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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 4th January, 1925

"Beloved Saviour, in joy and in perfect unity we gather together and we ask Thee to so vouchsafe Thy Presence unto us that we may indeed be filled with the Holy Spirit - with that holiness of heart and mind which allows us to penetrate into the courtyards of the Most High.

"Father of all, we are anxious to be used. We ask Thee to use us in the way Thou thinkest best, that we may forget the calls of the physical, these being lost in the tender Voice of the Spirit. Grant that we may listen and hear - hear with that mind which is a Divine gift from Thee, hear with that inner spiritualised self - and hearing, may not only answer but may place ourselves unreservedly under Thy direction.

"O God, we realise more and more that we are getting near to the centre of sacredness, when the need is greater than ever for purity of heart and mind. Grant that we may believe that wishing for purity it will be made our own. Prepare us, attune us to Thee, and give us courage and understanding - courage to go forward, and understanding to see something of the Great Plan on which Thou art working - when no force of evil will ever again have the power to hold us back.

"Into Thy Hands we commend our Spirit, and resting on Thee we are confident that all will be well, and not only that, but that we may be well used in Thine honour and glory. Amen...

"...My children, tonight we have passed one more of those - to you - imperceptible stages, and have started on a fresh portion of our work. I want to throw out thoughts of sympathy, of love and of understanding, so that the good gifts of God, which are here in such generosity tonight, may contact with your own - and yours, being gathered into that mighty Fount, can be used by God so that His Will may be done...

"My children, this is a very happy evening indeed. I am speaking of the joy of the Spirit - of those things which lie far beyond the borders of the earth plane, which indeed are of the Bright Realms themselves. Therefore, in heart and mind rejoice, for I say unto you, that in that inner self, the Kingdom of God is at hand.

"Yes, we go on, gathering up sometimes, it seems to you, but little grist for our mill. But those in the Spirit have been adding and adding, and I tell you for your comfort that the resources are not only enough, but are there in abundance. Out of the fragments of effort, out of the half-thoughts of holiness, God has gathered the good grain, and by the miracle of His Love has turned that which you value lightly into power that will be used again and again.

"And now, my children, as usual, we will talk over a few things; and tonight, in the beginning, I would speak to you of that which you describe by the word 'Aura'. There have been many upon earth, gifted with spiritual sight, who have been able to see in those around them some outward manifestation of the soul which is within. It is an interesting subject, and much speculation has been forthcoming in regard to it; also much criticism too. And very often such descriptions have been dismissed as imagination - the distorted imagination of the person concerned.

"Well, all those who have lived in the material world have found, over and over again, that that which is beyond the knowledge of certain persons is generally dismissed by them as non-existent - quite a common habit amongst the children of the earth throughout the ages. But you and I have learnt a little in regard to those spiritual laws which govern our life and being - I am speaking of the greater self within - we have learnt a little in regard to the wonderful Mind of God and His loving thoughts for the children He has created.

"Well, in the first place, I will run over old ground in order to build up in your minds some faint conception - I can do no more - of what really is fact and truth.

"To the majority of people the physical and the material exist only - in other words, the body and its clothing - and they form their judgements entirely on these outward indications of what lies within. And sometimes, dear children, they are an indication of the character of a person - I mean that you cannot think of God without, unconsciously, even to yourself, the physical body becoming spiritualised; you cannot wish to be pure and holy without that wish expressing itself both in your clothing and in the house in which you live... These things may be of a subtle nature but they exist in a definite form...

"But tonight I want to take you much farther on than that. We will take for granted the physical body and the clothing in which it stands, and get on to what is a little beyond the range of the ordinary physical eyes and physical mind - I speak of that in which you are enclosed.

"My children, it has been discovered by certain students, on a purely scientific basis, that the human form has certain emanations - by which I mean that surrounding the body is that which can be seen and can be noted in detail - and yet those thinkers are, for the most part, quite unconscious of the significance of these 'radiations' which are around you all.

"In order to describe its shape and purpose - from a physical standpoint - I draw your attention to the parallel between it and the protective covering of an infant before birth, and I tell you that not only before physical birth, but right on through the many stages of spiritual evolution, there is that which is around you - protecting, guarding, warning and attracting.

