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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 9th January, 1927.

Divine Spirit of Heavenly Love, grant that we may be able to reach out and grasp Thy Strength. Make it possible that Thy little children, conscious of the wonderful link within, may be so assured of Thy protecting care, that this night may seem one step farther on, one step nearer to that faith which it is Thy will should be their own.

"O Christ, the Consoler of our hearts and the Inspirer of our minds, direct and guide us and lift us into those conditions which are Spirit. Banish from the minds of Thy children the busy world, its changing scenes, all that which, as it were, makes barriers between them and Thy great peace; grant that for these sacred hours we may feel in touch not only with Thy Love but with Thy Holiness, in the measure that we can understand...

"Commending ourselves into Thy Hands we commence our work tonight in faith, in trust, confident that Thou hast provided for all our needs... O most gracious Father, we thank Thee and thank Thee again...

"...My little children, tonight we are going to talk together as companions who love each other, as pilgrims on the long road of attainment, aye, and perhaps as those who are acquainted with adversity, with the trials of the spirit, with the strain of the physical body - as companions we meet together by the grace of God, and we ask the Holy Master to teach us and to lead us closer to Him.

"This evening, my children, because it has been ordained by God, I would speak to you on that which you name: 'Ambition'.

"And while I dwell on aspects familiar to those in the physical world, yet ere we part, you shall see how far you have progressed towards making that ambition which is of the spirit your own, for Christ's sake. You see, my little ones, being in a material world, of necessity you have brought before your attention those things - concrete to you, intangible to us - which comprise the world as it is built up today, waiting for the children of the earth to change, to purify it, to draw it nearer to the Kingdom of God.

"My children, I have to consider many things in speaking to you thus, I have to take the facts of your daily life, your circumstances, your conditions; and out of that which represents the daily round, I draw you nearer to God, I put within your hands that most precious gift which one day shall give you the desire of your heart...

"Little ones - and I speak to all - that which you name Ambition has much enclosed in its folds which is good, yes, which is used by the Master to further His work and to prepare you for better things. The ambitious man, he considers within himself the tools essential for the attaining of that ambition; and he knows - because those in the world around have shown it - he knows that he must work, that he must concentrate, that he must put aside the things which come between him and the desire of his mind.

"Now think you as to this: In the first place, by the concentration of the energies, by the curbing of the physical will, you are building up stability; and I would not have you think that because the ambition is concerned with material things, that, as a whole, it is antagonised from God. No, the spiritual view goes over the entire course, over everything that has been drawn together to produce a certain aspiration of the mind, and it gathers, as it were, out of the dust heap, that which is precious, that which has sufficient life in it to live under other conditions than the world.

"Oh, think of this and make no mistake. Your Father and Mother God understands the human construction, is well aware that man, at this stage, is evolving out of something material into that spiritual being which he was, and will become again in time to come.

"But, my children, while I show you that the ambition of the earth can produce its good, by the fact of the curbing of the will, by the separating from those elusive pleasures, so-called, of the physical world, yet I should be false to Truth if I did not tell you that by concentrating your energies and your desires on the acquirement of things which pass away - ah, even before your body has passed away - if I did not point out to you the folly, the waste of time, of precious opportunity, then, when sight was your own, you would name me false friend indeed.

"The ambition of a man's heart and mind, what are they there to teach? Those of you who mix amongst your fellows, who watch this one and that, sacrifice his all to gain material possessions, to gain that two-edged sword of power, you have said within yourselves: 'He is holding on to the less and sacrificing the great'. And he proves to himself how frail a thing is earthly desire, for lo, as you watch, another, stronger, more ambitious than himself, comes across his path and snatches from him that for which he has bartered almost his soul.

"There is no-one who lives amongst his fellow creatures who can deny this, who can say to me that the struggle has been justified by the gain. No, even you, bound by physical restrictions - blind, in a measure, to things as they are - you have seen for yourselves that the man or the woman who puts everything on the scale of material ambition, in the end is bankrupt - yes, bankrupt - for the things which remain, the things which bring delight to the heart and mind have passed him by. Love is a stranger to him - friends, ah, where are they? In loneliness he passes out, into what? Into loneliness again; for though there are numbers who would minister to him, by the fact that his mind was held to the attainment of earthly possessions, so he cannot take, so he cannot see, and as a solitary one he wanders in twilight conditions, unable to find a way into the light of understanding the Love of God...

"My children, if to some this sounds an exaggerated description, to others it appears but a mere shell of things as they are. And so tonight, while I commend those who, by their efforts, by their work, bring within their reach that which the world calls success - while I commend them for much, I turn their attention to the attainment of that success which will last, which will grow and expand long after this brief physical stage is forgotten.

"You are called to be ambitious in a way those of the world have never understood. You are called by God Himself to release that which is Divine within, so that you may have, in the little by and by, powers, opportunities, and the essential tools to create, to give permanency to those things in the Spirit which never pass away.

