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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Farnham, Surrey, on Sunday, 13th November, 1949

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"SAVIOUR CHRIST, into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child.

"My children, there are many things to discuss which concern you vitally. I know that in these days when there is so much trouble about, so many tasks to be contended with, your minds are constantly asking this or that, and it seems to many that there is no one to give that plain and satisfying answer which you crave.

"But those who come back from the World of Spirit are sensitive to your conditions, to your reaching out for greater knowledge, and it is my privilege, amongst many others, to return and use the physical body of another to answer questions. Sometimes it may seem to some that you would like to ask a question here and now, but I want to remind you that there are many thoughts in your minds which I do answer, perhaps not just the question of today, but questions which have arisen in your mind and you have put them aside because there seemed no sensible answer, or no one to speak with authority.

"But tonight I have been asked to speak to you upon an interesting subject; it is in regard to: 'The Auras of Great Souls'. The majority of people are interested in the subject of auras because they possess one themselves. They do not know very much about it, but they would like to see their own aura and to understand the colours which show whether it is narrow or wide, whether it is dull, or vital and pulsating with life. So they gather to those who are mediums, and they are very glad to have some description of the aura which they themselves possess.

"But also there is a sense of disappointment because some auras are so much more beautiful than others; some people have so much more power, their personality seems to make an impression upon others, while there are those who strive to exercise an influence and fail to achieve anything at all, or so it seems to them. Yes, many of you would like to know a little more about the aura, why it was gifted to you, its purpose and its future. And the aura which you have today is indication in part of the life you have lived in the past.

"Now, I turn to those who respond to COLOUR; but colour alone, without 'life' within it, is but a travesty of colour to us. For instance, in regard to the earthly flowers. Many of them are beautiful, but if you compared them with the flowers of the Spirit Planes you would see that they have only a degree of 'life' and, therefore, they lack colour. The colours that you look upon are misty or half-expressed and sometimes they seem to lack that purity which makes for perfect beauty.

"The flowers, you must remember, have their auras too, and the aura of a flower is often helped very largely by the care bestowed upon it. It is not only the hard work in the garden; but the love of humans has a stimulating effect upon the flowers. And there is this fact to remember as well: the Little People, the Little People who are very good gardeners! They are unseen by the majority but that does not mean they are unseen by God. They work very hard indeed. It is their joy, as you would say, to look after the flowers, the plants and the trees; and all these different forms of Nature have their different forms of Fairies - the Little People, the Gnomes, the Goblins, call it what you will, because it is a question of the law of attraction.

"There are fairies who seem to be part and parcel of the sweet-smelling flowers, of those which have a bell-like quality, of those which express purity as well as fragrance; and the flowers associated with these fairies possess in tiny measure, but only in tiny measure, something of their personality. Why is it that the Little People work so hard for more or less ungrateful humans who scarcely ever think about them, or if they do think about them, regard them almost as some pet, someone to be noticed only when they feel inclined, or to be given a pat of commendation when they remember?

"But the Fairy World is a very real world, and I ask you to think upon this subject because the Fairy World has a definite influence upon human auras. They are, as it were, the scavengers of the life built up by those in a physical body, the ones who perchance are suffering from some bodily complaint, the ones who are caught up in the net of depression. You can see that they have a tremendous work to do, and they do things for you in love, out of a spirit of service, because thereby they are expressing the life that is within them. The Little People are a separate creation from the flowers or from the humans, but they are a life loved and recognised and fed by God.

"So I ask you to think of your own feelings, your own emotions when you are in the centre of beautiful scenery. Some people are uplifted by Nature at her best; some people merely respond to beauty with the lower emotions; some, in an entirely physical way, are thankful for a walk because it gives them a good appetite. You see, my children, how different people on earth can be and how each one individually is responsible for his own attitude of mind.

