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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 27th July, 1924.

"O, Heavenly Father, we thank Thee for Thy great Love and understanding, for all Thy tender care and Thy far-seeing guidance, for Thy all-Wise leading into the path of Light.

"Father, we thank Thee as Thy little children and we ask Thee tonight to pour down upon all, Thy ennobling, uplifting Spirit, so that that which is within us may feel Its strength and may be caught up even into the holy realms and there may be healed of the infirmities of the body, released from the chains of the physical mind, and set free once more on that upward path which, winding however it may, leads at last to Thy White Throne, when sorrow is no more...

"O God, out of Thy infinite love make this possible. Give unto Thy servants in the Realms of the Spirit power and more power, so that they may be strengthened to carry on Thy work and be enabled to pass on that firmness, that determination, that singleness of purpose which all Thy children, consciously or unconsciously, long to offer to their Father...

"Into Thy Hands once more we commend ourselves, knowing that where Thy Cross is nothing which is not of Thee can enter in and that the protection is complete...

"...My little children, it is with great joy that I come into your presence tonight in this way - a joy so deep, so wide, so all-enveloping - that I cannot find words with which to express my gratitude to God.

"Those of you who are mothers will understand, perhaps, a little better than the others. Picture to yourselves a little one separated from you for what, to you, seems almost a century of time - separated from you and perhaps learning to love another in your place. Yes, the mother's heart aches for her little one, her arms are empty and she says to herself with real anxiety: 'I wonder whether she will remember me!' - and no language can portray all that that sentence holds.

"Well, dear children, knowing God and the wonderful gifts that He gives again and again, I knew it would be all right - just as the mother knows that the day will come when she will hold love in her arms once more. The day has come for me when once again, by God's grace, I am able to demonstrate in a physical way my presence in your life - in your life, in your thoughts, and in your hearts. What God has once given that He never takes away. You are fast in the fortress of my heart and nothing - time, the world, temptation - nothing shall be strong enough to force open that barricade which I have erected around my little ones.

"Yes, my children, I have you fast; and if at times I seem a little distance from you, well perhaps it is done not only to test your own resources but also that you may miss us a little, and when the time of physical separation has elapsed, shall welcome your loving companions and friends who, in a way you little understand, guard and surround your lives every minute of the night and day.

"Oh, be not deceived if sadness has crept a little close - be not dismayed. In the future all will be worked into the plan laid down by the Master-Mind, and you shall see then every hour of twilight turned into the Light which is everywhere in the Realms of the Spirit - that Light which has been brought together with so much effort and is there in so much force - brought together by the children of the earth by their little and big tasks, by their great and small troubles. And out of the tears shed during their earth's experience - out of those tears has been created the River of Life which is also that of comfort as well...

"I have you fast in my care, and I tell you never again to listen to the suggestion that otherwise is the case; I have you fast in my care and the years shall tell - the years shall tell.

"Tonight, my children, I think I will talk awhile with you on that simplest yet most comprehensive theme of all: 'God is Love'.

"So hard it seems to gather in; so difficult a lesson to learn; so impossible to remember when the warm, definite, visible sun is shrouded by cloud; so hard to grasp that even the dark days but reveal His understanding purpose, and that by the withholding for a space that for which the heart cries out, power and wisdom and progress are being added to each one.

"God is Love - and I say it with greater emphasis if the night is dark. When the stars can be seen it is easier to believe; when the moon throws its silvery beams into those veiled corners where doubt tries to hide, then it is almost simple to believe that your Creator is not only Jehovah, but Christ and Father.

"But I say that when face to face with the ravages of disease - and with that which is worst of all, the ravages on the happiness of the individual by the evil forces that lurk on either side - I say that when face to face with these seeming disasters, the cry rings out with double emphasis that God is Love! And you shall yet have the strength and the vision to grasp it and to see it too.

"The days of preparation seem over-long to the children when it is winter-time. They ask: 'Is summer never coming?' - and the answer is: 'By-and-by'. The child is satisfied for the moment but again longing springs up fresh and insistent and she cries again: 'Oh, isn't summer ever coming!' And the mother - the wise mother - then takes her little one to the trees or to the hedges, saying: 'See, here are the first signs of the spring', and the child, looking at the green buds, is comforted - but not for long.

"When the wind blows cold and winter seems to have retraced its steps - again she says: 'You told me that summer was coming! What has happened - has all gone wrong?' And the mother then takes her to the first flowers - white and gold and purple - trying to make a show in conditions which seem absolutely against them. But no - those conditions are their right environment. These flowers are sent when bleakness is all around, sent with their message of hope, sent as a reminder of what nature is holding in store for the days to come. And in the joy of their beauty the child is silenced, but when these have passed away she wants more assurance still that summer shall be with her in reality.

"So as the days pass her attention is directed to this and to that, and one fine morning she wakes to a transformed scene - the cold wind has gone, the grey clouds have passed far away, the sun, with its warmth and its comfort, is shining upon her and upon those she loves so well - on those, forget it not - on those who also watched and waited with her.

