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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 23rd November, 1924.

"O Divine Spirit of Love, pour down upon us tonight Thy strength. Grant that weariness may depart, that heartache and misunderstanding may be swept beyond the range of all, and that in their place Thy children may contact with certainty - with the assurance that all is well - and then, handing their lives over into Thy tender care, may be free from worry and from all that would retard them on the path.

"O most gracious and understanding Saviour, grant that tonight we may be enabled to catch a glimpse of the possibilities that are within each one, and of that beautiful goal which lies in front calling us on and ever on. We ask that Thou wilt make all clear to Thy children - make all clear that when Thou art in command, of necessity, everything must be for the best, because where Light is, darkness is unknown, and where Love holds its sway, misgiving has no place.

"Father, bless us with strength to do and with that understanding which shall make the going forward a joy instead of a burden. Bless us with the peace, both of mind and heart, which allows us to contact with that which is holy and that which is pure - the peace which must be there before we can make ourselves one with the things that are Divine, the peace which is Thy direct gift to those who have served; and if they have suffered too, then is the gift of peace doubly their own.

"Father, we thank Thee for all Thy good gifts, but above everything for Thy understanding of human needs, for Thy compassion over the little ones who are finding the road both hard and steep... Father, we thank Thee that Thou art able to lift the burden and to give them that inward content, which makes Thy meaning plain and the purpose of the stones so clear that gladness takes the place of grieving and praise that of repining...

"For Thy understanding, O Father, we thank Thee again and again; and we know that what Love could think of, Thou hast thought for us, and what Thy Father-heart would wish to bestow - that those gifts are waiting for the appointed time, which is the best time for Thy children in every sense there could be... Father, we thank Thee...

"...My children, I ask you once more for your complete attention, for in the first place my child starts tired tonight, and secondly, there has been pain at the heart of some, which makes it a little difficult to proceed. Now, I want you all to take both the weariness and the sadness and to lay it at the Feet of Christ, and to be certain that in so doing you are not only obeying His request, but also you are healing and restoring yourselves.

"My children, if you will do this I can promise you, in the Name of Love, that both shall be made good - the wounds shall be healed and the strength replenished, so that we finish stronger than we began.

"My children, I have much to say to you this evening, and I want you to mark off this sacred communion as a night when self was laid aside - as one of those occasions when we learnt together a little more of the things which are of God.

"Now, there have been some of my children - I am not referring to you here because I have trained you carefully, so far as lay in my power - but some of my children, those who read these records, who have queried in their minds the advisability of withdrawing the veil from those incidents which were of an intimate and truly private character.

"To those I speak tonight, and I tell them quite frankly that on this side 'reserve' in the sense that they understand reserve, is unknown. I tell them that when they come here they will go back over the past - and with eagerness - will seek among their hidden resources to find something that may help another. And how can you help others unless you have had similar experiences? Sympathy is but half expressed when it has not knowledge behind it.

"I say that we over here have the bigger, wider view of sympathy, and we know that even the most sacred thoughts - those which concern that inner citadel of feeling and of true emotion - we know that these are precious tools which can be used to lighten another's sorrow and distress.

"Yes, you must all understand this clearly: That reserve, the isolating of the individual self, the covering up of the feelings which matter most, the shutting yourself into the turret of self-possession - in the sense that what is within is your own - these things, when the body is laid aside, are seen for what they are...

"My children, it is difficult to get the Christ view on such matters. In your world it is considered not only unwise but the worst possible taste to, as you say, 'wear your heart on your sleeve'; and so reserve over the things that really matter has come to be regarded as a virtue which must be cultivated and tended carefully.

"It is not necessary for me to say that those who are still children in a spiritual sense - that these are not included in my remarks tonight. They, like little children, talk of all that is within their minds and hearts; and while this frankness has its good points and bad, they are not the ones to whom you would go over the desperate tragedies of life, because as yet they know them not.

"We who are free, we are able to look into the hearts and minds of many - many who are hungry for that word of understanding which would turn the earth from a wilderness into a home. Seeing and entering into this terrible sense of loneliness, cannot you understand that our most intimate thoughts and emotions are at their disposal, so that we can say and demonstrate: 'Let me comfort you for I understand!'

"I speak to many, and you, my little children, are not guiltless in this respect. You hoard up love as though it were something which must be kept far, far from the eyes of those who know you best - and herein lies a great responsibility which you have never considered in the Christ way, as yet.

"Yes, in regard to love there are misers also - misers in this sense: That what they have they hold and, moreover, they hide that which they possess so that the stranger or the friend may not find out its resting place...