"But when there are those walking in the leafy glades or looking upon the flower beds, who instinctively thank God for the beauty granted unto them, well, you would find if you had clear vision, that the Little People were able to burnish up their auras, to help them to get rid of some of the dross, or, to use a homely phrase, it is, as it were, their washing day. They can do so much for you when you are in a responsive mood, by which I mean, when you are uplifted by anything you see and instinctively think of God your Maker, and, if not actually expressed in words, express from your heart a sense of gratitude.

"I ask you to think on this because the time will come when the sun will shine again and its warmth will draw you out of your homes, and you will see the beginnings of the miracle of Spring. Then you will soon forget the winter time, the winter time of preparation, the time when Nature has to have her well-earned rest. You shrink, many of you, from this period of stagnation, a sense of sadness comes over you because you have to wait for the showing of the first tiny green shoots which bring their message of hope and of future promise.

"I ask you then to think of your own temperament, because your temperament is expressed very largely in your aura. Now let us get a clear definition of the functions of the aura. It is as though there was a cone encircling you, and in this cone - which may be clinging close to the flesh, or spreading out many feet from the body - in this cone of the aura there are shown a variety of rays. I have to be careful of the earth words I use because it is very difficult to find a parallel in physical language for those things which are spiritual.

"Well, my children, in this cone, which is your own little world - the world of the aura - there is that which no one can take from you, and yet they can co-operate with you to improve its strength - in this cone of yours there are many rays of varying colours. You think of the rainbow, but that is the elementary stage of colour, yet those colours fill you with delight. But try to expand your thoughts to take in a million variations of colour; and when you are in the Spirit World you will train yourselves by love and effort and be able to vibrate to those other rays to the extent that you can get a glimpse of them. And as you progress through the spheres you will realise that all those many rays which now bewilder the physical mind, they express only the early stages of colour.

"Now what have we here? My children, with this cone or aura there comes a definite sense of responsibility. Are you a good custodian of what is your own most priceless possession? How are you helping; are you feeding it or are you starving it? Has it dawned upon you that the aura which you are now building day by day and moment by moment by your life on earth, that that is shaping or constituting a large part of the next body that you will wear? As you think upon this you realise its paramount importance. It is not something that can be lightly considered, it must have its proper place in your life now, and when I say its proper place I mean first place, because it is shaping your future.

"Think then what you would like to see in your aura if you had that clear vision which would enable you to do so. You may say: 'I hope there is nothing unpleasant in my aura!' And I answer that if by any chance there should be, you can change it, nothing is stationary in regard to your spiritual make-up, or indeed in regard to your physical make-up, you yourselves are the custodian of that which has been gifted unto you by God. So try to visualise in your mind the kind of colours you would like to see in that cone which surrounds the physical body.

"Then you may ask me: 'How can I produce them?' It is a very simple matter, it depends entirely upon the exercise of your own free-will. Are you willing to make a few sacrifices? Are you willing to try to train the mind and the emotions? Are you trying to grow in a spiritual sense? Are you learning those things which will be useful when no longer you are in a material world?

"People are very concerned over material things which will bring them benefit in this material state, but they forget that this material state may not last long. What are they going to do when they are in another state, when things material no longer have any value? It is a grave thought, it is a very serious thought, and it has affected many a mentalist in a way that has made him almost broken-hearted.

"So my little ones, if you want in your own aura beautiful colours, then you must set to work to clear the mind of the body of the rubbish it may hold, of the selfish thoughts, of that reluctance to take trouble when perhaps you are not forced to take trouble. You see it depends entirely upon yourselves. The housewife can make her home beautiful by effort. Every man or woman can make his or her aura beautiful beyond words by effort, and, according to the effort that is exercised by the one concerned, so there is that semblance of 'life' in the aura.

"I want you to think on this as it may help you in your understanding. For instance, as you look at artificial lights, they may appear beautiful so far as you understand beauty, but it is merely 'light'.

"Now in the aura there is reproduced the same thing, various coloured lights, but unless the one concerned is enthusiastic, has something of the making of a pioneer in his or her heart, in fact, is a 'doer', those lights are, as it were stationary, and not only that, they lack the Light of the Holy Spirit.

