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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 16th November, 1924.

"O Father and Mother God, stretch out Thy Hands and bless Thy children who meet together tonight to do Thy will and to show others that where faith and trust hold first place nothing which is of the Spirit is denied. Grant that we may be able to retreat into the Silence, into that inner court where Holiness dwells - those recesses of the Spirit which are in each one.

"O God, open the doors so that we may have the supreme happiness of knowing and understanding what we are and what is the purpose underlying the life of every one. Grant that Thy Peace may so close us in that we may be free indeed from physical things, that we may lay aside the mind of the body and with the mind of the Spirit penetrate, even if it be but a little, into the glories which Thou hast provided for those that love Thee.

"Christ, we ask much and we ask often, but we know that ere we ask so Thou art waiting to give, and if we forget to ask then Thy Love prompts us so that we may have the blessing which Thou art longing to bestow...

"With the gratitude which escapes the physical mind we thank Thee - Creator, Saviour - and we ask Thee to give us tonight more understanding of the great spiritual life which is running underneath the material; that we may see with the eyes of the spirit whither we go, and something of the beauties that line our path.

"O Father, take away the sense of isolation; grant that sight may come, that blindness may be healed - even as Thou healed the blind in the days of old - and that we, steadfast in Thy love and protection, may gaze upon that which Thou hast laid out for all to see if they are willing to climb the steep hillside. Give us this sight, O God, give us this sight and hold us fast from all that would hinder and delay...

"In Thy Name we bid sadness depart; in Thy glorious Name we open our arms to joy; and we know that this joy is a gift direct from Thee and that the Light shall shine not only over the lives of Thy little children gathered here, but on those who sit in darkness; and understanding shall come - that understanding which shall reveal Thy Love to all who seek... to all who seek the revelation shall come.

"Help us to approach Thy Holiness with holiness; grant that we may contact with the things of the Spirit and make them our own this night and for ever more... Amen...

"...My children, I ask you tonight once again to try and get into the Silence - into that sacred recess within - so that I may teach you a little more of the things which are of God. As we go on, of necessity, the preparation of heart and mind is more essential still. It is not one of those things that you can get used to in the sense that, having learnt your lesson in the past, it avails you for all time. No, with the things of the Spirit the learning goes on and on each evening, and could you see with your spiritual eyes you would know that the preparation is still more necessary as you climb.

"In the past, dear children, because of your ignorance of these matters, we were allowed to do much - we were allowed to fill in the weak places, we were allowed to cover over little acts of thoughtlessness - little omissions - quite unintentional on your part. Grace was given to us to make that which was faulty as perfect as might be. But those days are past. You have got to face it, as you have faced other things as well - you have got to realise that as you climb, so your staff grows stronger, so the physical body, by the very reason of its training, is more fit to step forward alone - alone in the sense that you depend only on the Christ within.

"Now, my children, I want you not to view this with any disquiet. I want you to take it as a definite sign of progress, but - and this is important - it means that you must be doubly on your guard, you must look to the right and to the left and, more than that, you must get into the habit of sending your mind on a pace or two in front. Just as a careful and diligent mother anticipates what her child might do if left unguarded, so you must be watchful - watchful in order that those who are out to wreck cannot use you.

"My children, we have met together for some time now, and we know each other as friends and comrades - mostly in times of distress it is true. But you should know that the time of trouble is the testing of friendship - and the friend that has stood firm then, will not falter in his loyalty when the sunshine comes.

"Tonight, after these few words, I lead you on to a still further contemplation of: 'God's Love Towards Humanity as a Whole'.

"You have got to extricate yourselves from the physical way of regarding life; you have to take on that garment of universality in your attitude in relation to mankind as a whole. Christ preached to the world - God is the guardian of all. There are no sheep and goats in the Mind of Love - in the sense that one set are shut out and the other are gathered in.

"You must remember that in reading the records of old, there was always the physical and spiritual meaning bound up in the words so used. It is not a contradiction to say that those who turn from God shut themselves off from the privileges of His Love, and still they are His. In the day when the physical body is laid aside, their punishment is in this wise: They see that by turning to that which was evil, they have isolated themselves from the great and glorious army which is fighting for right. They separate themselves and, in a sense, they are outside the Fold - not because the door is shut against them but because they lack the inclination to enter in.

"My children, you have to reconcile these representations of the position of the Father with His designation of Love; you have to say to yourselves: 'But if the sheep and the goats are divided and the one is ruled outside, how about the Fatherhood of the Creator?' I have told you again and again that it is impossible to exaggerate the Love of God; it is impossible to exaggerate His mercy and understanding, and yet, as you should know, His words stand - but with the interpretation which Love gives to make all clear.

