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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 1st November, 1925.

"Father of all Love, we gather together in faith once more, and we ask Thee to lead us out of shadowy places into the brightness of revelation. Christ, hear our prayers; bestow upon us some of those many good gifts which are waiting for our possession, and in bestowing teach us how to use them and how to guard them as well...

"O God our Father, we ask Thee with humble hearts to unveil that portion of Thy wondrous truth which we can understand and make our own; and ever as we go on, grant that the chains of the physical mind may be struck off and that we - free as Thou would have us be - may walk in the Light and bring Light to others.

"Help us tonight as always. Grant that the power and the peace, as well as the joy and the love, may be here; and because we have drawn aside for this little while to listen to the Voice of the Spirit, so we may be strengthened, so we may be recharged with courage to carry on our work and to be used in Thy service... Amen...

"...My little children, it is with deep joy that I come amongst you once more, and I ask you to believe that in a measure as yet unknown to yourselves, my love goes out to greet and meet your own, and because the Spirit of Love is present, so that love within your heart and mind for the things which are of God, shall be strengthened, shall be made twofold, and shall send out its influence over others...

"My children, there is so much to be taught, so much to be learnt about that Divine quality which you and we call Love; and tonight for a little while, because we are so bound together, I ask you to think with me on that which is Love indeed, on the One who gave you life, who has protected you through all the aeons of time, the One who regards Himself - and wishes you to regard Him thus - your Father and Mother God...

"Oh, my children, even as I speak I realise the gigantic task which lies before me - which lies before all who wish to interpret God as the 'Father' of mankind. This evening, I can take you but a step, yet ere we part I think some glimmering of the truth will have pierced that physical mind, and you will be able to count it as your own.

"It would seem to you that so often I go back on this subject, this great, great subject of the Love of God; but as we - free from physical restrictions - see it, in actual fact, humanity as yet knows scarce a fragment of all that which is implied by, and which is bound up in the thought of the Fatherhood of the Most High.

"Yet you will say to me: 'God is Love so we have been taught', but again there are others who cry out: 'If God is a God of Love, how can all the tragedies of physical life take place?'...

"Children, the greatest tragedy of all - which includes all the lesser tragedies of life on this little plane - is misunderstanding the Mind of Love. I beseech all those who read these words - given and planned by the Master of us all - I implore them to consider this great subject, the interpretation of that which is in the Father's Heart and Mind.

"Physical standards are of no avail in this case; the mind of man and the narrow outlook - all those restrictions built up by love of power and pride of heart - these and many more have, as it were, put veil after veil between man and God as He is.

"And I say tonight, that the salvation of the world, in the sense that its children will turn to the Light rather than to the darkness - this salvation cannot come until those who are blind can see, and those who are deaf can hear that which represents something of our Father and Mother God.

"My children, turn back the pages of the book of memory. Even in your own youth you can recall that picture - most horrible to contemplate - of the Most High and His attitude towards those created by Him... Oh, the damage which has been done in the past; oh, the regret which faces countless thousands when they are free and realisation comes how they misrepresented that which is Love, that which is all understanding and compassion...

"My children, I make no apology for returning to this subject again and again. I intend to throw my words on the physical mind until perforce the barriers of that mind go down, and God is allowed to enter in, in something of His own likeness, something of His own Love.

"This evening, I speak with a twofold purpose. I am here to express the deep, deep sorrow of those who have entered into Reality and have seen what they can bear of God their Father. I speak also in deep warning to those who are in a position to teach others and to influence the minds of the young. To these I say: If you would wish for peace - peace of mind hereafter - go back and revise that interpretation of the Creator of mankind.

"Children, in all solemnity I say that the lives of innumerable little ones on the physical plane have been clouded, and the pattern has been marred, because the child mind has been given a wrong impression of God, the Bestower, the Holder of all things. Can you not see where I am leading your thoughts?

"There is not one in this room tonight - and I include all those hidden from your physical sight - I say there is not one in this room tonight, who, during their childhood days, felt they could go to God as to a tender, understanding Father. No, God is represented to the young as One easily offended, quick in anger, and sure in punishment.

"I make this statement with a full sense of the responsibility of its implication. I say that there have been millions, who, during their childhood days, have been bereft of their Heavenly Father by those who had the training, who had the preparing of the young mind...

"Children, the damage done is so gigantic that no words can express it - yet listen to my words: That suffering, that very misunderstanding, is taken by God and is used, not only to bring gain to the sufferer, but because they suffered - carrying on the chain of Love - when they are free from the body, they shall come back and minister to those placed in a similar position...