"Here I must draw your attention to the word 'warning'. To most people attraction and detraction - or repulsion - is explained solely on physical grounds. In your daily life there are those for whom you are conscious of a feeling of sympathy, or of antagonism. Well, dear children, it is not necessary for me to tell you - you who have already learnt the rudiments of this subject - why this is so; but I would emphasise the fact that, as yet, you know only the outer covering of the great and important truth which lies buried underneath...

"But let me get back to my description. Picture to yourself this: That everyone with whom you come into contact, everyone in this great vast world - as it appears to you - is enclosed in the vibrations which express their true personality. And those who have spiritual sight find it quite simple to see at a glance the stage of development which the soul has attained.

"My children, there are some of you who have a very keen appreciation of the beautiful, and to you I would speak. I would tell you that could you once see the loveliness which surrounds a soaring soul, beauty of feature or of form would appear valueless in comparison. Those who wish to love God indeed are, as it were, swathed in a variety of exquisite colours; and, as they go on their way through life, that beauty is reflected on others; and so it is that some seem to gather unto themselves much, much love. I am speaking of love and not of physical attraction - keep that point clear in your mind.

"Those who have taken the steep side of the hill are, as you can imagine, in a more favourable position in regard to displaying such beauty, and I want you to understand that as the soul gains its freedom - that is, as the soul gains domination over the physical mind - so it is able to expand those emanations with which it is gifted. The young soul - the soul who as yet is asleep, or only half-awake - with these, dear children, you find that the light surrounding them is close on the physical body itself; it is an indication of that which is precious within but nothing more. Then, as the emancipation comes, so it is reflected in that beautiful encasement in which the children of earth live on the material plane.

"My children, it is a little difficult to attempt to describe that which is of the Spirit in physical language, but I am trying to build up in your minds some faint conception of the loveliness which surrounds the soul which knows God as its Father.

"And then we come to this: I said that this emanation was a protection, and so it is. Remembering that others move and have their being likewise surrounded, you can understand that when a collision occurs between the vibrations of two souls who are unequally developed a sense of shock is felt; and that is what you call 'physical' repulsion. It is not physical at all - it is that which is of God guarding the sacred self within. And when those who are attuned to evil rather than to good come into your presence, contacting with your emanations, so the warning is sent right through the physical mind to the soul itself - a warning to take care, to be on your guard because an enemy draweth nigh.

"And so, dear children, it is not hard for you to understand what a wonderful thing it is when two persons - who both wish to give out of their best - come together in companionship of any kind. Not only are the vibrations of each one in sympathy but, more than that, in coming together they recharge each other, and that is how the joy comes. The power of each one is doubled because the unity is complete.

"You see, dear children, you have not to think very far afield to realise what a wonderful privilege is offered you all, and how sad it is that the children of the earth don't make more of a struggle to gain and to hold that which has no price. I tell you tonight that there are those upon earth who are so spiritually awake that from two to three feet in breadth all around them is the brightness - the reflection of the beauty that is within. And these, dear children, quite apart from the words they speak or the deeds they do - although these are bound up in it - but quite apart from this, as they go through life they are spreading holiness and truth.

"When the body is laid aside and the children of the earth come Home, you can imagine their delight, their intense interest, to look at those who remain in the flesh and to see the reflection of the real self within. Because, although it is in a limited degree only - those vibrations which you contribute to yourself, are as near in appearance to the spiritual body as possible while the physical remains.

"My children, there is that word of warning to which I must revert. The vibrations which you call the 'aura' are highly magnetic; for the want of a better word I will call them 'electrical vibrations', which possess a power which is not understood by anyone upon this physical plane. Yes, they have this power, and it can be used or misused by the one concerned; and, in regard to others, can be used or abused as the mood takes them. You see, dear children, that we have to take into account that there are some men and women who, after reaching a certain stage of spiritual emancipation, fall from their heights to the ground beneath - and those who have never tried at all are the first to cast a sneer at their failure.

"But I want you to understand this, and to take to heart the responsibility which is attached to the vibrations which express your real self. I said, dear children, that those who have sought to scale the steeper side are very attractive to others; and I would add that those others need not necessarily have reached the same spiritual advancement to feel the attraction. In fact, in many instances, you find a good man or a good woman rouses in one who is weaker - or who is under the influence of an adverse force - rouses in these that tug of attraction to which they yield without any struggle at all.

"Well, dear children, you know that the shadows are determined to block the progress of the more heroic ones, and it happens sometimes that by the sheer power and beauty of their vibrations their downfall comes. Of course, they were off their guard at the time; it would have been impossible if close communion with Christ were there...

