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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 13th April, 1924.

"O Tender, Loving, Understanding Father, we thank Thee once more that Thou hast made it possible to meet in this way - that Thou hast ordained that nothing shall interfere with these gatherings, and that Thou givest strength to the weary, peace to the soul, and gatherest all into Thy enveloping Love.

"Father, we thank Thee, we thank Thee indeed. Give to each one just what they need, replenish that which is absent and draw us unto Thee, separating us from the world with its worries and discord, and binding us unto Thyself by cords of love and understanding.

"God, we know that in asking we shall receive; that in listening we shall hear Thy Voice, and that nothing will be left undone that Divine forethought can bring to pass.

"Cleanse and make in us new and contrite hearts; give us more breadth of understanding; grant that the vision may come, and the revelation of what is Thy purpose may heal all wounds, strengthen the will and so control our thoughts that they no longer hold us back, but rather are the impetus that spurs us on, that shows us the way Thou hast laid down and the way that all must follow who wish to be linked with Thee.

"Give us the gift of comprehension, so that the mind of the body may see as well as the mind of the spirit, and in seeing may count the past as nought, the present as but preparation for the future, and know that that future will bring happiness indeed, because there will dwell within for ever the peace of God which passeth understanding and the perfect joy which comes only with unity with the Spirit.

"Father, Understanding Mind of Love, listen to our petitions tonight, and separate us from all that we wish not to be, so that the soul can surge on through the tide of earthly experience and find the Land of Promise at its journey's end - the Land of Promise that Thou has prepared for Thy children. Some reach it sooner than others, grant that Thy little ones present may not be delayed on the way, but may find and hold that which is there waiting for them - that which Thou givest so freely and so generously - the happiness, the concord, the harmony, the unity of purpose, which, rising from the earth, find their counterparts in the Realms of the Spirit, and sorrow ends for ever.

"O Christ, grant that we may stand upright and not bend beneath the cross, because Thou art there ever to succour the weary, to strengthen the weak, and to bear much of the weight Thyself.

"O Christ, give us this understanding; take away the feeling of loneliness, of wandering unguided in a foreign land - take away these things that hurt so much, and give us a sense of Thy precious companionship, of Thy love, and of Thy power to lift us above it all.

"Into Thy Hands we once more commend our spirits, knowing that with Thee is completeness, and that nothing will be forgotten or overlooked...

"...My dear Children, it is with great joy that I come into your midst tonight. Joy because you waited with as much patience as you could muster, and joy because my child here, in spite of weariness and almost disinclination, gave herself entirely into my charge. Little things to you, perhaps, but in God's sight great big ones, in this sense - that to do what the heart desires may bring fleeting happiness, but to do that from which the physical shrinks, builds up beauty hereafter which shall never fade or pass away.

"Oh, my children, I do want you to understand something of what this training time is producing. Of necessity, because it is preparation, again and again tests have to be applied in direct opposition to the physical will, and in this application we suffer far beyond your imagination, and the sufferings of the Father I dare not touch upon. Could you but grasp this fact it would take from the heart and mind that sense of chill and of despair. You would know then, my little ones, that each pang which passes through your nervous system not only echoes, but that pain, intensified a hundredfold, finds its reflection on this side.

"Still, tonight I said I came into your midst with joy, and it is not my intention to pour coals of fire, as you would say, on something which is already raw and burning. I would not add one iota to the burden which you are bearing, and I mention our side not to cause self-reproach in your minds, but simply to try and destroy that devil of loneliness which tortures my most beloved in a most terrible way to behold.

"And now I would speak on another subject - it is indirectly connected with the few words which I have said already. Tonight then, dear children, we will think for a little while about that wonderful attribute which is so closely associated with the Master: 'The Attribute of Service'.

"I want you to follow me as closely as you can because, as usual, I am going to take the very broad view - God's view, and it is necessary to have your minds prepared to a certain extent, in order that you may distinguish between points which are rather fine.

"(Spoken to Dorrie): Don't worry, my child, I will wait for you if you get behind. I never forget the large part you take, although you think this is so again and again. I never forget my little secretary, and when at times she is hard-set, that too is God's will, in order to build up for her later on what otherwise would be impossible.

"Just one word, but I want Dorrie to know that when these things happen, it is not lack of consideration from those who are free from the bondage of the flesh. Over here we are not allowed to make such mistakes.