"My children, I want you to take from this simple little illustration enlightenment - that realisation which shall tell you that all is well - well in the way God has purposed from the beginning, and well as only a Father could have conceived in love surpassing all imagination. Yet I would have you remember this: That we over here who are older in experience - who have seen many winters merged into spring - we understand that to the child, so dependent on outward and visible signs, the waiting seems overlong and despair creeps very close.

"You see, my children, that even in the waiting is God's love shown in a variety of ways. He does not say to humanity: 'Wait with faith' only, but He gives these small signs of new life - those little insignificant details - which, very often, are passed over by you as 'chance'. No, if you look at your lives with spiritual sight you will see the outward and visible indications that summer is on its way; and I would entreat you when - as is sometimes the case with nature - the summertime is broken by storm and chill, I would entreat you to remember that in the things of the Spirit - those which have been brought to your side by concentration, and by the wish for service in the past - that the summer-time of the Spirit cannot retreat into autumn or winter again.

"There you get your contrast. It may be - and I would not pass this over lightly - it may be that that summer-time has its days of chill and lack of brightness, but they shall pass. But what shall prevail, and what does prevail - although you see it not - is the brightness of the Life Eternal.

"God is Love and He does not invite His children to attempt to climb the steep hill of experience and then, when they have got so far and are tired and distressed by the roughness of the path - He does not lose interest in them because of their complaining, and turn to another to see if they will do better.

"No, my children - I speak to all - God has said: 'Come up hither and I will lead you all the way', and when the boulders seem to obstruct your path, and blows from the enemies of Christ beat you to your knees, He does not relax or retreat one inch from the invitation: 'Come up hither and I will lead you all the way'. It simply means that for a space you refrain from pressing on - I do not say 'rest', because the only real rest there is, is in trying to get nearer to Christ - but you pause awhile and the temptation comes to look back over the path you have followed, and it seems almost darker and harder in retrospection than when you were treading it in faith.

"And here it is that sometimes my children grow very sad - so much strain, so much suffering, and the will to proceed is worn out. I smile - smile, my little ones - with relief and thankfulness, because this is so distorted a version of what really is the case. The shadows have been pressing, and the body is feeling the brunt of that and other conditions as well, and so in the imagination it is quite easy to build up a picture of failure and even of disaster of a most terrible kind. And yet I say I smile because it is all so different really. The majority of pilgrims pass through this phase, but when they are extricated from it they too smile with us.

"Once the gaze is firmly fixed on Christ there is no going back - no resting by the wayside - and you shall yet find, dear children, later on, that the sadness and the disappointment and the disillusionment over self took you, unconsciously, a little further up. And so you see, it is quite accurate when I say that, in reality, there is no resting when once the Call has been heard.

"God is Love. And nothing, nothing that happened in your life - if only the wish was there to do a little better than you did - nothing in your life shall be found hereafter that did not provide the necessary threads for the working out of the pattern for the soul's redemption. And that is God's purpose with you all, with the world - those who have passed out of physical existence and those who will take it on. This is the purpose of the Father, and you shall find, without qualification of any kind, that God is Love in so comprehensive a way that even those who think they are estranged from Him for ever, shall be gathered in by the golden cords of love, and fettered to the rest of humanity - for the cords, each one, are held by God.

"You cannot go astray - not for long. You think sometimes that through evil or through some mishap you are outside the Fold of the Good Shepherd - but no, those outer walls exist in imagination only. Where His children are - out to the farthest corners of the earth, where ignorance and perhaps sin prevail - away out beyond everything, is the protection of God's love. They are not outside His Fold; they are His sheep, and the Good Shepherd seeks for the missing ones - missing perhaps to you, lost indeed to themselves - but the Shepherd knows where to find His sheep and He never rests until He has gathered them in. And what has been and is today, shall be for ever: The Shepherd and His sheep - and the Good Shepherd loses not one.

"Oh, my children, open your hearts and minds, and say to Christ: 'Here I am - I come to you!' That is a gift, a gift in the eyes of God - and the only gift that He ever asks in return for so much lavished on us: 'Here I am, take me and make me as Thou wilt'. The Shepherd has not to seek, for the sheep are drawn back to the Centre by their own desire. There you get the gospel of hope and, I would add, of service too. Each one who comes willingly and gladly to unite with Love, is serving his brethren as a whole, because he is adding one more to the side of good, and that thought - that wish to belong solely and only to God - influences others to do the same.

"And so I tell you that even by your smallest thought, your tiniest desire for service, you are helping in the saving of the world. Oh, doesn't it inspire you? Doesn't it make the earth recede to think that you and I, dear children, with all our weaknesses and our frailties, that even we are able to help - to help the Saviour to redeem the world?

"Humanity is calling ever for comfort and for succour, and humanity has got to be reckoned with in a way that the complacent altogether overlook. We are all on the same rope, as you have been told before, and we dare not pause or linger, because so much remains to be done. Our strength is their strength, just the same as the strength of those who have fought and struggled and passed out of physical life is your strength. You cannot dissociate yourself either from the highest or from the lowest - the unity between the children of God is inseverable and will be for all Eternity.

