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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 19th March, 1927.

"O God, the Ruler of our lives, the Consoler of our hearts and the Inspirer of our spirits, let us, this night, learn of Thee, and in learning take to ourselves the greatest lesson of all - the gift, the privilege, the joy of teaching others. Help us to understand ourselves, and when that consciousness comes, grant that we may pass out of things physical, things limited, those which represent self in its many deceptive forms - pass into that great wide continent of endeavour, and there give out the message of hope, the Good News of Christ and His Love for mankind.

"Oh grant that these, Thy instruments, may be conscious of the great work in front; grant that as they do the next thing, and try to train the mind to reach out to those things which are Spirit, grant that the gates of that which Thy children call Revelation may be found wide open, and that they may feel something of Thy glory shining upon them.

"Entrusting ourselves in Thy Loving Hands and asking Thee to bless us as we meet together in this way, we commence our work with happy hearts, confident that the strength will be given, certain that it is Thy Will that we meet and learn, and then go forth and teach others how Thy Love overrules us all... Father, we thank Thee...

"...My little children, this evening I intend to pass on to you that which our Father and Mother God has ordained, and I want you, each one, to feel that not only are you taking but, in the measure that you are free, you are giving to God in this sacred work. There are many who in their devotions are unconscious of the force which they are bringing into being. They pray for this one and their thoughts of compassion go out to another - the sick, the poor, the worthless - all are gathered into their petitions and they commend them to God. Such as these, my little ones, are not only doing the Saviour's work but they are creating power, they are creating a mighty constructive force which shall never pass away.

"Thus in wishing to learn, to give out of the best within, you are calling down upon yourselves the blessing of the Holy Spirit, and, moreover, you are setting into being power for the use of those who, as yet, have not found within themselves even the desire to arise out of the darkness which holds them fast...

"Children, it has been ordained that this evening I take you on a little further in regard to that which I named: 'Life after Death'; and I want you, while I speak, to think Thus: 'This is a fragment of the Truth as the Truth is; this is only the little out of the gigantic whole; yet, I will make it my own and, in due course, to that which I have much shall be given'...

"Yes, much shall be given. But, little ones, you know full well that the wise instructor leads gently, slowly into knowledge - and still more gently, and still more slowly into the wisdom which is of God. Those who plunge into some great fact, some great truth, indeed they are as little boats floundering on a great and mighty ocean. They have forgotten that little boats were built for quiet and limited waters, they have forgotten to create that craft which is not only suitable, but which is strong enough to face the elements, and still to keep on its course, in spite of that which would prevent.

"So, dear children, you see that I must teach by slow stages, that I must lead you out of the little into that which is somewhat greater, but all the time you are putting in the foundation - the stability of mind; you are harmonising the nerves, you are indeed building up a bulwark of protection, so that when those great Truths which God intends shall be the possession of His children - when those great Truths are vouchsafed, you shall look back and see that all the links are there; and, more than that, those links are firm, that they are stable, that they are able to lead you on into that which is Holiness itself...

"Never forget that the way into wisdom, of necessity, must be by gradual stages, by the sustained effort, by the resisting of the temptation to rest on your oars or to relinquish them and let the tide take you where it will. Only by the bringing together of that which represents your spiritual foundation can you enter into the revelation of those things which are of God.

"So tonight, dear children, speaking of all that wide experience which lies before you when the body is cast aside, drawing in again the next stage - that birth into what was intended to be a wider, sweeter, purer life - so this evening I speak on that which I will name: 'The Barrier of Conditions'.

"In the first place, we will consider the things of daily life, of this physical existence which can prepare you in such a wonderful a way for what lies beyond the grave, what lies before all in time to come.

"Children, in your homes or amongst your friends, aye, and when you go out into the wider arena of the world, you are conscious - in the degree that sensitiveness is developed - you are conscious of many barriers between you and the souls of others; yes, even between you and the one you love and the one whose tender care is your most precious possession. And why is this? Because, my little ones, you are individual, because each one of you has developed that which represents your real self by experience in conditions, in environment which is peculiarly your own.

"But you would remind me that in the home there are those who live under the same conditions, who come from the same bodily source, who indeed should have the same mental outlook, by the fact of the training received in that centre. But I say to you, dear children, that this physical life is but one short stage. Long ere the body was donned, so you, as individuals, lived your separate existence, had your different experiences; and when the physical is no more, again that will be repeated.

