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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Easter Day, 12th April, 1925.

"O CHRIST, lift us up. Grant that we may in some measure contact with the things which are of Thee; grant that the physical minds of Thy little children may release that which is of the spirit within and, through the spirit, they may come into touch with the Holy Spirit, which is everywhere in their lives as well as in Thy Bright Realms.

"Father, grant that indeed we may emerge from the material shell in which some of us are imprisoned; grant that we may realise that it is in the power of each one to be free, and grant that the knowledge may come how to grasp this perfect liberty which lies before us all.

"O God, Thou knowest that to Thy children who are free and sheltered under the Light of Thy wonderful Love - Thou knowest that it is not easy for us to watch those who are still fettered, those who are still bound by the physical, those who feel these bonds cut very deep... Yet such is Thy will and such is Thy holy purpose that the children of the earth, while still in their physical bodies, can be used as definite agents of the Spirit; used as a channel through which power can flow - used directly by the Master of all...

"Cleanse the hearts and minds of Thy little children as they entreat so often, and grant that because they wish to be more like Thee, the consciousness may come that indeed is the transformation taking place.

"Once the harmony between that of the earth and that of the spirit is complete, so sorrow will vanish over the horizon, and peace, like a golden halo charged with power and joy, will descend and rest upon them...

"Father, for all Thy many good gifts and, above all, for Thy unfailing love and understanding, we thank Thee with grateful hearts. Amen...

"...Well, my children, it is with great joy and with a sense of peace - the peace of the Spirit - that we meet together again. And I ask you, little ones of the Light - little ones who wish to be so faithful and so true - I ask you to come with me in thought and to consider a little more of those things which appertain to God; for, as you must understand, the things which are of God concern you vitally, inasmuch as you are of Him. So you see, dear children, that it is not wise - indeed it is the falsest of all theories - to draw any dividing line between God and man.

"Those who have wandered from His love are apt to erect many barriers - many obstacles so high, so broad, so deep that, from the earth point of view, it seems impossible that the Lord God Almighty could ever be reached by them. But I have told you before that though the children who wish to know Him not, can separate themselves from Love Divine - yet Love Divine bridges all gulfs, and even those who spurn Him, with deliberate intent, are still companioned by the Christ whom they deny.

"It seems to you sometimes that I strain your credulity almost to breaking point, in regard to the compassionate understanding of the Father. But, dear children, when you come here you will find - with so much joy - that indeed I was able only to portray just a few glints of the glorious Light which His unbounded love represents. I want you, more and more, to allow the thought of Christ, of God, of the Great Father, to penetrate deeper and deeper into your minds, until it is linked up with the mind of the spirit, which knows its God indeed.

"Children, at this time you have been going over in your thoughts the nature of the gift which Christ gave on the Cross of Calvary, His sufferings, and the dawn of that bright morning when death was vanquished for ever more.

"And I am glad - speaking for my Master - I am glad that some of you have been able to extend your sympathy and understanding to those who loved Him so well; those who watched and waited; those who indeed passed through that which was worse than any physical death could be...

"Children, I have tried to portray to you a little of the deep emotion which the earthly Presence of Our Lord inspired. But it is impossible for you to grasp more than a tithe of what this represented, because, to bring it home to you, you must indeed have seen Christ first - not only felt Him in your hearts and minds, but have seen Him - for the eyes, whether of the physical body or of the spirit-body within, the eyes have a way of registering and of impressing the mind as nothing else can do.

"And, dear children, you are right in thinking that those who watched the maltreatment and waited through the long hours of agony, that these suffered as few can ever suffer again.

"I am only bringing this in because it illustrates certain aspects of physical life; and while I am on the subject I would remind you of the women's part, both before and after the act of crucifixion had taken place.

"You see, dear children, being women yourselves you can understand, in a certain measure, what it must have been to stand by helpless, and to realise that help from any source was unobtainable, except by a miracle.

"This is a point which has not been considered sufficiently. Those followers of Our Lord during His short mission upon earth had seen much, in regard to others, of power - coming they knew not whence - but bringing a result which was staggering to all. They knew that Our Lord, in this respect, was not as other men. I put it in this way because He was so intensely human - human in its best sense - and they could love Him and confide in Him, dear children, as you would a tried and trusted friend.

"Yet the power He possessed marked Him off from themselves, and so, right from the very beginning, in spite of the forewarning which had been given to them - given with that consideration which surpasses anything I can describe - forgetting the prophecies, those who loved Him waited minute by minute to see an exhibition of that power which He had shown so freely in regard to others...

"Children, I must explain. My reason for referring to our part is this: That as a test, it was the fiercest that has ever been put to man. I am speaking from experience. Cannot you imagine that our hearts and minds burned with a sense of injustice, burned with anger - yes, anger - against those who, by trickery and devious means, had taken Our Lord out of our midst; and, even as the psalmist of old, there were few who did not think it a fitting moment for the vengeance of the Most High to be hurled down upon those who had fallen so far.

