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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 31st August, 1924.

"O Creator of all Life, we meet together tonight in thankfulness that Love holds its sway over all. We ask Thee to bless us, to comfort us, to lift us above the world and to give us that peace which passeth all understanding - the peace which comes from being in touch with Thee and with those who are in the Bright Realms of the Spirit...

"O Holy Father, give us understanding - give us that enlightenment which shall show us that the earthly path, dark though it seems, leads straight into the Light - when darkness is no more...

"O prepare us - prepare our minds for this further, greater revelation of Love - when blindness will be turned into sight... Prepare our minds, O God, and grant that no power of evil shall close us in again or seek to separate us from those we love, and those who love us so well.

"In Thy Hands, O Tender Saviour, we leave everything - doubt, misgiving, all those stabs of pain - leave them in Thy Sacred Hands, knowing that all is well, because Thou hast promised to lead Thy children out of the wilderness into the Land of Promise.

"Father, we thank Thee, we bless Thee - thank Thee with complete humility that always between us and Thee is the ever-open door and that nothing is strong enough to close it while we wander elsewhere... We praise Thy Name for ever and ever. Teach us how to worship Thee, teach us how to know Thee - as much as we can grasp, until we see Thee face to face...

"...Good evening, my children, and I am very happy indeed to be amongst you once again. You know how it is when friends or companions are divided for a little space of time: It seems sometimes, that outside influences - yes, and your own thoughts as well - that these come in between and there is missing that perfect harmony, that glorious certainty in the love of the one for the other.

"And so tonight, my children, I say I am glad to be here, because when I am not with you in a physical sense like this, it seems, perhaps, that Zodiac has forgotten his responsibilities in regard to the little children that he has taken under his care.

"Now, I want to speak about that a little. You see, I have adopted you - you didn't, adopt me – because you didn't know that I existed. No, it was I - and right back in the early days of each one - I make no exception - I sought you, I found you, and I gathered you in.

"Just because the years passed by and you did not know of my existence, that does not say that I did not know of yours; and I want you, in thinking about me, to do away for ever with the remembrance of the first time we met in this way, and to say to yourself: 'Yes, but long before that, in the sleep state, Zodiac and I were friends!' Friends and companions in a way you little understand, because our friendship and our companionship has the direct blessing of God upon it - and that makes all the difference with ties of these kinds.

"Yes, all of you, here and outside this immediate circle, all of you belong to me, under Christ. And because I have been commissioned to watch over your lives, to direct them and to guide them - when you will allow it - because of this, I am able to protect you and to fend off the enemy again and again.

"My children, it seems to you that the shadows have struck you without any protection at all - yet does it not suggest something to your minds that again and again we meet here? And there lies your answer. Yes, the shadows approach, they torture your minds, and because, dear children - I must say it - because you do not strike them off at once, they are able to stay, to linger by you a little and to make you suffer a lot...

"But their time is limited, for this great reason: That God has given you into my charge, and I know when sorrow binds you, it is but for a time - the clouds will break, and the sun of harmony, of understanding, and of sympathy, will shine in upon your chilled hearts and minds and winter will give place to spring...

"It is a great big world that you are in - to your minds; interests are so varied, people are so preoccupied with their own affairs that loneliness - that most terrible 'isolation of the soul', as you call it - comes very close and makes its presence felt in a way that, at times, is almost terrifying.

"But I have a word of comfort even here. I smile, dear children, when you talk of the 'isolation of the soul', by which you mean the very essence within - that intimate, greater self, which only you - you think - knows anything about... I smile, dear children, because it is such a contradiction of even commonsense. How could the soul - that spiritual side of you - be isolated, be left alone for one second, when the world of the Spirit is all around you - when those from the brightest realms come again and again with power and with love to succour you in your time of need? How could the real 'you' be lonely in such an environment? It is the physical mind only that suffers; but because it suffers - by its very limitations of outlook and understanding - that suffering is added, automatically, as treasure to the bigger self within.

"But it is not God's will that even that physical mind of yours should be bearing this burden. Have I not told you again and again that Christ came into the physical body so that He might understand the individual experience of each one? And I would underline this in a most definite way. I said that Christ came into man's form so that He might understand the individual point of view of all - and this is true in every particular.

"Now, listen to me: Even in your world today there are 'sensitives', whom you call 'mediums', who are able to feel and to experience, in a very definite manner, the thoughts and the feelings of others... But we will take a lesser illustration - To you all this has come: When those you love are in the clutch of any great feeling - joy or grief - have you not said: 'I knew it, because I felt it myself'? The love between you has made the connection which allowed spirit and spirit to contact - and for the moment - to be as one.

