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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at Barking Christian Spiritualist Church, on Sunday, 1st January, 1933

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Special greetings are brought to you at this special time of the year from all your loved ones who have left the earth life behind. Because those in the World of the Spirit are so closely knit together with you, they also attach a certain importance to each fresh year.

"Time, as it is understood on the earth, is different from the way in which it is regarded in the World of the Spirit, yet the definition of time is still true definition; but it is the 'days' which represent gain in the spiritual sense - where there is the will, the determination to turn back to God, so the temptations yielded to can be wiped out.

"Thinking back over the past year you can see within yourself that which has taken place. You realise that you can function as a Spiritual being upon the earth here and now. Those hours that were misspent can - by effort, by re-examination and retrieving that which was done, by the grace of God - can be overcome.

"On behalf of all the thousands in the World of Spirit who love you, realise that the coming of each New Year means a coming of fresh strength, of new opportunities and even greater privileges - if you will it so.

"Do not think of these words only in the earth sense, but try to think of them in the spiritual sense as well: God’s Wonderland! You know that the two lands - the earth world and the World of the Spirit - seem strangely separate and strangely unalike.

"Man's wonderland holds within it so much that seems as waste in the World of Spirit - as that which indeed must pass away. Yet, at the same time there is no disparagement regarding the wonders of the ages. Pay full tribute to that which is called Science; pay full tribute to the beauty of the earth, to the gifts that man possesses, and to those talents which he endeavours to put into use. In truth, man's wonderland can represent, in miniature, something of God’s Wonderland as well.

"You know that today everyone demands more and more of the marvellous, phenomenal, awesome technology that is becoming available. People seek the halls of delight, and can be deceived by that which is shown within. It is necessary to understand that those desires of the human heart and mind for something beyond its capacity to understand, are an indication of the greater self that is within. Yet, the faculty which is available to them has not been rightly trained.

"There are many who search for that which bewilders or is beyond the physical mind. So many live their time and their endeavours in a physical form; trying to give to the world something new, something which no one has presented before. When this arises, the masses flock to see that which is produced and they leave marvelling at the talents which are possessed by the human mind.

"But when you are free from the earth, you will turn your attention to marvels of a different character altogether. You will go back upon the earth life and see that although you passed among the many wonders and were duly impressed - there were many marvels of God's Land that you passed by. Your mind was occupied with other things, and the miracles of Divine grace were not foreseen or indeed searched for. Then you will realise, with something of bewilderment and sorrow, what you have missed.

"Can you realise now that you do not have to wait for God’s Wonderland until the body is no more. In your homes, in the busy streets, in the work place, there are demonstrations of God's power. Before you can be of full use to the World of the Spirit, you must understand and appreciate those miracles of God represented in the earth life and in the conditions in which you live.

"Think for a moment of the human tabernacle with its marvels, its wonderful contrivances for the use of man, think of its inherent powers and its mighty vitality. Who is there who can invent that which is represented by the blood stream which is the possession of everyone? You know that these words are true. Is there anyone who - after years of study, years of research and years of thinking - can produce anything to resemble the marvel of the human pulse?

"Consider yourself as a wonderful invention, a marvellous contrivance, possible only to the Mind of Love and of Perfection. Think of your daily life, think of the sleep state, think of your days of work, and then let that something of wonder seize the earth mind. See the beauty of the new-born child and of their perfection. Think of hearing, of sight and of speech, and think of the working of the human brain which you call the mind. Then you will come a little nearer to God, and will indeed put these contrivances of man in their proper place. For in time, you must be a creator in the God sense, you must be a thinker in the way that God thinks - even though it be in miniature.

"When you wake in the morning, do not let your mind dwell on your troubles or the toil of the day, or the sorrows which beset your path, or all other troubles of the earth. Let your first thought be of the wonder of God's Love. Wake up and find that measure of strength that has been restored to you during the hours of physical sleep. Raise your eyes and look at the morning sky and all that is contained therein, and feel the power that is feeding your body, feeding your mind, giving you the breath that is necessary for the vitality of life. Wonder again at the generosity and the overseeing care of your Loving Father and Mother God.

"As you seek to make contact with the conditions of your daily life, remember to give thanks to the Giver of all good things that not only have you awakened with a measure of strength, but that others within your home are also blessed in like measure. Then because you are a child of God, give Him also thanks that His angels walk not only with you but with everyone upon the busy streets - God's angels minister direct.

"Take your thoughts away from the material cares for a while. When you have sorrow, it does not make the sorrow less if you brood upon it or if you allow a deep cloud of depression to overshadow you. You know that troubles bravely borne are halved, because courage allows a strong ray of Divine Love to shine upon you, uninterrupted by the fog of your own pessimism and the materialism of daily life.

"The Ray of Divine Love is irresistible - it refreshes, it restores, it raises - and although your sorrow may be great, your peace will be profound.

