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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 23rd March, 1924.

"O God, like little children we assemble together this evening, leaving all in Thy Hands, stretching out our minds towards Thee, knowing that what cannot be accomplished on our side will be made good because of Thy understanding compassion for those who are under Thy care.

"Help us, lift us, so draw us unto Thee that nothing may be strong enough to intervene - that sorrow and pain and disappointments may make no barriers at all, that we may indeed rest in the thought of Thy protection, of Thy love, and of Thy promise to lift up all those who wish to rise, and to see that nothing shall rob them of that which has been bought so dearly.

"Father God, listen to our prayers. Grant that we may be able to meet and speak with those we love, grant that the power may be forthcoming to make good that which is missing, to give the strength needed, so that the weakness of the body may not come in between and hold us back.

"God, we thank Thee for this good gift, for Thy love and, most of all, for Thy patience and Thy understanding - that understanding which is able to see through all the contrivances of the shadows and to cast asunder that which is of darkness, leaving the spirit within - with its eagerness and its courage - to go on and to achieve its aim and purpose. God, we thank Thee that always Thou art able to see in each one of Thy children the spirit that would soar, and to separate it from the physical mind which would entrap and hold it down.

"In gratitude we meet together tonight, and ask that the full measure of Thy blessing may be bestowed on us and that that blessing may do its work on heart and mind and body.

"Into Thy Hands we commend our spirit, knowing that all will be well when Thou art in command...

"...My children, once more I come into your midst, and once more I bid you take heart for tomorrow, and not to regard tomorrow as that which is always just beyond your grasp, but to believe that God's tomorrow in this case is going to be made into God's today, and that you are protected and cared for in a way which entirely escapes your imagination.

"I find that again and again it is necessary to give a reminder as to the future. Strange it is to us that sorrow and pain - both of which you shrink from - have such a power over your minds and on your outlook on life. From a human nature point of view, instinctively that which is unpleasant is put as quickly as possible out of mind and memory. You, my little children, reverse this rule, and it is not easy for me to turn it back into what it should be - and must be - before happiness can be made your own.

"I want you to think about this; I want you to try and see things more, not only from the spiritual, but also from the practical and the common-sense point of view. That which is ugly should not have a first place. In the ordinary things of everyday life, those which lack beauty are relegated to some dark corner where they do not show, or else are discarded altogether. You do not take your worst possession and give it a place of honour.

"My children, do not run away with the idea that I do not understand how this has come about. To your physical minds, most of the incidents of your life come under this grade, and it seems to you that 'possessions' in its rightful sense - which is something which the heart and mind desire - that these have not come your way or, if they have, have drifted on again beyond your reach.

"I never forget this, of course, but to us the whole aspect of your life is as different as could be. You, bound by physical thinking, naturally take a physical view of these things. We, who go straight to the spirit - we see so many possessions, so many of God's good gifts, that it is always with a sense of surprise that we revert to your view of: 'The Barrenness of the Land'.

"Now this last sentence may convey to you something which I wish to avoid, and that is that we have forgotten what physical thinking and the thoughts of the physical mind are like. Not so, my little ones, in any sense there could be.

"But I have got rather a long way from my subject, which was to try and get you to readjust your attitude in regard to sorrow and the gifts of the Spirit. Once again I entreat you to banish from your environment that haunting grey figure of sadness, to extricate yourselves from the many folds of the garment which it wears, and to stand free, ready to be enrobed in that which belongs to you as a right - in the robes of joy and of faith justified and made perfect.

"Still, dear children, it is not my intention to devote the time I have for instruction to so personal a matter, although it is necessary for me to urge upon you its importance - its great importance at this stage.

"Tonight we will get away out of the old ruts and start another train of thought, and that is in regard to: 'The Capacity for Growth', which is man's rightful heritage as a child of God and an heir of Everlasting Life.

"It is not easy for finite minds to think of the journey of the soul without serious misgivings. It seems such a very long journey and the strength available so feeble and already waning ere the first portion is overtaken.

"Well, my children, although I can understand that point of view, yet it should not come into your reckoning at all, for this reason - that at every stage of the journey of the spirit, renewed weapons and renewed armour are provided. Your Heavenly Father does not overlook the smallest detail that will bring to His children the help and the aid that they require.