"That is God's way of remedying what man has done. In many cases there is little excuse for those who teach today. They have the holy word; nay, more, they have the Sacred Record of Christ's life on earth. There, search how you may, you will find that to the sinner Christ spoke ever in gentle tones. To the one who professed, and yet in professing denied Love itself - towards these, His heart was sore indeed, because knowing - reading the heart and mind of man - the Saviour of the world saw not only the destructive work to the individual concerned, but still more so the destructive influence upon others...

"There is where the warning lies, where those who are older and wiser should walk warily indeed. I speak of the parents, I speak of the teachers, and I speak of those many representatives of the Most High - the custodians of the Truth, those who should be reflectors of something of the wonder expressed in that word 'Father', something of the wonder of the Love of God.

"You see, my children, few escape this responsibility, few there are who can say to themselves with content: 'How does my interpretation of God stand in comparison with Love unlimited? How does my definition of the Most High compare with the Reality Itself?'

"Oh, my children, when you are free, when you stand side by side with the One who loves you best, and the One who then you know you love best, and you compare your own small image of the Truth - when you stand side by side with Love, ah, then you will ask yourselves many questions for which you will find no answer at all.

"My little ones, I would not make you sad; my little children, precious beyond all words to express, tonight I come to you with the greatest, the gladdest message of all. I tell you that each and every one is going to be used to interpret God in something of the likeness of The Divine; and as you teach and explain, so a few crumbs of that inner wisdom will be gathered up by others, and they too - fired with the glorious vision - will seek to pass on the sacred truth themselves. And thus we shall work, and thus we have worked in the past, and thus God has worked from the beginning and will never cease to work - until man recognises that He is Love, Love, Love.

"And then, my children, I would take another aspect of this subject. There are those who have not penetrated into spiritual facts who say: 'Ah, if we teach this overwhelming love of God, many will abuse it, many will take advantage because that is a characteristic of those who prefer the darkness to the light!'

"Children, after my years of experience, in spite of the fact that Love was crucified - yes, in spite of that fact - I tell you, instructed by my Holy Master, that Love only can turn the mind focussed on evil things, and though Love Itself was judged worthy of death, yet when those who caused that sacrifice were free from physical restrictions, when they entered into the Fuller Life – ah, my children, it was Love which beat them down on to their knees; it was that supreme forgiveness, it was that compassion of which God only is capable, that brought them back, that made them willingly, thankfully retrace their steps and seek to build anew...

"And those torturers of God - Creator, Christ - these, dear children, long since have found within themselves capacities for self-sacrifice - if that word can be used in connection with the Beloved of all - yes, I say they have found that the only joy, the only peace, the only rest is in working out the Saviour's will, in endeavouring to restrain others from making mistakes - in seeking to throw their love, in turn, over those who have turned from the Light to the darkness...

"Ah, and again and again, could you read their heart and mind, you would see that they would gratefully have chosen the rope with many thongs as their punishment, rather than the forgiveness - that compassionate Love with which the Master met them when the first thought or desire came to rise to better things...

"This is what the world today has to be taught; this is the truth which has to be spread far and wide. Punishment or the fear of pain may restrain for a while, but when it is a question of the evil forces, even that disappears and they are swept over to their fate, punishment or not.

"Knowledge of the Love of God. That, dear children, is the only thing which can save man from himself - knowledge of the infinite Love of God. What the world suffers from today - what it has suffered from right through the ages ever since man turned from Truth - is the lack of love between man and man. How then, so bound and fettered, can the mind stretch out and visualise a Love without self in it, a Love which asks for nothing in return but to help and succour and to retrieve that which has gone awry?...

"Oh, my children, try and take in this thought - the thought of the wonderful Love of God, which - however His children stray - changeth not; is never altered because it is unalterable; the Love which knows no fluctuation because of this and because of that; the Love which knows no weariness but is for ever stretching out to soothe and to relieve the weariness of those who know Him not at all...

"This is the truth I came to teach, this is the truth which I shall never cease to preach: God's Love, entirely beyond man's imagination, because man, out of his pride, has endowed his God with his own unspirituality, with his own weakness - in the sense of love of power...

"And so, dear children, when there are any who question: 'What is God?' - Say at once: 'I know, I have been told!' - And then search your mind for those words which will convey something, something of that vastness which the Heart and Mind of God represents.

