked the Giver. Yet, who and what God represented we knew not, so ignorant it seems in these enlightened times. But God was the same in that far day as you understand the Christ at this late time.

"And when the vision came, that to this humble handmaid the gift of a child should come, and that that child should prepare the way for the great Messiah, I knelt, trembling, aye, through the hours of night, for it seemed to me that a storm had swept through my brain, it seemed that some old legend held me fast...

"But, tonight, I would unfold my thoughts. The child grew apace, yet he was strange withal. Aye, many a time, as his eyes were upon my face, through my heart even as a knife was plunged. 'What think you child?' And he answered: 'Naught, my thoughts were far away'.

"And then, as time passed, and I saw even as an opening flower that fragrance within, which, as an offering, he made to his God, so the mind instructed and the heart confirmed the promise.

"But I would not leave you without drawing your minds to the lesson of my life... So strange it seems. I feel I must away to the Temple, there to prepare for that which took place at the appointed hour; yet, this is my Temple, and here I am instructed to pass on to you that which shall feed your minds in time to come.

"That son passed into a world of his own, the world of God. Out in the wilderness, there he wrestled with temptation, and there he bought the gift of vision; and when the little span of his life was run, so, as he has narrated, the body was laid aside and he walked with Christ (see 'Signs and Wonders', 2nd April 1927)...

"This then is my message to you all: The women of all times have suffered much. A little while they hold the babe in their arms, ah, but a little while; the time comes all too soon when the grown man departs and the woman is left to mourn. But that unity which is of the Spirit, that is preserved for aye, and from my Home - in conditions out of the physical - so I watched and prayed and tended and comforted that which was the babe that I had borne...

"Oh, let not sadness claim your hearts. It was the way of persecution and surrender to the destroyers in the end, but the way of persecution not only led him to Christ, but held Christ - and all that was represented in that word - held to his side the Giver of Life...

"My child and I - so little time it seemed we spent together; but the women, we have within us that patience from the past; and as I speak this night, so I can pass on to you a message of consolation over those many separations which must take place, or which may be numbered in the past. Think of me with love, for having suffered much I can close the wounds, aye, and I can make the link between you and the ones... (interrupted by consciousness of the Christ Presence):

"Master, thy servant, thy humble handmaid for ever and for ever...

"Sisters, the Master has blest us all as I spake to you in tones so halting. He has said: 'Blessed are they that have mourned; blessed are the women who have furthered the holy purpose and the plan; blessed are the women for they have suffered much'...

"Anon I come again, for I am numbered amongst the women drawn into these vibrations by your understanding of the past. And when we meet again, of that life which was mine I will unfold that which, in your time, will supply a need; for though we baked and weaved, though we toiled as you can never toil, yet the heart of woman is the same, and those who were used in the past have been used throughout the ages, and will be used for ever...

"Forgive me if this night failure has been mine. The words, they come, but not in the language to which you are accustomed, and I am sore confused, for this body (of instrument) is so unlike my own (spiritual). Yet, it is the Master's will that the women of the past should be the women of the present, and that the women of the past shall lend their aid and gather in the treasure of the love of those who, in these so different times, fulfil the purpose and the plan.

"Farewell, but I pray you let no impatience seize your minds, for I am sore beset in speaking thus; yet, joy is in my heart, for around us those others have gathered close, and he who was my son - so great and strong a spirit within the physical garment - he that was my son, once more prepares the way for Christ. Farewell..."

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, although there are many longing to come through this instrument and speak to you, claiming your love and showing the wonderful links that are there, all these, because they love God, so gladly do they give up their will to Him.

"My children who write (Dorrie and Mr. Gregory) have had a trying time; yet, what does that represent? Why, a beauty that shall never pass away. And you, each one, by your dedication, by your wish to learn, you have gathered into permanency that loveliness which only a pure heart and a pure mind can bring into being.

"To all who read my words and who long for a personal message, to each one I say that they have with them those who minister direct. Blind the eyes of the body may be, unhearing the physical ears, but the spirit sees, the spirit answers, and the spirit obtains its daily bread. One word I send them, and that is that the One who loves them best delights in their efforts, in their holy desires, and the blessing is all around. They are seeking beauty, that loveliness which is holiness, that strength which belongs to God; and out of their desires, so these things spring up, for God waits to give and longs to give when His little ones are ready to have and to hold.

"Thus we close. The Beloved has gathered you in and around you there is the loveliness of spiritual things; therefore with your treasure, with your uncountable gifts go back into the world, keeping yourselves free from worldly things, and accomplish that for which you entered the physical body - God's work on earth, the restoring of that harmony which indeed was meant to be on all sides; the preparation today so that tomorrow may not find you unready; and always the happy heart, because there is beauty within and beauty without - that beauty which only service can make your own...

"I bless you in the Name of the Father with peace and with love; I bless you in the Name of Christ with a valiant heart and the courage that comes from Him; I bless you in the Name of the Holy Spirit with sight - that sight which shall instruct you as to the next step in front.

"Goodnight, my children, and let no misgivings come into your vibrations, for you belong to God and He controls all things. Goodnight, and rest in peace..."

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