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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Greater World Sanctuary on Saturday, 20th March, 1937

(Note: This message was edited for a more general readership)

"Beloved children in the Lord, indeed we are drawn here for a definite purpose; and at times it is well to separate ourselves from worldly things - even though they may be essential from the physical standpoint - and to gather together in humbleness of heart, laying aside those many chains that would hold, and seeking contact with Christ our God.

"At this sweet season of the year (Easter), there are many blending their thoughts with those in the unseen, who watch for these opportunities so that those on earth may be linked more closely with Spirit; and indeed there is work going on which the mind of man cannot grasp, because for the most part it is concerned with those things which are tangible to it, but are so incomplete to us.

"Think you of the time of long ago, and of the cleansing processes which went on through the sufferings of the few; how we waited and watched, and how we turned back to the city with broken hearts, wondering whether after all some terrible mistake had been made, for the Beloved had allowed His enemies to prevail.

"I want you to think of the tests of that same time; for is it not true today that spiritual things, for the most part, have to take second place to those which represent the signs and wonders given to a faithless generation?

"How many are there, as they pass through the streets or open highways, who pause to thank God when they see beauty of character, the desire to serve, the mothering-spirit in a tiny child? Nay, these things are taken for granted, and so it is that God's Truth has been hindered, so it is that the finer vibrations of Spirit are, again and again, torn to shreds by the coarser vibrations of human desire, and much work has to be done over and over again.

"Today I want to speak on that which I name: 'God's Eternal Spring'.

"And there are those here who are ready for the message that I bring. Some perchance who read it may want to make ready, but because the preparation has not yet been put in to sift the chaff from the wheat, they must wait and pray before the Light can come.

"In that far-off time, which seems close around me as I speak, there was so little to support our faith, it seemed to us. We went back over the sacred words which fell from the loving lips, we compared notes, as you would say, trying to snatch comfort; but anguish prevailed, for their meaning did not pierce our blunted minds.

"So those who had gathered to the Cross, waiting for some great demonstration of Spirit, they waited in vain, for the dawning had not come to them which should break the night of their sorrow, that a greater demonstration still was taking place when God suffered for man through man. Broken in mind and purpose, avoiding each other's eyes, we separated and went our different ways; but in the eyes of the women there was something deeper than we could find from ourselves, for love to them was still a living thing, and because love held their hearts and minds, there was no room for doubt, but only pain, only pain.

"So as the morn came, driven by love, a humble-hearted soul sought the Garden and the Tomb, and there received reward, a mighty reward for her love and her loyalty.

"And yet, dear children, so plain it is. Was there one, even amongst the followers of the Master, who would not have preferred a more dramatic setting, something that would silence the voice of criticism, something that would forever place on high the power of the Man Jesus? Yet it came not. Alone, as dawn broke over the lonely Garden, the miracle took place.

"And I want to lay this thought upon your hearts, for your guidance and your future peace. In the silence, in the quietness, in the loneliness, the miracles of true Grace take place, and that is why so seldom they come to man; so seldom can God speak as He would speak, for the children of the earth so oft are doing that which prevents; the quietude of mind is absent, the desire is not yet refined by the fires of suffering. Thus many who could have these miracles of Grace in the loneliness of their room, out in untrammelled places, they fail to provide that extra link which the angels of the Most High must obtain.

"This day, because it is the Will of God, I would speak to you a little deeper than before, regarding growth. Remember this: we are seeking by prayer and effort to find the true instruments, those instruments who can portray Truth as Truth is, the instruments that can be attuned by suffering to those who passed out in the long ago, and who, by the service rendered unto others, through the Grace of God, have won something of wisdom to pass on.

"The processes of growth in Nature seem crude to those who are free, yet because we can find no words in earthly language to portray great spiritual truths and facts, we fall back again and again upon Nature. Yet that aspect of Nature which you see at this same stage is, as it were, but the beginning stages of a wonderful life and career enjoyed by the tiny flower or the wide-spreading protecting tree; and, again, by the birds of the air, by creeping things beneath the soil, and by all the host of life - you name them the Little People - who do their part under the guidance of those who are wiser, working in harmony for the furtherance of the Divine Plan.

