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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Greater World Sanctuary, London, on Sunday, 19th February, 1933

"When you gather together and there is peace in your midst, it is important to know that there are few things upon the earth which are so necessary for: 'God's Plan and His Purpose', as peace among men.

"Why then is there so much tumult all around? It is because so many do not know the law of God. They do not realise that it lies within their own hands to fold around themselves the protective cloak of peace, or to hold in their hands the sceptre of Divine Love.

"But the time is coming, when the eyes and ears of men and women - pilgrims or travellers on the long road home to God - shall be opened. Then indeed, they shall catch the sweet strains from the World of the Spirit; and self, in its many forms, will fall from them, and peace will dwell within.

"There are so-called dark planets, and there are planets which reflect light; certain facts within reach of the human mind are correct in some respects. But it is difficult for man, looking at the universe - that creative side of the Mind of God - to have a long enough vision, to have sufficient penetration and spiritual concentration to understand the laws which govern not only this world but those many worlds that are inhabited by the children of God.

"There is no disparagement against the knowledge which the scientists possess; because it is Divine Truth that had they prayed their way into knowledge, they could have had a greater measure of that which indeed is spiritual fact.

"But there are other things to think about, other than the knowledge of the earth. It is the knowledge enshrined in the Heart of God which it is the Father's Will should be in the heart and mind of all mankind. Yet, man has limitations; he must walk warily, step by step, testing by suffering that which he has made his own: Testing by suffering.

"So, you see, as there are planets which are darkened, and those which are light, so it is that there are people who represent worlds of darkness, worlds of dimness, worlds of dawning, and worlds of light.

"Within the physical tabernacle is the light which cannot be quenched - the life that shall never cease. You have read in the Holy Book, that no wise man takes a candle and puts it under a bush, but upon a hill, so that others may see it and be guided along their way.

"These parables of our beloved Master are prized by many. But so few have the will or the faith to unravel the many folds which encase the parable, and try to disclose the truth, the beauty and the revelation that are contained therein.

"The light that is within man is often buried under the bush of materialism, or of self in one of its many forms. Some come into contact with him who are conscious that he has no light at all, and God is denied because of that. By God's mercy, it has been ordained that however dense the bush may be, however closed and dark the box in which the light is enclosed, because there is Divinity within - All Power, All Grace - the outer covering can be thinned, until at last the light shines out and gladdens all who are around.

"This is the task that lies before each one undergoing his many experiences and freeing himself from that which holds him fast. The world that is yours can be so beautiful, and yet, alas, with many who wander in spiritual ignorance it is something that represents the ugliness and the dirtiness of the earth.

"How can you brighten your world? There are some who like to be taken through labyrinths of earthly knowledge, to be bewildered and perplexed, to have poured upon the mind of the body the complexities built up by man.

"The Master Christ threw aside all that which represented impediment; He tore off the useless packing in which the jewel of truth is so often encased, and He gave a pearl here and a pearl there; and if the pearl brought to the one concerned the tears that fell fast, then the pearl of great price was their own, and soon the tears were dried, soon the weariness passed away, and the disciples - holding fast the pearl of spiritual truth - passed out into a Land where weeping and suffering were unknown.

"The Master craves the very best for you. Sometimes His tones may seem harsh; but you can never be told: 'Well done', when you know that you could do so much better. Christ sought to prepare you for the tests. If you fail and confess your faults, God, out of His mighty Love, shall repair what has gone wrong. Confession shows the humble heart, because it indicates the obedient mind.

"Therefore, when during your daily life you fall from the highest and the best, seek to repair the damage at once, let the words of wrath die down, and words of love take their place. Go to the one whom you have injured by thought or deed and say: 'I forgot'. Then believe that the injured one will meet you with loving words, for the power of the Holy Spirit is drawn out in so mighty a measure when the law of restitution is put into action and followed out faithfully by the one concerned.

"Dear children, go back to your body of light. It has been said that the light within so often is darkened by that which is without. If only your spiritual eyes could be opened, then you would see how easily the density of the outer husk could be pierced, and then at last cast away for evermore.

"The mind plays its part; the body contributes in a measure that perhaps you can scarcely understand; the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. The mind and the body can be used for God's purpose in a glorious manner.

"When thinking about yourself, of your life of anxiety, of false or wavering friends, remember this: The earth stage is the training stage, and during that stage the body can indeed be so trained - harmonising with the physical mind - that you can represent to others a shining light that is set upon a hill. What is that hill? That hill is the hill of the Christ - Spiritual Attainment. As your consciousness becomes released, as your ideals are allowed to grow, so the little hill is turned into the big, and the large hill into the mountain, into the footstool of our Saviour Jesus the Christ.

"As we think about the part that the mind of the body plays in relating to our body of light, we seek to construct as the days go by. Some may think that their lives are so mundane; it may be just the undertaking of the domestic task. But know that the domestic task well done, is 'creating' in a way that you cannot understand until the body of flesh is laid aside. So, as the day dawns, and the mind of the body comes into use once again, it is harnessed to the will of the spirit; and the work - uncongenial as it may be - is taken up with determination, yet not forgetting that however busy the day may be, the heart has its place in life as well.

"If you could only see the sunbeam that is cast upon another when in the midst of your toil you say a cheery word, or a look of sympathy is upon your face. Give out these rays of light, for in so doing your little light is upon a hill; and by the light that you have given, so the one who receives it is gladdened, is comforted, is distracted; and by that change of vibration so too the little light that is within him is set upon a tiny hill, and the physical body, contributing of its best, and the mind of the body, working in harmony on the mundane task, are bringing to pass a miracle of grace, a demonstration of Spirit-power, something that reflects a spark from the Light of God Himself.

