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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Saturday, 21st January, 1928.

"O God, Thou who understandest the human heart, grant that this night illumination may come, and that these, Thy children, conscious of the great mission entrusted to their care, may go forward with happy hearts, confident in Thy protection, certain that the messengers are all around steadying their wills and opening out the path in front.

"O Christ, our most tender Friend, the great Consoler of humanity, we thank Thee that Thou hast provided this opportunity for reassurance as to the past, as to the present, and as to the future. Let us, as little children, stretch out our hands and clasp Thee, our Saviour, our Father, the One who loves us best...

"Commending ourselves into Thy care, realising that this night has been planned by Thee and that the protection is complete, we start our work with grateful hearts, grateful that Thou hast used us and that we, Thy little children, can do our part in furthering Thy most merciful plan. Father, we thank Thee. Amen...

"...My children, when you meet together in this sweet way, could the eyes of the body witness that which the spirit is seeing and making its own, so you would find that from the east and the west, aye, from that you call the four corners, others - seeming strangers, keyed to different vibrations from your own - that these in countless thousands have arisen, and are hurrying to that which you call the dividing-line between the earth and other realms; the dividing-line which can be o'erstepped by love and sympathy and aspiration.

"And again, you, my little ones, can bid that line as a division depart; for, as missionaries of the Most High, instinctively you call to the throng, for you know that you are one under our Father and Mother God.

"Yet, though I speak in these encouraging tones - and indeed it is impossible to portray the great cheer, the great hope which we have not only in front, but which is being built up around you as you go your daily way - though I speak in tones of great encouragement, think not that I do not appreciate what the day holds, what the past has meant, how oft sorrow has come to the threshold of your home, dwelling among you as one of yourselves; and pain, yes, and that which to us is more sorrowful, the failing of those you named your friends, the failing of such as these in time of need.

"All that belongs to the past, and I say - because the Master instructs me to speak with conviction - that sorrow as sorrow, the treachery of others, and that which you call material anxiety, that belongs to the past. For each one has reached the stage when no longer a traveller is he or she, but a pilgrim linked to God; and could you hold that thought firmly in your mind so sadness could touch you not, and doubt or misgiving could be met and faced and recognised as the ghost it is.

"For, to the children of God, that which masquerades as worry indeed has existence only in that which you call the fancy of the physical mind. I know your lives and I know that what I say seems to some as an impossibility; but I reply that by putting the things of the Spirit first, by cleaving, so far as you are able, to the Divine within, by taking the Christ way - the simple way, the way of service - that which you name anxiety should not exist, for you are under the protection of your Creator, and the Father says, as He has said before: 'You are my children'. Day by day so the manna shall come, yet, perchance, not more than the day's need. That is God's way, God's reassurance, God's protection, God's imperishable Truth...

"And so, my little ones, having drawn you into the vibrations built up in this little room through the power of unlimited Love, and by the love that we all have for you and you for us, so, once more, I underline that although I cheer you on I know that many - nay, all - have experienced that which is a wilderness, that which is loneliness itself.

"But mark you - and this night I am bidden to speak on this subject - that God is in the wilderness with you and all His little ones, who, out of love for Him, are trying to take the hard road, the road beset by enemies, the road of temptation: 'God Walks in the Wilderness with Us All'.

"My children, I take you back to the Sacred Record, to that which you name the story of the Fall, and I remind you once again that when man had reached that stage when self-will was preferred to God's will, so, though Spirit conditions were closed to him, God went forth with him, out of the brightness into the dimness.

"For, however far the individual falls from his high estate, however deliberately he turns from Love, Love never forsakes him; and that narrated in the Sacred Record was an indication that for ever God walks in the wilderness with man until man comes back into the brightness of confidence and reassurance over the great destiny before him and the history of mercy behind.

"Go in thought through the sacred pages, through the trials and tests of those you name the prophets of old, the ones who had sufficient endurance to grasp the sword, so that the time might come when, out of the anguish endured, out of the heartache, out of the withstanding of enemies, so the sword could be taken up no longer as something that hurt, something that wounded, but as a symbol of the Cross, which means perfect protection whate'er betide...

"Think of Abraham, think of Moses and all those who followed after. Did they not, each one, go through the same tests - the test of faith, the test of stability, the test as to whether the vessel would crack in the baking and therefore could not carry the sweet Waters of Life to the parched and dying, to those who were so bound to the earth that they were literally chained to the sand beneath them?

