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Jesus and The Zodiac Messages
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The Zodiac Messages
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An address given by the Christ messenger Zodiac through the deep trance mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes,
at the Zodiac Circle, 15 Nightingale Square, London, SW12, on Sunday, 24th April, 1927.

"O God our Father, we come to Thee as Thy children, knowing that before we ask Thou hast provided that which is our need this night. With faith in Thy Love we hand ourselves over into Thy care, pushing aside all doubts of the physical mind, confident that what Thou hast promised will come to pass, and we shall go on our way rejoicing in those gifts which we have made our own.

"Oh grant that this great Truth - the stretching out of those bound in a physical body to contact with Thee, the Great Ruling Spirit of all - grant that this Truth may be spread in all directions; and that those of Thy children, bound by the things of the earth, fettered to their toys and their enemies, may gain the strength to desire better things...

"And so, O Father, asking that Thou wilt use us all as Thy instruments, we commence the work laid down for this night; and as we give out of that which is our own, so we are conscious that Thou art giving all to us because Thou art our Father and we are Thy little children, bound together in love for ever and for ever.

"Father, we thank Thee for all Thy gracious tender care. Amen...

"...My little children, once more we gather together, and I would, for your comfort, tell you that around each one there is that which you would call a glorious throng, and beyond are the watchers, and beyond these there are those on outpost duty; yet each one - though they guard that which is sacred - each one is there to show countless others that the Light - God's Love - is open and available to all, all who seek in the spirit of seeking, all who wish to draw near so that perchance they may have revealed to them something that was hidden before.

"So, my little ones, think of yourselves as contributing your part to this mighty volume of effort; but to us that word 'effort' is translated into Love, and what is love but joy and peace and sweet content?

"And so, my children, we start that little portion of the Work which has been laid down by the Holy One for this night, and I want you to remember ever and anon that each evening is part of the great plan; that no one comes here by chance, no one is admitted who has not desired, in spirit, to get closer to those things which are of God. Many perhaps are bound by the physical mind, they are swayed by the opinions of the world in which they live; but the spirit acts independently of the body and the spirit urges the body to join in these sacred evenings, for the spirit must have food or it faints...

"So tonight, we pass out of the self-personal into: 'The Christ-personal' - and I want you to consider something of the glorious meaning lying within those words:

"You, my little ones, have it forced upon your attention that the self-personal holds the majority, and only the few seek to disentangle themselves from that most dangerous position, seek to widen the area of their thoughts, to get a little beyond that which concerns them immediately and personally, and to look around and recognise that although they are individual yet they are one. One Father and Mother God, one in aim and in purpose - though that purpose may be hidden from vast numbers at this stage - one in the gift of that Divinity which is within, one of the great all-Pervading Spirit from whom Life alone can come...

"And so, my little ones, while I touch on the personal - and I must do this for you forget so soon the position in which I stand as regards my charges - while I touch on your lives now, I must look on that which has gone before, and in front of me is a vision of the great and glorious future which God has prepared for those who seek to follow the Divine within.

"You, my little ones, in your daily lives, are brought into contact with many who live in a world of their own, and that world on the four sides, as it were, is bounded by self. Yet, if I allowed that to pass unchallenged, I should be denying the power of the Holy Spirit at work. Selfish they may be in the mind which is physical, but the spirit forces that which it wears to retrieve something of the mighty gifts it has thrown away.

"And so it is, dear children, that however self-centred a man or a woman may be, the time comes when sorrow, in some form, knocks upon the door of their existence, and in spite of unwillingness and fierce rebellion the unwelcome stranger forces a way into the life, and for a time is master in every sense of the word.

"I speak of that which you name the disease of the body, I speak of that which you name the disease of the mind; and, moreover, even such as these, at times, are shocked out of their narrow groove by the withdrawal of someone they love, although alas, so little they know of love at this stage; but lo, the blow falls, and they are left to mourn the loss of the one who meant so much...

"Cannot you see, dear children, how the spirit within is fighting for its freedom, how it refuses to allow the mind of the body to have its way all along the line? The spirit, out of its knowledge of things permanent, attacks in the only way it can, and sometimes when such as these pass out, the only assets which they can call their own are the pangs endured in the physical body, or the grief which assailed the mind and nerves of that body over the withdrawal of the one who contributed to their content...