"The isolation and the separation is the work of the individual. Christ seeks for the lost, for those who have strayed - aye, and for those who do not wish to be found. Love stretches out far and wide, and His magnificent patience never fails. Just as Christ declared on the Cross: 'Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do', so does the Divine Understanding extend to humanity on all planes. They know not what they do.

"And, remember, they are the children of the King - they must come home at last. Carelessness, indifference - these are turned into effort and earnestness. The wish to strike others and to wound again and again - this, when they see the suffering which lies across the world, is turned into succour and help, and so on and so on. God takes the very evil in man's heart - not spurning him - but as a Father teaches him from the A.B.C. where his responsibility lies...

"Oh, for ever dissociate yourselves from that most harmful attitude of alienation even from the vilest outcast. Think instead: 'This is my brother; this is my sister, and by prayer and by faith I will do what I can to shorten the journey so that the Light may come'.

" - 'Father... they know not what they do'. In this you should read not only sympathy and forgiveness but also their chance and hope for the future. You should know that this lack of spiritual development - sad as it may be to witness - can and will be made good in the days to come. They sin against that which calls forth our greatest pity - they sin against that which is holy within.

"Never forget that however degraded, as the world calls it, a man may be, within - imprisoned, crushed down - is that which is Divine: all holy, spotless, of God Himself. That treasure one day shall be uncovered, and the layers of materialism, of selfishness, and of perverted desire, shall fall off - slowly it is true - but they shall fall to the earth to which they belong, and that which is of the Spirit shall stand for all time...

"Seek not in the books of your world for understanding of the Mind of God; seek it rather in the Silence of the Spirit, in that sacred and devotional time when you try to get into touch with the Father and those who have been gathered unto Him. Seek then for the inner wisdom which shall tell you that you are all one great family - and the tie cannot be ignored.

"You must beware of many things; you must beware of the misrepresentation of those who would hinder you on the path. Put everything to the test of Truth as it harmonises with Love Divine, and if what this one or that tells you, fails to come up to that lofty standard - it is not for you.

"In this sacred communion, you are allowed to get a little towards the heart of things - you are allowed to sense, if not to see, the meaning which underlies all that is going on. We who visit you thus, say to you: 'Enlarge the borders of your thinking more and more; take in not only your loved ones and their loved ones - not only that vast congregation which seeks to serve God - but take in all those who have never thought of serving anyone but self. They are the ones that need conversion, they are the ones who have got to be attached to Truth - to be taught and brought up as an army when the next generation comes along.

"It is no use concentrating on the personal, on the chosen servants, or upon those who are classed as the 'fairly good'. You have got to realise that the Saviour is the Saviour of the so-called 'lost', of those who have, by their own acts, by their folly and lack of understanding, cut themselves off from the gifts of the Spirit and, as it were, have bolted the door behind them...

"My children, I have spoken in rather sad tones it may seem to you, but I had a purpose, as you will know. It is to point out that element of danger which runs side by side with material or personal well-being, which has a way of limiting one's sympathy - in this way: It draws a line of demarcation between you and the so-called evil. It is difficult, I know. Instinctively you shrink from that which is obviously keyed to a lower vibration than yourself; it is purely instinctive, but it is not purely spiritual. Those who have sought to climb to God cannot climb alone - they have got to send back strength and courage to those who are lower down.

"It is sweet to converse and to be in the company of those who are like-minded with yourself, but in so doing be on your guard against that separation from those who are as yet at the bottom of the hill.

"There is before you all a problem which must be faced in God's good time; it is that of choosing the sympathetic companionship of those you love and making it exclusive - or in being willing to sacrifice a proportion of that companionship, and to throw open your hearts and minds to the majority. I know you shrink from the larger view. There is much that will be uncongenial, so you think. There will be obstacles of many kinds, and a sense of loneliness as well. But, dear friends - I speak to all who read these records, dear friends as well as my children here tonight - either on this plane or in the planes of the Spirit you have got to learn true brotherhood or true sisterhood; you have got to make yourselves one in sympathy with the least and the frailest of God's creatures...

"My children, could you but see things as I see them, you would know that the joy of doing this would far outweigh any little reluctance there might be at first. You would see that in so acting, you drew a little closer round you the mantle which Christ has provided; you would understand that in a minute degree you had got His view point of humanity - you had been able to echo: 'Father... they know not what they do - use me to teach and to help!'

"It is impossible for you in your restricted lives just now to grasp very much of what I am trying to emphasise, but the time is coming when in thought you shall go back on this evening and it shall give you guidance and direction.

