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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Deal, on Sunday, 4th June, 1939.

"SAVIOUR CHRIST, into Thy hands I commend the spirit of this Thy child.

"MY CHILDREN, surely the peace of God rests upon us all as we are gathered together to think of His Holy Word and Will as laid down by Jesus Christ, and I would say at the outset that there are many drawn in this day - your loved ones who have passed through the change called death.

"They have been waiting for this gathering, they have been praying for it, they have done their utmost to guide you here; and when you are free and you undertake a similar task for those on earth, you will then understand the wonderful joy that can come when your guidance has been responded to, and when there are those who have met together in God's Name for God's work, co-operating with spiritual beings.

"But this day my children, I have been instructed to speak to you upon: 'The Ancient Power of Healing', and I want you to take the widest view you can of the power of healing. Sometimes those in the body associate healing only with the despatch of the physical ills from which they suffer. But when you are free, when the greater sight has been made your own, you will know that there are various kinds of healing power, because there are various ills of the body, the mind and the soul, and it would not be practical to apply one power for all these ailments, for their cause is different and their cures enlist many vibrations, all provided by God's Divine Love.

"So shall we think for a little while how those on earth come in, as you would name it, in the great scheme of healing, the healing of the nations, the healing of those in worlds beyond your comprehension now, as well as the healing of the individual in the tiny home, in the rich palace, or out in those far countries where there seems naught to stem the pain.

"What is the disease that is scourging man today? You cannot say, children, that it is entirely an illness of the body. Surely recent events have shown you that the illness of the soul is far more serious and has far greater effects on the world at large. Who is it that calls for war? Who are they who engineer the war-makers and their intriguing? You know that there are those in the body being used as tools (dictatorships etc.); but you have got to dig back a little further than that and try to find out who is influencing them, for remember this: What you see of war is but one branch of the great tree of war, whose roots have been fed by man's hatred over the past, not only the past of this little planet, but during those many lives which the children of God have lived in other states and in other worlds.

"I mention this fact because I want you to have a knowledge of proportion to enable you to do your work as disciples of Christ, as missionaries working under the Power of the Holy Spirit. War then on earth is but one aspect of war. Illness, too - as shown to those who watch and pray - illness has many phases, and physical illness is not necessarily the worst disease that can overtake man. You have turned to your Holy Book and have read that the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children to the third and fourth generation, and you know that those who are drunkards, those who abuse the body, are responsible for bringing into physical life many of the blind, many of the dumb, many of those who are crippled and defenceless throughout the earthly span.

"There is no one who can go to any institution for these poor souls who is not driven back to the folly and the weakness that have held those who could have known better.

"Perchance they had strong bodies themselves, but physical health does not indicate spiritual health, although indeed these two gifts were meant to run in double harness. It is well known that there are some with physical strength who abuse the body and sin against the laws of God; and it is shown on either side that many who know much of suffering, who spend long nights in pain, they are wonderfully strong souls, and they contact with grace in such a tangible form that even all they endure has not the power to embitter or to shut them off from the sunshine of God's Love.

"Keep your vision clear. Disease is man's will and the result of man's way, and again and again the innocent suffer for the guilty. But God is a God of justice, and I want to try to indicate to you some of the miracles which are going on in a sick room when the patient has a knowledge of God and a belief in His unutterable Love.

"Surely those who minister are ministered to in turn by the spirit of patience that is shown? Many a nurse and doctor would be the first to admit that they have learned much from one under their care, that they have been ashamed at the complaints they have made in their minds over their own lot. As it were, they have taken off their shoes when they have approached one so sweet, one so kind.

"That is but the outward. I want you to try to visualise how God compensates those who suffer. In those sick rooms there is a mighty work going on unseen by mortal eye. Many spirits, who when they had a body of flesh, fell from that which was good and wise, still wander in darkness, for the prison-house they have built for themselves can only be destroyed by themselves. Yet God's way of mercy is opened unto them again and again, and such as these are allowed to enter those chambers of suffering, and the one lying on the bed of pain, praying to God just for the power to endure is a miracle-worker by the Grace of God, for those unseen by him have witnessed the struggles of a strong soul, have become aware of their own weakness, have gained the courage to take up the fight and at last win through.

"What a wonderful awakening comes to the pilgrim when the river of death has been crossed! Who are these with gratitude in their eyes? They were once as beggars, but they received alms from the one who prayed, and they were restored. There was manna to comfort their soul, the Water of Everlasting Life has been held to their lips, and there they are, seeking to show to the one who feels as a stranger to them, that through that which was endured redemption has come for many straying souls.

"I want you to ponder upon this simple point. I come back in this same way entirely to indicate the truth. It is not mine to treat you as children. I give you a principle, and I remind you that all truth is within you, and it is your part, your privilege, to apply the principles that are given to you through spirit agency, and to see exactly how you stand today in your own home surrounded perchance by cares, hemmed in by many restrictions.