"But you can do this: You can hinder the purpose; you can divert the strength; you can use up the power which is wanted for a weaker one than yourself - and this is why you suffer such grief when you fail the best that is within you.

"Your spirit knows that it is strong enough to stand erect, and yet power is taken which is needed desperately by those who are lower down the hill - that is the position as it stands. Christ calls to those who have climbed this span or that - calls to them to be strong, not only for themselves but for those who, as yet, find it impossible to be anything but weak.

"And as you struggle with that physical self - which gives so much trouble, it seems to you - as you struggle with it, so shall you find, even as I say, that the strength and the power is there, and it was only the shadows frightening you by what was not. The power is there, and you shall arise in strength and in determination and continue the climb, certain that each step higher up is sending back to those behind the will and the wish to climb as well.

"My children, we are so much in sympathy - sometimes you find it a little hard to remember that. But we are so united in purpose, in aim, and in ambition, that it should not be too hard for you to get a little more of my view and to see a little more plainly that bodyguard of love, that strong protection which Christ has provided - it should not be too hard for you to realise that it is there, there, my children, in an unlimited degree.

"We are friends - we are more even than that, sacred though friendship may be - we are as one in love, in experience, in sorrow, and shall be one in joy in the days to come. And that at-one-ment is possible only because of the fact that God is Love, and that He has distributed amongst us as much as we can hold - a little of that Divine Love which binds us not only together, but oh so closely to Him, that it would be impossible for an enemy to intervene.

"You are held by Christ through storm and tempest - held, protected, guarded, fought for - and in your hearts you should acknowledge Him, not only as King of kings and Lord of lords, but Love - Love Divine, eternal, unlimited and inseparable. That is the position of the children and their Heavenly Father, and nothing can alter it. Let that thought sink into your hearts and minds and bring its own sweet peace and comfort - the comfort of knowing that: 'I am His and He is mine for ever and ever.'

"I will leave you now for a little while because love is so insistent that it longs to show itself in an outward and visible way, because those upon earth are apt to be very dependent on the outward and the tangible when it concerns themselves. It is impossible for you, so pressed in by physical conditions, to remember the power of love unless you see it and are told of it. And that is why we long to come to remind you again and again of those who watch and wait with you - watch and wait with you until the morning of Spiritual Life...

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, I think we can all, with a united heart, thank God for His goodness and His graciousness to us tonight. It has been a wonderful example to me of the working out of the promises given to me when you were entrusted to my care... I thank my Father that He has not only fulfilled the promise but has interpreted it in a way that only the Divine Mind could think of...

"My children, my closing words are few, they are really a thanksgiving - a thanksgiving in which I want you to try and join with me - for in that thanksgiving you will find your gift returned - some a hundred fold; some sixtyfold and some thirtyfold - according to the value of the gift that you could offer.

"I want you to understand that things are relative, in this way. It is all summed up in that oft quoted statement that: 'As you sow so shall you reap' - as you give so shall you also take. But always, with the things of the Spirit, the taking is immeasurably greater; and, to our minds, the giving is so terribly small.

"Still, my children, is that not like the Father? Can you imagine Love weighting the scales so that they may be equal - to give you what you, out of your poor resources, can give Him? You see, when looked at in a direct way, you can realise that things never can be equal between the Father and His children and never will be... The Father watches over the growth of the baby-soul. He alters the nature of His vigil as the child grows up, and then when maturity is reached He gives gifts of power, of opportunity, and of right desire. Later, still again He alters that which He offers in so free and so lavish a way - He gives the gifts of the Spirit, that inward peace, that joy beyond all expression - and then the soul comes into its own.

"You see, dear children, that physical standards are of no use when you are thinking about God. Many a parent today - some out of necessity, which shall be added on the gain side hereafter because of the pain it caused - but many a parent today has to take as much, or more, than he gave, from the child he reared. And some there are who demand but have given not. These have sorrow to face - and self is not an easy enemy to overcome.

"But Christ, your Father and my Father, gives and gives again, and you cause Him pain when you shut yourselves off from His gifts; and that's the difference between man and God. You cannot ask too much, and your Heavenly Father cannot bestow too much. All that is necessary is the attitude with Him which makes a free and open channel through which His love can flow, growing in volume as you prepare yourselves to meet it. And as you grow so is it possible to increase that which is there in such abundance. Thus united, undivided by the world, you find your happiness in your Creator and, yes, your Creator finds His happiness in you...

"And so I leave it there, hoping, dear children, that wounds are healed and that the strength - which is so closely allied to Love that we cannot tell the difference - that the strength of the Spirit will send you on your way rejoicing, because Christ has called you to follow Him.

"And now for the blessing: I bless you with peace, with vision and with that joy of achievement which shall be your own. Send down, O God, Thy courage, Thy strength, Thy hope and the certainty that Thou art in command and all, all is well."

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