"Children, when you come here, you will find that love is the greatest force there is; indeed, I would say it is the only force in the Realms of the Spirit that can bring you, or bring anyone, closer to the things which are of God.

"Many, when they are free from the body, find that while on earth - sometimes with the best motive there could be - they shut love behind locked doors and, for a time, the key is lost. You cannot give out love on the impulse of the moment when you see what love works. No, like all things, the capacity for giving it out is a matter of growth - slow growth in some cases as well. Don't you see then the necessity for breaking down these barriers - barriers invented by the false conceptions of the physical mind - to break these down and to pour out love, not only on those who love you, but on the stranger without the gate?

"Yes, there are many excuses and many explanations forthcoming in regard to the shutting up of love: Pride, which you call reserve; a sense of self-preservation; that sensitiveness as to what others may think; the diffidence that love may not be returned - and so on and so on. And what do they all amount to? Tear off the ornamental covering and be frank - is it not self underneath, self and nothing less?...

"When you come here, dear children, as I said before, if you have not loosened the door while upon earth, you will find it very difficult indeed to wrench it open then. And what will you do when you find yourselves in conditions of love and yours has not yet learnt to walk alone?

"I entreat you, not only for the world's sake but still more so for your own sake - I entreat you to pour out love. One of the most usual forms of anguish which faces the newly-released soul, is in looking back over physical existence and seeing those omissions - the omission of the little love-word at the right time, the taking it for granted that the other knew, the satisfying of the conscience by saying: 'They understand and I need not put it into words'. When we come here great, great is our anguish to see the effects of these omissions. Nothing can undo the past in that sense; the hungry soul went on its way unrejoicing; the tired mind worked on without the balm that was at hand; the tears were not stayed although they were shed in secret - not stayed because that which we had to give, we withheld.

"My children, I told you once before that these things have got to be faced and have got to be reckoned with. It is my privilege tonight to give you the larger vision of your responsibilities in regard to love and the love which belongs to others. In family life it is the same; in the wider circle of your friends and acquaintances it is doubly applicable - and also it concerns those whom you meet in every-day life...

"Send out love. Send out sympathy. Send out understanding. And what does it matter if, at the time, you seem to receive it not? Your part is to give; and you cannot feel one pulsation of real love without the Father pouring down upon you love in an amazing way. Never let it be said again amongst you: 'I do not like them because they do not like me' - that is beside the point altogether. You are told - for the sake of the emancipation of the spirit which is within - you are told to pour out love, so that the power which love brings may be yours for ever more.

"And then, dear children, I would touch upon another point which has arisen in the minds of some; and that is how we regard sin. I must use this word because it expresses to your mind something which nothing else can...

"First of all, we will lay aside the earth conception of things, and try - so far as we are able - to take what the Master taught Himself.

"You will remember how He treated the sinners who crossed His path during His earthly sojourn. You will remember that Christ being God, and God being Love, said to one who had called down upon herself the most drastic judgment of the world - how He said to her: 'Neither do I condemn thee, go and sin no more.'

"I use this illustration because, still today, the sins of the flesh are regarded with the greatest abhorrence and are treated in the most pitiless manner that can be imagined... It is necessary to speak of these things, dear children, although you rather wince under it; but I am teaching you - I am trying to prepare your minds for the greater wider understanding which must be the possession of the soaring soul.

"On earth today, and right back through the generations, sin has been divided under two headings primarily - of course many more in detail - but those sins which are permissible and those which are not.

"In the world of work there are methods, there are transactions, which come under that very comprehensive misnomer of 'business'; and under that deceptive heading much can be done which, if it were in any other walk of life, would be treated as it deserved. Stealing is punished in a drastic manner when it is discovered; as with stealing, cheating also finds no mercy, but you all know that these things go on to an extensive degree in those same big transactions to which I have referred. You see where I am trying to lead you in thought? On earth the sins which are found out are the sins which matter, the sins which can be covered over in one way or another, are the permissible ones and are ignored.

"In the Realms of the Spirit, dear children, names have no weight at all; actions not so much as you might think. But motives, thoughts - these are the things that stand - and I tell you tonight that you cannot think one destructive thought in regard to another without injury to yourself. You cannot evade the responsibilities that are attached to the Divinity which is within. And when you come here you will see - as I see things from my long experience - you will see, that after all, the root of so-called 'sin' - in fact the only sin there is - is selfishness and want of consideration for others. This I know has been expressed by thoughtful people on earth, but they do not understand what is implied by that word 'selfishness' or lack of consideration for others.