"Go back over time and think, dear children, of the Divine Spark which represents your individual life and mine. As I have told you, creation was in duplicate, as you would say; the Spark - containing, in miniature, the qualities of the Godhead - being divided for a span to meet again in the far, far future, each complete in itself, yet being the complement of the other; each individually enjoying certain privileges and buying certain sorrows for the one great aim in view - the release of true wisdom, the throwing off of the bondage of inexperience, and the emerging at last into Divine Likeness as created by God, but knowing, in miniature, as the Father knows; feeling, in miniature, as the Father feels; creating, in miniature, as the Father creates.

"These powers, these privileges, these gifts are intensified as the time comes round for that other half or portion to be reunited and to work together in perfect unity of purpose. But forget not this: that because Life is one, because we are linked together by the great bond of family, there is no-one who can be separated from the other except by choice; and when there springs up in the human heart and mind the desire for that other, which shall supplement and increase the powers of the true self, however wide the separation may be in terms of time and space, as you regard it, the rays of love can link up and bind and purify and beautify; for that is the Law of God.

"I would speak to the men and women with ideals, however far they may have fallen from their idealism, however reproachful they are against their baser self. I want to speak to such as these, and there are so many even upon the earth plane, and countless numbers free from the flesh. Think you, dear children, as to the make-up of the human frame, as to the mind with its thinking powers, as to the heart with its sweet and strange emotions, and remember this: there are many, with their idealism only half-released, who snatch at this and snatch at that, seeking to satisfy either the mind or the body, regardless of the sufferings of the soul.

"You look upon the world today and you see here and there discord, disharmony; those linked together in what should represent holy wedlock hating each other, desecrating each other. I want you to remember that when men and women betray their higher selves, silence the voice of conscience, choose the second best because they are too impatient to wait for the very best, the processes of growth are so thwarted that an inversion takes place for a time; and because it represents something of a crippling and a distorted character, there must be pain to allow the opening out of the beautiful flower of spiritual growth to take place once again.

"Again I use the simile of the tiny bud upon the tree in springtime. You may hold it in your hand and it seems impossible that in so short a time, by the sunshine and the sweet rain, by the warmth and many caressing unseen hands, the tight bud will give and reveal fragrance and beauty to the wondering eye of man.

"Then I take your thoughts a little further on. Tear out the bud from its right environment, and if you cannot supply by love and understanding an environment that is similar, giving the same supplies, the hard bud shrinks, and the life within it dies; but the tree lives on.

"Beloved, I am sent by the Master Jesus Christ because there are those here who are striving so hard that not only shall the bud of their spiritual growth be opened wide, but it shall reveal in its inner recesses what God would have. Day by day, nay, hour by hour, these processes of growth go on in so wise and wonderful a way.

"I want to speak to the sorrowing ones, to those who desire to produce the very best, yet so oft are dismayed by that which is shown. Their ideals may be high above them, and again and again they seem forced to content themselves with that which is spoilt by the dust of the earth, and there are those who, in anguish of spirit, cry out to God to free them from their bondage, to allow their souls to grow as their real self desires. But again and again it seems that the processes of growth are so slow. They know that the sunshine of God's love is there for them; they have felt the storms of sorrow beating upon them, but still the bud of their spiritual desire seems to be closed.

"My children, it is that the eyes of the body are bound; it is because you are, as it were, trained to earthly vibrations, that at times it seems impossible to break free and to have that sweet release which the real self so yearns to make its own. I want to comfort you, to remind you of God's Eternal Spring. You are so oft unconscious of the processes of growth, but nevertheless they are going on apace, by the self-discipline, through the disappointment that so oft seizes you when you fail and fail again. Oh, have the faith to remember that if the eyes of the spirit could be your own just for a second or two, you would see miracles of grace being wrought.