"Children, I tell you this because I want you to understand that we were just as you are today - full of those weaknesses and strengths which represent human nature before the greater understanding comes. As those moments dragged by, so hope rose and fell again; so we prayed with faith, and so we prayed in despair. And when it was o'er, it was broken men and women who turned back towards the city, towards the life which went on just the same - and which had ended for us...

"And the women suffered most - yes, I can say that the women suffered most, because of that capacity within - be they mother or not - that capacity for throwing their love over The Adored, even as a cloak of protection. To the women it was torture indeed. Not one of them who were His friends or companions would not willingly and gladly have laid down their life - as a mother would - to save that which meant so much to them... Agony upon agony, as the hours went on; and I am glad that my children can enter into something of the pangs which mother and maid experienced during that day, which seemed as years...

"And when, dear children, we come to Christ's side, we get at once His understanding way of looking into the hearts and minds of each one individually; and, because He was Christ and Love, so He came to her (Mary Magdalene) who owed Him so much. And, dear children, when one has wandered very far, isn't it to be expected that the thought of being safe home at last brings a greater sense of gratitude, because of the distance which lay between?...

"This woman had suffered much in the returning. That is another point for you to remember: Because Christ freed her of the demons with which she was possessed, it did not mean that she had no inclination to sin again. Habit is strong; the mind which has been bent one way instinctively swings back, however much it may have been adjusted. And I say that that woman suffered and strove and strove and suffered again, holding on by main force to the Love and the compassion of the One who had sought to save her. And because she owed Him so much, because the love had a foundation of pain, of effort and of anguish, in proportion she suffered indeed...

"And so Christ came to her, lifting her up above the darkness of despair, entrusting to her the greatest manifestation of God upon earth which has ever been vouchsafed to any one. Remember this always: That Christ, putting aside those physical standards, chose the one He knew to be the most suitable to which to show Himself - in His Divinity, in His exceeding love as well as power and strength...

"Children, again I refer you to personal experience. Cannot you imagine what it must have been to Mary to see The Beloved there, not only alive, but - as it appeared to her - with full vitality and in perfect physical condition...

"You see, dear children, that when one is immersed in grief, when one's thoughts are on the earth and, generally, what the earth covers so securely, it is not easy to turn the mind from that to the thought of life unbroken, life eternal. And she - just as so many before and since - she was, as it were, drugged by grief, and so Our Lord had to speak to her twice before she even found inclination to raise her eyes and to see the truth for herself.

"This is a little thought I want to go out: I want those who have lost their dear ones to try and take in that this incident was not peculiar to Mary; was not confined to Christ. Yes, using different words, may be, but if those who grieve could see with the eyes of the spirit, they would know that their loved ones were by their side asking the same question: 'Why weepest thou?'

"This, dear children, is the first instinct, the first longing of those who have vacated the physical body; and, as you have been told before, the sufferings of those who are left behind have grievous effect on the one concerned. You see, dear children, ere the silver cord has been loosened, while they are, as it were, inhabitants neither of the world of the Spirit nor of the flesh, these who are passing on their way are held - yea, and are tortured - by the cries of their loved ones who remain behind.

"Their distress is twofold - and this is one of the many reasons why it is imperative that this Truth should be forced on the mind of doubting man. Their sufferings are twofold: First, because of the strangeness, and, generally, the terribly unpreparedness of their condition; and then, accentuated in a way which only release from the physical can bring home, are their affections, are those links of love between themselves and those upon earth...

"I put it to you like this: It is literal fact, and it happens all too often, that there by the empty shell, the mourners, tortured in mind and heart, bewail the loss of the one so dear. And there again, close by, is the so-called 'lost' one, seeking vainly, for the most part, to soothe and to console. I tell you, dear children - and in time to come you will see it for yourself - I tell you that there is no anguish to be compared to this, because not only are they enduring their own pangs of separation but, being free from the physical which protects, they take on the heart-broken conditions of the one who calls to them, it seems, in vain.

"Children, as you have been told already, sometimes it is many days before the one released from the body is able to get free from the ties of that body. Where their loved ones go they follow; they cannot leave them through the long days or through the sleepless nights; and being so absorbed in what they see - so ignorant of spiritual conditions - we can comfort them but little.

"Yes, dear children, it is a great, great responsibility; it is a responsibility that each one incurs when, in grief, self plays too big a part. Oh, I know that you will not misunderstand; you will not think that this great all-Compassionate Father does not realise what this separation means to both.

"From the very beginning, using every means Love could find, He has been seeking to force home the truth that where love is, death has to stand aside, where faith is, nothing can intervene. And Christ, dear children, but emphasised what had been possible, and what will be possible, so long as this little world of yours goes on: If the children of the earth had trained themselves to use the mind of the spirit, to look at things with the eyes of faith and understanding, and to free themselves of the many bonds of the earth, they too, ere the third day had passed, could see their loved ones by their side.