"And then from the lesser to that which is greater. In your world the mediums, the instruments of God - for indeed they should be of God, if they are to remain intact from evil - these instruments of God have, to a certain degree, extricated themselves from the physical, the material environment which surrounds the majority. They have emerged from the coarser into the finer vibrations of feeling, of sight, and of hearing, and according to their development and the effort put into their labours, so are they able - indeed they cannot help it - to experience the feelings, the emotions, and even the intimate thoughts of others.

"Now, dear children, it should not be hard for you, taking these little stages, to imagine something of what Our Lord went through during His earthly sojourn. He, so sensitive, so pure, so entirely Spirit - in the sense that He had conquered the flesh - He, as you can comprehend, was never free from the burdens of others. Literally, Christ came to earth not only to bear His own portion of struggle, of so-called failure and of death, but during those years of manhood, was as a magnet in drawing out the thoughts and the feelings of others - being keyed to such fine vibrations that it was impossible for Him to shut Himself off from the lives of those about Him, and this applies to the multitude as well...

"When it is said that Christ came to bear the burdens of the world, remember this, dear children: That this burden was not only taken up then and has been going on ever since, but started right back in the beginning of creation. Yet had not God assumed man's form and lived among the children of the earth, not one of you could have taken it in that God understands all that you feel - all that you want to be and cannot rise to - and therein lies the greatest pain of all.

"You cannot love Christ, even in the smallest way, without suffering thus. How many of you do not vow each morning that you will do better, yet, as night comes round again, you look back on what to you seems failure - failure of the greater nobler self within? But I say even if the day seems like that to you, and you still wish to go on, and still wish to imitate the Master, you shall find, hereafter, that you came closer to your desire than could be imagined now, however much I might assure you...

"You see, for all, I have words of comfort. I do not want you to regard life as an enemy in the way you do. You are not antagonised to Christ as some of you think. The troubles of the day and the pains of the body come in between you and the Light which shines from Him, but He does not move one inch because of that. Indeed, dear children, could you but see things as they are, you would find that it was simply this: In front of you stands the Light of the World - your Christ, yes, your Saviour and your Father too. But remember that these Names make no barrier at all, for isn't He also your Companion and Protector?

"Standing thus, with the Light of the World shining upon you, you should be able to go forward in confidence. But what happens is that you droop your head so low that all you see is the ground beneath, and that is dark and ugly. If you could but remember to raise your eyes, then the Light of His Presence - instantly - would shine upon your face, and you would know, as I have said, that just the wish to love God and to do His will ensures an illumined way, and protection on either side.

"Oh, be not disheartened if at times it is too difficult for you to raise your eyes to where Christ stands. Remember that even though you lack the strength, Christ is there all the same, and nothing could be strong enough to separate Him from you - and that is what I want you to consider. The shadows, it seems, separate you from the Master, but because darkness and light have nothing in common, no force of evil could ever separate God from you. He is your Father, and the Father does not desert His little children in their hour of need...

"Oh, my children, tonight my whole being is filled with joy because I see everywhere light and hope and certainty.

"Don't you know the journey which the physical mind has always to go through in order to reach happiness? First of all it has to extricate itself from its bonds - yes, even as a prisoner in a dark dungeon, so is the physical mind, before it hears the call to arise and go to meet its God. But the smallest movement in the heart in the way of effort makes it possible for the prisoner to look up, and there - out of the prison window, may be - but there he sees a little of the light of the great big world without... That is the first step. The second is hope, and then how to get free...

"Little do you know it but there are very few who, during their earthly experience, are not even as prisoners, bound by the limitations and the exactions of the body. But hope is there - he sees the light - and rises in a vain endeavour, so it seems to him, to reach that which is so desirable.

"You see, dear children, I am trying to build up in your minds some idea of the position as presented to you. It appears to you, that although you arise and peer at the light, you can do little more - you are bound by your chains and fastened within a locked door. You all know that feeling, you have said: 'Yes, the light is there but how can I reach it? Between me and freedom there is that thick impenetrable obstacle of lack of faith, of circumstances, and of physical disabilities, which I cannot break through!'

"But with God all things are possible and, even as the disciple of old found when he answered to the Voice of the Spirit, the prison doors were opened and he walked forth free from all that bound - and so it is with you. Once the desire comes to make that light your own, it is only a question of effort, of dedication, and of preparation - to find those seemingly impenetrable walls exist no longer, and that you can step forth into that which of all things is the most glorious, both in your world and in our realms over here - into certainty...