"Remember the long, long journey of experience; how as little babes in knowledge, you left the Father's Kingdom. There are many to guide and guard, but at times free-will was shown as self-will, and there was loss, to be retrieved by the suffering entailed, and then to gain a little. And on and on, through countless worlds in countless bodies; and at this same stage you have come to that point where there is indeed within your grasp, the facility not only to hasten growth, but to work amongst those who are still aslumbering in their ignorance, and to waken them, to teach them of the renewal of life which goes on hour by hour, moment by moment, in the little 'world' that is your own, and their own - that which you name the 'aura'.

"In speaking of the aura, I plead with those who find this subject fascinating to the human mind, to walk warily and to teach carefully, for so much can be passed on which may betray and hinder the path that leads to Revelation, and the peace it brings.

"The 'world' around each of you is intensely sacred because it denotes the history of your past and the tendency of your future; and into that little world none should pry unless they enter with pure love and with as true an understanding as is possible at this same stage. I speak to the healers wherever they may be, and I say to them that it is of the very greatest importance not to penetrate the aura or the 'world' of another, unless their hearts and minds are clean, unless they are indeed dedicated tools for the Master's work.

"Forget not this: that that which you name 'colour' also has many stages and many guises. There are the crude colours of the earth, and there are colours far cruder than these or than the imagination can grasp; and although colours depict to the human mind this or that, again I say that the greatest caution should be exercised, because each one can be separated or split up, in your language, into a thousand rays. This great subject of colour is unknown to the human mind because it is beyond its grasp; yet God is so good, and God gives to the little children who would follow in the Master's footsteps, a glimpse of this and a fragment of Truth to support that.

"But I want you to ponder upon the thought of the Light that shone around the Master as Mary fell before Him, in connection with the great subject of light, portrayed to the human eyes and human mind as colour.

"God's Eternal Spring shows change and change again. The Spring of this year, perchance, is different from the Spring of last year. It is difficult in nature to find two colours that are exactly as each other, two tiny flowers of the same species which bear the same marks of dignity and of development.

"When you try to probe into the creative Mind of God, then indeed you realise that you are upon sacred ground; and I want to say to you that in the reflection of the Light, as you would name it, that fell from the Master, there was a miracle portrayed; and the Light of His Presence is still replenishing the earth, still bringing healing power to man, still quietening the rebellious thoughts of the wayward, still speaking to the mother of patience over her little child.

" 'Light' - how freely that word passes from your lips. Light: the Light of the World. Some there are who see that which they feel is the Presence Form of Christ, and in the degree that they have the dedicated heart, so this symbol of comfort is given for the upraising of man. But again we come back to limitation, and I want you to bear with me while I seek to portray to the human consciousness something as to the Truth concerning the Light of Christ, the One who indeed shall lighten up the dark places of every sphere.

"There are those you name the angels and archangels, and they have appeared to the privileged on earth with their diadems of power, with their rays of light, and with the sweetness of the loveliest flower pouring from them. They indeed portray to those still bound in the flesh, beauty in its highest form, purity and love. And yet, dear children, I say to you that the archangels' light represents but a tiny fragment from the Light which is of God.

"I want to enlarge your consciousness in regard to other spheres, other worlds, to allow you to realise that there are kindred souls, brothers and sisters, striving even as you are striving, perchance a little ahead, or perchance a little behind. But there they are loving, breathing beings, having the same Divine inheritance and the same glorious destiny as yourselves. And in time, as you name it, the barriers between the many worlds will be overcome. But only because there are those who are focusing upon God's glorious Spring - the renewal of life, the laying aside of the old thoughts and desires - and out of effort and sacrifice, winning the capacity to put together an outer casket more fit to hold the spark of holiness that is within.

"Today, on all sides, there is the stirring of life unseen by man. There have been many toiling with the soil and beneath the soil, trimming the roots, doing their part as scavengers, working for Nature, and thereby working for God. Those who are wise thank the Little People for their part; and is there not a lesson in the part that these creations of God fulfil so faithfully and so unknowingly to the mind of man? The lesson is this: that sometimes for those who seem inferior, wonderful tasks are vouchsafed.