"You see, dear children, that in considering so vast a subject as that which you call sin, we are, in the end, brought back again to that most obstinate enemy of the spirit: love of self. And I want you to understand in its magnitude that whatever is done - under what name the world likes to give it I care not - but whatever is done that injures another, is sin against the spirit within in a manner impossible to explain. I put it in that way because the person so injured is immediately compensated by the Saviour, but when the offender comes here, he will have to reckon with a double burden: The burden of inflicting a hurt on another, and that far greater burden - the damage to the real self - the retrograde step which affects that which is Divine within.

"Here it is, dear children, that Christ acts as the advocate, as the intercessor between man and his God. But rid yourselves for ever of that conception of Christ interceding for you to some great Spirit - all-Powerful, all-Mighty - isolated from you by his very Divinity and holiness. Christ indeed is the intercessor, the advocate between man and his God - but it is between that man and the God which is within...

"Many who come here find these heavy burdens upon their shoulders which must be carried until the effect of them can be overcome. They turn to Christ for help against themselves - clinging to Him as a man clings to a raft in a big and treacherous ocean - knowing that before the judge of their better self, they have nothing to say in extenuation. Then it is that the Saviour - being the Saviour - intercedes, and taking upon Himself the larger part of the anguish, raises the suffering soul and gives him strength to fight and to get free...

"Cannot you see the importance of telling the world what it is constructing? Cannot you see why Christ told you to seek to love them that hate you - to bless and not to curse? In those words many have read protection for the unworthy - but the Divine Mind of Love sought to protect the individual, knowing that it is impossible to strike another without bringing unto himself the double burden which has to be worked out.

"These burdens, dear children, take many forms. Some there are who have so bound themselves with evil that their sufferings are intense. You speak of a 'hell of fire' - yes, even as this, is the torture of trying to get free from that which man has, by his folly and weakness, attracted unto himself.

"The gospel of Love which we have been trying to impress upon humanity for so long is - in reality, in its simple truth - the gospel of protection. When you hear again of this one or that 'sinning', remember my words - remember that there is the earth view of sin which, in the main, is totally opposite to the spiritual view as expressed by Christ.

"Self is the enemy which all have to overcome, and the greatest sins against the spirit within are those which, ignoring the claims of others, puts self above all else. What those sins may be in detail is no concern of yours or mine because of the greater view. We look into the heart of things and we see there the motive, the thought, the underlying influence which brought out the weakness, or that far more dangerous spear of action.

"You can see for yourselves that there are certain sins which are the result of undevelopment in a spiritual sense. As children they do that which is to their own disadvantage, and as children they neglect to do that which the elder ones would as a matter of course. These are ranked quite differently from the sins of commission which are done with a knowledge of good and evil. When those who have the gifts of the mind, the gifts of environment and opportunity - when these turn from light to darkness, pitiable indeed is their plight.

"But remember, God does not condemn; the condemnation of that greater, wiser self, which through all the mazes of experience, all those labyrinths of the physical mind, keeps pure and clear and free, because it is of God...

"My children, there are other things on which I should like to speak, and I feel tonight that you would rather I went on a little, and so I ask you to consider this - and you will find in all my remarks this evening that there is a sequence, that the connecting link is there.

"It is in regard to the acquirement of spirituality. Many people are puzzled over this. There are some - a large number - who have an idea that the process of elimination is the best. They think that by cutting themselves off from the world and the things of the world in as complete a measure as possible, that, as a natural result, spirituality will be theirs. But it does not follow always that the gain brought about by elimination is as great as was expected...

"Do not confuse asceticism with spirituality. An ascetic may be a man of God, but his spirituality is a far finer thing than that. I touch upon this tonight because there are many who wish to love God with all their hearts and mind, who are fearful of attaching to themselves the things of the world - even if these things are good in themselves. Indeed they feel - and they act up to that feeling - that only by detaching themselves from everything that represents joy, can they follow in the footsteps of the Master.

"Christ, you must remember, came to earth to demonstrate to man that God was in their midst, bearing their burdens, able to understand what physical existence and its trials represented. But because Christ laid personal happiness aside, it does not mean that He expects, or even wishes, His little children to do likewise.

"No, Christ the Saviour, Father, King, loves to bestow upon His little ones gifts of all kinds. And so I wish you to understand that your teaching has been - and always will be - to take the things of the world and to spiritualise them by your love for God.

"When you come here, you will find that there is nothing in physical life which has not its rightful place. And those who have ruled out so much, banishing it under the heading of evil, they will find that although their wish for self-sacrifice has brought them much, their experience is not complete. Free from the body, they go back among the haunts of man and, in their wiser understanding, seek to raise that which is of a low level so that it may release the spirituality which lies hidden - sometimes suffocated or buried - but hidden in everything created by God.