"The great Heart of the Father aches for those who love Him not; the great Mind of Love seizes every means and uses every instrument to gather them in. Service on such a stupendous plan cannot be grasped, even by the most advanced of us here - as you would say - only do we get the fragments, to which we hold on with might and main - that comprehensive sympathy that can say and mean: 'The children of God are His children for ever more; and if they deny that Fatherhood, still the Father forgets not that they are His'.

"And you and I, dear children, have got to work - we have got to work hard, and we have got to think spiritually; we have got to throw open those closed gates of love and let the strangers in; we have got to use our gifts and our talents in their service.

"Love is not love, in the sense that we understand it, if it is bestowed only on those who love us. The wider, bigger, true conception of that wonderful gift is in sending out love to those who seem outside its range altogether. And it can be done by prayer. By prayer and dedication you can tear out those last roots of self; you can offer your mind, your will, and your energies, to the Father, saying from your very heart: 'Use me in Thy service, for I too once was outcast from Thee'.

"It is difficult, I know, to take this broader view; it is impossible for those who love God to realise that once - ah, ages ago perhaps - but once they too knew not the Father, they did not understand, they dallied in the valley and were reluctant to climb. It is all a question of growth. Some have still much to learn - much to learn before the spirit within tells them to be free.

"You, dear children, have found the Light - have entered, far more than you know, into the understanding of the gigantic purpose which is the reason for man being created - and because you are closer to the things of the Spirit, it is laid upon you to send back that Light to those who are as yet in darkness.

"By slow stages we go on; we ask for this and we ask for that when we are young - they are the toys of the world. When we grow a little older, it is for the tools of the mind; and when we are a little older still, it is for the gifts of the Spirit. Just growth; and as we grow so the understanding comes, and as the understanding comes so within us rises that longing to serve, and as we serve so we get closer to the Master; and drawing our strength from Him, weariness is unknown, despondency a thing of the past - it is joy and freedom and power.

"And to that time I direct your attention - to that glorious time when the physical mind troubles you no more - and you, armed with faith, with determination, and with sight - you in turn heal the blind, give strength to the weak, courage to the despairing, and hope to those who thought that all was lost...

"Christ goes in front - we merely follow after. It is not so difficult as it sounds: Christ, and that long, long army, clothed in the beauty of the Spirit - they show us the way; and once our eyes are fixed on the Light, shadow and gloom are lost in the radiance, and each one - as they progress - is able to act as Light to those who are behind.

"Don't you see, my children, that you cannot follow the great white road of Revelation without gaining something of the brightness yourselves? That brightness which shall call others on, which shall turn their eyes from the earth to that which lies in front - and that which, sooner or later, has got to be sought and found. The road to God goes on and on, and every one that has been created - whether they have taken upon themselves physical existence or not - each one, in time, lays down their tawdry-toys and, with the staff of faith, follows on...

"My children, because we have been talking thus seriously, it does not mean that sadness is in the air. On the contrary, it is merely that I have got to prepare you for harder work still; it means that with the children of the Light, there is no resting in the pleasant fields, because while you rest the enemy creeps near. Only on that great white road are you safe, are you certain that all is well...

"All is well in a truly marvellous way, and when the test shall come I can say with certainty that my children will not fail - they will choose the path that leads to God whether it be steep or not. And because they choose it, so shall the glories be revealed to them, and so shall they look back in thought and marvel that the world ever offered any attraction at all - the contrast will be so great. And thankfulness will follow that although they saw not the future, in faith they chose aright.

"And now, my children, I will leave you. There are, as usual, many who wish to speak - but only those come now who have something to contribute towards the work. I do not want you to misunderstand this. It includes all those you love, but you will find more and more as these evenings go on, that we shall try to wean your thoughts from personal love to the Fount of Love - which will not lessen that devotion to your dear ones but will enlarge it beyond your present comprehension altogether.

"Don't you understand that you cannot feel one flicker of love without getting it first from that which is Love Itself? But in focussing your mind on the great Mother and Father God, you shall know love which as yet has been quite outside your lives..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...It is Wilberforce. I am afraid you are a little disappointed that it is not one of your own, but I hope you will have patience with me tonight.

"I want to speak to you a little about spiritual thinking and spiritual sight. It is a common error, into which many of us have fallen, to place the cultivation of the physical mind on a very high pinnacle; and while I do not wish in any way to underrate mental culture, I would like to show you that it is not of that supreme importance that many think.

