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"But Some Spiritualists Deny That Christ Existed"?

Every one is different but some generalization must be made to cover the following subject. It is, perhaps, misleading to make a generalisation because there is such a wide range of attitudes concerning those who deny Christ. There are those who do not despise Christ but find the traditional teachings wanting and remain open-minded about the issue. But some there are who name themselves Spiritualists and consider themselves to have 'discovered' the highest truth there is; and these few repudiate Christ and deny His existence whether it be His earthly sojourn or His Omnipresence, and do not see the need to protect their gifts by following the spiritual principles He demonstrated.

Indeed, such as these have a lot to learn and a lot to work out when the body is no more (perhaps a long time after leaving the physical covering behind). Being able to hear and see spirits does not mean that the individual is acquainted with Divine Truth. Enlightenment comes by degree and according to the measure of release of the Spirit within. These types of people calling themselves Spiritualists have never encountered or entered into the Christ vibrations and are ignorant of the Light which such vibrations bring. They are thinking with the physical mind and the spiritual mind is never heard, and so they preach against the inseparable qualities of the Creator and the Spiritual Christ. These people can cause much disunity between God's children, although they seem content with such disharmony, and a small number even seem to thrive on rebuking the very existence of the Christ.

If the Spiritualist is bound by the chains of the earth and still desires personal gain for something which should be free, then that Spiritualist is harking to the voices and influence of disembodied spirits who do not know the real Christ, and who are in fact still earthly in their thinking and aspirations. Certain people may have something of the gifts of hearing and seeing released, but they are still bound by earthly thinking and listen to the voice of the world.

Such Spiritualists along with the spirits they listen to, know about life after death to a certain degree, yet have not sought the Truth for Truth's sake, but instead, have sought knowledge about life after death for the sake of gain which is associated with the physical mind. These people see no need to sacrifice and suffer to safeguard their gifts, and indeed consider their gifts as not merely a source of material income on which to survive but a means of making more money than is necessary to live on, and they desire the fame of the world.

Their spiritual ambition is lacking but their material ambition is strong and these two are a sorry mix which brings much anguish if spirit communication is involved; but such people justify themselves by saying they need the income to pass on the truth that they claim to be ultimate and yet it is more misleading the more materialistic they are. They must learn that God will provide what they need rather than what they want, and the power is decreased by degree the more they desire the material, and those disembodied souls who are still earthbound are drawn to them and believed by themselves and those who listen. Such is also the case with regard to life in general where the power of spiritual truth is diminished because the way of the world has taken first place. But beware the one with spiritual gifts who uses them for desires belonging to the world alone because they harvest grief in abundance.

The truths that Christ taught such as humility, self-denial and self-sacrifice are inwardly despised by a small number of people who have some of the aspects of the outer manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit available to them, although they may claim to adhere to some similar teaching, and in the same breath seeking and desiring in their hearts and minds something very different perhaps. These people are child-souls, and the gifts they have which are meant to be sacred, are used as toys for their amusement and for the amusement of others. For misleading others the results are grievous indeed.

The law of attraction is applicable here, and like attracts like. The attitude of mind of a small number of Spiritualists (but certainly not all Spiritualists) is very similar to the outlook and attitude of mind of a small number of religious Fundamentalists (but not all Fundamentalists). They are insulting to others, and have no time or desire to understand men and women who think differently to themselves. There are all grades of spiritual evolution and development. The different needs of individuals in their spiritual progression means that only a certain level of illumination can be achieved at whatever stage the individual is at (the individual may be advanced in some areas, and lacking in others).

However, when the temptation of the desire for gain is stronger than the resistance of the individual - whether this gain is in the form of possessions, the adoration of the populous or the desire for notoriety, or even the desire for power over others - then the spirits which are drawn to that individual possess similar desires and are often worse as far as progression of the soul is concerned. This is a reality, and much anguish and suffering occurs to the one who abuses his or her gifts. The truth must be spoken because where real love is, idle flattery must stand aside.