"As the days go by, that which you represent is changed and changed again. Yet, to do God's work, there are always the adverse conditions and vibrations which are allowed to impinge upon the conditions of the earth children as tests of strength, tests of character, tests of love, tests of dedication to God. Do not say that temptation cannot be a friend. Do not blame your Father and Mother God when the things of the earth seem to go wrong; without that 'trying', your body of light would represent the darkness of a prison-house, for the light would be so crushed that no one could witness it.

"Always remember to thank God that the body of light cannot be destroyed. Imprisoned, tortured, stifled, covered over with layers and layers of materialism in its rankest form, the body of light shrinks until it represents but a tiny seed, hidden within a plant; still it persists, and the time comes when God is mocked no more; the time comes when the angels of God prevail; the time comes when the individual concerned will face the facts that no man can cast aside forever, and realise that he is but a child; yet the child can grow into a man, and the man into the angel, and the angel into the likeness of the Divine Master Himself.

"As you take your daily way, bear this thought in mind: That you have something infinitely precious gifted to you - your body of light. Guard it. Protect it. When the unseen enemy would throw over it that which is ugly, that which represents self, cast it from you by prayer. You are of God, and God will protect; not against your own free will, not if you throw your strength on the enemy side, then the beautiful light which God meant should be your own - with its rainbow colours and a hundred colours that are hidden from earthly eyes - then the beauty is dimmed for a while, and the conditions around are torn and bleeding in a spiritual sense.

"It takes those who work for God, not only hours, or days, but weeks, to repair the damage that has been done. For no one is individual. We are all one great family - and our Father and Mother is God; and if you sin by thought or deed, you cannot suffer alone; you make those around you suffer as well, and precious Spirit-power has to be drawn in, which is needed for other things, to repair the damage; and the hearts of those unseen by you ache over the sufferings and the preparation you must undergo.

"But, dear children, do not dwell on sadness or loss. We are all disciples. We know the truth, and a treble responsibility is ours. As we speak the truth, so our body of light is being enhanced with the Light that is of God. However, if having spoken, we fail to act - so a dark cloud descends and the brightness is obliterated for a while, and others, because of us, come under the shadow as well.

"So, make your vows anew, over and over again. Visualise your real self as something exquisitely beautiful, enshrined in a cone in its constitution and construction, but know that because you are divine and have the holy gifts of God in miniature, that it is within your power to thin the cone. In the thinning process, the light, the colours, the strength and the sweetness of you, are enhanced and enhanced again. There are men and women cabined in the flesh, that are indeed as lights set upon a hill.

"How sweet is that thought, and how sweet it must be to weary travellers who are seeking their way back to God, stumbling as they tread the path. How sweet and comforting to them to see into their own darkness a little light penetrating, which comes as the messenger from the Realms of Light. The little light you have set upon a hill has been seen by them, and the blessing returns to you in a way you cannot grasp until you too have entered those spheres where love abounds and mercy is seen in its God sense.

"Train your thoughts into this same vibration that leads as a little rivulet out into the wide sea of spiritual knowledge. Train your mind to construct not only for yourselves but for others. If you see another in fault, bring that fault before him, in a way that is in itself a benediction.

"When you see another idle or careless or spurning the things of God, do not deny God yourself by your attitude of mind towards him, but to reflect light and beauty and sweetness, to shower pity and compassion on the sinners. Go to them, raise them, and place in their unwilling hands the little light which, in time to come, shall be set upon a hill.

"Each one has a world of their own. This world can hold that which indeed expresses God, and the light can be brightened moment by moment as the days pass by. If it is in darkness for a while, by the grace of God the damage can be rectified. Soon the strength will come, so that light flickers no more, but burns strong and clear - even as a beacon from the Realms of Spirit - for it is fed by the Saviour Himself.

"You are here to heal the deep wounds of heart, mind and soul. Say to the sufferers that the pains are as a light in that little world of your own, and the rose tints of love are there as well because you sought to rise, because you sought to do your best.

"The blessing of healing rests upon you. May your body of light be as a talisman to others, giving them that spiritual food which indeed they must possess, and the missionary spirit, as it springs up within the heart and mind of God's children, increases their beauty as it releases the light that is within.

"The message of the Christ is one of peace, and you are blessed indeed if you hold within you just one constructive thought. Those who have seen the Master, should have the humble heart and the humble mind, in order to help one here and one there upon the pathway of material life.

"Glorious are the hues of some of the children of God. To those in the World of Spirit, those colours represent power and grace and a capacity to lift others out of the mire of self. Your body of light is a thing of infinite importance, and within your power it lies to see that the light which is your own is not dimmed either by the conditions of your day, by the thoughts of the past, or by the envious feelings of those who may be around. When the earth body is no more, a body of light, unhindered, unhampered, will be yours for ever more.

"The love that surrounds you from the World of Spirit is impossible for you to understand; but while the body binds, love speaks in the tones of the Christ, and the message of the Master is always the same: 'Take up your cross and follow Me'.

"As you clasp the cross and hold it against the heart, the cross of light illumines the physical body, and its rays inspire all who are around.

"Yes, it is indeed sweet to gather amongst those who love you, but the Master directs that you go amongst those who would criticise and despise. Even so, the seeds that are sown then, shall be brought in God's good time; maybe not in this life, but to flower and to fruit and the body of light which another wears, shall be our full compensation and the blessing which God bestows.

"The Master claims all those who serve Him as His own - gathers them in with His Holy Self.

"Service is sweet. Blessings are bestowed upon the instruments, so they will be given the strength in order that the will is hardened; thus the power is demonstrated, and the world shall ring with the words of the Christ. This is the future and God's Holy Plan.

"Go forth with the courage of your greater self, and work for God while it is day. Then when the earth day is over, it shall be sunshine for ever more - and the peace, the love, and the joy which come from something attempted, something done."

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