"So the spirit works, and so the answer comes as to the meaning of pain, as to the justice of those long visitations of illness which are not only a burden to the one concerned, but, in some cases, a treble burden to those who - again in the spirit - have taken on the task of ministering to their wants.

"Little ones, I would pause here and draw in those many who, it seems to you, have had every natural desire thwarted by that bondage to another. I speak of the young; I speak of those who have watched youth fleeting from them, who have seen the sun shining upon others but have remained in the shadow themselves. You name them martyrs, martyrs to the selfishness of others, and in very truth they are those who have taken the cross and held the cross and gone on with the cross, for the sake of the Christ within.

"So, my children, I want you to take the wide view of your daily life and its conditions. I want you to look at disharmony and to say to yourself: 'By the mere fact that this goes so hard, it is building up perfect harmony in the Hereafter'. And it is not only worth the pangs of the earth experience, but when understanding comes, you will see that that harmony is such a gift that it is worth the pangs of many earth experiences to make your own...

"And that brings me to another point. I have instructed my little ones here that into a physical body the spirit does not return - into that body associated with this one planet which you call the earth.

"But, my little ones, long ere that body was ready for you to don, you worked upon the earth plane. You, as Spirit, perhaps in some cases less 'Spirit' than you are at this stage - but in that other covering from which you hoped to emerge in time, you worked and struggled upon the earth, seeking to learn some of the many lessons which must be made your own.

"And so, my children, quite simple it is to understand that those who sought to learn their lessons in that before stage, those who tried to understand something of the problems which lay before them - these, when the physical body was available, by the spirit's choice gathered up many burdens to carry with them through the short earth stage; for the spirit was sufficiently freed to know that the price was light compared to the great gain which it would bring...

"And so, my children, disharmony, distress, disappointment, that thwarting of the physical will, that betrayal of faith - ah, those many unmentioned pangs which, it seems to you, have been strewed along the pathway of your life - all these were taken by the spirit's choice, for only by facing and enduring disharmony can the peace of God be made your own.

"Little ones, the disharmony of the earth represents a great temptation, in this wise: The children of the earth, bound by a limited understanding, they chafe against the pricks, they fret under the strain of nerves, and the time comes when they will free themselves of their burdens at any cost, and sometimes the cost hinders the spiritual progress of that soul for many 'lives' to come. Oh, the folly of grasping that brief amelioration; oh, the sadness of throwing away that mighty gain which lies in front. Yes, a great and terrible temptation is presented by the discord and the disharmony of daily life; and so, my little ones, I would teach you as to the Christ Way, and the Christ Way, ah, it is the way that the Saviour trod Himself.

"Think you, my little ones, of the Master; think of those powers released by preparation and self-discipline - those powers which could have removed Him from everything that went so hard.

"And remember that great, great temptation which came to Him. Christ as God, God as Christ, gifted man with free-will. Christ had it within His power to take away that gift of free-will, to turn the hearts and minds of His enemies towards Him in reverence and adoration; aye, by the exertion of a thought-form, he that was named Pilate could never have given that reluctant permission which fell from his lips. By the throwing off of another thought-form, so Christ could have turned the crowd which cried: 'Crucify Him!' into a populace which acclaimed Him King...

"Yes, those bound by the earth view have taken the temptations of the Master in a surface manner indeed. They have looked round on the things which beset their own path, and they have allowed these to hold chief place in those mighty tests which the Holy One withstood...

"What did All-Harmony choose for Himself - was it the pathway of Love? Oh, my children, so easy would it have been for All-Love to control the love of those around, had He withdrawn that gift of free-will. Did the Master choose the way of peace? Did the Holy One pass out of that little hamlet He called His home into the appreciation of the world which lay without?

"Our Beloved chose persecution, chose the anguish of love repulsed, chose that which you, my little ones, cannot understand until many experiences have been taken on and conquered for Love's sweet sake...