"But God walked with them too, they were His own; and the great Father had to seek for suitable instruments on earth, the ones with the courage, the ones with the determination, who, literally, out of their bodies - because the body only clothes the freed spirit within - who could go to the famished, raise them in their weakness, revive them by their own faith, and put their hands in the Hands of Christ; for Christ was from the beginning as He will be unto the end. Yes, put the poor prisoners in touch with Freedom and send them on their way - staggering perchance, failing may be - but on, for the Waters of Life had reached them at last.

"Oh, think you, my children, could the prophets of old have been used by God if the wilderness of experience was unknown to them? Cannot you see? A wilderness is uncharted, there are no landmarks, for that which represents the trees and shrubs is withered by the scorching sun of temptation, and the traveller seems utterly alone: Direction, he has none; and, if he calls, echo only is his response.

"Each one, during the earth stage - or in one of the myriad stages before and after - each one must go through the wilderness; but God goes with them, yet some have shut themselves off from the Light and in the darkness they know Him not. And so the great Redeemer chooses lesser redeemers, the great Saviour has to use those who perhaps only lately have been saved themselves, saved from the weakness within, from the folly of re-enacting the past...

"And so, my children, the prophets and the teachers of old, they went through the wilderness - that wilderness where the soaring soul seems beset by enemies innumerable, by those who apparently are too strong to be overcome; but God is not mocked, and out of the strain, out of the weariness and that which reaches something like despair, so the instrument was prepared, in part, for work in that which is the desert of self...

"Confuse not these two conditions, for they are as you would say, leagues apart; yet, remember that in both conditions as in all conditions, God is there.

"So, my children, when I speak of spiritual loneliness, when I speak of that which represents the wilderness which is taken after the traveller has been merged into a pilgrim, so you will know that you, each one, by the spirit's choice, have taken that experience, have spent much time therein, aye, and some have shed many tears.

"Yet, the spirit governs the physical mind, controls the reluctance, and, at last, a messenger of God emerges out of what has taken place; and these messengers of the Most High - even as those in the far past - because of their experience, and only through their experience, are fitted, are sufficiently purified, to carry the Waters of Life, of Truth, to those in that which is the desert of self.

"Deserts there are in each condition; whether it be in the physical world or in one of the many planes which are confused with the physical, all these conditions have their deserts; but the difference comes in this sweet way: The traveller is ignorant of where to look or where to go for that which shall bring him refreshment. The pilgrim knows that God is in the desert, and as he raises heart and mind so the connection is made, and the sadness, or the weariness, or the hunger, or the thirst, is no more.

"Through the grace of God, the Holy Spirit which is all-strength as well as all-healing, the Holy Spirit can contact with the Divine within, and the pilgrim arises renewed in mind and body - whichever garment it may be - and goes on his way rejoicing; for, out of the desert-experience, so he is that much nearer to the perfect instrument sought by God over the ages; sought for, and alas, not found, except in the individual here and there.

"But you know, for it has been underlined before, that no one can evade, they can only postpone. The idlers, the ones who for ever cling to the things that must pass away, these, by their many delays, are, literally, enlarging and enlarging again the wilderness which must be crossed before the brightness and the sweetness of Spirit realms can be entered as their Home...

"Oh, my little ones, cannot you see how much reassurance lies within my words? Does not your heart instruct although the physical mind may seek to speak in other tones? The real self comprehends the gift of that which you name sorrow, anxiety, and the failure of others to shoulder their responsibilities. Would you change places with one of the blinded ones? Would you, with your knowledge, choose earthly possessions and sacrifice the gifts of the Spirit which have been purchased by effort and aching hearts?

"No, light is within, and you say - for conviction is borne upon you as I speak: 'God's ways are best; lead Thou me on'. And the Father will lead you on out of that which you name the wilderness which the soaring soul must go through, the Father will lead you on into a sweet content which the physical and all it holds will be unable to take from you.

"But the way is up the hill - up the hill - not resting except to gain fresh strength. The way is the steep way: The way the prophets of old beat out for you in their ignorance and physical blindness; the way that the saints and martyrs took; the way that each disciple must take in turn.

"Christ went that way Himself; and with everyone who climbs, so the great Companion treads the path again - yes, with the child who is His own, not only by gift but by the wish to do the Father's will, by the desire to emerge out of littleness into greatness, out of spiritual childishness into that maturity which God intends...

