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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes, printed in the Greater World newsletter on Saturday, June 8th, 1985 (date of Message not given)

"...Today, we shall discuss together a brighter subject than anything that the earth can show, and I want to speak to you not only of adventures on earth, but 'Adventures in the World of Spirit'.

"There may be some to say: 'That adventure lies far ahead!' But through the Divine within you, my brothers and sisters, you are always free to emerge out of limitations into that which is your right and your due inheritance.

"Now try to visualise this little temple of peace. There is recorded many years of neglect, and there are those who would that God's truth could be given out in a different temple. But these halls have their uses, and I want you to realise that the Spirit helpers and many of your own dear ones who have passed through the change called death, have not been neglectful of the conditions here and, moreover, they have found a great power because the servants of God on earth toiled many hours to present this place in something of order.

"So I ask you to exercise your imagination, and instead of the bareness that your physical eyes rest upon, to build up something so beautiful that it represents Fairyland, in the language of the earth.

"Now in thinking of Fairyland there is adventure very closely associated with it, and I commend those who have grown to man's or woman's estate who can still partake with joy of stories from what is regarded by them as the 'Never, Never Land.' You have many who put together these pen-pictures of reality. They did not know they were recording something that was real - they called it imagery, but there are many kinds of mediumship. And to the beauty portrayed - where the flowers never fade and the sun always shines - there must be added that active vibration of the spirit of adventure.

"You on earth are held by restrictions and many limitations, but all the same within every healthy-minded man and woman there is a love of adventure. In fact, it is shown from early childhood, but because there is not the experience to act as a useful curb in respect of adventure, there is an element of danger associated with it. And all of you can look back upon childhood days and to the little punishments associated with that spirit of adventure which you showed so freely and which could never be curbed.

"What have we here? A great fundamental truth - something that represents the vital side of the real self. In physical life you find many aspects of the spirit of adventure, not only in regard to travel, but in science, in art; and there are those who express that same instinct in a cruder form. At all costs, they are going to be 'original', and so you get travesties of music and other things as well. Are these people original? No, they are merely bringing back a distorted remembrance of something they have seen during the sleep state. Where have they gone? Where their fancy led them. And so there are those who have been in the dim planes or in those astral conditions where discord is rife. Thus you have various forms of discord masquerading today under the name of Art, and those who are wise will not be persuaded that these things are true to the highest and the best.

"I want you to think what this earth would represent if the spirit of adventure had been absent, and, moreover, if misadventure had been absent too. For you must recollect, dear children, that with the spirit of adventure there must come inevitably certain tests, and experience turns material adventure into that high expression of spiritual aspiration and inspiration which shows your kinship with God, that you are a son or a daughter of the Most High.

"I want you to go back over the past and remember your forebears, for in those early times of ignorance and restriction, then the spirit of adventure was essential; it has resulted in all those forms of development which you take as a matter of course today. You have many ameliorations of labour, you have medical science and modern surgery, you are battling with time and space, and can control the elements to a certain extent.

"Yet this is but one stage of development. Consider those of old who in spite of ignorance, through the Holy Spirit within them, made their little adventures into Truth. They only explored, as we should say, but an inch, but that inch gave a clue to those who followed after, and each and everyone added their little quota to the knowledge of the earth.

"So by the accumulation of effort, by man's triumph over difficulties, you are emancipated from those early restrictions which thwarted human expression. It is a very interesting point, and a man who is wrecked upon a desert island with no tools at his disposal, is apt to find his position a very difficult one indeed. Seldom does he remember primitive man or what mankind owes to the effort made by primitive man; but you who study Divine Truth do think upon these things at times, and you see that the spirit of adventure has slowly brought about a marvellous change upon the earth plane.

"And closely linked to that is this: Those misadventures which were as stepping stones into greater knowledge; for never forget that with all experiments the good results represent but one point - the ninety-nine points are failures.

"So many of you are accustomed to think of failure from the earthly point of view, as something not to be talked about, if it concerns your own; in fact, there is a kind of disgrace attached to the very thought of failure. Why is this? Because material people judge entirely by material results; they are spiritually ignorant and have not the faintest idea of the tremendous power brought to the earth plane by those millions of failures in the past.