"Christ, the All-Sensitive One, was surrounded by anguish in a form which is beyond your radius now; but Christ took the hardest, the steepest, the cruellest path of all, because only in that wise could He show The Way to others, and could those others find justification for the experiences which were their own...

"And that, dear children, is, as it were, the outer line of the self-personal which verges on the Christ-personal; for you, having been instructed, you face your troubles with a different attitude of mind.

"Troubles - yes, but what do they represent? They represent that which is of greater value than anything the world can give, and so comfort comes within, and you look around and you see others sore beset, holding in their minds so curious, so terrible a misrepresentation of their Father God that, added to that which they have to bear, is that greatest anguish of all - the loneliness, that awful deception of the physical mind that God has overlooked them, or again that He is punishing them for some fault committed in the past...

"Oh, most cruel doctrine, most blasphemous doctrine, passed on by those who could have known better had they studied the Christ more nearly they professed to follow. These misunderstandings have been handed down from generation to generation, and countless thousands have turned from their God as from a controlling bully who whips them on; turned from their God - and, in turning, tortured the One who loves them best...

"These things must be faced and rectified, if not now then in some time to come. So, my little ones, I give you a glimpse of the Christ-personal; and the Christ-personal and all it means - the beauty, the power, the peace and the joy which lies within that phrase - that must come to you slowly as you progress.

"Yet tonight, I would introduce you to the beginning of that which is unending, and I tell you that your work lies clear before you; and you, as missionaries of God, must respond to the urge of the spirit, for the spirit cannot be thwarted, the spirit is in control by the mere fact that you have sought to learn something about your Creator.

"Your work lies in passing on Explanation to those others, who, have not had the same opportunity of coming into touch with this great gift of communion.

"Many bar this sacred intercourse out of the blindness, out of the bondage which holds the mind of the body, but that does not prevent you from defending your God - defending God from those terrible misrepresentations, those treacheries, against Love; and even if only a glimmer of the Truth penetrates the physical mind of the one in distress, that link can - and will - be used by God's servants who are free from the body; and slowly but surely the lonely child will be drawn back to the One who prizes it, to the One who longs for it, to the One who cannot know complete happiness until it has been made His own...

"My little ones, many of you - quite unconsciously to yourselves, long before you knew of this great gift - you, by your sympathy, by your charity of thought, you have struggled towards the Christ-personal and you have reaped the blessing which such an effort brings. For the Christ-personal must not only be sought by all, but it must be made part of the individual - aye, and more than that, made so much of the individual that that one, in the great Hereafter, will be able to claim itself as Christ in thought, in aspiration, in deed and in holy Love...

"Never forget that those who love Christ hold on to that wider interpretation of the word 'personal', and as they go on they enlarge its borders until they take in not only those in their own vibrations, but those many who are, so it seems to them, divided from them by the barrier of conditions.

"For, little ones, we are all one great family, and if there is a child in those conditions - unimaginable by you - if there is one soul who remains in that which you name the 'depths', it is personal to you, it is your sister or your brother, someone linked to you by the closest tie of all, because the same Father works for each in a like manner, loves that one as much as He loves you, and loves you as much as He loves the one who has strayed, nothing is impersonal and no one is independent.

"And as you penetrate into wisdom, you will see more vividly, more definitely, that the personal is the universal and the universal is personal; for the great Christ-Heart takes in us all, and if we would be as Christ - and one day we must be as Christ - then our love will take in all others created by the Mighty Mind, not only those named His children, but those countless creations which are held to Him by that Love from which they drew their being...

"And so, my little ones, I come back again to those amongst the readers of these records who, out of their kindness, out of their concern, feel that upon my children I have imposed too great a burden, feel that I am making the pace too fast for the physical endurance which is their own.

"To such as these I speak in understanding love, and I say that in their concern, they are evincing something of the Christ-spirit, yet the Christ-spirit is not freely understood; for lo, I speak to them thus:

"If they had a child - so dear, so precious, so longed for over the years - and they saw that child grasping at this and grasping at that out of the ignorance which held its mind, and they knew that the bright steel of the knife inevitably must leave its mark, not only on the body but on the nerves; if they saw their child attracted by the flames which leap so invitingly on high, would they stand back because it meant the thwarting of the ignorant desire of the little one they loved so well?...