"I hold out to you all, to you in this little room, and to countless thousands in realms, as yet, beyond your comprehension - I hold out to the ambitious the ambition of the spirit within. I tell them that that work and concentration over material things has taught them the first lesson necessary in order to concentrate and to work for spiritual things. I draw them out of the shadows, and I tell them that whatever mistakes have been made in the past, in the future lies attainment, lies the fulfilment of an ambition absolutely beyond their wildest dreams in the past.

"Then perhaps they sought to construct that which benefitted the world; then perhaps they sought to put together some great organisation which would reflect credit on themselves, and fame came to them as a matter of course. They worked, they struggled, they spent their energies, and the world proclaimed them great, but in the measure that God was not in their work, in the measure that self held first place, so, when sight comes, instead of the stars of success there is the darkness of failure. They bartered their all for what? For the world which cheers one day and condemns the next. They sacrificed joy and love, and an unspeakable freedom when the body was no more, and the world jeered at them in their old age when their powers had waned and when another took their place...

"Oh, my children, sift these things for yourselves. The mind of the body was given to man to exercise not only on things physical, but to so develop that he could grasp in a measure things spiritual. And you who have within your scope the power to think clearly, to dissect, to analyse - then use it for the purpose for which it was given by your Creator - use it to bring to yourself that which will give you a joy which is beyond the reach of physical things, or of the vicissitudes of daily life.

"Use your thinking powers to build for yourself a firm foundation so that when you pass hence, instead of having to destroy that which is false beneath you, lo, you find that the bricks are there, put together by effort, by that spiritual thinking, by that dedication to Holy things.

"My little ones, to be ambitious in the Christ way not only brings you, individually, power and an expansion of thought, but you, by reserving yourselves for God, are making it easier for others to disentangle themselves from the dust of the earth, from the tawdry toys of material pleasures, and the many deceptive enemies of the mind.

"You are missionaries for God, building, constructing for those others, who one day - if not in this brief life then when they pass beyond that which the physical comprises - will have to attain to, will have to bring to themselves, for the journey home to God is only delayed, only postponed.

"You are giving strength to those who are too weak to help themselves; you are passing on from this generation to the generation which follows, something of right ambition, something of that spiritual desire to get nearer to God, and to be, in themselves, more like the Divine within...

"Oh, think not that the road is too long and the enemies are too numerous, for others walk with you and many have trod that way before. Yes, others walk with you, and, in time, you will come back to those on earth, struggling as you are struggling now; and because you struggled, and because you tried not to give way, so, my children, you can keep them from falling, you can give them just that added force, just that added trust, which helps them through; and they, in turn, pass on the strength again.

"This has been since Creation and will be for ever and for ever; for only by striving can we keep strong; only by working can we keep that close contact with God. Resting, relying on that point of attainment which we have reached, ah, little ones, no protection lies there. It is upward and onward, it is building for others and so constructing for ourselves; it is passing out of things material into things spiritual; and those things spiritual, as you progress, get nearer to Holiness, nearer to Perfection.

"And as you leave that which is self behind, so the joy comes and so the powers are at hand, and at last, as the children of God, linked to Him by that which you have endured willingly in the past, so, my little ones, you start on another era of attainment, which I cannot enter into at this stage of your development.

"So ponder within as to ambition, as to the tools of the mind. Take the long view; call out that self-preservation which is the preservation of the real self within, and make the great decision not only for yourselves but for others; for you cannot say: 'The best is for me', without directly making it not only easier, but possible, for others to cry as well: 'Yes, and the best for me'.

"My children, this is the beginning of a fresh era of work, as I told you before. This day, outside in the conditions which are your own at present, there was beauty, there was the promise of Spring - new life, new hopes, inspiration in the sunshine itself. Take this as a sign for the future and as a promise for the days to come.

"Oh, be not disconcerted by seeming failure, either of the physical or the spiritual which you call your own. Take the brightness as a promise to you from God; and though perhaps dark days may come, yet remember today - the sunshine and the blue of the sky; remember that God has promised you your spirit's desire, and if you only seek to hold close to Him, your spirit's desire will be found to be your heart's desire as well...

"I speak to you, and I speak to the instrument I use, because much hangs in the balance, much lies in front. Oh, shrink not from the responsibility but take that which represents perhaps a burden, and lo, you shall find it a gift. The past is past; the sorrows which have provided the necessary preparation for this work, these may have been manifold, yet the end justifies the means.

"And today, in perfect harmony together - I say for all to hear - we start with renewed faith and trust in God, on a wider branch of this great work, which means the drawing in of others, the helping of the sorrowful and explaining to those who do not understand.

"Yet, remember this: That we work from the inside out and not from the outside in. That which you name the publicity which is of the world, it is not for us. Guard the work. Guard the Truth - for I say, in the Name of the Holy Master, that in front lies a work beyond your comprehension now. It shall spread and spread, and many from all parts of the world shall respond, love to Love, and take up their cross with a lighter heart.