There are some calling themselves Spiritualists who think that the use of the gifts of the Spirit is something new, and they think that their use of these gifts (in the limited fashion which they think is the sum total of the subject) is their domain, and do not wish to associate these gifts with something sacred or holy, wjen in fact they are intensely sacred and holy. Such idle use of these gifts will cause them to want to flay themselves at a later stage because they will then see how sacred these gifts were. These people either deny the Christ or simply think the Christian-vibration is just another path, but they do not realize that the Love-vibration and the Christ-vibration are synonymous - they are one and the same thing. By following the Way shown by Christ for man to follow, they could have entered more deeply into the Love-vibration - by bearing their heavy cross, by seeking to follow the path of humility, by not seeking notoriety or 'celebrity' status, and by not seeking to use holy and priceless gifts for the 'raising of laughs' and entertainment of the physical mind.

The Way has been cleared by Christ for all to follow who would aim for the highest and the best in the sight of God. Those who wish to truly follow the Christ, may have the desire to undertake their training through adverse experiences and material denial, in order to free the higher self in a greater degree. These are then be better in a position to help those who are sick through the abuse of their own freewill in the dark planes. People with this desire of helping their fellow brothers and sisters in the dark planes can train now while still in the flesh. The Cross upon the hill shines bright as a light to all men to show the Way, and Christ holds up the lantern of Love as Leader and Guide.

So many calling themselves Spiritualists assume that because spirits come back to the earth plane, they must be spiritually free, but this is a great mistake. The spheres closest to the earth plane often present a greater temptation than the earth plane itself presents, because those who inhabit them take the so-called beauty of those spheres and do not seek to give anything in return. Certainly, many spirits may come back to contact their loved ones on this earth, but what desire do they have to help their brothers and sisters who have fallen into the dark planes?

The answer, alas, in so many cases, is no desire to help them at all - they have not even considered doing as the Master did, and taking upon themselves denser garment upon denser garment so that they can minister to those spiritual lepers who wander and grope as invalids, incapable of getting free without help. Thus, Spiritualists who allow these spirits to come back are opening up a channel which is meant to be used for sacred Spirit-Communion, and the gifts of the Spirit are abused and Divine power is wasted on entertaining the mind and pleasing the lesser self alone. Both Spiritualist and so-called guide are still in need of a spiritual awakening as to their own purpose for using Spirit Agency.

Spiritualists who deny the Christ so quickly, will at one stage see for themselves that they could not even have lifted an arm of their own physical body without using the power of the Christ. And at such a time of self-revelation, any excuse that the teaching of the Christ Way was lacking in those who were supposed to be teaching about Christ, will seem to themselves a very poor excuse indeed for repudiating the Christ, Who is bound to them in every way, and Who has watched them and has sought to help them since the beginning of their being. Anguish is experienced by degree when just a partial light of revelation comes as to the heavy price paid by Love for the sake of His children - and in this connection, there is nobody at all, who shall not feel some measure of compunction because realisation of the illimitable and unbounded love of the Christ for His creation is made ones own when greater freedom comes at a future time.

But the one who has repudiated Christ will go from condition to condition and gradually the meaning and reality of the Christ will dawn on him or her, and he or she will go back over their own past in minute detail and will hear their own words of ingratitude and repudiation but worse still, they will see that others listened to them and have been led even deeper into the thickets of the earth plane. This anguish must be worked out by the one concerned by insistently calling to those they misled and seeking to bring them up from the mire they find themselves in.

There are some spirits who will deny the truth to be found in the Sacred Record to a very large extent, refuting most of what is recorded. While the Bible may offer differing details in a few a places, what is written therein is true while the contents are, of course, open to spiritual interpretation. The word of God found within those sacred pages has been misread and misinterpreted by the physical mind of man throughout the ages, and passed on from man to man - but for the largest and greatest part, the events and spiritual messages are accurate. If there is something which seems a little faulty to the sincere seeker, then he or she must remember how those records came to be in his or her possession: many stories were handed down from mouth to mouth until they were put into written words, and this fact, coupled with the knowledge that some mediums are held back by the things associated with the material world, helps to explain something as to those little faults - but there is very little in the Bible which is the fault of the physical mind of man, and, as has been said, for the largest part is accurate.

Also, there are well-meaning and loving Spiritualists who listen to spirits who, during the earth-life were deluded as to their own true identity although they appear loving themselves in many respects. God our Father does not interfere with freewill and is also very fair-minded; if a person in the flesh thinks that they are someone who they are not, and yet that person is good and loving to others while he or she is on the earth plane, then at physical death that spirit enters a fitting state. The change of the body does not change the attitude towards life or the desires of the heart, and the same 'person' lives on but in another world. Thus, there are spheres 'close' to earth inhabited by spirits who do not know much of a higher Truth but who, nevertheless, find themselves in conditions which are 'pleasant' (in comparison to the dark spheres where those who have been selfish and wicked to their brothers and sisters go).