"Let us consider what is required in regard to grappling with misadventure. There must be high courage, a firm will, and an unwavering determination. So you see even from the surface point of view you are speaking of something which has holiness in its folds, and when you are free from the flesh you will find that associated with misadventure was Spirit Power in a gigantic degree, and that humanity as a whole owes its greatest advance to those who ventured and paid the price in suffering, those whose adventures were grouped among the millions of other misadventures which seem on every side.

"I bring in this thought because I come to reason with you in the body. We are not sent back just to lay down the law and expect you to accept it without questioning; you are living, thinking individual souls, and your part is to exercise the physical organ as much as you can, at the same time remembering that what is physical is physical, and that you are Spirit, and that within you, through the Spirit of God, there is a great fount of knowledge, only waiting for you to understand the Law that governs it to be able to release it from its bondage.

"You call it inspiration or imagination; names are nothing, but the thing is the same - the Spirit of God animating man to the extent that man is willing to suffer to bring to birth something which he feels is intrinsically his own; yes, those little things you seek to construct only to find they are no good at all. Yet when the weariness is past, there is the rising up with the will to make another effort, to try again. You may have many failures, but there is that in man which is not satisfied unless he can produce something - it may not be what he really desires, but something that will pass muster.

"All this is marvellous training for the great Life of Spirit which, remember, you enter when sleep holds the body. You are not functioning only on earth and, later on, functioning in Spirit Life; you can see the utter absurdity of such a position. How could your experiences on earth be adapted to Spirit Life if there was this huge gap between the time of your birth and the time of your earthly transition?

"Although some of you may claim to be practical while in the body, you gained that little fragment of common-sense from the great Father of us all. We have to learn what it means to exercise practical common-sense when we are in those Realms of Light where precision and order and creative force are on either side.

"So, dear children, in thinking of the preparation that goes on day by day, remember that the business life of an ordinary conscientious man represents a great time of preparation for the Life beyond the grave. You have to exercise discipline, forethought, you have to consider others, you have to build truly from the foundation otherwise a little storm may take you unawares and that which you have brought together may be destroyed.

"You see again how even the mundane things of physical life are there for a special purpose - for the drawing out of your spiritual resources as preparation for that time when you will be about your Father's business, when you will need all the experience of earthly and Divine Law that you can cull together.

"Think to yourselves in this wise: Physical death means the loss of a physical body, perhaps weakened by many years of illness; it means the throwing off of old age, it means the emerging out of the dimness of this material plane into something of brightness, and you cannot exaggerate its peace.

"And now, dear children, try to visualise your own position. After physical death you are free from those limitations which turn physical existence into a burden, and find you can think far more intelligently now the mind of the body is no more; you find also that you have a greater vitality, do not grow tired, nor bored, nor do you have sudden fancies and then discard them. These changes are caused by the unsettled mediumship of the one concerned. Around him are many spirits, and one as it were, throws a thought into the physical mind, to be accepted until a second spirit throws another thought, and the first one is supplanted, and so on.

"These people you name unreliable, they are unreliable because they have not made their choice for God and service, and therefore they are a prey for all the idle spirits who are still earth-bound. So after the transition you find with relief that your mind seems more stable and your desires are far more reasonable - you do not irritate yourself by wanting a thing one day and despising it the next.

"Then there is the instinct to see what can be seen in the beautiful conditions in which you find yourselves, and there are those always at hand to teach you - so far as you are willing to learn - the first lessons of Divine Law. You ask, perhaps: 'Why is it that when I tread upon the flowers they are not crushed?' And the guide explains. You may ask also: 'Why is it when a flower is plucked there is immediately another upon the same stem, and there are no barren spots?' And explanation is given.

"Then, as you marvel, you find that there are a thousand questions surging through your mind; you are indeed as a little child asking and asking - the only difference is this: You are more trained in your remembering. And it is interesting to find with those men and women who on earth had the spirit of adventure released in a constructive way, how quickly they learn, and it seems to them that very soon they are able to apply the Laws of the Spirit to commence to work upon those miracles which the bright ones can do to perfection.