"And then you ask me why should it be that those who have to live together are sometimes so opposite in their tastes and in their conclusions, for this fact creates discord and brings sorrow to the heart. And I answer: Because the spirit within has seen God so that spirit, out of love, has chosen that which is discipline to the mind of the body, has chosen it for the sake of the gain to come.

"Children, you in your homes and those in their wider lives mixing amongst the crowd, in very truth you are divided by conditions from each other; and could you see things as they are, you would know that while your body functioned in the physical world and while their body functioned in the same sphere, the real self was living its life in a condition quite different, in a condition separate yet impinging on the physical, by reason of the necessities of human life.

"I speak to you all with great understanding of what your lives hold at this time, and I say when you are brought into contact with those who understand you not, then remember this: That though you mingle and have converse with such as these, in a far wider, greater way, you are also mingling with those who understand you through and through. You are surrounded by that sweet companionship where disharmony is unknown.

"Yes, dear children, I speak not only of the One who loves you best - your Saviour, my Saviour, the Beloved of our hearts - I speak of a mighty throng, I speak of those who, out of love for the God who gave them being, delight to accomplish His work; and He has said to them as He has said to us all: 'Feed My lambs, feed My sheep'.

"So those a little older, a little wiser, a little nearer to the Truth, come to you and they minister to you; and there you may find companions who never fail, who never misunderstand you, who love you with that love which nothing of the physical, nothing of any world can cast aside...

"Little ones, the conditions which divide you and others, one from another, they can be bridged, but only by souls great in strength and firm in purpose; and the bridge between you and those others, and the bridge between those others and yourselves, is charity - that understanding love.

"My children, you have found it possible to mingle with the crowd, and yet to be unconscious of the crowd; you have found it possible to be out in the sweet country, with quietness and loneliness all around, and you have been conscious of a joy, a comfort and a companionship, which cannot be defined in words.

"You have proved again and again that the physical self and the real you have separate existences, can function in different planes, that the body can be chained to the earth and the spirit can soar out into the Illimitable and have converse with those who are not only in Light but who, by their efforts, have made that Light their own.

"You have found again, that in physical stress or in that joy which comes from pure desire, that the real you reached out in thankfulness - or to seek direct help from the great God of all, from the Ruler of our lives, the Creator of everything in every place - that the real you has soared and found Christ.

"So, dear children, I speak thus to prepare your minds for that barrier of conditions which faces each one when the body is no more. There are those who have not thought this matter out, who have been distressed at the inference that when they inhabit a physical body no more, they will be unable to commune with their dear ones who have passed into Eternal Life, that they will be unable to reach those they love because of the greater advancement, the greater knowledge, the greater experience of that dear one who has learnt much in conditions so different from their own.

"To such as these I speak in tones of reassurance, while I underline the Truth as Truth is.

"Children, when the spirit is finally severed from the flesh - and I speak now of the aspiring soul, of the one who has tried to keep in touch with holy things - that real you is conscious of much, it is conscious of those linked to it who are still in the body; it is conscious of a mighty throng of strangers, strangers in one sense and yet wonderfully familiar in another; yes, the spirit is conscious of a change - in some cases a little bewildered, in other cases so overwhelmed with joy that it finds it impossible to take in more than the surface of all the beauty which is around.

"Children, cannot you see here that the spirit in its new garment - that garment built up by the experience during the earth life - that the real you again is divided from others in a way almost too varied to be put into words? You, free from the body and the restrictions of the body, find yourself restricted instantly, in another way. You stand by the one you love who mourns your loss, you wind your arms round their necks, you speak to them, you entreat them, but they hear you not. You are there, infinitely more alive, infinitely more sensitive, infinitely more conscious of their presence, but they weep because you have 'gone', and they regard your passing out even as a cross laid upon them...

"Oh, think you, dear children, as to the sufferings of the so-called dead; think how you will feel under those same circumstances - your anxiety, how your heart and mind is torn with anguish over the unnecessary suffering of the one who kneels beside your body; and think how terrible a thing is ignorance, what a 'sin' against the Mind of Love.

"Children, oft you have felt - when those dear to you have passed hence - how divided you are from them by conditions; but so few have considered how infinitely greater those barriers appear to the freed spirit, how they are ruled out of the lives of the ones who mean all to them, how even that which reminds them of their physical presence is put away out of sight because the memories are too keen. And all the time they stand by you, grieving as they watch, calling to you ever and receiving only tears in return.

"And then, dear children, I pass on to another phase of the next stage.

"In their loneliness - because those of the earth have ruled them out of their existence - in their loneliness, they turn to the ones who are around, to the mother they loved so well, and the mother is there.