"You see, my friends, when we come over here, it doesn't help us very much - in this sense: That what we have managed to impress on the physical mind is not called into action. But make no mistake - the preparation, the concentration, the stilling of desire for relaxation, the forcing of the will during the early stages of study - all these things produce, in a wonderful way, gifts of the Spirit, but the knowledge so gained is very seldom called into action.

"I want you to consider this closely: That in a spiritual world, physical conditions no longer obtain; and those subjects to which we devoted so much time and attention - well, they are presented to us in an entirely different form.

"I will try and give you a little illustration. Take, for instance, any article in this room - a table or a chair. To the physical eyes and mind, that represents a definite object, but, free from the body, we look at it thus: I see, if I wish to, the wood and the covering, but that is entirely submerged in the history of the table or the chair. 'Yes,' you would say, 'an expert could tell you the history of that table as well' - but only in a physical sense. I am not talking of the wood or of the covering which is on the top, but I see right back down to the time when that wood was in a forest; I see the thoughts and the labours and the efforts of those who worked upon it.

"Don't you see that physical thinking does not help us much when we come here? It is one of the first readjustments that has to be made. All our mental training, all our pride of intellect, avails us nothing; the eyes of the spirit are open, and we see in the construction of everything - the tiniest to the biggest - the thoughts, the heart-aches, the individual lives and, again, the lives which touched theirs - their hopes, their ambitions, and the bitterness of failure...

"I speak tonight upon this subject because in it lies a warning - a warning not to think too highly of the power of the physical mind. Intellect is precious during the physical stages; by the individual it is regarded as a most useful tool and it brings with it a sense of confidence which, however, is short-lived once the body is laid aside...

"Yet, remember my first point: That the effort, that the curbing of the longing for ease, that the harnessing of the energies, and the self-discipline which the cultivation of the mind brings into action - these are imperishable, and they are worked into the life of the spirit in a way precious indeed. But the facts so learnt avail us little when we come here.

"Now you understand why it is that the so-called ignorant are able to come back and give messages of wisdom. By their lives - by a life of sacrifice, of that abnegation of self - they have prepared the ground in front; and when that imperfect physical mind is laid aside, they can see with the eyes of the spirit the wonders of God that are all around.

"To those who have ever felt the barrier which lack of education erects, I say: Take care! The knowledge of the physical mind is as nothing compared to the wisdom which purity of heart can bring.

"Here we find our level; here we see the magnificent justice of the Father, and we are shamed - shamed, because once we delighted in the power of our mental equipment. We are shamed by the simple - by those plodding, shut in, restricted, struggling souls who, had they known us on earth, would have regarded us with awe.

"By these we are shamed, because we see, as we stand side by side with them, that greater wisdom of the Spirit is theirs, because of their greater courage in coming into the material world with so few tools to lighten the dreariness of their way.

"This is but a thought I leave with you: I want you to apply it to everything. The expert, the connoisseur in this and in that - when they come here find that their knowledge avails them nothing - unless there was that discipline of self.

"Take cheer, all of you, and pass on the cheer to others. Tell them that simple as their lives may be, it is in their power to have knowledge of the things of God in an unlimited degree - by patient plodding on, by patient plodding on. When they come here, so shall the gates of the higher wisdom be thrown open to them, and that strength of the spirit which they have been storing up, shall bring its reward at last - a reward which I cannot touch upon because it is of God.

"One word more: My friends, you have all learnt to love me in the Spirit. I should like to underline that my love for you is, by God's grace, of that wider kind of which our leader spoke tonight; and, as you know, love is never stationary - it goes on growing and expanding, and you shall feel, if you wish, that the unity between us is complete.

"And now I will give place to the ones you love so well. Thank you for your great attention and for the sympathy which has helped me enormously in conditions which are still a little strange... Goodnight..."


"...It is Arthur, Jennie, but I feel all upside-down to come after such a message. I want you to understand that because I am out of the body it doesn't make it easier, in one way, to rise to such heights - but I thought it was awfully kind of him to put it so plainly. You know I always thought a lot of brains; in fact I hadn't much patience with stupid people - I thought they ought to pull themselves together. I was a bit hard - I see that now. As he said, it makes one feel ashamed when one comes here to see how puny our own brains were all the time...

"Jennie, I am ever so happy tonight, although perhaps I don't express it. It is tremendous really - it is tremendous in this way: That although we are as children spiritually, many of us - it doesn't make any barrier, not in their manner or in the way they treat us. You see, they know it is only because we were a little slow and now we are trying to catch up...

"I have been thinking such a lot just lately about all your lives and my life too when I was upon earth. It seems to me now that I overlooked so much - so much that was obvious - and there is a great responsibility on me because I didn't do more all round.