"This is not a gift reserved for the few; yet it remains for the individual to take up the attitude required - to get into touch with the things of the Spirit, so that spirit can contact with Spirit, free and unfettered...

"Many thousands - but you know it not - countless thousands, right down the ages, have known this by experience; have known that it was possible to stand free from the limitations of the physical body and to see - literally to see - something of the marvels of the Spirit World which is all around them - close, closer than words can express.

"Yet, dear children, as you know, Mary's statement was discredited, even as it would be today; and this is so indicative of the attitude of those who have not put themselves into suitable conditions to see for themselves. Mary's love - not her grief - but Mary's self-sacrificing, perfect love for the Master, broke down all the barriers of the flesh; and, overjoyed, she ran to tell the good news to others - but they believed her not. And in the world today the 'others' will doubt until they have seen for themselves; and then they too, with eagerness, will seek to pass on the good news; but, again, their listeners will doubt also, and much, much valuable time is wasted which cannot be regained.

"Oh, my children, the resurrection and all the beauty surrounding it was never meant to apply only and solely to our Lord and Saviour. His was the life of Example - and His entreaty ever was that others should do the same, should follow in His steps; and, more than that, the disciples, as you have been told, performed greater miracles than Christ attempted Himself... So characteristic of the Divine Mind - so gloriously characteristic of His generosity, of that laying aside of power, of the wishing and the longing to pass it on to others; standing aside, watching, as a parent would, the efforts of His children and delighting in the good results which followed.

"My children, underneath it all lies this great and important fact: The preparation, the attuning, the getting into touch with the things which are of God. And although the spotless purity of the Master seems so far from your own poor ideal, yet even so the Holy Spirit is able to be manifested through you, God delights to use His children to do what He - by a single thought - could force home upon the doubters and the unbelievers; yet He withholds His Hand, preferring to use those of His children who are willing to submit themselves to His guidance, who are willing to make the necessary effort, who are anxious to get a little nearer to Him in thought.

"So, dear children, take heart and think not to yourselves: 'How much has yet to be done!' but rather say: 'By His Grace I will go forward, step by step, and even if those steps are small, yet, because He is my Father, He will understand, and He will help me to do better in the days to come'.

"That 'understanding', dear children, goes so deep that no words can be found to express it; yet the spirit within is not content with merely resting on His Love, it wants to be up and doing, it wants to show that its love has some foundation beneath it.

"You were told a little time ago - and I am glad that this message has lingered in your minds - you were reminded that Christ said to the one who wanted to do so much: 'Lovest thou me?' - and then, as the affirmation came, so the words swiftly followed: 'Feed my lambs, feed my sheep.'

"In that simple incident there lies, in miniature, the story of the Life Beyond, which the emancipation from the body brings home so clearly and, sometimes, with such terrible remorse as well. Here in the Spirit we know that to love God is not enough; rather it is to do, in our small way, that work for which He has ever called for helpers: 'Feed my lambs.' Nothing for self only - the question put but to express the thought which was ever in His mind - 'Feed my lambs, feed my sheep'.

"And this goes on for ever, until the last straying one is gathered in. Work and service and effort; love translated into action; passive Christianity turned into active, vibrant effort. And when you come here you will see, in all its loveliness, what it means to work for God..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, I am going to be very brief, but, first of all, I want to give a word to Dorrie, because she has worked well for us all tonight, and I am very pleased with her.

"Children, my last words are but a reminder of what I tried to convey regarding the resurrection of Our Lord, and the resurrection of hope to a rather despairing world.

"I want that thought to remain with you; I want you to see in it your life's work - nay, more than that - the very reason and the purpose of your entering into physical life, and the experiences which you have gone through. I want you to speak with certainty to all who question this; I want you to point them not only to the Saviour's resurrection, but also to His teaching, to His affirmation, again and again, of the life unending, the life which was to come.

"There are no barriers between those in the physical world and the gifts of the Spirit, but the earth and what it represents. If the children of the earth would prepare their hearts and minds by self-discipline, by observing simple spiritual laws, by retreating into the Silence of the Spirit, they could not only see the things which are of God but demonstrate them in person so that others might be convinced.

" - 'Be ye perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect' - Be ye faithful, be ye watchful over self. Yes, the last two seem nearer than the first. Yet, dear children, by following out these injunctions, so, in time, not only can you be, but you shall be perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is perfect.

"That is to what He calls us all. No blasphemy here, as some would think. The Master spoke those words knowing and seeing that, in the end, that state of perfection would be reached. I said 'in the end' - the end of misunderstanding and the suffering it brings - but the beginning of the perfect life which has no end.

"Children, we have used all the power so generously bestowed, but we part in strength and unity; we part having accomplished what was laid down for us to do, replenishing that which was missing, again and yet again.

"This evening, which appeared in danger of being marred, has been a triumph over conditions, an establishment of faith, and a manifestation of trust in Love Divine. In these few words you have your blessing complete, even as the Father gives it... Goodnight, my children."

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