"Yet, they are conscious of this: That that mother is purer, more of Spirit, less interested in the trivial round; that she has a wider knowledge; and although she loves them well - far better than was possible during the physical stage - she loves many, she ministers to countless numbers, her interests have extended, the scope of her opportunity has enlarged beyond all designation in words; the mother is the same and yet a nobler being, nearer to the ideal.

"And while the newcomer loves and admires, he is conscious of the barrier of conditions. He feels suddenly very small, indeed hedged in by the little life that he has just left, and the thought brings its sadness; and as the sadness arises, so he gathers a little of that self-revelation which comes to all, increasing as we progress. He is conscious that his work is scarce begun... They are divided by conditions.

"And now we come to the mother's point of view, and remember this: That because that soul has seen something of the gigantic Love of God, so its capacity to love has increased and will increase as time goes on. She too suffers because the child she loves is saddened by the thought of the task in front. And the mighty love which rushes out from her for the one under her charge, that love has its twofold aspect - the joy and pain which always, dear children, represents the love which is real love.

"And the mother so endowed, longs to give of her gifts to her child, yet the child is not ready to receive them, and the mother finds that her gifts - so precious, so wonderful, as they seem to the looker-on - that those gifts cannot bring her her spirit's desire; for the spirit's desire is to give all that it has to the one who is loved so well.

"And then, dear children, there is that other aspect. The mother tries to teach the newcomer as to those conditions which separate, yet which can be bridged by love, one for the other. She reasons in this way: 'I seem to you a little removed from your thoughts and interests. Come with me and I will show you those who make me feel the same'. And, she takes the newcomer to one who is older and wiser than herself; and the newcomer is conscious first of the barrier between himself and the one he loves; and, again, of the barrier between that wonderful mother and the teacher she has approached; and still again of the gigantic barrier between himself and the one who appears holy in very truth...

"And then the wise teacher speaks to them thus: 'Little children, have I not been through this myself? Think of me, think of my feelings when the Saviour of the world draws near. Can I not understand? Have I not suffered as you suffer? But look around; there are bridges on either side, and the bridge which no one can break down is that between you and the God who controls all things'.

"So, my children, we learn, and while our compassion goes out to this one and that a little farther down the hill, yet we know that others who have climbed higher than ourselves, that they feel the same compassion for us because we are divided from them by conditions.

"But have I not taught you that the strong joy in going to the weak; and those who are weak, because they are linked up to those who are stronger than themselves, they send words of cheer to the ones who are frailer still; they call to them: 'Look up. All is well'. And the frail grasp the hand of this one, and this one a span higher up, grasps the hand of another, and that one is linked again to another stronger than himself.

"And so this mighty human chain does God's work, and because it is God's work, through that human chain comes the power direct from the Holy Spirit, and the power passes through the strongest to the weakest, aye, to those you name the vilest; for God as Christ seeks for the lost sheep and seeks until it is found...

"My children, remember this: That whether during the physical stage, whether during that chain of experience before the body was donned, of necessity, man is separated from man by conditions. But within the power of each one is this - a priceless gift: That as they strive so those barriers can be cast aside; that as they prepare themselves, so they can leave the lower reaches, and not only penetrate but dwell in the Home of God.

"Little ones, those who love you so well - you name them the holy ones - who come to you evening by evening, these, though divided from you by conditions, have shown you that through the power of God those conditions can be bridged.

"And mark you this: True it is that I speak to many beyond your comprehension now, yet you - by your dedication, by your desire to meet in this way and to do the Saviour's work - you have thrown innumerable bridges out to those in dark and terrible places; and these, so bound by the past and the weakness it has held, because of this act of yours, have found the strength if not to cross the bridge then to gather on the threshold and to contact with you, who, during these hours of sweet converse, are centred in the Light which never fades...

"Oh think to yourselves as to the great privilege, as to this priceless opportunity of being as redeemers of others because you have been redeemed yourselves. Think of it, children, that you, because you are instruments, have reached not only strangers, not only those divided from you by generations according to physical reckoning, but you have reached those who indeed are separated from you by lack of experience, by that almost insurmountable barrier of alienation from the Most High and the imprisonment of the Divine within.

"Yet, these barriers have been broken down, and I say that the barriers between you and those who have passed hence these many ages - the prophets and the servants of the Lord God Jehovah, again, the barriers have been broken down, and the bridge of love between you is there for ever and for ever...