"Then I take you to another point, and I want you to think of what is going on in those places where the insane are gathered. Much missionary work! - yet the missionary work is stemmed by the ignorance of those in the physical body. Only now are the facts becoming known - that that narrated in the Holy Book is true. There are many no longer captain of their own soul; they are held captive by another drawn into their condition by lack of resistance, by refusing to accept the way of faith, or to face trouble in a prayerful spirit.

"My children, I must emphasise this point, for there are so many in the body drifting nearer and nearer to that dark abyss where they will be numbered amongst those no longer able to control themselves. When you find a man or a woman worrying over trivial details, pass on the word of warning. When you find another analysing the ills of the body, indulging in the habit of introspection, pass on the word of warning! Man was meant to have a wider mind than that. You have many troubles, you have much to contend with. Why is this? The spirit within you, knowing what is held out in the by-and-by, deliberately chose the hard road because it means emancipation for the traveller upon it.

"Cannot you see how wrongly man has been taught? There are those who say that a fortunate life upon the earth plane indicates an advanced character, yet if you analyse those who have an easy time, so oft you find they are selfish and self-centred. You must be kept to facts; you are meant to use your reasoning power; God has given it to you for a holy purpose. So I want you to analyse with courage the lot of those you know, those whom you love the most, the ones whose character you admire, the ones whose example you wish to follow, and in every case you will find that these men and women have been sorely tried, but they have withstood the fires of adversity and have emerged as pure and cleansed vessels, ready for the Master's use.

"So then I speak to you who have had trouble or who are grappling with trouble now. What is that trouble? Does it represent material loss? Maybe certain things have to be removed from you to make room for the spiritual treasure that God intends shall be your own. Is it that your heart is broken because the one you love has gone on before?

"Remember, my little ones, this oft is a most merciful law for the one who remains behind. Sometimes you on earth imagine you are the only ones who are lonely, the only ones who feel the separation. This is not so. But the difference is this: That when a soul who has passed on has been a faithful servant of the Christ, he or she is allowed to see what the separation is working in on both sides of the Veil.

"My children, in the World of Reality there is one thing which divides, and that is conditions. What do I mean by conditions? That wonderful gift - the aura - which surrounds every soul, every flower, every animal, that little world which is all our own. When souls pass into the Better Land, attraction is in a stronger form, but then it is spiritual attraction and not that physical attraction which so oft represents temptation in a hidden form.

"Think then of this: Seldom are two souls equally advanced in character, and it is wise for one to go and for the other to remain, because the little earth life is so short and Eternity lies ahead. The tiny span of separation now is as naught in comparison with the inevitable separation that must come to souls who are not equally released, equally far on the road to God. Many a man and woman, when they have passed into the Light and have met their loved ones, have thanked God from the very depth of their being that the separation was allowed, so that there should be no cloud between, so that they might be united for evermore.

"So I bring you back to the thought of suffering. Some on earth regard suffering as an enemy, something to be evaded at all costs, something which causes fear and loss; but again and again I remind you that very often suffering is man's greatest friend. It is a mighty constructor, it is the builder after the wreckers have come along.

"Thus we think of the Ancient Power of Healing, and we know that humanity at large needs healing most of all - the healing of the soul, the readjustment of the thoughts. Would there ever have been war if the Christ commandment to love our neighbour as ourselves were put into practice? Would there ever be disease if man had followed the Christ law and the Christ way? You know, my children, that this world, with its sorrow and its woe, with its seeming injustice - this is not God's work; it is the work of man through the abuse of that wonderful gift of free-will.

"I come back today, because I want you to take a sane view of your troubles and your trials. I want you to realise that without that experience of strain, of anxiety, of an aching heart, the earth life for you would represent a period of utter waste. You have come into a physical body in order to acquire experiences. How can you comfort the mourners if you have never mourned yourselves? How can you heal the broken-hearted if those pangs are foreign to you? How can you understand the weariness of the sick if your own body has always been full of vitality? It is all so clear, so plain, so intensely like the Love of God. Nothing has gone wrong, nothing can go wrong if only you think of the life of Christ and remember His experiences and the power they brought to a darkened world.

"Many of you are tempted at times to throw away your cross; and if you are not tempted to do that yourselves, there are others who would separate you from your cross. They do not understand that they are betraying the law of friendship. Friendship dictates that they shall go to the heavy-burdened and share the weight of the cross, when the weight is lightened.

"Cannot you see that Spirit Communion was meant for a mighty purpose? It was to revive the ancient power of healing, it was to make possible that there should be no hungry or thirsty souls, no men or women seeking for spiritual food and receiving stones. Spirit Communion is intended to force upon the mind of man that there is a living God working upon earth to restore what has been shattered.

