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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An Extract From


Taken from an Address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes, printed in the Greater World newsletter on Saturday, May 5th, 1984 (date of Message not given)

"Today I am sent with a message of cheer, one that should send you on your way with happy hearts, and a deeper consciousness that over the little things and the big which constitute man's life on earth, there is a Father's guiding Hand. So I speak to you upon: 'Anniversaries and their Blessings'.

"I ask the parents here to go back over the past, to remember the love and the joy that came to them when their first infant was placed in their arms. I want the parents to try to recall the sense of wonderment that was their own, to try to recapture the old feelings of the past when love was high, when life seemed sweet, when the little child came in answer to prayer; for in these thoughts there is much of guidance and illumination as well.

"And I want others who have gathered here, to go back upon the past, to remember how they strove to gain a prize at school, all the anticipation and anxiety associated with the coveted gift, and when at last it was made their own, the exhilaration that seized their being. Something longed-for had come to them.

"And then, perhaps, there are those here who recall the loss of interest in the gift. The book - or whatever it was - was cast aside, and at last forgotten. But what remains, dear children, is this: Those fine feelings created, the striving to attain, the dedication of heart and mind - these things live for evermore.

"Dear children, the life of any man is full of anniversaries, and blessed is he who can look back and thank God for those anniversaries. But there are some, my children, who cannot deny the fact that anniversaries must come of weakness in the past. So few remember that in God's law of life there is always the good side and the so-called bad side, the building up or the tearing down, the giving out or the holding back.

"So for a moment or two, as we think of your world with its sorrow and its pains, we can see so clearly that those things which have been, have left their mark. The things of yesterday bring their echo today and tomorrow, and the things of today will indeed be shown for good or for ill in time to come.

"You remember, dear children, how excitement ran high when war was declared. There were the few filled with horror, knowing a terrible price must be paid; but there were many of the young who greeted war as an adventure - it seemed to them to represent the greatest enterprise that life could hold, and God alone knows the process of disillusionment, the pain and suffering endured by those lads before merciful death lifted them into a brighter better world.

"But we cannot dismiss war by referring to physical suffering alone. There were those who plotted and planned, there were those who deceived their neighbour. There were many who exploited war for their own material means. You know that there were those even among the masses, as you name them, who gained materially from the anguish of their brothers in the field. You know there were those in high positions who were able to grasp earthly ambition and to hold it fast. What of their anniversaries, what of the wheels of God - the mill that grinds so slowly and yet so surely as well?

"True it is that many have passed out of the physical into another state, but they are not free from the anniversaries of that which they did. They are still held by their many betrayals, by forgetfulness of what they owed their neighbour, by their treachery to God. So you see there are two sides to the shield. There are those things which bring a blessing when the anniversary comes round, and there are those anniversaries which represent retribution - the retribution which must surely take place before retrievement can be made possible for the one who failed.

"Then there are those anniversaries which are sacred to every loving heart and thoughtful mind, the anniversaries of the birthdays of many upon the physical plane, and the birthdays of many out of the physical plane into God's Bright Land. There are few gathered here, few who will read my words, who represent men and women so callous that they completely forget them.

"How often you say: 'This was mother's birthday!' How often the cry goes out: 'My baby was born on a day like this'? And as you think of those so dear, as your thoughts go out into space trying to probe into the Beyond, can you not visualise, dear children, the miracle of grace which takes place by the will of God? Do you not think that those who love you, who have passed on a span, remember too? They know that when the day comes - anniversary day - you will be thinking of them. Indeed there are many of the unseen who undertake much preparation so that they may penetrate your aura, and do their part to stem the tide of remembrance which brings back the pain of loss.

"Thus it is that the parents, wives, and the husbands fin - as time goes on - the anguish of the first blow is able to die down. There are some who reproach themselves that they do not feel today so keenly as they felt when they stood beside the still form. They question within: 'Does it mean that love is dying?' But I want to assure those of the humble hearts and obedient minds that the balm placed over them is by God's direction. The wounds have been closed by unseen loving hands. It is well the pain should pass away, well that the fierce anguish should be no more. For, forget not, when you suffer thus you strike at the one so dear and the one so near. You cannot grieve without a shade being cast over that one who seeks to serve, for your pain is his pain, and he cannot hold fast the brightness which he has purchased by his efforts when the one he loves is in the darkness of despair.