"Oh, I know you say very nice things about me and I love to hear them, but they are not quite true. The other night... you know, Jennie, you do exaggerate; you say Arthur did this and Arthur did that, but I only half did it. Don't you see the difference? When you talk like that, your love makes me so happy, and yet I feel so ashamed, so little, so unworthy...

"I know you understand, and I know all my dearly-loved friends here, that they understand too; and I'd like to say that because at times I did want to do the best I could, and to show God in a practical way that I loved Him - that because of this He has made all those half-done things look so nice. It is very kind but it pains me terribly all the same...

"You know, Jennie, there is no whip that hurts so much as love. If I had gone to the Saviour and He had said: 'You meant all right but you didn't do it - now go and be punished' - I could have understood that, I should have thought it was just, because I should know it was only for a time.

"But it wasn't like that, not a bit. When I came here you would have thought I was a hero, the fuss they made of me; a nice sort of hero I was too - I could cry even now to think of it. There was Leslie and mother and father and all of them, ready to give me a 'house warming' as we should say. I was made such a fuss of and they seemed so glad to see me. And then I wanted to know the judgement - I felt I couldn't rest - I wanted to push aside all the fuss and get my judgement first.

"That's what I mean about Love hurting so. I found just love and no blame, and I was shown all those half-done things of mine, looking so nice, and they said to me: 'You see what you have made - now you can understand what it is possible to make!'... That was my judgement.

"You know, Jennie, in coming back like this, I can't get away from the thought of God as a Master - it is altogether incomprehensible to me. I liked to be master in my own house, and it didn't occur to me that God would not be Master, in a masterful way, in His Heaven. You see how we mix things up? We are so silly - we think that God is like us with all our love for power and for controlling things; and yet, as was said the other night, when we come here we find that God lays His power and His authority aside to do things for us. It's beyond me altogether, and yet I am so glad I can put it into words tonight. It is so important that people should understand.

"Do you think you could make the boys understand? It's so simple to me now - but I don't forget what I was. I wish you would try, because it is such a waste not knowing all the wonderful preparation and protection which surrounds us from the start until... you can't say the 'finish' because there is no finish - but surrounds us always... Goodnight..."

(When all had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"Well, my children, tonight we have turned over another inch of the long furrow. In a spiritual sense we have been very, very busy, and even to your minds it seems that you have been given plenty to think about.

"I want you, in gathering up the threads of the evening, to tie them with the beautiful ribbon of Promise - and to be certain that the ribbon of Promise is durable and that it will not fade.

"And then to remember this: That when a little child wishes to be obedient, wishes to do as the parent directs, so that parent's love is thrown all round her, and he loves to think what will bring her the greatest happiness there could be...

"Your Father and my Father is just like that - only in such a wonderful way - and so tonight we end up on a note of complete assurance that the Father, being our Father, is gathering us in. And in those few words everything else is included. There is not one of you in the days to come - and, Dorrie, I remind you that this is only a repetition of what I have said before - not one of you shall not look back and say: 'This is far, far better than I could have wished for myself!'

"Trim your lamps regularly and with care, and see that the light not only shines on those you love, but, as a beacon in a window throws its shaft out into the darkness of the world. And if it seems to you that it reaches but a pace or two beyond your little home, then I would remind you that a little light shining in darkness shows up a very long way indeed. And there are travellers, weary and heart-sick, who are looking for a light to guide them into Love.

"So, dear children, trim your lamp with care, and see that the window it shines through is bright and clear as well, and you shall be surprised to find in the days to come that there were many - quite strangers to you - who looking up and catching its reflection, gained new strength to go on again...

"In the heart of each one there is the longing to rise, and if circumstances or environment for a time suffocates that longing, yet take it for an unalterable fact that the day will come when that longing will be stronger than anything else.

"Those who act as light to others, not only do they live under the radiance of the light themselves, but that light, growing brighter and brighter shall, in God's good time, provide just those conditions of love, harmony and peace on earth, which are being built up for you even now in the realms above...

"My child is tired and I must close, but I want to leave on your minds one last thought, and that is: That only in serving can the spirit within find full expression, that only by loving can you contact with Love Divine, and that only by laying self aside can you enter into the peace which is of God.

"God grant that the greater vision may come to all, and that His children may see in very truth that the care and the protection is all around.

"In Christ's Name I bless you, and I ask you in His Name to rededicate yourselves to this work, knowing that by giving up your wills to His, so shall you enter into the joy that fades not - the joy which shall compensate you for all that has been, and prepare you for the further working out of the Plan which He has laid down... Goodnight, my children."

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