"So to each one this night I speak, for the Master bids me - oh, cannot you hear the words? 'Be not afraid, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world (Matt. 28:20)'. And, when the physical stage is o'er, such reassurance will not be needed; for you, through surmounting the difficulties of the wilderness, through holding on to faith though things physical seemed to prove it folly itself, you, through obeying the Voice, through arising above the thoughts of material things into the needs of the spirit within - so you will see your God, and the past will be illumined by His Love, for you, His children, suffered a little while so that you might do His work in His way, and in His good time.

"The promises of God ring over the ages, though many have forgotten them. The promise of God that: 'As your faith, so shall it be with you (Matt. 9:29)', is given afresh to every individual as they enter each fresh stage.

"But mark you this: Faith is of the Spirit, and only Spirit can attract that which is of the Holy Spirit. Put the work first and God will not fail. At times, perchance, it will seem that the protection is insufficient, but the promise of God stands firm. The test must be applied and must be accepted, for only Spirit can call down that which is the power and the grace of the Spirit which is of God.

"So, my little ones, remember this as you go your way amongst your friends and the strangers outside the gate, for you will come up against trouble and sorrow which seems baffling to you. And when these uninstructed ones say to you: 'What shall I do?' - pass on to them God's promise, but remind them that only by exercising the strength of the greater self within, can God do for them that which His Father and Mother Heart so longs.

"Faith is of the spirit, but God has promised that the physical needs - mark that word - physical needs, not its requirements - that these shall be provided even as the manna which fed the little band, who, under direction and through the inspiration of an instrument of the Most High, put faith into action and went into the wilderness trusting in the promises of God...

"Think not, my little ones, that that long sojourn was the will of the Father - it was through the frailty of His children; but God was in the wilderness; and, out of failure and weakness, so He built up strength, and when they passed into the Promised Land they were as trained soldiers, those who could respond to direction, who, through the discipline they had undergone, could not only pass into the Promised Land, but claim it as their own, pitch their tents, rear their families... They had purchased it by the wilderness they had gone through and triumphed over.

"Thus it is with us all; and, could your eyes see beyond the earth span, so you would know that the Promised Land, the Home of God, lies within your reach; and, many of you, quite unconsciously, spend hours of every day in the Land promised by your Father God.

"And so, my children, I leave you for a space, but because you are instruments and your desire is to serve your God, oh, never forget to exercise this greater faith yourselves. In that wise so indeed you are doing the Master's work. You are examples to those farther down the hill of experience, that if only they will climb, so they too can have the greater faith and the protection which it brings as an immediate result...

"Yes, the way to God, the way that Christ trod, is the humble way, not thinking too much about food and raiment, but always fixing the mind on the next act and the next piece of work that lies in front. And if you remind me that the Christ way took the Beloved to the Cross, then I underline once more that without the Cross the resurrection cannot come.

"But Christ was crucified by man, forget not that. Man crucifies his God and those within his vibrations, but God - because He is Father and Mother combined - He takes our cross, and out of the betrayal, out of the pangs, so the promised resurrection is made our own. And by that which we have passed through so we are linked for ever with the One who showed the way, who was nailed upon the tree to give reassurance to all those who would follow after.

"The Saviour bears our burdens; the Father Heart comforts us as we stumble along the way; the Holy Spirit recharges us, and out of the wilderness, the garden and the cross, not only does our own resurrection come but we can go to the slaves of self and promise them, in God's Name, that resurrection can come to them as well...

"And now I leave you. Hold fast to these conditions for many are gathered in, and they are making their links. They are ministering to each one direct, and you shall carry away with you something of the peace of God... And thus I go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...My dear children, we close this night on a note of love. Thank the great Giver, and, when you go your separate ways, demonstrate the love of God. But remember that the only way in which you can portray the sweetest Friend of all, is to trust Him, to put your faith into action so that others, strangers to His love, may pause and exclaim: 'What is this?' And then you can answer: 'It is Christ, the One who loves you best'. They will be affronted or delighted, according to the release within; but even those most critical, if you show your faith, must pay deference to the One who inspired.

"That is your direction - to demonstrate the love of God by putting your faith into action, and claiming Christ as your protector in things physical as well as spiritual.

"So we part. I bless you in the Name of God with courage to overcome the wilderness; I bless you with the strength of the Holy Spirit; I bless you with true assurance that Christ walks with you and that He has foreseen all that the future has in store... Confidence in God, faith in action, love demonstrated for others to see. Goodnight, my little ones; rest in peace."

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