"I want you then, my children, to take it from me that God, in creating the human mind, in equipping the human mind with certain longings and desires, did not expect that these should be regarded as anything but gifts which a loving Father delights to bestow. There is nothing in the physical world which has not its spiritual counterpart, and you will find as you go on that, although it may cost effort and thought - and perhaps suffering - yet that which is contained within human life can, and must, be brought up to the spiritual standard which God intended...

"The process of elimination is favoured by many, but I say: Be more courageous, take the more difficult course - and in going over that which is within your mind, spiritualise it by the very love for God which is in your heart.

"Never forget, dear children, that man's ways have got to be brought into harmony with God's ways in the end, and until that unity of purpose and of thought is there, so suffering must come - but it is not the Divine will; Love would that it were possible to make that harmony complete at once...

"Slowly we go on but we are building every minute. Be not disconcerted if it seems at times that evil has the power to destroy. Far, far outweighing that is the force of Love - God's love - and, little ones, you should know that because God is in command, all must be well in the end.

"Just do your part in thought and in action, and give out from yourselves that which is a gift from the Most High - love, that understanding love for which humanity today stands so desperately in need - the love and understanding which shall banish loneliness and isolation, and bring into new life and strength those hidden resources of love which lie within each one, only waiting for the greater love to call it forth...

"My children, you have done well this evening. You have helped me by your close attention, and I give a special word of commendation to my little secretary for the part she has taken. Dorrie, trust your leader more, and be certain, my child, that I have you safe in my care and that the Arms of Love are around you now and for ever. The best is for my children and not the second best - remember that... And now I will go..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"Well, my children, I think we can say with absolute sincerity that we finish stronger than we began, and I want you all, when you part tonight, to take with you this thought into the sleep state: 'I am going to be healed of all that tries to hurt and wound'. Say that, dear children, and the healing of God shall be there, and we will watch ever, ever more closely still to keep from you these stray darts of evil...

"There is before you all, happiness - in every sense there could be - inasmuch as now you are free from the trivial forms of desire. There shall come to you that inward satisfaction which is your right by service - not the satisfaction of self, but the satisfaction which comes from that complete surrender of self... You are satisfied in Him.

"Yes, the days may have been dark and the storms many and violent, but Christ has said: 'Peace, be still' - and you shall find, dear children, that the road to God, steep and dangerous to comfort though it may have been - that that road, instead of growing less lovely as you proceed, shall have a radiance all its own. And when the Light shines, not only in front but on either side as well, you will be able to forget the gloom you have left behind.

"I have said before that, now and again, you must go through the dark tunnel of experience, but each time it leads you farther on - higher up the mountain - and as you emerge into that arresting beauty of the Spirit, so you shall look down the side, if you wish, but never through the darkness from which you have come...

"You see, dear children, that had you wings you could have flown from the depth to the height; but being mortal - being in the human physical body - you had to take the longer way round, and sometimes it seemed that you burrowed through rock itself. But even so the journey was ever upward, higher and higher still, and with each step strength of the Spirit was made your own...

"Keep on in faith. The Master has called and you have answered. The watchers are around you night and day, and you are protected from everything that could harm - save from the straying thoughts of the mind of the body - apart from that, you are secure. And the time shall come when that last drag shall be removed, and then - stepping forward in liberty - you will be able to give your undivided attention to helping those who are lower down...

"My children, this evening is one of our good evenings because, taking that which was faulty, the Mind of Love turned it into that which was strong, so that we might go on unchecked, unhindered by anything. We have worked out of sorrow into content - if not into that brighter and more glorious thing called joy; out of weariness into rest - that rest which, closing in the spirit, blocks out the world, its worries and its trials - that sweet serenity which, contacting with holy things, brings to the soul the quietude and the peace which is of God...

"Rest then, my children, and with the morrow take up your lives again with new hope, stronger purpose, and certainty of success over self in the end - when, donning the beautiful robes of selflessness, you are at once allied to those in the Spirit - those whom you long to gather to your side because they remind you a little of the Saviour, of the Good Shepherd - of He who sought until He found, and finding, drew the 'lost' one close unto Himself, out of the storms of life...

"The blessing of the Holy Father is upon you. The gifts of the Spirit have been shown to you with that generosity which is Divine. And Love is closing you in...

The blessing is all around, and you, the little children of the Light, shall find your chief joy in passing on the three-fold blessing to others and in showing that where faith abounds nothing is denied...

"Goodnight, my little ones. God keep you in the brightness of His Face, and may you rest on His strength during the days which are to come... Amen."

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