"I want to comfort each and everyone over the sorrows of the past, not only over the loss of those so dear, but over the disappointments of physical life, the high hopes which never materialised, the loss of faith in one trusted who seemed to have been tried over the past, and yet has failed. Should I not give out my compassion to you who have suffered thus?

"But I say to you, dear children, that I give more compassion - because they need it more - to those who failed their better selves, who forgot the brotherhood of man, who ignored that all life is one. Surely you should pity such as these, for when their eyes are opened in the World of Spirit, no more can they deceive themselves. Shuddering, with deep reluctance they must lift the veil which hides yesterday and look upon the ugliness that is beneath, and it takes much power, much time in your language to close the wounds, for such as these know that that which they did could have been averted by sincerity of purpose, by holding close to the Friend of friends, our Saviour Jesus Christ.

"Then, dear children, once again I turn the shield and show you the joy side. There are those gathered in who - in the yesterday of time - took a delight in helping their neighbour, sent out their healing thoughts to the sick, tried to give courage to one who was losing hold upon himself. You may say to me: 'It is so long ago, I have forgotten!' But God remembers, and the whole record is faithfully kept.

"It seems so trivial now to go back over the years and remember when you stopped a crying child and were able to distract. So little, but when you are free from the flesh and look over the tapestry representing your life on earth, there, dear children, in perhaps a tiny corner, will be the golden thread of your kind thought. And the little child, grown, having passed through its own experiences, and at length free in the World of Spirit, finds too - in the tapestry of its life - the bright thread of your tiny thought, your little deed, forgotten by you directly you had passed upon your way.

"How wonderful is God - but then comes the thought as to the permanency of the things we do, of the things we say; and if there are some to exclaim: 'What a terrible prospect awaits man in the World of Spirit. Think of all the depressing thoughts, all the rebellious thoughts, all the unkind thoughts that each individual indulges in during the course of his physical life. What about this?'

"Oh, dear children, God is a God of construction, and because you are in your training stages, you are learning those lessons which shall provide valuable experience in time to come. God has ordained that by your repentance - and repentance to us is seeking to retrieve - the very darkest thread at last becomes pure gold, beautifying the record of the past, even representing a field of weeds tilled and cared for and struggled for by the good gardener, until at last he can sow his good seeds and the weeds are able to triumph no more.

"So, dear children, is there not a wonderful hope underlying the thought of anniversaries, and a wonderful peace as well? There is no one in this world who can say: 'I have had no sweet anniversaries.' There is no one in any state who can rightly say: 'I have had no anniversary worth remembering at all.' Each one who has had a friend, who has seen a kind look in the eyes of another, has a sweet anniversary to recall; and some of you, in your darkest hour, have been greatly comforted by the remembrance of the love in the eyes of a little child, of her trust. Many men and women have been shamed by the purity shining forth from the eyes of a little child - God's way, God's will to reach His own. For forget not, dear children, that however far a man or a woman may fall, they are God's own, they are His children, He is their Father, and the Father searches and struggles and strives until at last the wayward one is fettered to his true home, the Kingdom of Heaven, where peace and love abound.

"So I want you this day to realise the deep blessing of anniversaries, how you can contribute to God's Holy Plan, how by giving out of your very best today you can ensure a glorious anniversary in time to come. Is it not wise, dear children, to be a sower of good seeds? There are those who started Divine work with high hopes and sweet enthusiasm. They thought there would be many to rally round and few to check, but they lived to find many to check and few to gather round.

"Yet think of the Master and the result of His ministry upon the earth plane. In His hour of trial when He was forsaken by all, did He say within Himself: 'It is enough; I will give up'? No. His tempters tried to test His powers by challenging Him to come down from the Cross, but He had chosen the Cross because He knew the many anniversaries that were to come, He knew that when the time for commemorating the raising up of Himself upon the Cross came round, there would be many to recall, many to feel gratitude, many to experience repentance."

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