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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 19th November, 1927.

"To Thee, our Saviour, we come with thankful hearts, and we ask Thee to bless us, as the little children in comprehension we are, to give us the humble heart, the understanding mind, and the will to overcome all the obstacles on our path.

"We pray for all those who are ignorant as to their Source. We pray that those who are weak may be made strong, that those who are fearful may have the courage to band together for the furtherance of Thy holy work...

"O Father, Thou who understandest all things, give to us this night a demonstration of Thy Love which we can hold, and as a gift from Thee can pass on to others. We dedicate ourselves to the purpose and the plan - the bringing of Light into darkened places, the bringing of peace where restless dissatisfaction now holds chief place.

"As Thy servants, as Thy instruments, thanking Thee for all that Thou hast bestowed, we commence our work this night with grateful hearts, Amen...

"...My children, you are here this evening by the will of God. Let all thought as to strangeness or unfamiliarity pass from you, for under the Master, you belong to me and I belong to you in turn.

"The one who speaks to you (himself), through this child (medium), walked the earth plane in what to you seems a far-off time, yet to me it is as yesteryear. I bring this in for one purpose alone, to indicate that the earth journey is familiar to me - that the trials, the separations, all that which makes up life on the physical plane - that, to me, is distinct in outline in the present, and is not as a faint memory, which would make barriers between us.

"In those days, as one attached to the Temple - the church of that time - I sought to teach the young and the old the Law of God. Many listened and profited in part; a greater number fulfilled the letter but they forsook the spirit; and I was a man aged, as it would seem to you, when One came - the Sacred One - and this time the teacher was the pupil, the young instructed the old.

"I saw the Christ, the great, great Messiah promised through the centuries, and my heart leapt with joy. But, my children, had not sorrow followed me close, had not separation and all those so-called adverse experiences of physical life been my portion, then, as others, I should have beheld God but recognised Him not...

"Oh, think you of the privilege - the gift of sorrow; for suffering, as it were, tore the scales from off mine eyes; and, when I listened to Love, so Love claimed me as His own, and sorrow no more was known by me. Suffering, perchance, yet the very pangs I held as a gift, for had I not seen the Master suffer on the Cross, and out of that which I bore so I was linked to Him by cords unbreakable over the vast future to come...

"A little word in explanation and, perhaps, as introduction as well, but I say that in the Spirit and in that which you name the sleep state, we tread the same path, we love the same things - the things of Christ; and those things have made it possible that we meet together, in the physical with you and in something of the physical with me.

"But, my little ones, though I could speak to you personally as to the past, as to the present and future, these evenings are dedicated to the Master's work, and under His direction I speak of that which I name: 'Allegiance to God - Allegiance to our Maker'.

"Children, it seems to you so simple. In the Sacred Record there is that laid down which brings the gift of everlasting Life - Life in its true sense, with its freedom and its power. But I would speak a little beneath the surface; I would take your thoughts to those in this world who have forgotten their allegiance to the Most High. How many - how many give of themselves, by free-will, to man and not to God? Man's laws, man's rules, all that mighty compilation of inherited tendencies, opinions, creeds and doctrines, all that contributed by the individual in his day and passed on to the generations to come, all that which man says: 'Lo, this is good; that is precious!' These are the things which call forth the respect, the deference, the consideration of the majority. You know it well.

"That laid down by the Master, which is so far beyond 'Thou shalt not' - that laid down by the Christ: 'Forgive, love, pity, help, succour, provide' - this, my little ones, is remembered by the few but overlooked or cast aside by the majority. Allegiance to God takes second, third or fourth place to allegiance to man...

"And this is how man fell. Much has been written, much has been given out by the individual as to the fall of man, but, even as they spake, they were illustrating once more why man fell, and why man cannot rise beyond a certain point. Is it not that the allegiance of the masses and the allegiance of the individual is given to man and not to God? Such as these prefer to take as a ruling, as the Truth, the statements, the theories, which issue from the physical mind of one like themselves - aye, they hold it as more valuable than that written in the Sacred Record...

"I have told you before that man fell in the long, long past through his desire for power; and each succeeding state and generation has illustrated this once more. Man has fallen from his high estate as a son of God, by the desire for power to work out his own will and not that of his Creator - the power to draw to himself the possessions of that state in which he was functioning at the time, instead of calling down and making his own the gifts of the Spirit, the gifts which God Himself holds and uses solely and only for others...

"My children, I have told you before that great things are pending; I have urged upon each one the necessity for releasing their sweeter, nobler self - and why? Why, because in the earth conditions, power, Spirit-power, is badly needed and will be most urgently required. I want you, because we are bound together under Christ, to feel that when the test comes you are in a position to answer: 'Use me for Thy holy work'. And for this reason, once again, I appeal to the teachers and the preachers, and my own experience on the earth plane underlines the necessity for greater vision, further preparation.