"Flowers on earth at times seem to the discerning soul to fail to portray colour in its highest form; indeed, they lack during this material state the power to express the Holy Spirit which was granted unto that form of life in the far, far past, long before the seed had any chance of making a showing in this plane of matter (Gen. 2:5). So when you think of certain colours in your own aura, remember that they will not please you if they are 'dead' colours, colours without vitality.

"Now Spirit rays, as it were, rotate or send out flashes at a rate that the human mind cannot grasp, their speed is so great. It is as though there was something pulsating through them, charging them with strength, and as those colours pulsate they are throwing off minor rays which have to do God's work - rays of healing, rays of comfort, rays that are cleansing the earth plane of some of its dross. There are many more rays than you can understand now. You conjure up, perhaps, the thought of a firework, of the little stars being sent out with great rapidity from the centre. It is a poor simile, but it gives you a tiny idea of the meaning I wish to convey; but those rays which are of true Life cannot be compared with anything that can be seen now, for much preparation must take place after you enter the Spirit World to enable you to vibrate to those rays, in the degree that you can witness the work they have to do and are doing for the redemption of mankind.

"So, dear children, if you have noble thoughts, never forget that unless you can do something to translate those thoughts into action, the light or lights in your aura will remain dim and almost motionless; they are waiting for the magician's hand, and you are the magician. But, as I have said, in such simple ways, by following the path of service, by loving God and expressing your love of God by loving those who are around you, you can transform that cone, which is your own aura, into something far more beautiful than earthly words can describe. Yes, this subject deserves your closest attention.

"Then I would take you a little further on, and that is in regard to the auras, for instance, of a hall, of a home, of a church, of a school, of a town, of a continent and a world. You see, my children, one thing leads on to another, and always this is so in regard to spiritual truth, you are on a voyage of discovery - and as you discover one thing it gives you a clue to another, and as you pursue the clue, you find that there are, as it were, many gates opening to other realms of thought; and at last, by the Grace of God, you enter into something of revelation.

"The aura of your home is built up by those who are within it; the aura of your office - you know only too well how one here and there seem to mar the conditions. You are glad when they are gone, you feel that there is something curtailing your freedom. You say: 'What a relief!' when that one has gone home. The aura of the unpleasant one impinges upon the aura of those who want to be pleasant, and that means something of a loss of power.

"And this is true, because your aura, being stronger and brighter, is undertaking in little measure missionary work. You may resent it, so far as physical life is concerned, but the physical stage is but one short stage of Life, and when the other one passes into the greater world, well, he will have the opportunity of going back upon the record of his earthly life and will see how the finer auras, the more beautiful auras of others, tried to help to sweeten and cleanse his own; and from that sight will come something of regret, and, please God, the springing up of the instinct to retrieve.

"I know that some people are easily depressed. If you are sensitive it is hard not to be depressed by unpleasant people, but will you remember next time what I have said? Turn to the bright ones around you, and they will soon replenish that which you have lost in the way of strength or cheerfulness. Their auras are always being used to supplement the auras of those on earth and because they are emancipated souls, they do not grudge their gift; indeed, it is their greatest joy to be able to pass on a little of their beauty and power to you in a body of flesh, because you need that extra so badly. They, in touch with God, are fed by the great Source of all life and being, and because they have attained, by which I mean they have made the full surrender in the way of service, there is no force which can mar the beauty of the auric rays they have won, in fact, by seeking to help others they are strengthening them still more, and further touches of loveliness are added to them.

"You see where I am leading your thoughts, because one day you, too, will represent something of an angelic being. Therefore is it not wise here and now to get on with the work of preparation, to build up something that is worth while around you so that when you pass into the Spirit World you will have your little 'home', the home of a spiritualised aura? Always remember that although the aura you have now is contributing so largely to the soul-body, the soul-body, again, is building up its own finer aura, and as the body which houses the Divinity within you changes in mould as you progress through the Spheres, so also the aura surrounding those moulds changes in beauty and in power.