"And then to the children. Teach them that God is Father and Mother too. All those tender thoughts, all those plannings and contrivings for the good of the little one, which arise so easily in the mind of the mother - these are, as it were, loose threads culled from the great creative Mind of God. Therefore you can speak with faith, you can tell the children that God is Mother and Father too...

"I said I spoke tonight with a double purpose. My child - the one I use - has been maimed in this way over the years. Right back in early childhood, picked up from one and another, that false image of God gained such a place in her mind that even our power has been inadequate to cast it hence...

"Oh, my children, the way to God is steep and difficult I know, but with the consciousness of the Love of God in your heart, though it may be hilly, its roughness is taken from you. Can you not see the difference, the world of difference the consciousness of the Love of God makes to each and everyone?

"I use her but as an illustration, but here and now I say that there are countless thousands whose lives have been lonely, who have lived through experiences absolutely against the will of God, because of the inability of the mind to visualise their Creator as Father and Protector in One...

"Yet, have I not said that God uses the sufferings of such a one - because things went so hard - to bring comfort, to bring enlightenment to others? This then is God's way. Oh, how different from the way of man.

"Taking that very incapacity to visualise the Love of God, so that same mind - used by those who are free and understand - is going to be used by the power of the Holy Spirit to interpret God in something of His beauty to others... That is God, that is God's way, that is how the Mind of Love gathers up what we, in our littleness and folly, would think the last tool suitable for use - gathers up the very pain and loneliness and isolation, and uses them to bring comfort, to bring companionship, to bring light to others...

"And so, my children, we go on learning, step by step, a little more of all that which is in the Father's Heart and Mind; and as we learn, passing it on to others - spreading the good news, telling all we meet: 'God is not like that, God is kind and understanding, compassionate and long-suffering. Though we know Him not and though we recognise it not, He is at our side, at your side, fighting by the side of the murderer, or the one who is controlled by desire alone - there, as a demonstration of Love...

"And when those, who wreak so much harm to others, themselves pass out of this world of misunderstanding and darkness, so then, in looking back on the record of their lives - that unchanging love of the One they crucified again and again, that fetters them to the Most High, that binds them as nothing else can do.

"And though, dear children, what has been cannot be unwritten, yet, as I have told you so often before, each deed, each thought antagonistic to the Divine, can be worked out in service, in protecting those who too are weak, those who too as yet know not the One from whom they came and to whom they will return, even as day follows night...

"So, my children, this evening, although we have been talking of serious things, yet can you not see all the comfort, the promise and the hope which lies underneath? Yes, and in reading my words, the sense of dismay shall pass and the consciousness of the glory and the wonder of the Mind of Love shall creep into your minds, and there find a biding place, only to be more firmly established as we go on together learning in detail a little more of God's Truth...

"And now, my children, I am going to leave you, but I want you to throw out your love and sympathy on all who come - to think to yourselves, whether they are familiar to your physical mind or not: 'They belong to me and I belong to them'..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, I am going to bring this evening to a close, yet, lest there should be little lingering thoughts of sadness, I bring you back once more to that mighty, overwhelming Love of God; and I ask you, dear children, each and everyone, to take your burdens, large or small, to take your heart aches and your mind aches, and give them into the safe keeping of the One who loves you best... Ah, there is a balm, there is a healing, which can defy the strongest evil force.

"And so, dear children, linking together the messages given by your friends and loved ones, I ask you to consider laying aside the views of the world, laying aside those false representations of the Most High - to ask yourselves: 'Is it not true that God's Love has been shown tonight?'

"I look forward and I see that which is great and glorious and holy in front. I want you to put the past where it rightly belongs and not to return to it either in word or thought. The 'past' has worked out and worked in what nothing else could do, and when you are shown that past in your Father's Home, it will represent to you nothing but beauty, nothing but joy, nothing but pure gain. For, by the power of the Father's Love, all is restored - and not only restored to that which you long for with the mind of the body, but restored to that which the spirit had in view when it bound itself in a tabernacle of flesh, and came to tread the shadows-way in order that the Light might be its own for evermore...

"And now, dear children, I will leave you. There is peace, there is love, there is understanding all around. The Cross which represents God to you, is lying across this room, but its radiance is of life and not of death; it is symbolical of that free life of the Spirit, when parting and separation and sadness and pain will be forgotten...

"Hold close to the Cross of Light, and remember that by the Cross and through the Cross, you gain that perfect Life which goes on for ever and for ever... Goodnight, my children, rest in peace..."

Note: The medium was shown the Cross. Its great beams of golden light stretched aslant from ceiling to floor, taking in the whole room.

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