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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, SW12, Sunday, 30th March, 1924.

"O God, the Protector and the Father of us all, we thank Thee for Thy many good gifts, for the little rays of sunshine that are beginning to show themselves in the lives of Thy children, and above all we thank Thee, with a gratitude too deep to be put into words, that Thou hast enabled our faith to endure to the end, that Thou hast made firm that which appeared to be shaken, and that always this will be the case, because of the wish to serve and the wish to do as Thou would have us do.

"O God, we thank Thee again and again for this greatest gift of all - to feel that we can go forward on the second stage of this great and important journey, go forward without regret and without an aching heart at the thought that we turned from Thee because it seemed that Thou had withdrawn from us.

"Christ, Saviour, King, Understanding Mind of Love, to Thee once more we dedicate our lives, once more we affirm in tones of resolution and of determination - once more we acclaim that we are Thine and that nothing on the physical plane shall be strong enough to hold us back.

"O God, lift up our hearts and minds, lift them up above the memory of sadness and strife and betrayal, and grant that we may put all these things behind us and never revert to them again. It is with faith and trust we thus approach Thee, knowing that always Thou dost separate the spirit within from the physical - that spirit which is ever strong, courageous and far seeing, and in Thine own good time Thou wilt allow that inner Being to dominate the flesh - to so subject the mind that is free to pursue its holy purpose unchecked, and to so disentangle itself from the snares of the world that indeed the Great Silence of the Spirit is always at hand.

"Tonight once more, for the short time we meet in this way, we ask Thee to lift the veil and to allow us to enter into that which belongs to Thee as God and Creator - into that holy communion with those who are in the Realms of the Spirit, and that the world of sense may, for the time being, pass beyond our horizon - out and beyond, and that we, Thy little children, may meet at Thy feet in love and in the wish for service.

"God, give us this capacity for rising, for uniting with that which is all beauty, all holiness, all power - uniting the Divinity within with that vast unlimited Divinity without. Christ lift us, God hear us, the Holy Spirit descend upon us...

"...Peace be unto you all - my children here and those that are scattered far and wide – peace, peace be with you all.

"My little children, tonight is rather a solemn occasion, but I have told you before that solemnity and sadness have nothing in common, but I do ask you to try and realise this: That we are getting very close indeed to sacred things, and that you must prepare yourselves in every way you can, in order that we may have that sense of perfect happiness, which - it seems to you - I have promised so often and, apparently, is ever beyond your reach.

"Oh, my little ones, that which I have said - and that which I have promised as well - is but as a drop in an ocean compared with that which awaits the faithful and those who have prayed for courage to endure.

"Listen to me: Take comfort in the thought that the past is soon going to become meaningless to you. It will seem as nothing more than an unpleasant dream, and when the sleeper wakes and feels the warmth of the sun upon him, he cries: 'It is day!' and the night is forgotten in the glory of the morn.

"Peace be unto you, little children of strife and of sorrow - little children now of Light and of achievement. God grant that you may be able to take in something of what I say, that you may realise something of what lies before you, and that the knowledge of this may so stir your hearts and minds that you will indeed arise from the valley of despair and place your standard on the hill of things fulfilled...

"And as you stand there, sending your thoughts on to what lies beyond: The Unlimited in doing and being and creating - after setting your staff upon the first hill and leaving it there for all to see, to gather up fresh weapons, new strength, and forge on.

"The time shall come, as I have said before, when you shall look back and see all those flags of victory over self, point by point, from the valley up to the hill of Promise - and in that day you will indeed thank God for the great gift of physical existence, and the wonderful progress it has allowed you to make.

"My children, tonight I think I will speak on a subject that we have not touched upon so far, and that is man's relation to God as faithful or unfaithful servants. I use the word 'servants' because it is familiar to you put in this form, for in your Bible there are many illustrations of the attitude of the servant towards his Lord and Master.

"First of all, I want you to consider this: Over and over again on every side - it seems to you - exhortations as to your duty towards God are repeated again and again. It seems always that you are so lacking - from the outsider's point of view - that it is necessary to remind you, and sometimes to threaten you, as to results in regard to this same duty towards your Creator.

"I am going to speak in a very unconventional way this evening but, as I have told you before, God does not put Himself in the same position as some of the representatives of His teaching would have you think. It is because of the revelation that I have been permitted to have, in regard to that which is Love Itself, that I am able to speak in this way tonight.

"My subject then is this: God's Duty Towards His Little Children. To the more conventional, this seems to come very close to blasphemy - it almost suggests that criticism were possible of Almighty God and His plans.

"Many there are, dear children, who do criticise in this way, but it is only ignorance - ignorance of the most pathetic kind - and the Father does not judge them hardly for this twisted idea that they have of Him and His intentions.

"It is wonderfully comforting to us when such as these - who have suffered because they thought God had failed His own idealism - it is very comforting to us when these poor heart-broken children come here and see a little of what has been, and of what will be, for ever more. They suffer again, it is true, but with the suffering this time, is the overwhelming sense of gratitude that at last they see and they know.

"To come back to my starting point: God's duty towards His children and towards creation in general.