"I must leave it to your imagination to try to conjure up something of the wonder which awaits you; but as you take your way through physical life and you find good people, people you like to be with, remember my words and try to visualise the kind of aura they possess. You may say: 'I feel better after I had a chat with so-and-so.' Why? Because the aura of that one is charged with life and you are borrowing a little of its vitality.

"You see how much the individual can do, how much you can do, how great is your responsibility, and how God depends upon you to do your part. He has given the angelic ones, and also the Little People who help Nature in her many guises, to cheer man and to understand man. He has granted unto man mental knowledge, which very often is not rightly used, but was meant to be rightly used; He has given unto man all those good things which you so prize, and all He asks from you is this: that you should use them wisely and well, that you should exercise those gifts, that you should employ in a right way that which God has given unto you to take care of. And is not the aura one of your most precious gifts, and have you not unlimited opportunities in regard to the aura?

"Whatever your position in life, whatever your health or strength or weakness or poverty, it makes no difference at all. Many 'great souls' are ignored by man, many 'great souls' are known only by those in the Spirit World; but their auras are beautiful to behold, and although they may take their earthly way spurned by those better placed mentally, physically and materially, yet they are companioned by the angelic ones; and however humble their lot may be, they are strengthened by spiritual rays fed by the Master Himself.

"Well, my children, what do you think now about the subject of auras? Yet I must remind you that I have only touched upon the very outer edge of this fascinating subject, because the aura has a tremendous lot to do for you, for the world, for the future, and for those yet to be born upon the earth plane. If you could perceive your aura you would realise that through it you can receive Divine power, and through the Divinity within you you can send out Divine power to others.

"If the aura is clogged by self, that is entirely the fault of the one concerned; if the aura seems unresponsive, that, again, is the result of the exercise of free-will. It was meant to be as the opening and shutting of a thousand doors, to use a crude illustration; the receiving and expelling of the breath, again, is but a very elementary example of the function of the aura.

"Through the aura you receive impressions, you gain your inspiration, through the aura comes the power to put into action that which you have received, through the aura comes healing power, comes the exercise of the gift of intuition; through the aura comes the ability to paint, the flow of beautiful music, the words which cheer or uplift; through the aura comes the power of oratory.

"Children, I have given only a minute outline to guide your thoughts, but I beg you to think over that which I have passed on, to use your reasoning power; and, above all, to set to work to build up in that cone which is your aura, those powers and beauties which shall serve you well not only now but for all time to be. You are a living epistle! What is written there? The life of Christ or the life of the materialist? We are meant to be living epistles of the Power of the Holy Spirit. I pray the Father that you may go your separate ways, pledging yourselves to be a good custodian of the holiness that is granted unto you.

"Tonight, when sleep claims the body we can meet again, and because you are free from the limitations of the physical you can in tiny measure see illustrations of that which I have sought to pass on in the crude language of the earth plane. You may not remember it when you come back into the physical, but the real self is imbibing knowledge all the time, and you will find that your attitude towards life is slowly changing; you are becoming more tolerant, you take a deeper interest in other people, you are able to like more people than in the past. These are things which you imbibe through the sleep state when the tabernacle of the flesh worries you no more.

"So I say unto all who have gathered in, and to the many unseen, that it is good to learn a little more about the marvels prepared for us by God the Father, Who holds so much in store, only waiting until we are ready to receive, ready to safeguard, ready to employ, and, in His way, to gain emancipation.

"Peace be with you all, my children. The aura of this hall has been cleansed in little part because of those, unseen, bright with the glory of God, who have gathered here - and because many of you have tried to understand and make your own the message entrusted unto me to deliver.

"Peace be with you all and may the blessing of the Christ be felt ever more closely around you as the days go by. To the workers I say: be not disheartened because of the ebb and flow, but see to it that by prayer and effort there is that done which is humanly possible so that the tide comes in and remains, for many are seeking truth, and the Truth-Bringer desires that they shall have that which they seek in all sincerity.

"Again I say peace be with you! Farewell, my little ones!".

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