"Follow me closely in regard to this: Go back on your very early childhood - to those days before trouble and sorrow had any meaning to your baby minds. It was with zest that you set about your play, that you built your make-believe palaces, and that you created things of beauty for the by and by.

"Now physical life is but one stage, as you have been told before. When a child enters into the earth life, it comes fully equipped with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Because the body may not be perfect from a physical point of view, that does not imply that the gifts of the Holy Spirit have, in that case, been withheld. I rather labour this point, I know - because the lack of anything, or the weakness of the body, seems to be taken by you as something that God has overlooked to give.

"Take any child at its play: Weariness of the soul, reluctance towards physical life - these are unknown; watch the toddler as he tries to walk. There is joy in the achievement and ambition to do better.

"And so it will be when this life of yours is ended, and you emerge into that which is of the Spirit. I can promise this and you will find that much, much more than I have ever said will be worked out to your amazement. The moment the hold of the body is relinquished - with those who have made the smallest effort towards better things - the joy and the wonderment are so great that even the biggest troubles are entirely swamped by that which they have purchased.

"Now, do not confuse this. When your loved ones come back into the physical body of another (i.e. 'full control' mediumship), for the time they take on the capacity of the physical mind for remembering that which is best forgotten. It is in itself rather a dreadful experience because there is the contrast of their conditions now, which makes that memory appear even worse than the event was at the time. It is hard to make you understand. They indeed share in your lives and in your worries, but all the time the joy is there, because that is their own possession. And when the soul has started to grow, pain and suffering lose their significance as such, and become stepping-stones to greater joy and peace and understanding.

"Then we come to this: Those who are anxious to get somewhere near to the ideal - and there are an enormous number who intend to do this whatever the cost - these, dear children, suffer, it is true - but they have got the sight, and that makes all the difference. At the present moment the spirit within you sees and knows what it is all about, but your minds are bound, and so you suffer altogether out of proportion to the blows that strike.

"Some of my children have been inclined to shrink from that which lies beyond - almost as much as they shrink from what the past has held - and I want to dissipate that view once and for all.

"Struggle it may be, and struggle it must be, until self and imperfections are overcome, but joy is so closely bound to the pain that the pain is taken just as the easiest way of gaining the joy. I can't do better than that because I am attempting to describe conditions utterly beyond your understanding, and it is impossible to convey in that misused word 'joy' the harmony, the love, and the tenderness, which is in such abundance on this side.

"So, my little ones, you will find as you go on, that each stage of the journey of the spirit will not bring more weariness and still more shrinking from pain - but every milestone passed will show you more hopeful, more courageous, more able to throw back the darts of the evil, and with that strength of heart and mind which is a direct gift from God to those who wish to climb.

"Once more then, I ask you to think on the lines that God would have you think, and to know that the weariness, strain, and struggle - which so often are apparent in your lives at this moment - that these are going to give place to better conditions altogether, and it will be with new hope and fresh energy that you will continue the work which you have begun for the Master.

"And what applies to your physical life is going to be shown in a greatly enhanced degree once the body is laid aside. Weariness, sorrow, misgiving, and the chill of heart and mind - these and many other burdens shall be left behind and will fall back on to the earth to which they rightly belong.

"The spirit is always young, courageous, hopeful - longing ever to reach that which lies in front - and with this instinct comes the power of the Holy Spirit, the impetus which will not only drive you on, but will hold you in strength and in security until you have made these things your own for ever more...

(Others then spoke...)


"You seem all very sad tonight; there is sadness like a cloud in the room, but also there is something better and that is the Sun of God's Love - and soon the clouds will be gone, and we shall all be happy together here as we have been so often on the Other Side.

"It is Ethel Morgan, and I have come to speak to you all: To tell you that although there is so much sadness in the world, yet indeed there is the silver lining - if only people could have faith enough to look for it.

"I want you to pay attention to what I say. You know something about my life - it was very short, but during the last few years, pain had it all its own way from the world's point of view. Yes, that is so, but even then I was not nearly so unhappy as people thought. During the time I lay alone, I know now that I was companioned by all sorts of people from the bright spheres, and they brought me flowers and gifts which I cannot describe to you because they are of so spiritual a nature that words could not portray them at all... Yes, now I can see that instead of a lonely room, they were on either side, and even then I did wonder at the radiance that sometimes banished the power of pain.