"Christ Himself would intervene if any act or any thought were brought into connection with this work in which self had a place, and lack of consideration for others is self in one of its ugliest forms. Take heart, little one, for the morrow.

"And now I come back to my subject - that of Service: Service, dear children, is closely connected with work, as of course you know, but if you put them side by side you would see that they differed enormously, in this way:

"One has the glory of God upon it and the other has only the light of your world to make it bright at all. I have not put that very well, but I want you to get into your minds the distinction. Perhaps it would be better to use this simile: Service is as the sun, with its warmth and power and brightness. Work, in its literal sense, is as the flame of a candle lighting up that which is densely dark - but very little more - and sometimes even then making the shadows look blacker under its flickering beams.

"I do want you to get this comparison firmly into your minds. I want you to try and see how far removed service is from work, and that although there can be no service without effort, it is effort in so spiritualised a form that it stands apart - up there, for ever and for ever more.

"In regard to the giving and the doing, there is this point, dear children, which is sometimes overlooked: There is that form of service of which in your world there is no outward or visible sign, but to us it is there, tangible and beautiful, and will be found of solid worth in the days to come. I am talking now of the finer side, the side which is removed from the active into the passive - from your point of view.

"It is the service of thought which sometimes - very often, it seems to you - is so limited in its expression as not to be in evidence at all. You know how it is. For instance, take a Mother's heart and mind: All those castles in the air which she builds round her little one. Sometimes they are not of a very wise character, but anyhow they represent gifts of a kind which she longs to shower upon the little life committed to her care.

"When we are parents, we plan and we build and we create a host of things with which to endow the child of our heart, and yet as time goes on very often the parent looks round with a sense of keen disappointment, and sees that hardly one of those dreams have come true. It is a saddening experience from the physical point of view - saddening and disappointing as well. But God knows best, and I would say to those fathers and mothers who have mentally brought so much and laid it before the child they have reared - I would say to them: Take comfort, for hereafter you shall find, if your thoughts and your wishes were disinterested, you shall find that they brought to the loved one that which no man can take away.

"And then I pass on to this: In the world today there are great minds, big sympathies - sympathies so wide and unlimited that their owners construct mental schemes of so comprehensive a nature, for the welfare of mankind, that they are classed instantly as fantastic by those who never put together one altruistic thought during their years of manhood.

"Yes, I know that sometimes these people are not practical - they think on the lines of Utopia, and when their time comes to lay down the tabernacle of the body, very often they look back with regret and bitterness to remember the dreams they had for the raising up of humanity, and that these were able to produce nothing, and instinctively they agree with their candid critics that they had been foolish indeed.

"Of course you know people like this - all sorts of names have been invented for them, and their enthusiasm more often raises a laugh than a thrill of admiration: But I say to you - in God's Name - that they have builded better than they knew, and when spiritual sight is their own they shall see in all their loveliness those thoughts and hopes established for ever in the Realms of the Spirit.

"Oh, be not deceived by the outward and visible signs in a physical world so limited. Take the God view, and for ever cast aside that most distorted impression that only that which produces concrete results is of worth, either to man or to God.

"And then I come to another point: In your world, the material - in the form of possessions - holds an undisputed sway, and the gifts of the Spirit pass unnoticed, except by the small minority.

"I want to touch on that rather pleasant thing - a present. Now all of my children, and the majority of people, brighten up at the thought of a present; some because they like to gather unto themselves things which are their own, and others because the present reflects the love behind it - that, of course, is the spiritual view to take.

"But in regard to presents, even here I ask you to substitute for possessions, those gifts of thought which never can take a tangible form at all. You have friends who are kind and generous, and these friends joy in giving of what they have and, in so doing, to distribute a little of that brightness which they long to bring you. Yes, that is beauty indeed, but I say that the thoughts and the prayers of which you are totally ignorant - these are the gifts which will stay when the others have passed away; these are the gifts which come direct from God through the channel of the heart and mind of another, and this being so are Divine and permanent, even as God Himself.

"Oh, my children, I raise you up; I entreat you to get these things in their proper positions. In time to come there may be those who will give you tangible things - those which are very desirable and which are meant for you by the Father, but such gifts are as the pebbles on the sea-shore in comparison with the thoughts and the desires of others for your happiness during the days of sadness and of trial.

"I am most anxious for you to consider this because, dear children, when you come here and get spiritual sight, it will grieve you enormously to look back and see how often you passed over that service which is of God.