There are some spirits claiming to be highly evolved spiritual beings, and there are a number who will also claim to be Jesus Himself and actually believe they are Him (it should be noted that claims by trance mediums that Jesus actually uses their bodies in precisely the same way as other spiritual beings use their bodies for trance communication, should be viewed with extreme care, for the spiritual power of Christ would instantly disintegrate a human body if the same method is used). And so, the mediums who listen to these spirits are impressed by what such disembodied souls tell them, and believe the claim of the spirit as to their identity.

It should be understood that the Law of Divine Love governs all life. Therefore anyone, either in the flesh or in the Spiritual World, who can help another of God's children to follow the Law of Love receives the blessing of the Father God, even if what they teach is faulty as far as the higher Divine Truth is concerned. If there are spirits living in their 'own world' of understanding which they believe to be true even if it is far from ultimate Truth, and yet they are able to bring others a little closer to the Law of Love, then they receive the blessings of Love anyway because Love yearns for His children to be free from anything which inhibits them from receiving His wonderful love.

There is also another aspect to consider concerning spirits who come back and give out teachings through mediums. The soul does not change in the transition, the attitude of mind built up, sometimes with great effort, is dominant, and such a person goes to where others with similar attitudes exists. There are no barriers to stop them coming back to use mediums on the earth plane who are on a similar level of vibration. So, one can find mediums who see no other way but ever-recurring-earthly-reincarnation who receive messages from spirits who can see no other way either, because they are in a world where they live with like spirits for the time being until they have renewed the desire to learn and seek further. The same can be said for those spirits who deny Christ: they are listened to by those who on the earthly plane do not wish to accept Christ either. The Spirit World is an enormous place with literally unlimited size, and accommodates all types of attitude as and when required. So one must always, at all times, be aware and test the spirits.

So, as the freewill is not interfered with, a person can choose to believe what they will. If everybody thought and acted in exactly the same manner, then spiritual evolution would be stagnant- God gave individuality and freewill because there would not be any happiness without individual opinion and character. Often there are many different levels of teaching because not everybody is able to learn the same things.

The unfortunate thing about Spiritualists who listen to spirits who deny the Divinity of Christ (that Jesus was God Incarnate) is that they miss out on so much revelation of the true love of God in its highest aspects. For instance, what would it tell a person about God's love if an ordinary mortal washed the feet of his friends? Very little. But what would it tell a person about the love of God if God Himself washed the feet of His friends? A great deal indeed - the sweetness and humility of God! The humility of subjecting Himself to His own laws so as to be able to help redeem His fallen children wandering around in their sadness; the love which made Tenderness Personified suffer the worst temptations and rejection of love a human could ever experience; the Great Heart Who yearned to give comfort to His suffering little ones by showing them that He could undergo the worst sufferings and even feel separated from His Godhead temporarily (the Crucifixion), and therefore so could they but that they would never have to take on anything like His earthly suffering. Indeed, the revelation of the love of God through His Manifestation as Jesus of Nazareth showed mankind a thousand, thousand things, about Divine Love, many of which pass unnoticed.

One of the wonders of His Manifestation as Man - God as Man, is that it is so inclusive - there is a message for everyone according to what they are able to believe and accept as true, for not everyone can believe or understand the same truth. Thus Jesus Christ the Man is seen as God by some, and those (whether human or spirit) who cannot achieve that realisation also benefit even if they only see Him as a great celestial Teacher and nothing more.

Although the child of God can never become the Great Parent, within each of God's children is Divinity in miniature - gifted at creation - which means that all of the gifts of God are there, in miniature, waiting to be released by spiritual advancement - this being achieved over aeons of time in fullness by effort and striving and climbing the steep and narrow hill to God - and one of these gifts is the gift of discernment. Earnest prayer, sincere motive and honest desire, and communing with the Spirit within, shall enable the individual to discern the truth contained within each item that comes under his or her attention; and by seeking the things which are of God first, the bright and glorious ones are able to guide the soul into the Truth of all matters.

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