"By this attitude of mind, you are attuning yourselves to those conditions into which you will surely pass when the earth life span is over. Then, you will be in God’s Wonderland and you will see the marvels of His grace. Because you struggled with yourselves while in the body, something of sight, something of understanding, something of the power to do, will be granted to you. Instead of standing amazed and dumbfounded, overawed and helpless in God's bright spheres, immediately you will find that your powers are released and that you can use the gifts which are around and take up that which is your work, unimpeded by the past.

"The New Year can represent a hope so glorious, a promise so secure, a support so strong, that man can demonstrate his divinity, even while the body holds. Peace on earth, goodwill amongst men. This could be the case if only God's creatures, hemmed in by physical restrictions, could open their eyes in the God sense, could release their minds in the spiritual sense, and look about them as they go about their way, search for the wonders of God which are all around just waiting to be explored, to be discovered.

"Greet the coming year and allow your minds to be opened like a spring flower and allow the promise of times to come to shine forth. Look at the colours of Nature, feel the strength of the renewed grass as the days lengthen, seeing it as a symbol and a sign given to you every year that it is indeed God's will.

"You may be sore beset - the world is sore beset. Many suffer grief and despair that cannot be explained in words; yet for them the message comes with the same glorious hope, the renewal and the fulfilment of the promises of the drawing together of the fragments of the past, and, by the grace of God, showing that the plan has come to fruition.

"There are some who would see signs and wonders. There are those who marvel at that demonstration of power which enables the moving of objects - these signs and wonders are permitted by God. But every particle of power which is used but does not uplift, is as an extravagance that is pitiful to behold.

"When the power comes through the instrument, it is given for the replacing of the physical and spiritual strength. It is given for the illumination so that the path in front shall be seen clear and free from obstacles. It is impressed upon you that although these signs and wonders are allowed by God, yet it is far better to heal the bodies, to heal the minds and the souls of others. Your home is not here; your home is in God’s Wonderland. Your home is in those spheres where love abounds. But you must prepare.

"Dear children, regard your powers which are manifested through you as divine powers, as something sacred, as something which must be used with due reserve.

"Power is given for God's purpose and not for the satisfaction of the mind of men. When you are free from that which binds, you will go back over the earth life and count with joy those minutes which were reserved for God. You will wish that you could forget those days which were devoted to the satisfaction of the weaker self.

"Within you lies the Pilgrim Soul, within you lies the Christ Spirit - and the Christ Spirit must be released.

"Think of your loved ones in God’s Wonderland, and pray that they may have spiritual tools and the ability to use them. Let them not be drawn back into earth conditions to prattle about those things which are mundane or material, but rather to ask them to act as your guardian angels, to spur you on, to give to you true wisdom, the wisdom which shall not pass away, to lead you ever nearer to God, nearer to His Wonderland, so that when you are free, without the drastic preparation which so many must undergo, you can pass into the Light as freed beings, take your place with all those who love you, for there will be no barriers between.

"Those who pass into the World of the Spirit and find that their 'body of light' represents something which is near to darkness, are deeply saddened. When they see the radiance of their dear ones they shrink back, knowing that they are 'unclean'. For you, the desire is that you will know the happiness which never passes away - which is the very best.

"Prepare while there is time; take upon yourselves the armour of faith; face your troubles as true pilgrims on the long, long journey home to your Loving Creator. As you awaken, let your first thought be praise to God for His mercy and His loving kindness; do not blame Him if your days are hard; reason with yourselves.

"Troubles are all around; but God's compensation is there as well. A little while you suffer; a little while you grieve. Soon the door will be flung open and then the past, with its worries and anxieties, will be over for ever more.

"But for those who snatch at that which belongs to another; those who take their careless way heedless of the hardships which are all around, a door opens when physical death takes place, and they find themselves in a world stripped of the beauty which this planet holds, and they wander far before they are sufficiently released to come back to Christ and to claim from Him that which He longs to bestow.

"Man knows so little of the glorious pattern and the plan that God has for him. Hold on to your faith; hold on to your courage; realise that your life here - by its trials and tests - is building for you a glorious hereafter. Take up your cross - let it be a torch-light to others so that those watching your life may have some indication of what the pilgrims are like in the Wonderland of God.

"Then peace will come to them; they will wonder no more, for their misgivings will return to the earth to which they rightly belong, and they too, as disciples imbued with the strength of the pioneers of old, will follow on out of the dimness into God's glorious dawn where His wonders, His grace, and His gifts shall be seen all around.

"You are blessed with faith. You are blessed with courage and illumination. Strike your standard firm for Christ.

"May the Cross be ever before your vision; may the Presence be ever by your side; may the Star of Hope shine brightly above your head, and may you go forward unhesitatingly, with calm confidence into the joy and the light and the power which God intends shall be yours.

"In the Name of God, the all-loving Father, you are blessed."

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