"And so you see that those who have been in despair gain fresh hope, those who have been so sick find their strength is returning, those who made a god of earthly ambition have awakened from their material slumber and have changed it into spiritual ambition, working and fighting and struggling for their brother man.

"I would come amongst you, my children, for I feel - I know - there are many gathered in who have been tested and tried, and are holding on to faith in God only, as it were, by the fringe instead of by the firm tapestry of knowledge and understanding. I want to strengthen such as these. I want to clear the clouds from their earthly minds, I want to open their eyes to the vision glorious - the Cross upon the lonely hill that had to be to enable the resurrection to come to pass. And in that wonderful incident of the long ago there is a direct message for each and everyone.

"Thus I come amongst you, seeking to hold the links, and promising in the Name of God that to all who seek, the door shall be opened and they shall find. But again and again I have to ask those in the body what are they seeking? Are they seeking for spiritual freedom or are they seeking for escape from that which frets? So clear is it when once the response is made with the discerning mind. We find emerging from the sacred pages of God's Eternal Truth - that those who left their marks upon time were not those who evaded their responsibilities, not those who were lauded by the masses, but those who had the courage to sacrifice and to be faithful unto the end.

"I turn to you as practical men and women, and I ask you to face the future with a brave heart and a searching mind. You cannot say when the call will come for you to go hence. Sometimes the young are taken before the old. Sometimes the old, in weariness of heart, long to reach the Better Land, but it seems that the Gates are closed. It is all part of the Almighty pattern; but it is wise for you in a physical body, remembering the precarious character of earthly life, to prepare for tomorrow in another world, in another state. Death is not anything to be feared. It means for the vast majority the wonderful gift of freedom - freedom from pain, freedom from doubt, freedom from old age, freedom from limited thinking.

"If your eyes could be opened you would see gathered here thousands of radiant beings - almost angelic they would appear to your dim sight; but they are the ones who faithfully did their duty upon the earth plane. Those in the home, those in the narrow field of toil, they did their little best, praying that God would understand the mistakes they made because they were not intended. Who are these in robes of white? May they not be your own parents, your forebears? What is their message to you? To prepare, not to be deceived by earthly thinking, but to see that you are amongst the healers, and through the Holy Spirit within you there is that wonderful gift waiting to be released.

"Are there no sorrowful, are there no doubtful, are there none who are ashamed to meet you? Yes, there are many waiting for healers. The ancient power of healing is yours by the Power of Christ. Use it before it is too late. Demonstrate the Divinity that is within you. You are flesh but for the short earth life. Before you were born into the physical state, you had life away back into that which you name the far far past, even as one Paul reminded his hearers. And in the tomorrow of time there are many changes of state for each and everyone, and each change depends upon the individual concerned - whether it is for greater freedom, greater power, or whether it is for further imprisonment and the dying down of even the power he once possessed.

"Therefore, as you take your homeward way with the blessing of the Christ resting upon you, with cheerful hearts go through the house of your own mind, throw out the useless toys and the encumbrances, make room for revelation, for revelation can be your own by the Grace of God. And when you think of disembodied souls coming back to minister to those upon the earth plane, recall that they should be healers, healers first of the soul, then of the mind, then of the body; and as you clear your vision of earthly thinking a new life will be shown unto you, an unending vista of opportunity and privilege.

"It was not merely for the material you were born into the physical state - it was for God's purpose. You are a son or a daughter of the Most High, you are preparing to take your place in the Kingdom which shall never perish.

"So I bless you as I take my leave, and I pray the Father that the strength will come to each and everyone to hearken for the true message from Spirit, the message that urges you ever to strive and not to be disheartened, the message that encourages you to fight on, not only for your own emancipation but for the emancipation of others, so that they may be healed of their infirmities and made whole.

"Peace comes to those who seek to understand. Despair flies from those who seek to do their duty, for the darkness of one day but heralds the brightness of another. So then, my children, come to grips with your real self, make your vows anew, join the great company of those seeking to apply the Ancient Power of Healing, and remember ever that the Great Healer of all souls shall supplement the power as you strive. There shall be no failures, for what does not take place upon the body shall be used for the soul, and as the soul is strengthened so indeed the Spirit rejoices, and as the Spirit rejoices, so again the joy is passed on to heaven; and the guides and the helpers who have striven so hard over the generations, at last they see that their prayers are answered, and all the little things gathered together make a mighty whole.

"So I bless the workers, those who have striven and hoped, those who have ventured, and I say unto them that in the degree that they are prepared to sacrifice there shall be nothing held from them, for God is the Giver of all good things (James 1:17), and He shall guide them up the narrow way to spiritual achievement. With the Cross of Jesus Christ athwart this hall, bringing protection to all who enter in, I take my leave.

"Farewell, my children, but in the sleep state many of us will meet again, and you shall come back from it strengthened to carry on God's work of healing, and joy shall fill your being. Farewell, farewell!"

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