"Those in the holy temples - the edifices built in the honour of God - these, except for the few, were fettered by that same temptation: Love of power. And so when All-Power came into their midst, because of His majestic humility, they recognised Him not; and the Truth, so longed for in words, the Truth was sacrificed, and the One who could have shed sweetness and purity throughout the houses of God, was crucified as an enemy of the God He demonstrated in perfection...

"Over the ages, those in authority - whether in control of the spiritual or material fortunes of the masses - these, as time has gone on, have taken the prophets, taken the messengers of God, and destroyed them, seeking thereby to shatter that which they taught. What happened with the Master, what took place with the martyrs of old? At the time, the destroyers seemed to conquer, but my children, you cannot kill Truth; you may torture the vehicle, you may destroy the casket, but Truth, because it is of God, has immortality.

"So, to the preachers and the teachers of this same time, I speak, sending out my love to all: I tell them to beware as to where they place their allegiance. The only One to whom that allegiance belongs is Christ, the One who blesses us as I speak. I say to them: Take care, go back over the past and remember those others in the Temple who gave of their loyalty, their service, their allegiance, to the ones on earth who held the power, and forgot the claims of the great and all-pervading Spirit.

"Children, there are those in authority seeking to fetter the consciences of the ones with less power, who, in a measure, are under their control. Oh, I bid them be on their guard, for when the physical garment is no more, it will avail them nothing to say: 'I obeyed orders; I did that which I was directed by those above me'. Then, with sight, free from the hypocrisies and the self-deceptions, they will have to face the past: To whom did they give their allegiance? Was it to God or was it to those who claimed they were the representatives of the Most High?...

"Little ones, this is spiritual truth. You can be positive, when one in authority seeks to chain, by force, the conscience of another, that although he may do it in the Name of God, the very act, in itself, is proof that God occupies only a portion of his heart and mind...

"So it was of old, so it was in the little yesterday, so it is today, and it will be tomorrow. Here and there, an individual with earthly power arises up, saying to those under his control: 'Obey me, because I am in a position to exact obedience from you'. If any speak in such tones, then I entreat the listeners to answer with determination: 'I obey no one but my Master Christ'.

"Listen, dear children, while I remove the outer covering of this same thing. When the individual passes hence, he will have to retrace his steps and go back to the cross-roads when he put allegiance to man before allegiance to God; he will have to go back and relearn his lessons. And the one who persuaded or commanded his plight is ten times worse. Not only has he to remake and rebuild, but, in the measure that he hindered a brother, that he put obstacles between a sister and advancement, so, with anguish, he must work that out and right the wrong...

"This is God's truth. Therefore, I say to you and I say to all, that in the measure you allow yourselves to be persuaded or commanded to forsake the Christ Law for man's law, you are instrumental in bringing suffering to the one who, in his blindness, exercised his power over you. You are an enemy of such a one, and when spiritual sight is your own, not only will you weep over your own weakness, but you will stand condemned by the Divine within; for, in allowing that other to influence you, as it were, you have chained him to the past.

"All the implication which underlies this simple fact must be faced; and in smaller things, in the little things of daily life, so this spiritual law is worked out with a precision which would be terrifying, if it were not an illustration of perfect Love, God's Justice - yes, Divine Justice, which sweeps away that tawdry imitation which man so fondly holds up before himself and others.

"Many say: 'Another sinned and I reaped the consequences'. Others: 'I tried to build truly but one stronger than myself has destroyed'. Oh, how shallow this seems once you understand the laws of God. Time passes, and the one who bears the stripes which should belong to another, enters into Light and freedom and power; but the one who compelled, he must remain in bondage until he has rectified that which he has done...

"Allegiance to man brings a reckoning inexplainable in words. Think not that God's vengeance is demonstrated thereby - only love, only compassion, only restoration. For the bound one must cast off his bondage before he can have the joys, the gifts, and the peace of God; and by his sufferings over his weakness in the past, over that which he wreaked upon another, so, my children, the Father's will is made possible for that one; and out of darkness into twilight he passes, out of weakness into a little strength, out of twilight into the Light which never fades, out of a little strength into the strength which is of God Himself.

"To the teachers and the preachers I speak: Not only out of mercy to the Christ within, but out of mercy to the Christ within that one who would fetter your conscience and control your spiritual will, I implore you to be firm. And if suffering comes, and if there are those who turn from you, oh, think of the Master and grasp the gladness of the link between you. For suffering passes and the joy remains, the coldness of those on earth soon brings to you the warmth of the love of those who suffered likewise in other times; and when the body is discarded, the individual can stand before Christ and read from the eyes of the Beloved that his allegiance to Him has been recognised over the past...