"This is a difficult subject, and I am hard put to make it clear. But I do want you to try and grasp that good men and good women - those who have struggled to free themselves from that which would hold them down - that these are not to be condemned if such a failure should come. Compassion of an unutterable kind is their right, and what was not made good on the material plane shall be readjusted and strengthened when the body is laid aside.

"My children, it is not a contradiction to say that those who are the most highly evolved spiritually are very often beset by the greatest temptations there are.

"This is only according to fact, as illustrated in the life of Our Lord - for on those with a lofty purpose the evil concentrates its energies in order to pull down that which has been built up with so much strain and effort. But, as you know, Christ knew no weakness at all, yet He knew fierce temptation - temptation unparalleled by any other soul that has ever been created.

"And then I pass on to this: The mere fact, dear children, that these vibrations are so interwoven around you carries also with it what would appear to you a disadvantage in regard to 'sensitiveness' - and that sensitiveness gives some slight indication of the sensitiveness which is experienced by all when the physical body is laid aside. You have heard that when the tabernacle of the flesh is discarded, nerves, as nerves, exist no more - but you must differentiate between nerves and sensitiveness. One is of the physical, and the other is entirely of that spiritual nature which expresses your real selves.

"My children, in regard to this subject, I want to draw your attention to a little point, and that is in regard to this same 'sensitiveness' - which you will find will increase as the days go on. I want you to realise that it is as well to protect it as much as possible - to look ahead, as it were, and to be on your guard against that which would cause it damage. It may seem strange to you to speak of sensitiveness in this way, but it is really that outer expression of the soul-body which is within - and it is not wise in such cases to do certain things...

"For instance, one should not be wakened unexpectedly from sleep. It is dangerous from a physical standpoint, because during the sleep-state still more so is that emanation apparent.

"If you could see with the eyes of the spirit, it would look like this: The physical body seems strangely shrunken - in fact it is more an indication than anything else - and around the sleeper are waves upon waves of light. The body is, as it were, enclosed in a cone of the finest woven strands of silk - I must use these material illustrations - but each thread is so definite, so perfectly formed, that though they appear as of gossamer quality yet they are strong and vibrant with feeling...

"Well, dear children, it is not difficult for you to understand that it is like plunging your hand through that which is not of the earth at all and touching a tiny bud inside. It is not only touching in act, but when you call unexpectedly that is the effect it has upon the person concerned, and that is how it looks to us. The very voice, the calling back, breaks a million, million of those most wonderful lines of light in which the sleeper is enclosed...

"My children, you see how difficult it is for me to portray spiritual facts in physical language? I must ask your great indulgence tonight but I have done my best with the tools at my disposal...

"In a lesser degree, as you had demonstrated just now, it is not wise to touch suddenly any highly sensitive person, more especially those who are dedicated to this work. There, in quite a definite way, you get the same thing demonstrated, but in a slightly lesser degree - unless the one concerned is what you call actually 'under control' when, as you know, they must not be touched at all...

"In regard to those 'sensitives', special treatment should be meted out to them, and they should be doubly on their guard against any concussion between their vibrations and those of others in an unexpected way. I refer to the so-called 'chance' collisions which occur so often in daily life. My children, those who are out to destroy are vigilant indeed, and when it is in their power they seek to injure; and in every case much work has to be done by us in order to protect and to make good afterwards.

"You see, dear children, you get the two sides, and you cannot have the one without the other. When those who are attuned to God come into contact with others like-minded, all the joy and the gladness is there; in fact, it expresses the highest form of happiness which the earth can know.

"On the other hand, you have the element of danger and certainty of discomfort when you are brought into contact with those who are keyed to lower vibrations than yourself. But God protects ever and ever again, as you were told by one who has seen God's Love, and who has dedicated himself to the demonstration of that Love unto others (Dr. Bottentuit).

"My children, as you go on - as you evolve spiritually - you will find that this sensitiveness will increase. And I want you to take it, not as an added burden, but rather as an outward and visible sign that you are shedding the material and that the spiritual is claiming you more and more...

"This will comfort my little secretary (Dorrie) I hope. It is necessary, my child, that you should know the why and the wherefore of these experiences as you undertake them. There is not one which will not be justified in the days to come, and only by experiencing these different phases can you help to guard others on their upward way...