"Now, dear children, you know that there is no joy which is perfect if it holds one petal of doubt. No, it must be free from questionings and misgivings if it is to bring you the happiness that it represents - and so I say, that the last stage is glorious indeed. You step out free from the world, from your heart-aches, from the doubts of the questioning mind - step into the light of understanding of the Love of God. And then certainty - which means contentment and completeness - so fills your heart and mind, that there is no room for those other half-joys to enter in - just certainty that God does not fail, that what He has said was not meant to be interpreted in this way or that, but stands as it is. 'I am the Light of the World' He said, and in so saying He knew that death had far less evil in it than doubt and misgiving and all those tortures which sting the physical mind again and again...

"Believe in God. Go through your records, through the sacred script which you call the Bible, and you will see - if only you read it aright - that what God has once given, that He never takes away, and that the Master fulfils His promises down to the tiniest detail. You will find it so hereafter in such a comprehensive wide-stretching way, that you will be amazed at the magnitude of Love laid out before your wondering eyes.

"My children, I will not keep you longer tonight because there are others who wish to speak, and the little I want to say in regard to myself I will bring in in my closing words, so that you may not forget them easily... No, so that the shadows may not induce you to forget them.

"You see, dear children, I am human, and when anything comes between me and my little ones, perhaps I am inclined to put things, at first, in a different way to that which I find reflected by the Mind of the Great Example of us all..."

(Others then spoke...)


"...It is Wilberforce, and I give my name in the very beginning because I do not want my friend here (Mr. Wilson) to be under any misunderstanding... It is Wilberforce and I am thankful indeed once more to be amongst you in this way.

"We have done work of a character which will tell, during the time which has elapsed since I was here before, and I mention that because I want you to understand that absence in the physical sense does not mean absence in any other sense at all...

"I have much that I could say and there are many questions - those which I raise myself - which I should like to go into, to qualify and revise by what I have seen in these wonderful, glorious, uncountable Realms of the Spirit.

"My friends, I will speak tonight on a subject which, I think, has some of you a little misgiving; and that is in regard to conditions when the body has run its course. I want you to follow me if you can; it will not be easy because I am talking - or trying to explain - that which no language can portray, but I wish to remove, if possible, certain wrong impressions which are in the minds of some of the younger ones here tonight.

"When I came here - I cannot even use those words 'came here' because I found that for some time past I had been in those very conditions in which I found myself after so-called 'death'. You will find the same; you will find when the body is laid aside that, hidden from your physical sight and understanding, your 'being' - the real you - was partaking in that which is of the Spirit only - all unconsciously though it might have been to that mind which hides so much from us when we are in the flesh...

"My thoughts when I came into my own were something like this: 'If the world of the Spirit has been so close to me, with its wondrous and glorious conditions of illumination, how was it that sadness came so close, even though faith persisted?'

"I want you to bear with me a little while, while I try to work out, in outline, what this represents. You see, dear friends, that in the composition of us, all that which seems to you the all-important, the tangible, the visible, the so-called permanent - all that is only imagery of the conditions which obtain in the Spirit; and it is imagery which will pass away, because it merely reflects that which is the real...

"I want you to get this truth into your understanding: The life upon earth, useful to a degree that we cannot comprehend until we come here, is in its entirety, nothing but a reflection, a shadow of the real things, which are going on underneath - the growth of the spirit, desire, the gaining of experience, and that putting forth of the branches of power.

"Let not yourself dwell upon physical things and the material conditions which surround your daily life - let not your thoughts dwell upon them; master them and control them so far as you are able - yes, and remember always that they are but shadows of the real.

"Ponder upon the things of the Spirit, upon those conditions in which you will find yourself, for I tell you, in the most emphatic way I can, that when you emerge from the twilight of the earth's experience into the noon-day of God's Promised Land, you will find this: Permeating everything, controlling, overwhelming all that has been built up, either in the worlds of the Spirit or upon earth, you will find Love and Charity holding the reins of government on every side...

"You see what is in front of you. You see the lessons that have to be learnt, re-learnt, and those things which have to be forgotten. You will come here with your thoughts of each - the memories of the physical mind persist for a while - and you will come face to face with Love in such an awe-inspiring way that those thoughts will wither up. And you, with a cleansed heart and mind, will take up your task anew - take it up in this sense: That what has been, you will turn over and start again. You will go back over the past - for what a man sows that shall he also reap - and you will re-mould that which you created in ignorance - you will re-mould it nearer to the ideal - and God and His angels will be there to help you and to show you how to do it...

"I want you, tonight, to bear in mind, that you are sufficiently prepared to take in this great truth - are indeed in a fortunate position. You can say to yourself: 'Here and now I start afresh and, also, here and now I go back on the past and make good that which, with larger vision, I see is faulty'. You can do that now. And then, when you step free from the physical into the Land where sorrow is unknown, you will find that all the time those bonds which seemed to bind you while in the flesh, that they existed in imagination only, because you had knocked at the door of Spiritual Understanding - and Christ had opened it and let you in.