"But we work from within and not from without. Let no one persuade you; listen not to the voice of this one or that. Each one in this room, by the spirit's choice, has chosen that ambition which is Divine, and the ways of the world, the methods of the world, and the means of the world - they pass them by. You are out for that bigness, that greatness, that Holiness, of which, as yet, you have but one glimpse; but the only way to achieve the ambition of the Divine within is by the concentration of effort, the little tasks, doing the next thing, giving out to this one and that, and leaving the rest to God - leaving the rest to God...

"And that whole, which is implied by 'the rest', that, little ones, you shall see slowly unrolling before you as you go forward in faith, inch by inch; and when you reach that point which the world calls 'death', lo, the garment of the physical is thrown off, and in that body which you have built up by your effort on earth - beautiful to you and imbued with powers beyond your imagination now - so you shall continue your work for Christ in conditions where weariness is unknown, where 'limitation' has no meaning, and where you shall have a vision - it cannot be more than that - just a vision of the wonderful future which lies in front...

"The child I use was shown, for the comfort of her heart, that which she described as a picture of those things which are of the Spirit - the golden Light beyond the tall bare trees. That is the aspect presented to the aspiring soul...

"Between man and the attainment of spiritual ambition, there lies that which is even as a forest; the leaves are dense, the undergrowth and the over-growth block the view; but when work has been put in, lo, that which represents obscurity gradually passes away; and then, though the trunks of the trees remain - they are the experiences of the earth-life - you have your direction. The Light is beyond. Undismayed, unhindered, you find a path through the forest; the obstacles are there but they stand not in your way; the Light is your guide and that is your journey's end.

"Oh, keep your eyes on Christ, hold on to that contact with the One who loves you best, for He is so comprehensive in His understanding that He can protect you on every side.

"And remember this: Christ condemns not when you fail your better selves. The spirit within - when, in a measure, it is released - the spirit within condemns, but Christ never. The Master says: 'Try again, lean hard on Me, hold closer to My Love, and next time - ah, next time - we shall do better because we work together'.

"Oh, my little ones, let no misgivings trouble your hearts over yourselves or over those you love. God has thought of everything, provided everything, overseen everything; and He asks from you and from me our love and our faith in Him. He loves us with a Love surpassing anything your minds could conjure up, and His faith in us is unlimited.

"So then, rejoice in your good gifts, rejoice in your Companion, your Consoler, your Leader and your Friend, and go on your way with happy heart, gently, slowly - ah, it must be slowly - bringing up those ambitions of your heart and mind to the ambition of the spirit, to that holy desire, which means peace and attainment and perfection in the end.

"And now, my children, I will leave you for a space, but I want you to, as it were, relinquish your physical wills in regard to everything while we are together, for the Holy Spirit is in this room in much force, and the power of the Holy Spirit is here to heal, to comfort, to strengthen, and to bring about your freedom, for the Holy Spirit is Love and Light itself. And now I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, I want you to remember this: That if it seems to you things have gone a little awry this evening, that God's work has been continued without interruption. That is not only a spiritual point, but a gift. To those in the body living in a physical world, sometimes the things of the earth seem to come in between them and the aspiration of the spirit; but forget not this: That suffering, great or little, brings its gain; disappointment, another gain; the thwarting of the physical mind and will, still another gain. Faith and trust is often assailed, but only by the assaults of the enemy can you say with truth: 'My spiritual ambition one day will be realised'.

"We meet and part, and yet we shall meet again. Skies may be o'ercast, and the shadows may be pressing, yet the blue and the sunshine of today will be repeated and repeated. Therefore, you can say within yourselves, with confidence, that nothing is loss, that everything is gain...

"The body can be controlled by the spirit - this my children here have seen. The spirit can dominate and control everything of the physical, but not at once. Slowly, so its power is released; slowly, by dedication and effort, so it takes command; and when the spirit triumphs, lo, thrown out on the vibrations there is that same strength for others - recharged by God.

"So, my little ones, regard life in this wise: 'A little while I linger with half-sight, half-hearing, but in the by and by full-sight and full-hearing will be my own'. And then, seeing Christ at work amongst His children in dark and terrible places outside this little earth of yours, so with sight and hearing you will hurry after Him and your joy will be complete...

"Keep your ideals up there. Never forget that the ambition of the mind can aid the spirit or hinder the spirit's desire. Yield not to any because of their criticism or their scorn, but keep that holy aspiration beyond the reach of the physical world, with Christ. And Christ will guard it and protect it for you, so that, in time to come, as you aspire, as you strive, so you shall see more of it, understand more what it means, and give out from your heart thanks to God, because, though partly blind, you sought to see; though chained in a measure to earthly things, you strove to climb...

"I bless you in the Name of the Holy Spirit with courage and with the will to fight. The gift is here; hold it and make it your own. And because you desire to be nearer to the One who loves you best, so the consciousness shall come that the Presence is by your side, and you will turn to God as a child turns to the parent it adores, certain that love will meet love, that strength will replace weakness, and that peace will dwell within, a gift from Him...

"Goodnight, my little ones... Go forward in perfect confidence in your Father and Mother God..."

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