"When we are free, we are allowed to pass into something of Revelation; and when we look back over our earth life and see how we took this and that for granted, we are ashamed. There are so many working for us; and those who take the spade and turn the soil, those who grasp the plants and place them within Mother Earth, sometimes forget that their part is only a small part; the greater part is done by unseen forms of life, expecting no reward or praise or understanding.

"Strange it is when we are free, to look back over the past and see ourselves in our vanity, our self-satisfaction, our self-gratification, and yet all the time we were beholden to the tiny creations for so much; and such as these, by their ignorance, by working through instinct only, they are indeed experiencing, and will experience, God's Eternal Spring - renewal, remaking, emerging out of the old into the new, returning to something of the loveliness in which they were created by the Father God, and in the returning, shedding blessing on many who are around.

"My children, I entreat you to probe deeper into things, not to be content with the surface, not to take pride in the human mind or in the human faculties, but to have that greater consciousness, the inner realisation that is possible though the flesh may hold, that there are a thousand thousand 'springs' for you; and, please God, each one shall be nearer to the spirit's desire, each one shall represent a greater freedom, a fuller expression of the Divinity which is within.

"We are at times almost saddened because our tools are few. There are so many like the one of old who questioned the Master, and the Master said to him: 'Have I been so long a time with you, and yet you do not understand?' This thought is torn from the guides and helpers, not in reproach - that is not ours - but only in a regret which is for you, because it seems that again and again the lesson has to be relearned, and the Spring, God's glorious Spring, is thwarted 'ere the leaves come forth, and the blossoms show.

"My eyes are opened and I look into the future, and I see an outline of this sacred Mission upon the earth plane; and as I watch there is beauty here and there; but there are many rough places, many tasks that will have to be done again. Why? Because - again the old cry goes out - those in the body fail to understand the sacredness of this blessed Mission upon the earth plane. In the degree that signs and wonders, as chronicled to the mind of man, are placed before the earth children, instead of the signs and wonders as Christ portrayed, in that degree there must be the broken edges, there must be the going back again, and time and effort must indeed be forthcoming until the lesson has been learned.

"Oh, I plead with you not to allow the tempters upon the earth, seen and unseen, to divert you from the pure path that the Christ trod, from that determination not to go the earth way, not to make bid for popularity or for fame, but to be about your Father's business, seeking spiritual tools to break the chains asunder that bind so many fast. And the missionaries shall come forward, but again and again the missionaries must be tested and purified, until at last they can meet temptation and not yield. In the degree that the missionaries fail in the working out of their sacred trust, so the rough places will be shown upon the map of their endeavour, and in time to come their hearts will be broken.

"The message that we have to give forth is God's Eternal Spring, not the sloth of summer-time or the drugged consciousness of winter, but the renewal of life, the striving for expression, the breaking open of the hard tabernacle of materialism that holds man fast. Then, not hearkening to the voice of praise, but turning in prayer to the Creator, that the flower revealed within the cracked husk may be as God wills, and not half-alive, not a distorted form of life, not the corroding grub that eats away the root of the beauty that is there. And as the unfolding takes place, there shall be shown the purity of effort, the cleansing processes bought by pain; and the unfoldment - in that limited form which is possible while on earth - shall be found good in the sight of God.

"My children, I will leave you for a span, yet it has been mine to pass on only a fragment of Truth. It is the Master's Will that only an outline of Reality shall be given to those with the dedicated spirit, to those who can have the understanding minds; and I ask you, in silence, pushing aside your earthly thoughts, your preconceived notions, to go back on that which I have given in so halting a form, and to pray that the Truth-Bringer and the Truth-Giver may enlarge your consciousness, so that you can grasp something of the deep, deep meaning that underlies, that your sense of proportion be widened, your capacity for veneration increased, your desire for reverence of the things that are of God, be fed as God wills.

"To you on earth, reverence can scarcely be grasped at all; that which you call 'Religion' bears so tarnished a form. When you are free, you will be aghast, as so many disembodied souls are aghast, at the rough handling of holy things by those who use them, and the bluntness of the instruments, as regards the purity and the sweetness associated with their gifts."

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