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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An Extract From


Taken from an Address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Hogarth Hall, Town Hall, Chiswick, on Sunday, December 31st 1944.

'Life After Physical Death'

"...Now the Religion of Truth is this: that within the heart and mind there are certain characteristics which today have lost their great utility, and their beauty as well. There are emotions and desires which are not helpful to the individual or to the world at large. What are these? They are those attributes, pure and perfect at the beginning of time, gifted unto man at his creation, which have become marred by the abuse of free-will. Does this mean elimination? No, it means transmutation, it means that those thoughts or desires or acts which you know are not the highest or the best, are only a tarnished form of something beautiful and good; and your personal security rests entirely upon the effort you are making to bring back these things to their high aspect.

"So we think of life after physical death. What has it to offer for man, for you, for the stranger outside the gate? It depends entirely upon free-will. In the degree that the discipline of life inspires or forces a man to struggle, so that one can be certain of personal security after physical death. In the degree that the individual goes with the swim, clutches at all the transient gifts that physical life has to hold, in the degree that he debases his Divine self, he can be certain that after physical death he is in a very insecure position, one that will fill him with fear.

"It is all so plain and it is all in the Holy Book, but for his own purpose man misinterprets Divine Truth; and only the few, like voices crying in the wilderness, try to awaken him. Slumbering man is drugged by the false teachings of a material world.

"Therefore, beloved, my New Year's message is one charged with hope and a mighty promise. You say unto me: 'See the state of the world today!' Yet Rome was not built in a day, and I remind you that even the Master found that human nature could not be hurried where the masses were concerned. But remember this: if those few followers of the Christ had said unto themselves: 'It is useless to try!' where would you be today? In a position so fraught with danger that you would be almost below the animals of the field.

"So I speak to the workers, to those who have the will and determination and faith, and I say unto them: Now is the time of opportunity; today you have to awaken those in your conditions, because it is useless to talk of national or personal security when those concerned, in a moment of time, may be swept hence into another world to awaken to the fact that by the abuse of free-will they must walk with horror until, by suffering, their chains are struck from them..."

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