"Do you know, it is so easy to have that radiance nearly always? I found that out since, of course, but tonight I do want to pass on this little bit of information to you. There is, at this moment and always, in your work and still more, perhaps, when you are alone - but in your work there is all around you the rainbow hues of the protection of the Spirit.

"Now I want you to visualise this: As I speak, just there - a foot or two from everyone who wants to love Christ - there is this band of light, its shading tones of such beauty and variety that I can only use the word 'rainbow' - although it is totally inadequate, because the colours are numberless. Now think of it: Here is this protection; it is in your power to draw the first band towards you, and the others as your strength allows.

"To you, the first would seem as of the brightest pearly grey. Now grey, in your world, does not suggest brightness, but over here it is like the shining of a pearl... You must forgive me because I am so crude in my descriptions, I cannot find words to express anything of what I see... There is this bright pearly grey just next to the body - that is the preparation for the brighter rays; it is the preparation and the protection as well.

"You must recollect that, from a colour point of view, the body is toned darker than anything on the side of the Spirit. It is no use getting violent contrasts because they do not harmonise; you must get the grades - the lesser merging into the greater, and the darker into the lighter.

"Around you is this band of pearly grey; beyond is that which is not grey but is less than white. Think to yourself of that which is a blending of grey and the faintest tint of the first rosy blush of dawn. You see my point? The grey itself is the protection; beyond that, before you can emerge into the light of the Spirit, love must come in. That is necessary to prepare you for the first revelation of the love that God has for mankind...

"I can take you a little further but only a little. In that second band, which is, of course, one with all the rays, there are countless shades and degrees, in order that that which follows on from the grey may be blended into the light which is of the Spirit.

"And here you get something of those wonderful colours which are shown you so often in the sunset hues. You know what I mean: There is the sun beyond, so bright that the eyes instinctively turn from it. And underneath are the blues and the greens and the rosy tones of pink - finally all being swallowed up in the magnificence of the light itself.

"I have done badly but I cannot do better, but remember this - that all this is the in between stage before reaching the light. And the light is only the second door - as it were - into the marvels of the Realms of the Spirit. Those doors - I use this simile in order to bring things down into numbers to your mind - those doors are countless, so you can understand, therefore, what awaits us all when I tell you that what to you would represent the Light of God Himself, is but the second door on the journey which is in front.

"You see how things are reproduced? I tell you that this band is around you; that you can, first of all, draw that which is not yet of light to you, and make it your own, and then there is that second stage, which will more than satisfy you during your earthly sojourn.

"Life, even many of the physical things, just indicates something else, and Nature always. Doesn't it give you courage, and doesn't it make things worth while to know that you are so close to that which is of God?

"Do not mistake my meaning: The protection is around you all, and once you can separate yourselves from grieving, then I think that you will find such compensations - such glorious compensations - which will grow and grow and grow, and in God's good time you too will have the larger sight, and then you will smile with me at the poor words I had to use, and the insignificant way in which I tried to describe that which is indescribable.

"Hope on, all of you. Gather up those straying thoughts. Leave the future; forget the past, and be certain that God's love has thought of everything, and that under His protecting care you are safe for ever more.

"Give my love to Mrs. Moyes, and tell her that this message is for her as well - she is not absent except in the body.

"Don't forget about the music, Dorrie, and you, Margaret. The music is always there, only it is so sweet and so akin to the things of the Spirit that if you remembered it, it would cause you more anguish than joy, because of your temporary separation from it. It seems like separation to you, but these things are in your life and of your life. The soul hears them but the physical mind could not stand it yet, and that's an explanation of many things which puzzle you now and cause you to question why.

"Goodbye, I wish you would try and think of me a little more. We do prize that so much... try and remember me when you have a few moments to spare. I want it for many, many reasons which you will understand later on..."


"...I am a stranger to you all - not only forgotten, but one who never had a place in your life except as a name and almost a thing of horror, I am Hetherington, and I send your minds back to a room where a stranger lay whose groans you heard, and whose non-existence nobody mourned and no one missed at all.