"I bring in this subject because I ask you to allow your imagination to roam, and when the skies are dark and there are many cares and the world seems full of tumult, build up comfort in your mind by visualising what all those misadventures will produce - yes, by the disappointment, the suffering, the determination to be brave and to make the best of things.

"So I urge you not to waste time while in the body. You who are good gardeners - who try to save life or to improve life so far as Nature is concerned - are going to be very much surprised when you pass over to find what your efforts on earth have made possible for you to do when no more are you governed by physical laws, when the mind is able to produce something worthwhile through co-operating with the spirit within.

"It is a vast subject, but it is mine to give an outline only of Truth, and for you who are thinking men and women to seek to fill in the colours of the picture and to make up your minds the kind of constructive work you would like to do when the limitations and restrictions of the earth life are no more. And as you think on these lines, remember that by eliminating those things of the earth which are not essential, you are making room for those things which are essential.

"That is the Law which underlies sacrifice. You in the body think that 'sacrifice' is giving up that which physical inclination desires to hold on to; but in reality it is just the reverse. The sacrifice of material things or of human desires, represents man's greatest gift; indeed it is a golden treasure which allows you, when you are free, to see the working of Divine Law, for everything you sacrificed was immediately translated into spiritual gain.

"Great is the surprise of those humble-hearted men and women who gave up so much for their children, who never considered themselves and despised the idleness that might have been theirs in old age. The surprise in store for such as these when they have passed out of the poverty and ugliness upon the earth-plane is to see their marvellous gifts; and that, without any intervention of time, as you regard time, they are able to set to work to bring into being those wonderful things they have watched others create, to paint beautiful pictures - but these are living pictures - and to produce wonderful music; aye, these are the ones with the power - they paid the price although they did not know it, and now with joy in their hearts they are lined up amongst the creators, the ones who demonstrated Divine Justice and the wonderful law of compensation.

"I would come amongst you just to pass on the blessing. I want you to feel today that we have had a little triumph, a triumph over physical things, not only in regard to the instrument but in other ways as well; and as you think on this, it is an indication to you what you can produce as the days go on, by taking up the mundane task and doing it to the best of your ability, by seeking to curb the unwillingness that sometimes troubles the human mind, to be a builder here and now; for you are releasing by those tasks from which you shrink - by curbing the rebellion, refusing to consider whether you are doing more than is your portion - and bringing into use here and now, those creative forces which will fill your hearts with joy and illumine your life after physical death in a way no earthly words can ever express.

"The spirit of adventure is shown in little things. No matter what your conditions, what your mental equipment, your circumstances, or that which you can cull together, you are all creators in equal measure; but blessed are they who have little and yet still produce, blessed are the ones who look upon bareness, and yet by their desire to replace bareness with comfort, are able to make something that will do. These are the ones who are going to be so greatly blessed, but are they not blessed now? Yes, although they do not understand it; but when their eyes are open in Spirit conditions, they will see the blessing transmuted into fact, for all around them will be their equipment; and the spirit of adventure, no longer in chains, no longer held by any restrictions, can have full expression, and there shall be those to guide so that misadventure is no more.

"I bless you all, dear children, with the pioneer spirit, with the courage to dare, with the will to challenge the body of flesh, and I say to you in the Name of God that as you grow in experience, so shall come the power, and so you shall demonstrate to others that when the Spirit is in command, naught of the physical can destroy or even hold back. This is the reason why we come back from the World of Spirit - to teach man how to live and to show man still in the bondage of the flesh how he can release those mighty gifts associated with his Divinity and bring blessing upon blessing upon mankind.

"Yes, the workers here who have given so generously, have their own Fairyland, and in their garden, as night falls, the Master walks, overseeing that which the day has produced, blessing the effort and giving the strength for the hours of toil that lie ahead.

"Peace be with you all, dear children, but when sleep holds you this night we shall meet again in brightness and peace, in a beauty no earthly words can describe.

"Farewell, and God be with you."

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