"So, dear children, when you think of those who have left you so far as the physical body is concerned, and of the barrier erected by that which you name 'death', then grasp the Truth, say and believe, because God is a God of Love, that between you and your own, not only is division impossible but those who loved you when on earth love you now with an infinitely greater love, because, having seen something of Divine Love, so their own capacity to love has grown and grown again.

"And when you think of Christ - the All-Pure One, the One who overcame weakness in every form - let no consciousness of barriers between His Holiness and your lack of development hold your minds, but remember that within you there is something of Him, and because of that no conditions can intervene, no gates, no doors can remain, except those which you by your attitude of mind erect yourselves...

"Christ has said to you: 'Come unto Me and I will give you rest' (Matt. 11:28) - and if there were barriers of conditions between you and the Sacred One, how could He say: 'Come unto Me'?

"Children, as always, I bring you back to the One who loves you best, and I say to you that through Him - because He is not only our Saviour but our Creator - that through Him you have safe access to any and to everyone that your love seeks to reach. The barriers may be there to some, but that is their own act of free-will and not God's will. The barrier of conditions can be swept aside by one simple thing - the wish to hold close to Christ.

"There you get your key to Holy communion with those you name the saints; there you find the connection between you and those you loved when together you dwelt upon this little earth... Holy communion through the One who is All-Holiness, All-Purity, All-Love. Oh, think you within yourselves, is not this like Christ? Is not this like the tender Heart of your Father and Mother God?

"And He has laid down for all to read that simple fact so oft misunderstood, so oft only grasped in an infinitesimal part - the Master said: 'I am The Way, The Truth and The Life'. And in this brief statement you have all you need.

"Christ has called you to arise and to give your help in the redemption of the world, and 'The Way', my little children, is the simple way, the way that Christ illustrated so faithfully Himself: The work and the effort; the mingling amongst those who have naught of the possessions of the world to call their own; the casting aside of the furniture and the embellishments of physical life - The Way that Christ trod Himself. And that Way breaks down the barriers of conditions between you and every one.

"And The Truth, dear children? Christ is The Truth, and He conquered death, and He came to His faithful companions who were heartbroken by their loss, and He showed them that Love is stronger than death...

"Christ said: 'I am the Life'; and the Life, dear children, is that Life which goes on for aye, passing out of limitations into the Illimitable, into that which is Life indeed.

" - 'I am The Way, The Truth and The Life' - and because each one of us draws our life from Him, because each created thing draws its life from the Great Source, so, little ones, for whatever we want, for the wherewithal of that which we would accomplish, we go back to The Life, and gain direct from Him that which only He can supply, for without Him there is no Life in us...

"Therefore, in pondering over the barrier of conditions, take to yourselves this glorious reassurance, this unshakeable Truth: That in the One who loves us best you have that which can bridge all things, all divisions of mind, all separations by 'religion', and those most destructive distinctions of class and race. You have in Christ that which can conquer all, and in seeking those who have left you for a little space, let your thoughts be on Christ, for He alone can give you your heart's and your spirit's desire; for Christ is The Way, The Truth and The Life...

"And now, my children, I will leave you for a little while. There is peace in this room and a mighty healing, so we shall continue without misgiving until our work for this night is accomplished, for God in His generosity has supplied unlimited power. And now I will go; but think, oh, think of the One who loves you best, for the gift of Christ is here this evening, the gift of Christ... "

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, I do not intend to keep you longer, but you have seen once more that when the Holy Spirit is in command then the physical and the weakness of the physical must stand aside.

"To all those who are troubled by the weakness or the failure of the physical machine, I speak - and I give them that true advice which shall be proved by experience. I say to them: When the body seems to fail, focus on Christ; and, moreover, though the body fails, do His work. And in the measure that they work for God, so the power will come to strengthen the weak parts and to restore that vitality which has been sapped away...

"My little ones, though in a physical body, you are Spirit - and the spirit can dominate and control. This brings me back to those barriers of conditions, but because you are Divine by gift, by inheritance, so the Christ within you can reach out and contact with its Source.

"Therefore, in your joys and in your sorrows, hold fast to the One who loves you best; and remember that around you, now and always, are those who have triumphed over conditions and who allow no barriers to come between you and themselves. And in thinking of their example, so, my little ones, let the inspiration come to you, and send out that which is your real self on its journey of succour to others, doing that missionary work which the spirit delights to do, for only by saving others can you restore to yourselves that perfection which once was your own...

"And now, my children, I leave you with the blessing of the Holy Spirit upon you; let that blessing be shown in your lives as you go your earthly way...

"Goodnight, dear children, and hold close, close to the One who loves you best."

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