"Again, dear children, the self-personal must give place to the Christ-personal. Often to the parents it seems like this: 'If I thwart my child, it will love me less; if I give it that which it desires, will it not acclaim me a most loving father?' A temptation subtle and dangerous, because of the guise in which it comes.

"And thus it is I stand towards my charges, and thus it is that God stands towards us all...

"And then to another (Mr. W. H. Evans) I would speak, to one who feels that the barrier of conditions between us is over great. He quarrels not with my words, but he turns with relief to that which is given forth by those who have but lately left the earth plane.

"To that man, in time to come, I have other words to say. This night I tell him that, even as he speaks, in his own life he has the answer to it all. I tell him to go back on that which has transpired - the sorrows and the troubles, the tribulations, the disappointments and those pangs of the body; and I tell him that he is greater than he knows. His spirit has seen Christ, and out of its love for Christ has fastened to itself burdens heavy indeed. And when that much-assailed body is no more, the bondage of the physical mind shall be struck from him, for he has suffered much for the Christ which is within...

"And so, dear children, we go on, and I entreat all who think that perhaps I am over-stern, to those who would willingly do their best, I entreat them to try and enter into that which has been gifted to me. Being a servant of the Most High, I must keep faith with God; and how can I keep faith with God if I say to my charges: This is good enough, rest and be thankful? No, the spirit within is of God, and if I betray the real you, little ones, I betray the Father, and if I betray the Father, so also you name me false friend in very Truth.

"The love and understanding between us is complete. You smile at the accusation, for God has given you that measure of sight through which you can acclaim me even as the mother - the mother and the father who loves you so well. 'Loves you', my children. Ah, in a way you cannot understand, but myself, everything I have, everything which is mine, gladly, thankfully, would I pass it on to you. And sorrow assails me only because I cannot do more for those who are as the nerves of my heart, as the innermost thoughts of my mind, those who are my children, bestowed upon me by the Father-Heart of God...

"Little ones, during my earth sojourn, I had a babe of my own. I waited for many years, for a period of time which would have seemed long to you, but because I waited, the All-Holy One gave me that gift which was the best of all. And thus it is I am among you, and thus it is you belong to me for ever and for aye...

"And now I will go. Hold fast to that which is here, for indeed we are on holy ground, and nothing has been denied the spirit within, nothing has been denied..."

(After others had spoken, Zodiac returned and continued...)

"...Well, my little ones, I am not going to keep you much longer, I only want to bring back your thoughts to that which matters so much, and that is the purpose and the plan.

"And then I want you to think of the Creator of the purpose and the plan, and to try and visualise that mighty Mind of Love; and to think further in this wise: 'Love on earth is the greatest gift of all. Now, even in my daily life, I have the most precious possession that anyone could have - I have the love of' the great Being who is unlimited Love. Therefore, why should sorrow creep so close? Why should I be dismayed? A little while and I shall see the Master face to face'...

"And so, my little ones, as you think thus, more love will be released within, and you will not only love your God better, but because you are His child, you will send out to those around a reflection of that love you have for Him; and they, catching at its comfort, will, in turn, feel more akin to love, and instantly you are akin to love you must give out love to others...

"Love dies if it is not bestowed on another; the very attribute within you is starved unless you give lavishly out of its store. Only by passing on that sacred gift can you renew that which is so precious to yourself. And this great and mighty Law of God is not only for the linking up of humanity one with the other in the Christ way, but it is the only way of cleansing the individual and freeing it from that which holds it back.

"The Love of God shining upon you in your daily life, and you throwing out that which you have been enabled to grasp. Thus God's will on earth is done, and thus the Kingdom of God is established on a foundation which shall never give...

"And now, my children, I bless you with peace and healing. Yes, the peace which is healing, and that healing which renews the peace which it is God's will should be your own... Peace and healing and confidence in the One who loves you best. The blessing indeed is all around, and Love gathers up His little ones, for they are His own...

"Goodnight, my children, and be not fearful over any tomorrow, for tomorrow belongs to God..."

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