"Take care, take care: Influence is as a two-edged sword. Its power for good can make a cleavage in the weakness which is around; its power for evil can maim the user and those in his surroundings. God is not mocked, and the past must be rectified, if not in this little day, then, without fail, in time to come.

"Give out the Truth and let not fear or apprehension touch the minds of anyone or any number who may speak. Keep before you - my children here, and all who read my words - keep before you allegiance to the Divine within, to the great controlling Spirit of all Life, and heed not the laws of man when they go contrary to that which the Master laid down Himself. He showed the way; He spake and He was delivered up for judgment by man; but time passes and that very 'blow' shall save humanity from the weakness in itself.

"The Cross today, in the past, and in the future, bears witness to the power which comes from allegiance to the Source, allegiance to the God within, aye, to that great power which Christ laid aside during His sojourn on earth; the Cross bears witness to the working out of the laws of the Great Creator...

"Little ones, though, perchance, I seem to speak in tones that are stern, can you not see how love lies beneath the word and the tone, how my great responsibility to you and to others compels me to speak that which is the Truth?

"In this day, the laws of man seem to hold full sway, but only on the surface. As the earthly triumphs come, so the spiritual failures are worked out; as the powerful on earth bend the weaker ones according to their will, so such as these are binding themselves to an imprisonment terrible to behold.

"But the patient one, the one who keeps Christ before him, is sowing the seeds of a harvest of joy, peace and power, which, when he passes hence, he shall garner, yet ever find the field full of good grain. Once more, that is the law of God. And those in high places, in the temples of today, in time to come must go back, point by point, stage by stage, and work out that which they wrought in the lives of others by seeking to control the Divine which was housed within...

"Your real self belongs to Christ, and no one on the earth plane, or in the planes of Spirit, has the right to come between you and Christ over anything or any point at all. Those who are free who are sent as messengers of the Master, they work under the Gracious One and take their direction from Him. They fight for the individual, yes, for the real self, so that the real self may be freed to give its undivided allegiance to its Creator.

"That is the story - one aspect - of the fall of man. But man, though he may, in thought and habit, have fallen lower than the beasts of the field - and many in other planes are infinitely lower - man belongs to God, and the time will come when in spite of all the forces allied against the individual and his Maker, man will rise and be as the angels of Heaven, a son of God, linked by the closest link there could be: affinity with his Source...

"Now, my children, I leave you for a space, but I ask you to spread the truth underlying the desire for power, whether that desire be in the minds of the rulers of the country or in those who should be the shepherds of the flock.

"And by command of the One who loves you best, I pass on a message from All-Power, All-Love. The Master bids me say to you in words such as these: 'Little children, remember that I have sought for you over the long past. Little children, remember that you are of Myself. Think of the joy which comes to Me when you raise your eyes and call me Father'...

"Out of the love which is within so the Master speaks, and could you see things as they are, shining down upon you all is the radiant smile of the One who has never been ashamed to entreat His little children to think of Him and love Him; the One who desires with all His great Mother and Father Heart to draw you in and to protect you from the enemies without...

"Blessing rests upon us and the gift - the Saviour's smile - which can transform the misery of any sphere into sweetness and purity. Take and hold, for had the preparation been absent in yourselves, I could not have held the conditions in this wise, and have given the message which it was the will of God should be made your own... And now I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Now, my children, just a word in closing: If any tonight - and inevitably there must be some - seem to be passed over in the love-messages which have come, then to those, individually, I say that it was the spirit's choice. God holds not back, but you, out of the greater self within, desired that those who seem as strangers and those in need, should gain this little reassurance and you would wait. My children understand.

"And so I draw you into the mighty understanding which Christ has for us all, for the time will come when gladly, cheerfully, you will lay aside this and that, and delight in being as pilgrims of your Master Christ - pilgrims, not travellers any longer, except that you progress as you go on; but the traveller has reached that stage of consciousness, when, with joy, he chooses the simple things and follows in the Master's steps.

"God's way has triumphed over man's way; the allegiance of the Divine within can be withheld no longer from the Divine without. And you and those many, who have taken the upward path, go forward with effort, overcoming much, for only in this wise can you send back the power. And had it not been for others overcoming difficulties and facing trials, so tonight, my little ones, you could not listen to me thus nor would there be any desire to penetrate into Truth.

"Thus in the Name of God, I bless you with happiness in the thought of the present and the future; bless you with consciousness of the great mission entrusted to man, and the great privilege that you have made your own by dedication and the wish to rise...

"May the peace of the Great Father rest upon you all, the courage and the patience of the Christ, and the revelation of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

"Goodnight, my children, and forget not to render thanks to the One who loves you best. Farewell."

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