"I have been sent tonight - of course I could not come on my own - but I have been sent tonight to give Mrs. Moyes a message. I used to hear her and I got to recognise her voice. Both seemed, somehow, very closely associated with me but I did not understand why. When at last that most unlovable body gave me up, the thing stood out quite clearly. It was my second chance, and although many years have passed since then, I have kept my hand on the plough that's got to open up my furrow until the end.

"I think it should hearten Mrs Moyes to know that one for whom she felt compassion, has found joy and peace and contentment over here, and is working and praying and struggling to be more of a man than he was upon earth, and to help those who are in the same plight as he was.

"It would surprise you all to know what I saw when I was set free. You have heard, all of you, that the Master spurns no one, not even the most wilful, and the frailest of His children find love and understanding in His Heart. I was densely ignorant in a spiritual sense, but still those months of suffering did bring to the top the little bright metal that was in me.

"And my amazement when I came here and struggled up, so it seemed to me, from a thick river of mud - when I struggled up and opened my eyes, there was Christ with His outstretched Hand and, like a desperate, drowning man, I caught it and was brought on to dry land.

"It's impossible to describe anything of what I felt, except just this: You know how you would regard a deliverer who had saved you from a terrible and repulsive end. That was my first thought. I did not know it was Christ - I never dreamt that He would think of meeting me. All I saw was Someone so kind, so gracious and so helpful, that I was terrified to let Him go.

"You see, Christ does not come to all alike. His Divinity is veiled so that it shall not make barriers in between, and also we could not bear to witness - to gaze upon - anything but the slightest degree of what His Godhead means. Since then I have been allowed to see a little more of that Divinity. But to me - by the very shedding of His Glory - He proved Himself God indeed. He came to the least deserving and held out the Hand of succour.

"There is a whole series of sermons in this simple incident, which I give tonight by the power lent to me from others. If only those who had the holy work of God entrusted to them - if only these could preach Christ as we see Him over here, there would be no lack of love for God in the desolate, empty heart of mankind.

"Christ, the Saviour of the World - and Christ the Saviour of the weak, and the frail, and the ignorant. That is how God appears to me, and I want you to try and take it in, and to picture to yourself the horror of my position, and then the Presence of Our Lord, Who came to me - even to me who had neglected Him for so long, and drew me into Love and safety for ever and for ever. That is all..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, little ones, in spite of the troublesome condition of my child, we have got on very well tonight. I certainly agree that the body does give her a very unpleasant time. I think she has gained an entirely wrong impression as to my view on this subject. The body is troublesome in many ways but we work through in spite of it and, later on, that weakness and frailty of the physical shall indeed prove strength and tenacity of the spirit.

"My children, I don't want to close on a sad note at all, because, although you do not see much cause for rejoicing, I not only see cause but I thank God hourly that the joy is now being drawn so close. When you get a little farther on - and still more so when you come here - you will look back with amazement at the entanglements which the shadows threw up in all directions. I say you will be amazed at the force of evil thrown against so frail a fort, but you will see that the strength of God turned that which was powerful into nothingness, and destroyed even the very destruction that was set about.

"Oh, it is so difficult for you to get things in their right perspective, especially at this stage, but I say most solemnly that the time is coming when you will be not only amazed but inexpressibly thankful that God, out of His goodness and understanding, brought you through with so little hurt. The hurt has penetrated all your defences - so it seems to you - but I say that in time to come you will see that the physical mind suffered only, and if somewhat badly, yet even the deepest scars in that will be healed and leave no mark behind.

"Trim your lamps a few more times, in this sense: Gather your courage together, and your trust, and know that those who have called upon the Lord shall see the power of the Spirit demonstrated on either side.

"Spring is in the air and yet a day or two ago it was winter, with its bitter chill and discomfort. So will life change for you. The Hand of God is going to be passed over the surface of your lives and lo, as it passes, joy shall be left behind.

"God is Love in a way entirely beyond your comprehension. But God is Love, and His Love covereth all things, revealeth all things, and giveth all things; and when you have said that, there is no room left for regret, or grieving, or looking back - only faith in the future and joy in the gift so given.

"That is all. Goodnight, my little ones."

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