"I have tried to explain to you that God is so big that it is impossible to hurt His dignity by questioning or criticising His plans. I have also shown you many times that the smallest and frailest among you have the power to inflict anguish on One who is Love in a sense you cannot understand.

"When speaking on a subject like this, it is rather difficult to give you any clear idea of things as they really are, but I am going to tackle it to the best of my ability. And I want you, first of all, to know that God's duty towards His children is, in proportion to your duty towards Him, as a mountain to a molehill - and the Father is the last to disclaim this great responsibility, or to shelve it in the way that so many limited minded men and women would have you think. They turn their faces from the obvious and remind the sufferers again and again of their duty and their obligation towards their Creator.

"You see, dear children, that the big view, which is always the God-like view, is the only one to take when you are dealing with a subject which is, to many, as an open wound that will not close. To those who have tried to love and serve their Master, often the question comes: 'What have I done that I should - apparently - be so forsaken?' And Christ turns not aside from this challenge.

"God's responsibility towards your world and the many millions of spheres over here is unceasing and unlimited, and there is not one child of His that will ever have it in their power to say that at this stage or that: 'God failed me'.

"You see, when you come here the past - the long, long past - not just the short fleeting, painful phase of the physical - but the long, long past is unfolded for you to see, and as I said before, not one child of God, loving or unloving, will ever be able to say that God failed to come up to anything but the highest, grandest, and most wonderful Love Divine.

"Oh, my little children, when you come across people who are thinking on these sad lines, don't condemn them, don't denounce them - tell them the old, old story of Jesus and His love; tell them that God understands so well how hard it is to hold on to faith when the lamp of hope has died down and almost passed out of being.

"Tell them, dear children, that because He is their Father, He knows all about everything, and although they cannot see the protection or feel the Wings of power and of peace, these lie around them, and in time to come they shall indeed look back on the bitterest incidents of their lives and see - over even the blackest - God's love written so large that it obliterates that which lies behind.

"Never fence the question as to God's responsibility to man. Take it up bravely, and be certain that you are right in answering that God is in command - that His love faileth not, and if only the patience is there, even the very evil itself shall be shown to cover up that which is of safety and security; that the darkness was but a veil for Light; and that they were held, guarded, protected, forewarned, from the beginning to the end.

"The hardest part of our work over here is in regard to this same misrepresentation of Christ - this curious mix-up of an Avenging Deity on the one side, with Supreme Love on the other. It is impossible for these two to be united in any sense there could be - they are diametrically opposed to each other, and although evil for evil is often worked out, God has no hand in the punishment - it is man's way of punishing himself.

"Oh, that I had the power to tear the veil from the minds of men - those who do wish to honour and to portray God to others. If I could only pour into their minds one drop of realisation of what Love is like, then it would be more than sufficient to swamp that which hides Him from their sight.

"Broadcast it wherever you go; never fail to strike a blow in defence of the Love of God; affirm with boldness that the Father does not forsake His children - even the most wayward and the most unloving; that in the Father's Mind there are many mansions - many, many mansions, and if His children could, by faith, enter into the first, they would know that what I say is true in a way beyond their comprehension.

"Again, I repeat that in the Father's Mind there are many mansions, and what awaits those who have fought and tried to conquer, no words, no language, can express, because it is of God and God is Unlimited...

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My children, I am not going to keep you because, as I have said before, the body does require a certain amount of attention, and I am the last to say that its claims should he ignored. Warmth and nourishment are essential and they will not be withheld much longer.

"Tonight, my little ones, I would close on a note of hope, and also one of anticipation of the revelation of God's love to come. I want you to cling to this idea, to remember that although the hand of fate - so-called in your world - stretches a menacing finger far across the lives of many, still the bright light of faith is able to lead the traveller on, out of the forest into the broad highway, and there sorrow, as sorrow, ends for ever.

"Look at it how you may: Those who toil in the Garden of the Lord reap a harvest that is never over. Those who spend their time in the barren wilderness of self see the most cherished gifts of the Spirit passing on either side.

"I emphasise this most strongly, and I give a separate word to Margaret in regard to it. I say to her that as she has sown so shall she reap, and although as yet her field may seem bare, it shall show a harvest and a beauty that will satisfy the most ambitious longings of the spirit within...

"To those who have toiled the Light shall come, and those who have held on to the handle of the plough, even though it tore and strained their body - these are the tools of the Lord. And because they were tools in the physical world, they shall be powers in the Spiritual, and bring comfort to many when the body releases them.

"Oh, have no misgivings at all. Chide the little sprites of doubt if they arise - tell them to be silent. Hearken only to the Voice of God within you. Pray to be guided. Ask to be led into the path that He would have you tread - and know for a certainty that all has been thought of, and included in that, is much that you would never dare to ask yourselves.

"Faith, work and determination - these shall carry you far, and these, when you join us here, shall be found to have brought you not only happiness upon earth, but privileges beyond any language to describe, because they have linked you to the Spirit, and the Spirit is of Love, and Love is God Himself.

"Goodnight, my little ones. Stand free from everything - and go forward with cheerful, thankful hearts, because of the tomorrows to come, when the winter-time of experience will be over, and the spring will be ushered in, warming your chilled hearts and renewing those who have found the hill so steep. Goodnight."

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