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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An Extract From


Taken from an Address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at 'Friends House', London, on Saturday, 9th June, 1934.

"...We are here concerned with naught but the Christ Mission, the Christ Mission which shall show men not only the way to God, but shall show them in so mighty a measure that they have an inheritance which no one can take away; that they have within them powers unthought of by many: the power to bring into being those other forms of life which you name the humbler creations, the power to quell the storm, the power to give unto those who seem bereft of all that makes life worth while, a deep consciousness of the riches of the Spirit.

"We have in front tests, we have in front a certain measure of treachery to withstand. There are those who are angered because the Christ Mission is going forward, and we are calling in thousands all over the world. But in time their anger shall give way to humility and then they will come to us, and so gladly we will gather them in with love, with understanding, with a mighty hope that they in turn may be used to bring in other straying souls. I say that the future is charged with much, with that which seems as the Judas kiss; but we are unafraid. We know where our strength lies; our strength is in the Cross - not in the Cross of sorrow but in the Cross of joy...

"...Our path is this: a practical religion; not a religion that is taking but a religion that is giving; a recognition of the plight of our fellow beings; a sending out to those far from us the healing power which they so sorely need, holding up the torch of truth, holding out the helping hand, making with joy the full surrender because we know that only by the full surrender can the essential power be drawn to us to lead others into the bright planes of happiness. A practical religion, not a religion that entertains the mind of the body, but a religion that feeds the soul within; a religion that can send its disciples to men and women, and can see in a few short weeks those men and women cheered, reassured, those men and women linked to the Master for evermore...

"...Thus the Christ Mission will be taken into those planes which are hideous to behold, thus the Christ Mission shall be spread all over this little earth, thus those who name themselves Spiritualists shall be acclaimed as servants of the Master Christ, borrowing from Him His power, His love, His great gift of redemption, for only by giving out can you draw back those who have strayed, only by love and self-denial can you be rescuers..."

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