"The little unnoticed acts, the unspoken thoughts, the unmentioned prayers, these then will stand out as the stars on the dark night of your physical experience, and it will almost break your heart to think that you did not heed them, and that you passed them by as of no importance whatever.

"You see now the gulf there is between work and service; you see also that the finest form of service there is, more often than not, leaves no outward evidence of its being; and that you should watch for it ever and ever - watch for it with your spiritual sense, by that bigger you within, and give it its first and right position in your daily lives.

"It is a big subject and, as usual, I have had to take the outer ring only, in order to build up something which is fairly complete in your minds. But inside that ring is all the inner meaning - all the truth which is of God. And I want you to think it over, and to develop, in your own way, what I have said, and again, to bring into being all that vast expanse which I have had to leave to your imagination:

"First, the service of thought, then the service of doing and of giving. After that there is a big gap, and then comes work - work that is clean and wholesome, work that is linked to the spirit because it is a form of self-discipline and of training in the way of subjecting the senses to the domination of the energy-side of the mind... That is rather difficult for you to understand but, to put it in a nut-shell, it means to suppress, when necessary, the longing for a comfortable chair and a cosy fire, and to do that which is not interesting and, sometimes, is disagreeable as well. That kind of work is linked to the spirit and has God's blessing upon it in a way you cannot understand while in the flesh.

"And then we come to 'work because you must'. That's not so bad as you might think. The mere fact that it goes against the grain is giving strength of a very definite kind to the spirit within, and creates, of necessity, better conditions in a material way for the days to come.

"And the last, as of course you know, is that which is chained to the earth - the work for gain and for self. We won't dwell upon that because it is a very ugly picture, however you may look at it. I have told you before that selfishness is of all things the most unlike to God, because it is in direct opposition to Love - which God represents - and therefore, from a spiritual point of view, selfishness is perhaps - indeed I say it is - the ugliest thing created by man.

"Well, my children, I do think tonight you should take heart of grace, because there is not one of you who has not given service - disinterested service - which, to your mind, has shown no harvest at all. That is very hard to bear - it seems unjust and is frightfully disappointing as well. We don't overlook that, but I could not agree - not even out of the great sympathy I have with you over it all - I could not agree, because I see the fair landscape as it really is - so promising, so healthy, so certain to flower, that I am forced to disagree with my little children in a most emphatic way, and also to bid them once more to take the bigger view, which is God's view, and to be sure that what He has promised, that shall be fulfilled.

"And those who wait upon the Lord, hard though that waiting may have been, shall see, in the bright tomorrow, such a vision of things worked out, that the past - the barren past - will be wiped out by the glory and the blossom of the present... and there I leave you...

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"Now my children, I come back again, and I am not going to keep you tonight, because already the day has been long, and I want my child to rest, and to let us 'rest' her too.

"Tonight we have kept on rather an impersonal note, and you know what that means without my telling you. You know that at times I like you to fling out sufficient trust in the spirit to let the personal go by. It is like this somewhat:

"In climbing a steep hill, a staff is a very great help; but sometimes the spirit lays down that staff and struggles up the next portion without its aid. It is progress, as you will see at once; but, as you should know, although you may not have a material and visible sign of help, you have always by your side, invisible to you but there so definitely to us - you have the Saviour, and He never forsakes and He never lets go. That should comfort you. Now and again the children of the earth, beset by much that tries and frets them, release their hold on Christ - but Christ never lets go of them - remember that. Over and over again He closes the wounds in heart and mind, gives strength to the faltering, hope to the despairing, and lifts their eyes up to the golden horizon, when sorrow will be no more.

"Try and cling to this thought. Try and remember, all of you, that although you feel lonely, that no one understands - yet the 'One so kind' is there, and even as He understood the plight of His friendless child, so He understands all that you fear so much, and all that these dark days bring out in the way of pain and disappointment.

"Let Christ come in. This has been said over and over again to the masses, but Christ understands that sometimes the barriers seem too great; and so tonight, dear children, I would reassure you - and indeed the whole world at large - reassure you, that although you may relinquish your hold on the Master, He never lets go of you, and never will for all Eternity.

"God bless you all and keep you in the brightness of His Face; bless you with peace, with hope and with a renewed faith; bless you with His Love, and gather you under the Wings of Power, shutting the world outside and bringing harmony within... Goodnight."

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