"Oh, my dear friends, can you not imagine how we long to give others the benefit of this great gift? Cannot you imagine how you would feel yourself, knowing the glorious liberty, that wonderful achievement in the way of raising self into selflessness, and the enormous opportunities of working for God and lifting up humanity? Would you not long to spread the good news, and to say to all: 'Pause awhile; don't do that, don't think that, because when you come here you will see it was the wrong way round; and the right way is so beautiful, so constructive, so all-joyful, that you cannot start too soon in putting it into action'?

"I will, on another occasion, try and tell you a little more about the Realms of the Spirit, but whatever I said, I could not tell you more than I have told you tonight in this great sense: That everything here - for those who tried to follow in the Master's steps - everything here is translated into, and interpreted by that one word 'Love', and in that one word are all the glories, the beauties, and the powers which could be imagined, however advanced you might be...

"I shall come again, I hope, at an early date, because there are those here who miss me; but I am working with you always, and if, sometimes, you think I am absent, then remember that in the Spirit, space, time divisions, separations, all fall to the ground. We are one great family in Christ, and wherever you may be or whatever calls there may be upon you, that close, intimate family life is never interfered with, and we are - at a thought - in perfect communion with you and nothing is strong enough to come in between...

"I want you, if you can, to strive still more - to strive and yet not to be disheartened if you seem to fail; to remember that hereafter all will be made plain, and then living as a matter of course in the environment of Love, you will find that all thoughts which are not of Love will be alien to you, and they will cause you pain until they are brought into harmony with that which abounds on every side...

"I am afraid, my friends, I've rather given you a sermon, and I did not mean it in the least. You will understand, I know, that in coming back into a physical body, the old habits reassert themselves - but the heart is not the same. Goodnight..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my children, I am not going to attempt more tonight because, as you know, time is not elastic, and there is much to be got through with the usual tasks of every-day life. But I want just to sum up in a brief way, if I can, the messages you have had tonight.

"First of all, you had that plain statement in regard to Love, which indeed is true in every detail. Then you had the reminder that we over here are human - very human, in our longing for love and remembrance. And then you had - it was so symbolical I thought - that struggle of love against the shadows, against that which tried to come in between, and - thank God - the Father triumphing in the end. Lastly, our little friend who - in obedience to my wish - refrained from giving the great comfort which was in her power.

"Don't you see, my children, how each one works for God in doing the next thing? - the little tasks at hand - and sometimes it means a struggle, and sometimes they have to go away leaving an impression which it is within their power to destroy - the impression that no comfort is forthcoming in the way most desired.

"I mention this because I want you to realise, if you can, that when you are a soldier of Christ, it means that you are willing to take orders - to follow your Leader, not to argue with Him or defy Him - and when you come here you will find that indeed you are soldiers, and that you will rejoice in laying aside your own will in order to work out to perfection the plan of the Great One who goes on in front.

"And then I come right down to myself. I want you to grasp a little more that in guiding you, my children, I did not choose the way. You chose the way of your earthly experience - chose it with the spirit. And because, of necessity, the physical mind is hampered in its perceptions, I said I would tread it with you, in order, so far as I am able, to help when it was over-steep or over-rough...

"My children, I have not the power you think; and then again, I have much more power than you give me credit for. I have not the power to take from you the experiences which your spirit has taken on of its own accord - God could not intervene in a case like that, but where my power comes in - given to me in such a lavish way by the All-Loving - is to soothe, to heal the wounds, and to encourage, so that you may get over that which troubles you now so much and be free to expand - to grow spiritually into the likeness of that which your spirit intends to reach.

"My powers, coming from God, are unlimited in this respect; also - and because of this - my responsibilities are unlimited likewise. So I want you to try hard to gather in this thought; not to grieve over this or that which seems to have gone wrong, or seems to have left you desolate - but to face the position with firmness - to say to yourself: 'I have chosen this path and, therefore, I will get on with the journey as quickly as I can'. If you can say this, then in the very act of doing and of being, I can prove to you that my power is unlimited, because, as you strive, so the help comes from the Throne of God. And as you struggle, so is the strength given to you. And as you emerge from the bonds of the physical, so are the robes of Immortality thrown over you and you are made one in aim and one in purpose with us all - all who are fighting with Christ to overthrow that which is destructive to happiness and to the fulfilment of the Promise that, in the end, we shall be one with Divinity Itself...

"That is my last word, and I shall look after you all during the coming week and throw around you those cords of love which, with God's help, shall bring you through...

"God's blessing be on you all, and His peace be gathered unto you and made your own, for Christ's sake... Amen."

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