"My children, I find - on going back on my words - that I have left several loose threads, and that is against my custom. But with a subject of this kind - with which you are only barely acquainted - it is difficult to proceed without taking you out of your depth. Yet believe me, that as the time goes on I shall come back to that which still remains hazy, and make all clear; and in the making clear you will see something of the marvels of God's protecting care, and how each one, from the weakest to the strongest, is held 'involved' in that which is of God; and that all that is left to them to accomplish is - by their thoughts, their efforts and their endeavours - to increase the beauty, to enlarge that which expresses Spirit. And in so doing, not only to add joy and peace to the soul within, but to shed on all, beauty and grace as well...

"And now I leave you. There are messages tonight which have their work to do, and this being so I ask for your complete and undivided attention and help..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, dear children, it has been rather a curious evening in some ways, I expect you think; but we have worked in those special threads of the pattern which God has ordained, and so we can all say that once more it has been a 'good' evening in His sight, as well as so far as we are concerned.

"My last words to you tonight are these: That it lies within your power to do much - some perhaps more than others - to influence the lives of those around you. This power to influence, as you will understand, brings its responsibility; but I know that each one longs with all their heart to do as God intends them, to follow His leading and to be entirely under His guidance. Therefore, I can say to you all: 'Have confidence in yourselves.' That power of influence, which has been built up through these years of steady training, is there for a purpose - a Divine purpose - and the mere fact that you wish to do the right thing ensures that the right thing will be done.

"I want you all, without exception - each one who reads these records - to take the words I speak as applicable to themselves; to put this question and to answer it frankly and freely: 'What is the influence that I have upon others? Do I bring out the best, or do I bring out the second best?'

"In this world or in the world of the Spirit, that query has to be answered; and yet in telling you this I would add the most glorious fact which goes side by side with it: I say that there is not one who has ever influenced another for good that has not brought unto themselves beauty and power and the blessing of God. Of all things - in your world or in ours - there is nothing so great as the freeing of a soul, even if it be but from one bond of the earth. It is direct Christ work. It is of all things the most noble, the most precious and the most constructive - to be used to set free another who is finding the obtaining of release hard and difficult to accomplish.

"Despise not little things, my children. Each one of you, in a way you little understand, are influencing others to rise, to struggle, and to have faith; and yet I said that the influencing of one brings you the direct blessing of God. So you see that these little things, which seem so unimportant to you, are building that which is close to your heart's desire, and that which - when the body is laid aside - will bring you into conditions which you would never imagine could ever be your own...

"I leave with you tonight a feeling of assurance and of joyful anticipation in regard to the future. I leave with you a determination to carry on this work to the best of your ability, and, moreover, I leave behind a sense of responsibility to the greater self within - that self, remember, that belongs to God, which lives but to do His Will, which is centred in His Love, which knows only joy and harmony and peace and renewal - renewal and renewal again of the power to do, the wish to be, and the understanding that can lift and save and restart others on their upward path...

"A note of triumph goes out - triumph over self. The triumph of that which is pure, and that which is noble within; which separates itself from the physical and the material - as they relate to the things of the earth - and gathering wings of inspiration soars on and on through the unlimited spheres to the Throne of God (Rev. 21. 2-3), which you regard as the highest point of all. The Throne of God, dear children, which, if you could see things as they are, has been brought down and built up in your midst tonight, for where the children of God are, there is God; and when heart and mind are focused on the Saviour, the Saviour waits not for the spirit to come to Him, but is at the side of each one... The moment the thought or wish to contact with the Divine is there, the Divine is with you - closer than breath, as I said before...

"Now, dear children, I leave you, but remember this: That trivial as it may seem to you, the discomforts occasioned by the cold in the physical world during this time when we meet together - these discomforts are not overlooked by the Mind of Love. I'll say no more - you have not taken it into account, but these things are gathered up as precious jewels, as a gift to the Most High, and I am bidden to bring it in tonight to show you, for your soul's comfort, how the Father regards His little children...

"Dorrie, this thought you should hold closely to you: You work for God, and that which is Love Itself is mindful ever of those who seek to serve...

"I bless you with peace, with love, and with unity. I bless you with that knowledge of the things of the Spirit, which, in God's Name, I say is to be made your own, and which in time to come will turn the barrenness of earth into a garden of beauty indeed - the beauty of the Spirit which fades not and is never quenched... Goodnight, my children."

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